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Posted in: Japan auto sales plunge as young lose interest See in context

Maybe they should just make a different kind of vehicle, electric bikes, or Hybrid Bikes. I don't think you should drive a US style car in a place that's not built like the US. You should drive a car that's built for your city.

That's why you find more trucks in the country, and find more cars in the city. Though, Americans are gluttons and tend to have both.

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Posted in: What bad manners annoy you the most in public places? See in context

I'm glad this topic was posted. I don't know if I have done these things, but now I'm a little self aware. I see people pick their noses, it doesn't bother me, or dig the underwear out of their crack, it doesn't bother me. It makes me laugh. It makes me think "wow, there human just like me." But yeah, a little dicency never hurt anybody.

What really ticks me off is drivers who will see you coming, and pull out in front of you and slow down...W...T...F?!

People who walk in the middle of an isle really slow, or walk in front of you really slowly like there the only ones there.

Neighbors in apartments who play music really loudly. Ok, do you know we are only seperated by like a foot of wood? I'm planing on faking a murder in my apartment. Just by yelling at myself and throwing myself downstairs. Then I'll go outside and knock on their door butt naked asking them to be quite. That will shut them up.

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Posted in: Video game sales shine in U.S. despite economic gloom See in context

This...really isn't good news.

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Posted in: Sanyo electric bike can recharge itself as it goes See in context

I want one here in America! I used to ride my bike to work everyday. Saved a lot of money over the summer gas crisis. Then my bike broke and I got a new job thats further away.

How much is 136,290 yen in American money?

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Posted in: 2 men shot dead in Toys 'R' Us brawl; Wal-Mart worker dies after rampaging shoppers knock him down See in context

As the saying goes: "individuals are smart; people are stupid."

Ha, agreed. For one, that line was used in "Men in Black".

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Posted in: Nintendo Wii sales in Japan top 7 million See in context

Nintendo PWNS! I stopped playing video games, but I still play Nintendo.

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Posted in: Obama says there is no time to lose as he unveils economic team See in context

The American people also deserve some blame. Nobody put a gun to anybody's head and forced them to take out a five-year loan for a gas guzzler. Or sign for a sub-prime mortgage. Yet I do hold the administration accountable for telling people to "go shopping" as a patriotic duty to keep the economy afloat while turning a blind eye to the amount of debt which was being run up. Many were living beyond their means and nobody wanted to acknowledge that.

True, I worked at a Wal-mart and you find the dumbest people there. They complain about gas prices and lug themselves with 2 basket of food and 2 fat kids into a hummer. I also don't understand, in Oklahoma at least, They buy those 2 baskets of food, but they go out to eat almost every day. Really, If you drive down 71st street,for like 10 miles its just places to eat left and right....I'M NOT EXAGGERATING!

And yes, the media just bombards the people with stuff they should buy. Should people be shopping for I pods while there are kids dieing of starvation in...every bloody part of the globe. I don't get the economy in that seance. Is that the only way to stimulate the economy is by making Americans spend money on crap they don't need/can't afford?

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Posted in: Animator Hayao Miyazaki worries about children's future See in context

I was lulled into the virtual world. For most of my High school years I revolved around video games and...cartoons...I love cartoons. I grew tired of myself, hating my self, but instead of just hating myself and not doing anything, I acted. When I graduated I kicked my self out of my partents place at 19 got a job and I now RARELY play video games. I don't watch TV. I do watch some cartoons and movies on my computer, but I go days on end without doing so. I lost a lot of weight, I enjoy the outdoors.

I like to draw. When I lived in that virtual world, my artwork sucked ass. When I moved out and didn't have television to distract me. My artwork has improved tremendously. If you have kids or if your a kid. Get that damn Television out of your damn room. Go out side. If you want, play your stupid video game outside, cause eventually you will put it down and enjoy the scenery. Find yourself a constrictive hobby. Be it painting, drawing, music, cutting hair I don't care. Something that makes you think. Video games should be just a small brake from your mundane life, it shouldn't BE your life.

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Posted in: Today's society is full of virtual reality: television, video games, email, mobile phones and manga that saps children of their strength. See in context

Pretty funny how he omits movies from that list.

He's not separating himself from the list. Movies last at most 3 hours and cost 8 bucks at most (here in the U.S). You don't spend all day and a lot of money on the movie theater. At most you see one movie in a day and that's it. His movies do come out on DVD. That's where he includes himself in it.

When you watch TV or Play Video games or on the internet, your on your butt way more than just 3 hours. I wasted my childhood when I was a kid. All I did was watch cartoons and play video games when I got home from school. I hate myself everyday for that. Now I live on my own and I don't have my television hooked up with cable. I use it to watch movie's occasionally, next to not at all.

I download a lot of movies and such on my computer, but I go with out watching anything for days on end cause its more controlled. If you have a TV you spend almost an hour looking for something good on. Where if I download what I want, I can watch it, be done with it, and go outside.

If you had a TV, you would have to be in at a certain time to catch what you want to watch. Even if you had a DVR, you record a lot and watch it all at once. As well as your show comes on in 30 mins, what do you do to kill time? You watch TV.

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