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Junaid Raza comments

Posted in: Je suis Charlie? Attack sparks debate on free speech limits See in context


Somehow I dont agree with the example. PAK and US both are companions in war against terrorism specially against Afghanistan. PAK is the one who provides food and weapons to NATO forces in Afghanistan.

OBL was found and KILLED in PAK(the point is killed he wasnt captured alive). Whereas European organizations are opposing the death penalty for terrorists. Why? So that they can escape somehow and again create problems not only for PAK but for the rest of world as well. You can not take about human rights for those who dont even know the meaning of being human.

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Posted in: Je suis Charlie? Attack sparks debate on free speech limits See in context


I do agree that Pakistan can not dictate North America , Europe or any other state(whether Islamic or not). But (dont you think) same goes for Europe and America. For Example: They should also stop putting their noses in Pakistan`s business. Like after Peshawar Massacre Pak GOVT. decided to hang all terrorists to death but some European organizations have problem with the decision.

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Posted in: Je suis Charlie? Attack sparks debate on free speech limits See in context

The point which I dont understand is that why this massacre happened? In a country like FRANCE how did these guys managed to get weapons ? I condemn both the massacre and illustration of Mohammad(PBUH). Freedom of expression and hate speech are two different things. And if we can not distinguish them then terrorists will also ask their right to promote hate speech.

I condemn the massacre.


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Posted in: Taliban kill 126 in Pakistan school attack See in context

A cowardly act by terrorists. The majority of children who died were the kids of Army personnel. What a revenge!

And people should morally support the people of PAK and PAK ARMY on WAR against TERRORISM instead of criticizing them.

@serrano That was a revenge. They attacked ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL to emotionally disturb the army.

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Posted in: Should Japan have its own nuclear weapons as a deterrent against security threats or should it rely on the U.S. nuclear umbrella? See in context

Well japan should also have. For how long will they rely on Americans.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has stated his government’s goal of boosting the ratio of women in senior positions in companies in Japan to 30% by 2020. Do you think it is a good idea to set numerical targ See in context

by 30% isnt it gender discrimination? I mean if feminine gender is capable of holding 50% or more ratio? so my vote is for no

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Posted in: China says no change in policy on improving ties with Japan See in context

China needs to get a life. I often read like japan wants to improve relation but china is still living in its past. china really needs to move on now. There`s nothing that china can do change its past (unless it have a time machine).

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Posted in: Prayers for Gaza See in context

I feel ashamed that I didnt attended and its good to see this in japan. Every Killed (innocent) child could be the next Nelson Mandela, or ambassador of peace. Every child was a hope of future to bring ISRAEL and PALESTINE closer and end this conflict because children dont believe in cast, races or politics. They believe in love and friendship. May all children and innocent civilians Rest In Peace. since hope sustains the world we all should hope(and pray) for peace.

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Posted in: Google considering YouTube, Gmail accounts for kids See in context

Now that is cool and good for parents to keep an eye on their kids while kids wont need to put in wrong information specially regarding DOB

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

@WilliB There is no alternative sharia. There is only one sharia Quran and (authentic)Hadith what some people do is that they either read half of verse or take it in entirely wrong context as the one Ph.D holder guy(you mentioned) little knowledge is dangerous.

As long as women are concerned they really have high status in Islamic society (not muslim society). Janna(paradise) lies beneath the foot of mother(woman). There is freedom of speech in Islam. But tell me one thing does having free speech(or freedom of expression) means to abuse anybody? make fun of anyone you want? so in the same sense everybody has freedom of speech and expression as long as it doesnt violate islamic law. One more thing forcefully making anybody to accept is Islam is totally wrong and against Islam. now coming to your most important question Why? I personally need to go and ask them but then I wont be able to reply you ;). I think( its just my opinion) some people have gone through hard times like the war b/w U.S and IRAQ, Lebanon, Afghanistan etc. and many poor innocent citizens were killed (massacred). So their (orphan) children grow up with troubles hardships sense of inferiority lack of education and hatred(against west). While other(ignorant muslims) motivated them to fight and kill every non muslim they are your enemies so those kids grow up with such hatred and passed on that hatred to their kids and so on (but its just opinion). Now I think I have proved that there is no such thing as killing of apostates as Islamic law. women have equal rights in islamic society, rights of minorities etc. You can say(what you mentioned) as Muslim majority law. And I am also against Muslim majority law.

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

@williB cool down man did you watched that video? if you are student you should no that every single school ask their students not to rely on wikipedian information. He has been entitled as Peace preacher by many non Muslim countries. (he is different from other scholars) That video has all almost all answers and yes he said death penalty is not Islamic punishment for apostates He gave reference of Hadith(Abu Dawood vol.3 hadith no. 4345). And you are confusing sharia law with muslim (majority)law. please be patient and watch that video of half an hour. And atheist are his favorite people. According to him atheist are half muslims. yes he( including me ) believes in equal rights for women. Yes he(and I ) advocate shariah law but not the one which you guys are misunderstanding. The sharia law which he is advocating pardons apostates. give rights to minorities to practice their religion in Islamic state. equal right for women. Killing of single human being(innocent) as unIslamic etc.(Dont consider saudia arabia as islamic country its not 100% islamic state) Kindly watch that video complete.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbPlHMKsUYM#sthash.gC4UI7dv.dpuf

@Nessie see you take the wrong meaning of my words how can I expect others(who claim to study Quran and Hadith) to take correct meaning of Islamic Ideology? The word make was used in the meaning of invent> what I meant was : who invented Nuclear bomb, Hydrogen bomb, Biological weapon etc.? you mentioned about some sort of gas? That is not Nuclear weapon I guess? Even a highschool student can make poisonous gases(if he has taken chemistry). As other respectable people here says that Muslim who changes his religion should be killed is Islamic law etc etc. so do please watch above video and clear misconception about death penalty for leaving islam, women (rights and status) etc. I I hope all people here will clear misconceptions about Islam. Hadith(abu dawood) 4345 : the prophet(PBUH) pardoned the person who changes his religion. This proves there is no death penalty for changing religion from Islam(thats what islamic sharia is about). Dont associate the (present) acts and laws(made by muslim majority Govt.) of muslims with Islam.

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

@WilliB I think you googled him like Dr. zakir naik scandals? hah aha :D (I cant stop laughing) interesting. now coming to your answers he himself belongs to non islamic state. And he never said that non muslim should be denied to practice their faith in islamic state. Yeah he said about more revealing dress but he said that according to sunday times,a british newspaper(survey), and he gave reference (also from) BIBLE to the student of oxford university(it was not his personal statement). So would you like to include that British newspaper and BIBLE as part of Islamic terrorism? (as for you i think terrorism means Islam) Im following him for 2 or 3 years i never(ever) heard him saying that non muslims should not be given the right to practice their religion in islamic states. Bible:the women who does not cover her head dishonors the head. her head should be shaved off(after giving this reference he said)anyway i dont agree with this`. And I noticed one thing. I am giving you answer of every question with references and you are ignoring my questions ? why is that? And kindly be neutral when doing research about anything(it will benefit you) this is the link of his video about which you are talking.


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Posted in: Gov't trying to confirm report of Japanese man held in Syria See in context


So when you meet in Jihad in Allah's cause those who disbelieve, smite their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them If you go further(in context) it says and reconciliation is better which means it is better to come toward peace. just making point I am not in favor of them(terrorists). Even (bible) Gospel of luke says; take the sword and fight. but it does not means to kill whole humanity! you have to understand the context of the statement

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

They are terrorist you can say them Muslim terrorist if you wish. To me they are a bunch of ignorant people. why is that guy so highlighted? because hes violent spicy news for media? And true scholars like Dr. Zakir naik majority of people even dont know about him? why is not he given the support of international media? Because he is Islamic scholar which condemns all these terrorist activities? If Menachem Begins(the no. 1 terrorist labelled by British Govt.) can be awarded noble prize forPeace` why cant he be a Ph.D scholar? And I gave you examples of terrorist lands USA Germany Russia etc.? they all are non muslim lands.

Well I know more then sunni and shia. even sunni and shia have further groups inside them (its an open secret). I can also go on with non muslim terrorists. Trust me if you tell that Ph.D guy(by whom you look alot inspired ) about the mass killing by Hitler and uncle joe etc. he will surely feel ashamed of himself. JIhad the most unlucky word in the history of all languages. Some time i feel pity about this word. It actually means to struggle to get the meaning it means struggle for betterment. According to QURAN(Koran) non muslims and animals(honey bee mentioned in the book) also do JIHAD. The five basic pillars of islam are as; Oneness of ALLAH, Prayers(five time a day),Fasting,Zakaat(its a sort of yearly taxes on muslims) and Hajj(to pay a visit to mecca khana kaba). where is the terrorism?

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

@WilliB sir, with all due respect the word terrorist is very confusing word. Benjamin Franklin was also labelled as Terrorist by British Govt. If you fight for your land you are freedom fighter (for your supporter) and terrorist for ruler at the same time. And you know George W. Bush(the former president of USA) is said to be the biggest terrorist by Hugo Chavez (the president of VENEZUELA) (An M.P of UK) George Galloway said the same thing for George W. Bush.Harry Balafonte also said the same thing for George W. Bush. Nobel prize winner Betty Williams said she would love to kill George W. Bush. Now in your opinion Is USA a land of terrorists? Since the head of USA was a terrorist? No you can not blame the whole nation for a single person Now coming to your Case Ph.D is a big deal ? I really dont know much about him but for the sake of argument let us suppose you are right he is Ph.D n he knows much about ISLAM. Where on the earth Islam says to destroy mosques? kill your own Muslim brothers? so this supposition lead us to contradiction here. Why dont you give example of Dr Zakir Naik ( he is the islamic personality of the year 2014) and he is not Ph.D. Like the way he preaches the message of Islam etc. (BIBLE)In Gospel Of Luke Jesus Christ (PBUH) said: take the sword and fight. does this mean jesus (PBUH)was a terrorist? no not at all you have to check and understand the context and then imply it on practical life. I respect JESUS (PBUH) as a prophet of allah bible says: An eye for an eye. Does this means Bible is a book of terrorism? Again no. *PBUH = Peace Be Upon Him you cannot say ISLAM is the problem for his(you know whom i am referring to ) actions. If you claim Islam to be the religion of terrorism then you have to say Germany, Russia, USA etc the land of terrorists. To sum up, it is indeed a debatable topic which needs further analysis but it would be quite safe to conclude that Islam is not the problem. And as far as that guy is concerned how can I consider him Muslim when he has destroyed mosques and killed my Muslim brothers? Thank You

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

(I dont know why my previous comment was deleted but this time let me make it general overview about west, last one was a bit specific)As I was referring to Todd Topolski さん West do have problems. I hope you are familiar with respectable personalities like Hitler and Uncle Joe(Joseph stalin) who killed 6 million and 20 million people respectively. And of course Benito Mussolini who killed 4 million people and Maximilian Robespierre (during french revolution) tortured 2 million people to death. Stunt gang, ETA, IRA(bombed BBC), Lords salvation army etc. all belongs to west.The King David hotel bombing etc. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are all wests stuff which do not have any Muslim associated with them. WWII wests gift to the entire humanity. Still people in Hiroshima are born with abnormalities, Making of nuclear bombs, biological weapons and hydrogen bomb etc. are all made by non Muslims.yeah! one thing you can do is to blame Muslims for making (imaginary) Mass destruction weapon found in IRAQ by Americans. Its just that international media only highlights Muslim terrorists. There are plenty of terrorist organizations(non Muslim) in west as well. There are plenty of problems in west(which are not created by Muslim terrorists). And one more thing Terrorists have no religion since they(the one everybody is talking about) are labelled as Muslim terrorists so i referred to them as muslim terrorists just to give you some overview And things which you have discuss like killings for wearing wrong clothes etc. is not Allowed in Islam at all. I condemn such sort of killings. In the end (again), my purpose is to clear misconceptions about Islam. I hope and pray that everybody here understand that Islam is not the problem.

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Posted in: Who do you think is the biggest threat to peace and regional security in Northeast Asia? See in context

1) North Korea 2) and USA

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

@Willib It is in context. as far as children are concerned they are innocent. All children if they die before adolescence they will go to jannah(paradise) whether they are jews or muslims. So the sura is in context(not like you have said). Now a days ISLAM is being shown (portrayed) like its a religion of terrorism. But terrorism is not monopoly of Islam. You consider terrorist groups to be Islamic ? Well we muslims have also suffered alot. Even Muslims are killed by saying that you are not muslim and bla bla. So , how can i consider a person, who is killing muslims as well, to be a muslim? And I dont know why people only talk about terrorist who claim to be muslim? Why not about London bombing ? The biggest terrorist attack in the history of England. It was not done by MUSLIMS. why not about Burma ? where 2000 muslims were burnt alive (by buddhist)? Why not about mass destruction bomb found in IRAQ by Americans? So, every country and religion have extremist(or terrorist) but they are not representing the true face of their religion for sure. In the end, my purpose is to clear misconceptions about ISLAM. and i would like to say here I am a MUSLIM and I am not a TERRORIST neither do I support them.

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

@Nessie Sire, I,for obvious reasons, will take that influence as +ve influence.

@HonestDictaor, I really appreciate if you have read Quran and Hadith(authentic). But you might have mistaken in understanding the meanings of verses.Like if I say go with the flowing river and you jumped into the water on my order but my actual meaning was totally different ! And I do agree with you that some (people calling themselves to be) Muslim have depicted very bad image of Islam but trust me its not the way it is being depicted. Actually ISLAM doesnt need to reform. Muslim needs to present themselves as good. And as far as laws are concerned in most of the cases they are made by Muslim Government (not Islamic laws). I am also paying unnecessary taxes here abroad as international students. Am I eligible to say the law of this (or any govt. taking extra taxes from international students) govt. is not good? killing a single (innocent) human is as though you have killed the whole humanity and saving a single human is as though you have saved the whole humanity. Its a verse of Quran since you have read it you might know this verse. I got so many non muslim friends Hindu, buddhist, christian n some atheist. I(muslim and follower of Muhammads teaching) havent killed any of them neither i forced them to accept ISLAM neither here nor in my native land. In the end, my purpose is to clear misconceptions and blames against ISLAM not Muslims. They are responsible for their deeds. You cannot blame Islam for deeds muslim. I hope you will clear your misconceptions about ISLAM

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

@honestdictator If you dont know let me tell you ISLAM itself meanspeace. Dont look at present followers. Look at teachings of ISLAM (try to be neutral) And Islam do have rights for Women. In fact we respect women a lot. For us paradise(heaven) lies beneath the foot of mother(women). Now for Mohammad (PBUH), Michael H. Hart (Non Muslim), in his book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in HistoryThe name of Mohammad(PBUH) is on First. Although he was a christian he put JESUS(PBUH) name on third. Now coming to Inequality Can I(being an international student) ask for same fees as of native students ? No, never . And every country n every religion has their own specialize law.

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Posted in: Can Islam and the Western world coexist peacefully? See in context

People over here are directly addressing ISLAM for extremist Muslims which is not good. Terrorists have no religion. They are no Muslims,Christians or Jews. I do agree there are Muslims who create problems for all the world (including Muslim World) but its not ISLAM. And people should show some respect, if you havent studied thoroughly about ISLAM then you have no right to say anything against ISLAM. You can say against Muslims not ISLAM. As I havent studied Judaism, Christianity or any other religion so I dont say anything against any religion but its followers. There are extremist (or ignorant) in every religion (I can bet over this!) but they dont belong to that particular religion they just claim to belong to the religion. Now, coming to question yes of course they can live together peacefully. "killing a single(innocent) human is as though killing the whole humanity" is the verse of Quran (koran)

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