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Posted in: Teacher suspended after threatening to kill junior high school student See in context

This does not shock me at all. My child got so bullied by both teachers and students in elementary school and my child's friend a Japanese child and not mixed, too. The school board has no control over the principal and or teachers and so putting both above the law until something like this happens and it hits the news.

Until rules and laws change regarding the laws of protecting children from an early age these stories will continue to pop up.

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested over father’s murder in Oita See in context

It is not only shocking these adult children of these elderly parents are killing them, however, more over shocking they just pick up the phone and report "I killed or murdered" my parents.

And these instances appear to be rising rapidly. What is it going to get these senseless murders to stop?

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Posted in: Woman arrested over mother’s death at home See in context

Millions of young adults live with their parents. Why should they stop just because of this one case?

Quo Primum

This incident is not an isolated one, and in fact these cases are only rising daily in Japan where adult children are taking the lives of their parents and there seems to be no remorse.

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Posted in: Japanese model with Down syndrome fulfills dream; walks in Paris show See in context

She is very gorgeous, and I am so glad her dream came to fruition.

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Posted in: South Korean doctors hold massive anti-government rally over medical school recruitment plan See in context

I am sorry in big demand, because of short supply of doctors.

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Posted in: South Korean doctors hold massive anti-government rally over medical school recruitment plan See in context

They should just leave Korea behind and go to the US and or Canada where doctors are in short demand. If they don't want to travel far from home they could go to Guam, the little island is crying out for all kinds of doctors and get paid in US dollars.

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Posted in: South Korea publicly orders some doctors who walked off the job back to work See in context

The doctors should get lots of English under their belt and move to Canada and the United States where there is a huge shortage of doctors, and they would get hired on with great salaries and never have to about being a contract worker.

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Posted in: China pledges to increase opportunities for foreign companies as it seeks to boost its economy See in context

So many companies have packed up and headed to other countries such as India, Indonesia and the list goes on. One of the biggest pullouts I can think of is Apple they are moving their manufacturing to India, and I don't think they will ever turn back again.

China did not learn from Japan's bubble economy and many Chinese bigwigs bought up homes such as in Canada, the US and other countries and so many now are selling at a loss and losing their shirts in China.

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Posted in: Man arrested over 80-year-old father’s death See in context

RIP to his father. Now he will live in an institution for the rest of his life and or he will meet death row which would be appropriate justice for this individual.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher beats up student for making fun of his body by calling him anime character name See in context

I had to send my child out of Japan during the pandemic due to the bullying he had endured for 5 years students throwing their shoes in the garbage and teachers yelling daily at my child. I fought with the teachers and the principal which included hauling the guy in front of the school board and they did absolutely nothing to him as they have zero power. After my child left the school, a Japanese child in the same grade started getting bullied and the mother complained with the same results, and she moved back to her mother's hometown. That year, I heard the principal was dismissed from that school and sent to another far from Tokyo which meant he got a demotion.

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Posted in: Joy, envy in Japan as baseball star Ohtani speaks more about marriage See in context

So many people have forgotten Hideo Nomo who was the first break away baseball player to leave Japan and open the doors to the US for other players like this guy. Nomo took such heat for leaving Japan by the news media and others, and after he became a success that all changed for him and others who chose to leave for the US shores.

Congrats on his marriage and many more years of success.

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Posted in: Theater company Takarazuka admits harassment of deceased actress See in context

The bullying is horrible in Japan. My child, mixed race was bullied from grade 1 by both students and teachers and I fought valiantly including taking the principal before the school board and with zero results. So, this story of this young woman being bullied and openly does not surprise or shock me, and in fact it goes on in so many workplaces maybe not at this extreme level, but it occurs and often I believe.

It will be interesting in the future now that the birthrate is declining how life will be for children and adults alike.

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Posted in: 47-year-old woman arrested for stabbing younger brother See in context

Wait a minute the brother was AT her house, he INITITATED the assault and she was defending herself.

If she has such a knife in her home, she must have been in fear and was prepared to defend herself in HER home.

Why is she the one being arrested I ask because the brother said she was trying to kill him in her house after he went OVER TO HER house?

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for beating up man, leaving him in serious condition See in context

There are so many kids left to their own devices from elementary school and this is because no babysitting services in Japan, really. There are so many latch key kids in that country because multiple families do not live with one another anymore and so parents are stuck between going to work and leaving their kids alone after they enter elementary school.

Now with divorce matching other countries the situation has worsen.

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman arrested for beating, whipping young daughter See in context


Again, I don't condone what the mother did, however, when you are alone, working and tired and if a child is extremely difficult with zero help it could have made her snap in the moment.

My friend was always on edge what their child was going to do next and who would appear at the door because the child was always getting into trouble and this friend was doing their absolute best to prevent it.

Until you walk someone's shoes you can never judge.

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman arrested for beating, whipping young daughter See in context

I am in no way condoning the actions of the mother; however, we don't know if this child is an extremely difficult child with ADHD and or other mental issues that pushed this single working mother over the top.

In Japan, the government only offers one year of support for mentally challenged children and after that a parent is left to defend for themselves. I had a friend over there and this person's child was extremely difficult, and this friend could not find help for their child, and they had a very rough patch and with no government support.

Prayers for this child, and prayers that this working mother can receive help and mental support.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby boy found in trash can at Osaka hotel See in context

There needs to be more dissemination and options given to women who are pregnant and don't want to keep a baby. The big thing in Japan for women is the Koseki, when a name is placed on their Koseki it is forever there is no deleting it and that goes for a man, too.

In N. America, women, are given many options and a big one is private adoption and where the adopting family pays for all the expenses of the pregnant mother until birth. If Japanese women were given this same option, I believe there would be way less of these stories.

Not judging, understanding the culture and finding solutions is the only way to stop these senseless deaths.

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Posted in: Japan grants refugee status to democracy advocate Myanmar woman See in context

Gary, You are correct 10 percent approval is very high for Japan to grant refugee status in one year. Really, this is very unusual based on all I have read in the news for granting refugees status to stay.

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Posted in: American Airlines raising bag fees and changing how customers earn frequent-flyer points See in context

I am not sure about Japanese airlines and or their baggage limit, however, for oversea flights from Japan I will only fly United and or Hawaiian who still give 2 free luggage. I like United Airline's service they are good and polite, and I have never had any issues when traveling with them. I have not flown Hawaiian; however, I would absolutely give them a try if an opportunity came up.

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Posted in: New families sought for children with disabilities via adoption See in context

Do you know how many children linger in orphanages for years and years. There are so many people who wish to adopt these at many times unwanted children, however, the Japanese Government won't permit because the potential parents are over 40, or the koseki rules and the list of reasons go on. The over 40 rule should be thrown out the door since the government is encouraging this same age group to have babies, the koseki rule should also be thrown out the door if parents have abandoned their children.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to launch new 5-year program with 50% foreign students See in context

That MAY BE difficult, because the school year for most countries but not all start in September and most young people the same in Japan start university right after graduation. How many students will put their academic year on hold for 9 or 10 months?

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Posted in: Japan's 'naked men' festival succumbs to aging population See in context

The penis festival is another good one I hear, and "no" this is no joke they have a penis festival and that one has become more important.

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Posted in: Japan, now world's No. 4 economy, on steep road to reverse low growth See in context

The Japanese government is the worse when it comes to change and keeping pace with the rest of the world. Sometimes it is good, however, they need now to wake up and smell the coffee and I pray sooner than later and raise interest rates. When I say raise not at the rate of N. America, however, maybe 2 or 3 percent, and so, this shores up the yen, brings down the cost of imports and not hurt the economy.

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Posted in: Japan to boost child allowances to tackle falling birthrate See in context

Canada is not one of the best countries, being back here for my child after being bullied the cost of living is ridiculous, getting to see a doctor is next to impossible and people are so rude. I cannot wait until my child graduates, and I can move back, and my bags will be packed weeks prior to that I can guarantee you.

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Posted in: Japan to boost child allowances to tackle falling birthrate See in context

I am going to sound like a broken record there are many unwanted babies and children presently in Japan and that are hitting the news lines each and every day regarding their parents injuring and or murdering them. There are so many children sitting in orphanages, the government will not let be adopted because of their policies and sit in those orphanages until they age out. When those children leave the orphanages, they are sent out with a brown paper bag from my understanding and a small amount of money. Let's fix these issues first and count these children, because I have a feeling they are not being considered when these policies are being introduced.

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Posted in: A mini retro PC to take you back in time See in context

It sounds interesting. And looks like good quality.

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Posted in: Asian shares drop after disappointing U.S. inflation data sends Dow down See in context

I believe the world raising interest rates to incredible highs and making those who have mortgages is intolerable, however, Japan keeping their interest rates 0 percent is not realistic either. I don't believe Japan should go crazy and raise interest rates to 5 or 6 percent and make peoples' lives miserable, however, 2 or 3 percent is realistic, and it keeps peoples' spending in check especially the younger people who have no concept on saving.

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Posted in: One girl dead, one injured after jumping from building in Osaka Prefecture See in context

Proxy, I was going to make the same point, that these girls did not pass their entrance exams into the high school of their dreams, and which is an extremely big deal not only for the girls but for families, too. Tokyo has made high school free for kids from this year, however, I don't even believe this is going to make much of a change until the culture changes on the demands of entrance exams.

The other change that needs to be made is changing the school year from September to June or July. This would allow both teachers and students to have an actual summer vacation without all the stress of summer homework and clubs, putting a full-stop of stress on teachers and students and giving them a complete rest for 6 weeks.

Condolences to the one girl's family and prayers for the other girl's family that she will recover.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for assault after punching 77-year-old mother in the face See in context

Tokyoliving, the stories you are reading are the few that are reaching the English news, the Japanese news has way more of these headlines. I have made Japan home for more than 20 plus years, and you would never hear about these stories' way back when. At that time is when you had multiple families living together, and so, less financial stress and now that this is not the case, and the elderly no longer have the finances to give to their adult children who were spoiled and indulged and now they are suffering for overindulging their unemployed many times, adult children.

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Posted in: From New York to Jakarta, land in many coastal cities sinking faster than sea levels are rising See in context

It is happening, just ask people in the S. Pacific whose islands are disappearing into the oceans and where NZ and Australia are having to step up and offer these people homes for life, and before that happens, they are having to transfer their island's treasured cultural artifacts with them.

Some other islands in fear to be gone in the next 20 to 50 years Tonga, Samoa and more along with Jakaratta.

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