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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister retracts controversial childbirth remark See in context

They will always find something wrong to remove women in power.

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

How is the business obstructed?

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Posted in: Teenager referred to prosecutors for using smart glasses to cheat on university entrance exam See in context

How is this a crime though?

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Posted in: Owner of unauthorized MSDF drone video says he knew risks, shared it for fun See in context

Right. Because spies don't do anything illegal.

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Posted in: Kenyan Olympic marathon medalist referred to prosecutors over assault See in context

when she tried to stop him from walking away

Oh my green child, using a phone in the train is not illegal nor against the rules. You're lucky you only got a slap. There are crazier people out there.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Yes, I'm tired of tourists saying Japan goods and foods are cheap.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy in deradicalization program shot dead by Australian police after he stabs man in Perth See in context

Imagine he has access to guns. We're lucky, Japan, or in this case Australia, doesn't consider owning a semi-automatic rifle or machine gun a God-given right.

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Posted in: Non to English at Paris Olympics, say French MPs See in context

the Olympic Games reflect the loss of influence of our language.

Well maybe, stop being so condescending of people trying to learn and speak your language.

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Posted in: Weak yen boosts tourist wallets in Japan See in context

I hate it when tourists say that 10,000 yen is cheap. There was a time that was about 100 dollars, now it's just $60.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

I mean, it's fine. It's not like a special place anyway. It's Lawson. There's no real loss here except the wannabe influencers won't be able to say "if you come to Japan, this is a must visit blah blah..." anymore.

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Posted in: Osaka governor suggests lowering voting age to 0 to curb population decline See in context

Legal age of consent to 0?

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Posted in: Japan tightens rules on int'l student enrollment to tackle malpractice See in context

Let me see.

Japan blocks foreign students/workers from third world countries with the new rules. The goal, I'm thinking, is to attract more foreign workers from "first world" countries?

That's not going to happen Japan, especially when a high-caliber foreigner have much better (twice even thrice) opportunities elsewhere. Low salary, low yen, language barrier. There's just no upside here.

Maybe they can get the anime lovers, but I give them 3-6 months tops before they feel unwelcomed and start packing up to go home.

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 34-year low past 160 per dollar See in context

I'm going to eat onigiri for lunch and dinner now.

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Posted in: Verstappen bounces back with dominant win at Japanese Grand Prix See in context

His abrupt breakdown two weeks ago in Melbourne, Australia, looks like a blip in his total command over F1. He was out on the fourth lap when he rear brakes caught fire.

He had break trouble, and not his fault. What kind of article is this?

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Posted in: Universal Studios in Osaka to double foreign employees by year-end See in context

One of the reasons you get special feeling in Japan amusement parks like USJ and Disney, is because of the Japanese staff. Replace them with non-Japanese and you don't get the same uber polite treatment. Just go to Dotonbori in Osaka to experience what I am saying. The place have nothing but foreign staffs - they are rude and impatient and definitely removes that Japan atmosphere.

Please don't do this, USJ.

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Posted in: Japan to limit number of asylum applications to speed up deportations See in context

many have abused the system by applying multiple times so as to remain in Japan.

Yup. A lot of Filipino women do this to stay here, work in "entertainment" while they are waiting. Trust me, I know.

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Posted in: Japanese judge impeached over inappropriate social media posts See in context

If I am not wrong, judges in Japan are appointed. Impeachment should only be used on elected officials.

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Posted in: Man arrested for posting 39 threats against Nintendo online last year See in context

forcibly obstructing business operations

This charge again. Police has been using this to arrest virtually anyone they want.

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Posted in: Japan's imperial family debuts on Instagram See in context

Last year, the agency set up a team of experts

And how much did that cost us?

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Posted in: Japanese high court rules same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional See in context

People should be free to live and partner with who ever they wish to be with without a damn certificate or permission from anyone as long as the are healthy and in agreement.

That's tricky especially when it comes to inheritance. If you have multiple partners and not one official, they will fight over your wealth. This way, government as the arbiter is straightforward.

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Posted in: Biden, Trump clinch nominations, kicking off bruising presidential rematch See in context

This election will be decided in the swing states as always. No point in having a survey if they survey the entire country. They should just survey Georgia. Whoever wins that, wins the election.

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Posted in: Putin says he prefers 'more predictable' Biden over Trump See in context

Why''d he hurt Trump's feelings? And on Valentine's Day?

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Posted in: Dog that bit 12 people not vaccinated for rabies See in context

Unvaccinated dog that goes on a biting rampage is rabid which means it has rabies.

although their injuries were not life-threatening.

For now. Once rabies infection symptoms appear, an infected person is 100% sure to die within 2-3 weeks.

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Posted in: Is Japan’s custom of slurping noodles irritating, and why do people do it? See in context

Slurping is like saying “I am eating noodles” out loud without saying it.

For a culture so closed and private like Japan, why would you want to broadcast what you are eating?

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Posted in: Central Tokyo condo average price tops ¥100 mil for 1st time See in context

Well, I am happy for people who can afford them. My salary is 8 digits (jpy) and I still can't imagine how to afford a price like that.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker Ikeda indicted over ruling party slush fund scandal See in context

taken out of fear that he could attempt to destroy evidence.

I’m not saying he is innocent, but Tokyo prosecutors are cute.

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Posted in: China opposes Japan's congratulatory message to Taiwan president-elect See in context

Congrats to the new president of Taiwan. Taiwan is such a nice country compared to it’s neighbor country China.

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Posted in: 9 referred to prosecutors on detainee's death at Aichi police station See in context

This seems to be something wrong with police and immigration officers in Aichi prefecture

Those who fail to get in Tokyo are assigned in far flung places like these. No surprise there.

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Posted in: Hamas and Israel exchange more hostages for prisoners on fifth day of temporary cease-fire See in context

Good reporting here. You often see people citing that number as women and children, not minors like it’s actually referring to.

Because pro-Palestine terrorists likes calling 17 years and 11 months old terrorists as "children".

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Posted in: Chinese court rejects Canadian pop star Kris Wu's appeal over rape conviction See in context

Why would anyone go to China?

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