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Posted in: America's decline is a myth See in context

People became rich because they work hard,Like Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,Buffet,Wynne,Andelson,founder of Walmart,Facebook, and others. So if you just live paycheck to paycheck then ask yourself why?

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Posted in: America's decline is a myth See in context

Yes America is in the rise ,not decline.America will be awashed with oil with the new fracking technology . 5-10 years from now he will surpassed the oil production of Saudi Arabia. He is the no. 1 producer of natutal gas today. All kinds of technological inventions,military and civilian are still going on. All millioners and billioners all over the world are investing in real estate and other businesses. People rich and poor still want to live in America. Imagine without America what Iran,North Korea and other countries that supports terrorism will do to the world. People around the world should be thankful to America that he still policing the world even with financial and Human consequences. So guys who said that America is declining, People who wants America to full down are those who hit freedom and democracy. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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Posted in: Chinese military planes flew near disputed isles 40 times in one day See in context

correction to junsan, "Japan will kick his ass, instead of kiss his ass ".Thanks, Junsan

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Posted in: Chinese military planes flew near disputed isles 40 times in one day See in context

CHINA is the trouble maker in ASIA today,CHINA is a thief, Only solution to stop a thief is to cut-off his hands. ASIAN nations will someday come together to cut-off CHINA'S hands. CHINA ALREADY occufied some islands in Vietnam,Philippines,and Land in India,and Tibet.his next target is the asean nations. Japan should not let the thief China to land in shinkaku islands or else the thief china will again take this island. Only thing China could not land in shinkakus ,because he knows Japan will kiss his ass and be anihilated infront of the world. Look what happened to Vietnam and the philippines he already occufied some islands because these countries has no match to China's military power. Asean countries must slowly but surely modernised their miltary arsenal to be prepared for military conflict that is coming.Asean countries plus Japan must unite to counteract China's agresiveness in the region.

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Posted in: Japan plans to donate patrol boats to Manila See in context

Thanks to the People of Japan,Your money will not be put to waste,yes the previous philippine government are corrupt,but this time we have seen that Pres. Aquino is serious especially this time that The thieves China already start stealing a rock formation on our shores, first they send fishing boats to the rock island,when the philippine coastguard try to intercept this vessels,the big Chinse marine survellance ship just came to their rescue and stand-off happens,ultimately philippine coasrguard withdraw from the area because the ship is not big enough to sustained the big waves in that area. At this time they stationed permanently 3 ships in the area which is 200 miles only from the nearest philippine island and 500 miles from the nearest hainan island of China.Only the Philippine could do is ask China to Leave the 3 ships in the area but The great THIEVES just ignore the demand. Now their ships just come and go ,The philippine navy can do nothing. Aside from what The Thieves has done,They put another economic pressure to the Philippines and advise their citzins not to visit the philippines. Again Thanks to the People of Japan,We value so much what ever help you can give,because someday both our countries will fight and cut-off the hands and feet of the THIEVES so that she cannot steal anymore to other smaller countries.

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Posted in: Which side is most to blame for escalating tension between Japan and China? See in context

Everyone knows who is the trouble maker in asia today, It's CHINA.either in India,Vietnam,or Philippines.Communist China is the cancer of the world today,They are Thieves The only way to stop them is to cut-off their feet and hands,so that they can;t move anymore.Countries that is bullied by this thieves should unite when they attack one of these countries. Mistakes of the western world was when they move their industries to China nad China copied all their products which Cina now manufactured and sell it to the world at a cheap price until they make monet and now they can afford to buy all kinds of miltary equipment from Russia. To put China back to his feet, All the freedom loving people of the world shall boycott all china made products.

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