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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

What would Japan have done if they had the bomb first? Or Germany for that matter.

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Posted in: Japan reports 195,161 coronavirus cases See in context

At least I haven’t been hearing so much about the genetic resilience of the Japanese to the virus

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Posted in: Tokyo falls to 9th most expensive city for expats due to weak yen See in context

Even if you can touch all four walls, at least there is affordable accommodation In Tokyo, unlike New York for example, where apartments are bigger but ordinary people are just priced out of the rental market or parts of Australia, where middle class people are sleeping in tents.

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Posted in: Australia to boost defense forces by nearly a third See in context

Well. In the mean time Australian mining companies are selling tons and tons of iron ore and other commodities to China. I bet none of them are being used to build the aircraft carriers or another other military hardware.

Yes, but how much better to be able to acquire those commodities from a captive, vassal state.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan to relax COVID border controls, give priority entry to students See in context

Just more of the messy, consensus based gibberish that passes for official statements in this country

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Posted in: Arrested Australian rugby player details Japan prison time See in context

I’m surprised he wasn’t given some kind of orientation including zero tolerance re drugs. He can’t be the first one to have them, just unlucky to be caught. The club would be aware of this. It must be very lax or naive, or perhaps doesn’t know how to communicate with its foreign stars. The zero drugs policy is taught to high school students at international schools in Japan. Not staying that stops them.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's support rate nearly flat at 56%: poll See in context

It’s a comfortable-enough state of inertia, something Japan does better than any other country at all levels of society. If they wouldn’t resist a genocidal war that turned on them with a fury, why would they care about Kishida.

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Posted in: Who would you like to see become the next prime minister of Japan? (Sensible answers only please.) See in context

Kono is an unattractive strutting peacock but on the other hand, being a ‘maverick’, he might actually get stuff done, which would be a breath of fresh air. Doesn’t hurt Japan (or the US) that he’s also pro-US.

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