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Posted in: Multilingual audio translation broadcasting system to be installed in some train stations See in context

Just add tourism related information in English as well and call it a day. That's what pretty much every country do, as it's everyone's second language (of you're not native).

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Posted in: Japan condom makers hope for 2020 Olympic lift See in context

Don't mean this in an offensive way, but they better make some sort of 'international line' that follows international standards for size, or they'll end up with a lot of dissatisfied customers instead.

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Posted in: Stage set for Oscars to mark year eclipsed by #MeToo See in context

That politics like these may affect decisions only reinforces how Oscars lack legitimacy to objectively judge what is best. Oscars have been pointless for a long time, and doesn't like it's going to change anytime soon.

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Posted in: Piko Taro to entertain Trump during Japan visit See in context

What could go wrong

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Posted in: Japanese movie 'The Lowlife' tackles porn taboo See in context

and to top it off, cartoons and manga are excluded

Why wouldn't they be? It's fiction and no child participates in production.

Same reason action movies with murders are allowed: it's fiction and no one is really getting killed.

Unless you also want to prohibit every movie with a murder or other crime from being exhibited in Japan.

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