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Hi, as an observer in Europe

I think the SINGER is very Wrong because she not just verbally attacked the Taxi driver, she also allowed the body guard to bitten up the Taxi driver who is now vegetable brain damaged broken spines in hospital..

This Japanese Singer thought she could use her fame and money to bully working class people, she really acted very low class character indeed..

Please do not bring the history or past wars conflicts here. What her VIOLENT BEHAVIOUR was not acceptable - no argument


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Nowadays's love is not always secured for ever, no matter what nationalities, just enjoy with one you feel more comfortable even you with the one for a long time, so what nothing is forever, this girl is free to choose and to find out her other half who care it is a yang chinese not to be prejudice 21st century. I live in Europe many Japanese friends of mind all marry foreigners especially westerner, the western girls do feel a bit of a threat because one of my UK friends did complaint to me that all the good guys disappeared with the Japanese women, I told her off and said it was not their fault you could go out to find your man too it is a free world. This is my view....but the artical made it sound as a big deal anyone can achieve their ideal world...

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Posted in: Outrage as Russia, China veto U.N. move on Syria See in context

Sorry for the killing in syria

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Hi, It is outrage to go to name the islands to break the contract first and made the other party to eat their own cake which was meant to give a bit away to you but you try sneekyly to name and try to claim all to yourself I supposed so who is greedy you tell me?

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Posted in: Gov't under pressure to fire defense official over Okinawa election request See in context

Get the petitions to sign up and reserve your environments No more destruction please!!

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**Hi, it would be nice to work harmoney between Japan and China as neighbourhood look at Germany she apologized and get on with Europe but Japan still not apologize to China for the 2nd WW. Instead Japan has eyed on this island and killed may innocent Taiwaneese fishmen they never care for poor fishmen in the 1990's Now they try to violate the agreement by going to name the island announce last week even that was not belong to them why cannot the owner drill their own resource I wonder If they work peacefully president WU was nearly like to share the cake with Japan 2 years ago but suddenly they try to rename and try to swallow the whole cake sadly this is what I see I have many Japanese friends just really want peace for all of us...

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Posted in: Global action needed against cybercrime, Davos forum hears See in context

complicated business, I would be very alert to choose what security sites, the hosters or providers like google or hotmail, or yahoo etc. need to protect their users 100% secure - they got to be smarter than these hackers!!

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I felt sad that Japan does this name thing which can only cause conflicts, if they are not quite belong to you how could you do that, also even China neglets it or e.g. John does nothing to his second home doesnot mean I can go to John's second home and claim it my home.. I wish they think Peace first and put more help to the desaster area first i wish all peace to resolve...

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