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Posted in: Construction of Japan's tallest skyscraper begins near Tokyo Station See in context

What is the purpose? There are so many empty offices in many buildings, just look at San Francisco and all the buildings that are being shuttered up. Unless there is demand for more office space what is the purpose of this not so attractive building and adding to the global warming.

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Posted in: Diet to convene extraordinary session on Oct 20 See in context

King Minus, I have lived here for many, many years and I had the same thought process as you when I first got here and superficially life has changed here, however, deep rooted customs and ideals have not and since I am not a Japanese individual it is not for me to judge unless I choose to change my nationality and I do not.

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Posted in: Diet to convene extraordinary session on Oct 20 See in context

The same old Mery Go Around and it will never change until the old men and their family members are removed from office. Nepotism is alive and well in this country, and especially in the Japanese government and the people here just say "shoganai" meaning "it cannot be helped.

I never see this changing in my lifetime and maybe not even in a hundred years from now and so I guess I am in the club of "shoganis."

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Posted in: Diet to convene extraordinary session on Oct 20 See in context

The same old Mery Go Around and it will never change until the old men and their family members are removed from office. Nepotism is alive and well in this country, and especially in the Japanese government and the people here just say "shoganai" meaning "it cannot be helped.

I never see this changing in my lifetime and maybe not even in a hundred years from now and so I guess I am in the club of "shoganis."

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Posted in: New wave of price hikes, tax-related rule changes await Japan in October See in context

Strengthen the yen, and this will bring down the cost of imports.

But to do that you must light fire the old men who are holding the interest rates and or lack of hostage.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors eyes ending production in China See in context

China is collapsing financially, not only Japan so many countries are pulling out leaving China high and dry.

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Posted in: Target to close 9 stores including 3 in San Francisco, citing theft that threatens workers, shoppers See in context

Wow, the statement it is illegal immigrants breaking into these stores and doing the shop lifting. 99 percent I can guarantee it is not illegal immigrants because they do not want to be deported and will do everything to stay on the right side of the law.

It is the poor black, white and other ethnic Americans who are doing this crap, and it is a real shame because they are stealing jobs away, too.

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Posted in: Japan plans tax breaks to achieve economic security, wage growth See in context

Stop aiding these cash cows, do something about bringing down prices in this country and the only way to do that is to strengthen the yen.

Shame on this government and their handling of this economy.

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Posted in: Foreigners fleeing conflict zones to be eligible for Japan long-term residency from Dec 1 See in context

There are many foreigners now in Japan and a large portion of them from Africa either married to Japanese and or overstayers.

My guess Japan is embracing the Ukrainians is that they are white, and many will have money and with some kind of professional trades and which would be a welcome relief for Japan. Me being white and with black friends, I am just stating what I have seen and experienced over the years and heard, too, living in Japan.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils gist of new economic package as support for his government dwindles See in context

Does he really believe this electronic board is going to change the weakening yen and rising costs across the board?

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Posted in: Asian shares dip with eyes on Chinese economy and possible U.S. shutdown See in context

Okay, it is time for those old men to either poop or get off the pot, because the Japanese economy is sinking and there will never be enough tourists and or spending to keep Japan going.

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Posted in: All options on table to counter excess currency moves: finance chief See in context

These Old Men need to Retire it is the same old and it is going to be the SAME OLD until they leave.

If they don't use the exit door, our economy is going to keep nose diving and people are going to be eventually if they already not living on the street.

Praying for change sooner than later is all I can say.

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Posted in: Meet Tottori’s famous dairy cows See in context

Here is some weird knowledge the only way milk is produced from a cow is if they are pregnant. Yes, cows are pregnant for 12-14 months of the year and once they have given birth no more milking for them for 3 months after their birth and they become impregnated again.

Another piece of information goat milk is supposed to be healthier and similar in taste, but I do not know this as a fact as I have never tried it. What is interesting about goats they do not need to be pregnant to get milk out of them, and so, their lives are clearly a much easier one over than that of a cow.

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Posted in: Protesters demand that Japan save trees by revising design plan for popular Tokyo park See in context

MADNESS! That park is not only visited by hundreds of thousands of Japanese year after year but tourists from around the world.

Not only that, but those trees are also desperately needed with Japan heating up year after year. Japan should be leading the way not to destroy the earth for another concrete building and or arena when he has plenty of both in this country but instead promote the need to save precious trees like the ones they are permitting to be destroyed.

I too am only a foreigner; however, I do love this country and because I love this country, I am going to speak up in support of all these people who took the time to make a stance which is rare.

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Posted in: The social, economic and political reality for many girls cast aside in cultural gender selection See in context

Here is me, a single mom of one child and prayed for a girl and got a boy. In this country, now a days more and more families hope for girls and not boys I am learning from working at a kindergarten.

In China, there are so many unregistered adults because of the one child policy I learned from a Chinese friend 10 years ago and she was one of those children and where her parents had to pay great sums of money to get her registered because she was the second child.

When China relaxed their polices, it was not retroactive from my understanding and so there are millions not registered and so if they have children are their children getting registered?

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Posted in: Japan to accept 2 more wounded soldiers from Ukraine for treatment See in context

nosukeToday  05:00 pm JST

The two soldiers are slated to be sent to the Self-Defense Forces Central Hospital in Tokyo

Military AID is great but Japan want to get involve with the Ukrainian war? Should stay out of the conflict. Not sure why Japan sticking their nose in to this dead end conflict. Its generous to help

How is providing medical aide too 2 men who lost their limbs getting involved in the war? These men will never be able to fight again, and so, Japan is showing empathy for these men whose country was invaded and being systematically destroyed day by day.

Only 2 men people are saying, really. The cost of fitting these men with artificial limbs, rehabilitation and travel expenses is a lot. How many other countries are bringing over lame men from the Ukraine and outfitting them with these same services?

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Posted in: No women appointed as vice ministers under Japan's reshuffled cabinet See in context

Real, you are spot on, however, I pray though the younger generation has been exposed enough to the outside world to make the change their fathers and uncles couldn't.

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Posted in: No women appointed as vice ministers under Japan's reshuffled cabinet See in context

Nothing will change in this country until the old men ruling Japan are gone. They will never resign, because they love their cushy paychecks and all the perks that come with it and not even scandals get them out of politics. When they are caught in a scandal these men say "gomen nasai" and say they resign and return after the matter is forgotten it is truly shameful.

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Posted in: China's 'full-time children' move back in with parents, take on chores as good jobs grow scarce See in context

The unemployment in China is only going to get worse and not better due to so many large companies like Apple shifting their operations out of China and moving to places like India, Vietnam along with so many other East Asian countries like these listed and they will never return unless the politics in China were to change and that is not likely.

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Posted in: Gov't support for COVID-19 treatment in Japan to be reduced from October See in context

In the past week 2 large schools that I know personally of one in Saitama and one in Tokyo have been shut down because 50 percent of the students are off due to COVID and or influenza.

I have a friend, whose partner has COVID, and it was thought it was picked up a funeral they attended.

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Posted in: Luxury hotel chain offering karaoke in large tub floating on the ocean See in context

I had Russian friends who bring in the finest black caviar from Russian and that did not even entice me to eat it.

Anything to get money in their pockets and let's see how fast this one sink with the caviar and champaigne.

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Posted in: Japan's core consumer prices rise 3.1% in July from year earlier See in context

Until the yen value is brought under control which the government seems to have no interest in doing and my guess only believing that if we bring in more tourists which is increasing the level of COVID once again is the way to go. Raising the interest rates even 1 or 2 percent will bring down the yen, not greatly but enough that brings the yen value up and bring the costs of importing items down. The old men running this country need to get the cobwebs out of their heads.

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Posted in: Japan back in red with July deficit of ¥78.7 bil as exports sag See in context

Japan needs to raise interest rates in order to strengthen the yen, that will ease the rise of imported food and other necessities because the path of not doing it is setting Japan on a collision course.

I hear people say Japan cannot raise the interest rates because people are poor. Well, people are poor now with the rising costs of food and other daily necessities. Do people think Americans and Canadians are rich with the rising interest rates that have hit 5 percent? No, they are not, and so what makes Japan exempt? Some real big boy decisions need to be made by all those old men running the government and made sooner than later.

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Posted in: Baby goods in Japan facing steeper price hikes See in context

Has anyone looked at the cost of a pack of diapers in the US? Before anyone complains about the cost of diapers here in Japan go on the US Amazon and cost them out and one will be surprised at how cheap diapers are here. I heard in Indonesia diapers are far more expensive than Japan. For baby food, go to the vegetable markets, buy potatoes, daikon and carrots boil mash them up and or put them in a blender add milk and butter cheaper and healthier than the crap in jars.

Food prices are still cheaper here especially fruits and vegetables and I count my blessings for safe and functional transportation, and I don't need a car, that comes along with insurance, gas and upkeep that is another huge savings. As for rents, I looked at prices across Canadian cities they are no cheaper and or more expensive than Tokyo and again when you take out the car and the cost of that you are further ahead in Japan.

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Posted in: Trains, flights canceled as typhoon rips across western Japan See in context

Still all quiet here in Tokyo the calm before the storm.

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Posted in: U.S., China agree to double weekly flights between countries See in context

This is good for us foreigners living in Asia and not China. China doesn't charge as much as other airlines and though we may have to transit the cost could be almost half. At the moment, other airlines have raised their prices to almost of the world records from Asia to America and so this will be a nice break for us folks living in Asia.

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Posted in: Dollar briefly hits 1.5-month high at 145 yen in New York See in context

Unless Japan raises their interest rates to bring inflation under control like the rest of the world, I can see the yen going up to 200 against the American dollar. Unfortunately, the government is being ran by a bunch of old men who forefathers were politicians and many of those old men inherited those lifetime jobs and where it takes forever to get anything changed because these old men don't like change.

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Posted in: Japan's smoking rates continue to decline for men, women in 2022 See in context

I have been in this country 25 plus years and compared to when I first arrived when people walked down the street with a cigarette in their hand and blowing that stinky crap in your face a HUGE change and grateful for it, too.

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Posted in: Elderly couple found dead in Tokyo home; heatstroke suspected See in context

Only by chance a few summers ago I kept my air con on 24/7 and thought OMG my electricity bill is going to be through the roof, but to my surprise it was no more expensive than turning it off and on. What I heard that the air con, when starting up each and every time takes a lot of power and so that is why there is not much difference in the cost. I also only use one A/C for my entire place, and I cut down the use of my lights in my house not only in summer but all year round and so my bills run between 3,000 yen to max 10,000 yen but it will be interesting to see what my bill will be this month will the rise of power.

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Posted in: Woman calls police, saying she killed her 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter See in context

This was a single mother, and probably expected to raise 2 children on her own with no financial support. Where was the father? I can almost guarantee he was not providing child support leaving the entire financial burden on the mother. Unlike in N. America there are severe consequences for those deadbeat fathers but not here in Japan.

Of course, my heart bleeds for the loss of those children lives but more needs to be done to go after those fathers who run off many times to another woman and start another family leaving the last family to struggle.

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