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Posted in: They’re men born as women, and yes, you can call them 'onabe' See in context

What does that involve for women?

I read the full article, it seams that gender reassignment surgery is not required for the change of status, it said they are still physically female. According to the article*

And if one decides to take the step of physically undergoing a sex change or legally becoming a man, the process is complicated and drastic. As stipulated in the Seidoitsuseishogaisha no Seibetsu no Toriatsukai no Tokurei ni Kansuru Horitsu (“Act on Special Provisions for Handling Gender for People with Gender Identity Disorder”), to legally change one’s gender, both transgender men and women must be physically unable to have children, which means transgender men must undergo a hysterectomy and oophorectomy. As can be seen by the title of the above law, being transgender is officially classified as a shogai (disorder), and one must be diagnosed with the disorder to undergo treatment, which in this case is surgery to prevent a transgender person from bearing their own children.

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Posted in: Cranberries squashed as folk remedy for urinary infections See in context

It is too bad they don't cure a disease, but I still wish we could find a way to grow cranberries in Japan

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Posted in: Trump rejects 'phony' polls; insists 'we are winning' See in context

Hmmmm. good to see how liberals think, like true gossip Hollywood junkies, if that's the most important thing for Democrats

Yes, because we can know the thinking of all liberals from a single comment on a site that isn't even targeted to American liberals. And of course, there are no examples of conservatives ever talking about such things.

Several people have written many other reasons to be against Trump, but you tend to ignore a whole lot of comments that go against what you have decided a 'liberal' thinks

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Posted in: Trump rejects 'phony' polls; insists 'we are winning' See in context

Some folk don't quite get it of course but it's no fault of theirs. Simply left over cognitive dissonance digging away at the subconscious.

The funny thing about cognitive dissonance, is both sides of of a typical conservative/liberal battle of wills seem to feel that way about the other. In reality, a lot of people here are saying they see exactly what Clinton is, but understand that Trump is still worse. The majority of the country has come to this conclusion.

The sad part is, if we all really care, we should stop playing this stupid game on turning on each other like they want us to. We need to look beyond this election.. We need to get money out of politics first and foremost if we have any hope of getting a good candidate in our lifetimes. Some 80% of Americans across party lines agree, so why don't we rally together? There are groups such as wolf-pac (dot) com

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Posted in: Trump rejects 'phony' polls; insists 'we are winning' See in context

Trump is smarter than all the liberals on this site put together. And the media ARE disgusting. If you can't see that...well. you probably are gullible enough to believe Hillary when she said there was nothing work-related in 33,000 emails.

The media is disgusting. Too bad Trump gets all his information from FOX NEWS.

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Posted in: Trump rejects 'phony' polls; insists 'we are winning' See in context

I just want this ridiculous election over. Hillary sucks, but she will be the next POTUS.

Trump is not 'anti-establishment' he IS the establishment. He is the money that pays the politicians to do his bidding. He is the greedy billionaire that ships jobs overseas. He is the traitor that buys Chinese steal and shuts down even more factories and kills small towns. He is the rich man who can't even give to charity without scamming other people to donate the actual money, then takes credit when it is filtered through his sham foundation.

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Posted in: Baird Brewery: Celebrating beer See in context

Seems like a cool guy

He really is. I am a beer lover who was lucky to end up not far from the original taproom when I first came to Japan, and besides the great beer, it is always motivating to support a business ran by good people.

Angry Boy Brown Ale, Suruga Imp IPA & the Kurofune Porter

My three favorites! Recently on facebook I saw there is a 'Country Girl Kabocha Ale' coming out soon which I really want to try.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend in convenience store in Shizuoka See in context

Breaks my heart that it appears she didn't call the police, and it was most likely because they didn't seem to take the threat seriously. I hope the brave clerk to tried to help can recover from this trauma as well.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

Thinking about it, it makes little logical sense if a chef was quoted as saying:

"All these Korean and Chinese customers are always saying 'give me wasabi, before eating their sushi.'

That means the customers who ACTUALLY wanted extra wasabi would still be asking for it, making this 'service' meaningless.

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Posted in: Osaka sushi chain apologizes for using too much wasabi in foreign customers' orders See in context

I don't eat sushi, so correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it true that a lot of foreign visitors to Japan ask for the wasabi because they are not familiar with the fact that it is already under the fish here?

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Posted in: More than 90% of vehicles don't stop at crosswalks without lights despite presence of pedestrians See in context

I never, ever walk without waiting for the driver to actually slow down. But, other cars come around corners while I am already crossing, etc. There are also many times I am walking on a sidewalk, and drivers turn into driveways, or pull out of parking garages right in front of me.

I made it out of Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka alive and well because I have the basic common sense to not expect cars will ALWAYS stop for me, even in a country where they almost always do.

I am alive too, in case you didn't notice. I have survived 8 years in a country where MOST drivers do not stop, see article for reference. Sounds like you are not a resident of Japan, so I am not sure why you think your experience is more valid than the report cited in this article.

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Posted in: Pew poll: How the Japanese and Chinese see each other See in context

The government media may be "guilty" of the hate in China, but not so in Japan.

Which is the subtle anti-China line that all Japanese repeat and repeat. I am sorry, but (just as in EVERY SINGLE MAJOR COUNTRY, including/especially mine) xenophobic messages, some subtle, some not, are the best way to keep the general public from noticing the corruption in their own government.

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Posted in: The weird and wonderful things people leave behind on Japanese trains See in context

“Poultry with Bones”

Not so odd since that would be the literal translation of a well-known dish in Takamatsu 骨付鳥, good stuff!

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Posted in: Apple announcements: iPhone 7, Mario game, new watch, no headphone jack See in context

$160 for earphones that will be super easy to lose? Personally, I'd rather stick to cords.

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Posted in: Letter by suspect in stabbing rampage carried a warning See in context

Honest question- Can he really be considered 'insane' if he made a plan and specifically asked to be tried as insane? Sound like some kind of misguided hero complex

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Posted in: Temple run See in context

@ranger June 30 is Nagoshi no harae (summer purification ceremony) and this 'wreath' is part of it. I don't know much more about it

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Posted in: Final Benghazi report: No 'smoking gun' pointing to Clinton See in context

I've never shied away from anything, including liberals.

Actually, you quite regularly ignore actual 'liberals' when they challenge you. Hillary Clinton is more left of you, but that hardly makes her a liberal.

Honestly moderators, this guy is ridiculous.

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Posted in: Final Benghazi report: No 'smoking gun' pointing to Clinton See in context

and it was Hillarys and Obamas illegal war against Gadaffi that caused this. Plus the disastrous situation in Libya that we have today. Cognitive dissonance anyone?

I said perpetual war. As in all the war in the past 10+ years. Selecting just one situation, and one location to prove a point? Leaving out all that started during GW Bush's presidency? Ignoring how much the GOP pushes for more and more weapons and attacks? that is surly cognitive dissonance.

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Posted in: Final Benghazi report: No 'smoking gun' pointing to Clinton See in context

Funny! Now liberals are complaining about the cost, that's a first. Wish they felt the same about the national debt, I mean $19 trillion ain't no chump change.

Wanting to spend money on health care and education INSTEAD of perpetual war that CAUSED this $19million debt doesn't mean we don't care.

Please don't lump all 'liberals' together. Ten million of us voted for Bernie Sanders. and hope the FBI finds a way to indict her before the DNC in July. I hate HRC almost as much as I hate Trump, but this investigation was over the top with no results. SO yes, it was a waste of money.

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Posted in: FBI looking at whether Orlando gunman had a secret gay life See in context

@justbcuzisay. What is your point?

Sorry, the post you are referring to I deleted part of it by mistake and hit submit, but I will rephrase

You said:

Doesn't really matter if immigrants and their children are committing more or less crimes that American citizens....we are stuck with the people who are born in the US but we certainly don't need to import any other malcontents.

Can you prove the malcontent is 'brought' from their old culture? The way I see it, the numbers do matter, very much so. Your so-called 'true' Americans are committing mass shooting nearly each and every day.

This crime is very much the same kind of crime committed at Columbine, Sandy Hook, Emanual Methodist Church, etc, etc. How is this not assimilation? Shooting people you don't like or agree with seems to be very much part of the fabric of America.

What we should be doing is addressing the sick culture that makes so many go out and shoot people they don't agree with Getting rid of Muslims would hardly put a dent in this problem. That's why the numbers matter.

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Posted in: FBI looking at whether Orlando gunman had a secret gay life See in context

Doesn't really matter if immigrants and their children are committing more or less crimes that American citizens; the point of immigration is to make America better, not solve the problems the of the Third World. Immigrants to the US should be committing ZERO crimes and offering something we don't already have; we are stuck with the people who are born in the US but we certainly don't need to import any other malcontents.

So, my family immigrated to the U.S. over 100 years ago, so you will will tolerate all of the people who share my background? I hope one day you can see how ridiculous your thinking is....

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Posted in: Alligator snatches 2-year-old child at Florida Disney resort See in context

Just awful.

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Posted in: FBI looking at whether Orlando gunman had a secret gay life See in context

justbicuzisay, the children of Muslim immigrants are often the perpetrators of crime in the name of Islam.

I was talking about the proposal to ban muslims being irrelevant, but if you care to give me some statistics proving more children of immigrants commit crimes than white Americans born to non-immigrant parents, I'm listening

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Posted in: FBI looking at whether Orlando gunman had a secret gay life See in context

samwaters - eminently sensible proposal. but wait for the pile-on from the Left/"progressive" crowd that dominates this site.

Call me a crazy progressive, but how on earth is it sensible to suggest banning muslims as a solution to a crime committed by a natural born U.S. citizen?

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Posted in: Obama prods Vietnam on rights after activists stopped from meeting him See in context

ironic. Obama prods he rights of public schools in their perspective states. By letting the trannies use whichever restroom they can associate with and threatening schools by stripping federal funding who are not in compliance.

Not ironic at all. Both are measures to protect the people of the respective countries.

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Posted in: Pizza Hut Japan asks customers: 'Don’t you hungry?' See in context

No, the problem is that Pizza Hut didn't bother to get a native English speaker to write, or at least proofread, their pamphlet. It's just sloppy for an international company.

Totally agree. But, and I mean this as an observation, not judgement, as you know most Japanese will say 'We are good at reading and writing English, not speaking' and truly believe the grammar training received in school has equipped them with writing skills. So, most average people think they can do these sentences without any help. (I'm not talking about people who continue to study English, just the average University grad.)

It also reminded me of a brochure of a student's wedding service company 'Do you marry?" ....Why, yes, but only on Saturdays :) It was written by her manager who did not study English, and couldn't speak one word of it.

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Posted in: Britain's ruling party defends linking Muslim London mayor to extremism See in context

It is strangely comforting to know that paranoid-nutters are not only of American origin....

BUT it is also sad that out human race is still so often determined to hate the 'other' automatically. Hope I live to see us progress pass this. A girl can dream.

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Posted in: Trump dashes Cruz's hopes in Indiana; Sanders-Clinton close See in context

Clinton already is 91% of the way to her party’s nomination.

Again, the reporters over generalise the actual facts. Hillary has 1682 of 2383 needed for the nomination (about 71%), the number she needs to secure the nomination must be the 2383 of PLEDGED delegates, and there is still a chance she won't make it, causing a contested convention. Oregon favors Bernie, and Clinton's numbers have become weaker in California, which has 475 delegates, and a semi-open primary, which has shown good results for Sanders.

Sure, Clinton is the likely winner, but this is a good way to inform ourselves on the deceitful ways of media, so we all learn to not take things at face value.

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Posted in: Delegate math: How Tuesday could close door on Sanders bid See in context

I am with Sanders 100% fighting till the convention. I understand the odds are stacked against us, but giving up before the game is over is not an option.

If Hilary wins, I am very troubled as to what to to do. I hate Trump 1000%, but I think I might hate Hilary a little more. She is disgusting, a power hungry liar. Starting to research the green party candidate...

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Posted in: Most Japanese firms say Trump presidency would hurt trade ties, security aliance: poll See in context

He's the only candidate who hasn't been bought.

Do you think it's better for the people who have been BUYING politicians to be president? Because that is what Trump is. His friends are also the same type.

The only non-corrupt candidate is Bernie Sanders. Thanks to bias media his chances are slim at this point, but do know we have a great man in the race that the majority of Americans people have heard very little about.

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