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junaid83 comments

Posted in: 47-year-old man arrested after body parts of missing 6-year-old Kobe girl found See in context

its very sad news. I pray for that kid's soul get peace in heaven. the culprit must get very tough punishment well. hope police will know what really happened. the person who did crime i think he will ill-mental health or fan of child sex pornography.

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Posted in: S Korean PM resigns over gov't response to ferry disaster See in context

I think Prime minister is great man and very sincere to nation. you know in my country, thousands of people die in one go , still government officials hold seat and enjoy their overseas tours. korea is really great.

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Posted in: Pakistan's Musharraf survives assassination bomb attempt See in context

when an ordinary person get stuck in court, his case run for years until lawyers(liers) suck all his blood. in musharraf case he got lots of media attention. the reason is just people related to this case can make enough money.. finally he will leave country and will live luxury life anywhere in world. in my view its cat and mouse play between nawaz and musharraf. ( when musharraf got power , nawaz was in jail, and now nawaz in power so mushraf is in jail)

well hope. people can get better education and work hard to achieve human dignity.

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Posted in: Newborn girl found in bag near highway in Saitama See in context

I think in very sad situation or fear of society reaction lead mother to do this things. I wish her mother come forward and bravely accept child, its also painful for a mother to leave child like this but it has great share of our society, sex out of marriage bond, or any other reason.

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Posted in: Spiritual matters See in context

Realistic! " He is not god but not less than god!

absolutely wrong! God means the one who Creates Universe, Create Human, Creates Everything sun, heaven, moon etc,

Dalai Lama is a human like us. but some group of people believe him as god, tell me what he has created?

if you say you respect dalai lama as spiritual teacher or guide in hope of happiness I agree,, but please, dont compare him with God. God is the one, who gives life for a time and then turn it to death. and whenever he will wish he will raise life from death.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. troops consider drill to retake island See in context

The Island is between japan and china, so why USA is concern??

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Posted in: Pakistani minister offers $100,000 to anyone who kills anti-Islam filmmaker See in context

making a movie which mock someone religion . is it right thing?? suppose someone make movie inwhich buddha is devil, will people of buddhist community will be happy? supppose someone make movie inwhich Rama (hindu worship as god) appears as devil , will hindu people will be happy?

in true Mohammad (peace be upon him) teached us good things, paying poor due, worship one God, doing good things for benefits of others, fighting with evil with good deed. what film show is not reality,

if you see reallity taliban are like hollywood actors working for destroying good image of islam.

islam never teach what taliban are doing.

I request all reader please respect other religions value, and avoid commenting about other religion which you dont have knowledge

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Posted in: U.S. Sikhs say bigots confuse them for Muslims See in context

people who are commenting against islam , they dont have correct knowledge about Islam. I am muslim, I have been never teached by islam to kill any innocent person. Islam teach to speak truth, Pay poor due, offer your worship to only one God, jihad real means is to struggling in own defense , not to kill innocent, small group of puppets ( display false image of islam, by represting themselve terrorism) its just plan for land grabbing and war for oil.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

homosexuallity is against nature.

nature created human by one pair (male + female).

promoting homosexuality , is harmful for our society.

will any wife like to have husband who is homesexual?? or any husband will like to have homesexual wife?? its simply distruction for normal family system.

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Posted in: AKB48 candy ad criticized for encouraging homosexuality See in context

homosexuality is against nature. promoting it in society is not possitive.

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Posted in: Gov't rebukes Hatoyama over Iran visit, criticizing IAEA See in context

making iran isolated in the world , same thing they did with iraq more than 20 years ago. when they saw iraq is so weak , they attacked, thousand innocent people died. who cares? in result they got oil resources , so no need to buy oil from iran we can sell you from iraq............

they are telling iran not to make which already they have. they need excuses to make their policies.

anyway in the end evil never suceed. thats true.

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Posted in: Fax fashion See in context

better than many thousands.

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Posted in: Success for U.S. as Japan decides to cut Iranian oil imports See in context

all game is for oil. war for oil. stop war, all people want peace,

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Posted in: Success for U.S. as Japan decides to cut Iranian oil imports See in context

gentle way to kill innocent peoples, by making country poor and poor. no medicine no food, very great.

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Posted in: Woman prostitutes daughter to 72-year-old man for years before discovery See in context

money is not everything. just for money throwing her daughter into hell , its very shameful act, she must be punished. virginity is most precious thing for a girl. very sad to read this article.

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Posted in: Woman, 20, admits stabbing 78-year-old grandmother over living expenses See in context

she is just 20 years old. and was suffering mentally and financially. it is an accident, in my view crime has done for self defence, her grandmother asked her to go and earn my by any means. thats means she may be go on wrong path. because of mental torcher she did so. court should punish her for few months. and after completing it. she must try to get some job.

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Posted in: Out for a walk See in context

very cute girl. hope she will find her family members. love you japanese people you are great people. we pakistani people are with you in this hard time. our doctors team is already there. hope japan will be more strong in future.

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