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One thing should be clear. It's not a matter of communist party, but a core interest of a country. Imagine if china is democratic, the conflict might be much more serious, even a war lunched because US would not be Japan's side, likely Japan would be punished by China, and the punishment will be hailed by other asian neighbors and most nations in the world.**

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Posted in: Chinese cook rescued after hot-air balloon crashes near disputed isles See in context

Thanks for Japan coast guard's help. Next time he will be landing better. China coast guard will surely do same thing if Japanese doing that. The conflict was started by Japan's government buying the island, and Abe's trying anything against China.

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Posted in: Germany urges Japan to deal honestly with WWII past See in context

Shameless JP is still blar blar. All world is watching. What a shame!**

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Posted in: Straits Times names Xi, Abe most prominent Asians of 2013 See in context

I would say Abe is most negative prominent in asia this year. And next year, hard to find him because he will be nowhere to hind himself from kicking ass by Xi.

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Another truth is more than 90% chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, hongkong residents have very negative feeling to Japan. Also most russians dislike Japanese too. **Japanese' friends, Americans, at least 50% hate Japanese. Believe me or not? Check it out.

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Posted in: Biden urges Japan, China to lower tensions over air defense zone See in context

He acts like a that kind girl in front of Biden. How can I say to Japanese?!

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Cleanness, Discipline

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As long as japan politicians visiting the war criminal shrine, and occupying diaoyu island without negotiating, certainly china will keep eyes on Japan's moving, and be ready to smash any provocations. Btw, Japan didn't give compensation to Chinese victims. More crime made, perhaps blood is only way to make justice to japan. Hopefully not, ur choice!

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not suprised with what he said. Probably it is what he really thinks. More politicans in Japan may have same thinking, that's why is so called japan turnning into 'right'. Whole wrorld is watching japan.

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Posted in: Abe calls for high-level talks with China See in context

dirty politician, u find wrong target playing game with.

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Posted in: Chinese media accuse Abe of dangerous politics See in context

more obviously that the solution to resolve the island dispute is a war, an unlimited war.

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just correct your 'neighbours'. Japan's neighbours are china, S & N koreas, russia, taiwan. None of these countires or region feel japan doing enough in terms of apologizing. if possible, ur neighbours wish japan move to somewere.

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Just doubt the survey. How they are willing to learn ur language when they hate you.

By the way, Japan language and culture were emrged by Chinese and a littile local. Japan never appreciates the source of its civilization due to lack of moral.

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Posted in: Japan warns of toughening security climate in east Asia See in context

Japan is making its nighbours, China and Korea, to be enemies. The first step made by Japan was to nationalized the disputed island and arresting chinese fishman. Japan can keep moving towards right as specaial ally till the war happenes. US only cares its own interests, won't get involved against China. Who will win? Count missles, warships, air force, population, the size of land, even unclear, clearly the answer is not hard to get. China's tone is always to expect talks and take win-win. The japanese politicans chose wrong direction and lead Japan people going to danger.

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Japan did provocation by arresting chinese fishman and nationalizing the island of Diaoyu. China keeps policy of talking and taking win-win. But these right-wing politicians and bias media lead Japan to wrong direction. China still believes most japanese people are peaceful even they were educated by baised history. But don't force China to the conner. By then, japan has to pay for everything.

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Posted in: Japan vows to help Philippines in China sea dispute See in context

@bigpoopin China can smash u without any aircraft carriers. Count how many missles china is able to lauch. US hardly help you, but u can beg more 'big boy's from Sam .

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Posted in: Japan vows to help Philippines in China sea dispute See in context

China will beat u 2 together, maybe Japan first.

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Posted in: U.S. opposes bullying by China in disputed seas See in context

Cubano, good idea to creat a asain NATO. Probably that is what Japan is trying to do. But Japan has forgotten who it is. Are you in dream? U r nothing in international affairs. No coutry pays attention to Japan except making a deal to get some money for some small countires. Dog is nothing wrong. But as a owner's dog, he has to bark and bite anytime as the owner needs without his own judgement. To be an animal and human's tool, dog is a good. But to be a country, it is so negative. Immposible to creat whatever called Nato. And what japan needs is a lesson from china. will be soon.

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No matter US opposes or supports, China keeps firmly standing to the provocations. What can u do, the dog ang dog's master?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea says North must denuclearize See in context

I say North must denuclearize, but Jim dosn't response me. Anyway, U.S., Japan, S Korea's saying seems not better than me. Maybe Abe secretly sents another envoy to do so. Haha.

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kiyo.. So funny u! R u silly saying ' keep china under control'. tell me who and how to control china. Do u thing china is same as Japan, a barking dog of U.S.

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Posted in: Exiled Uighur leader, in Tokyo, says China used military in Xinjiang See in context

After staying in U.S. for some years, she couldn't do anything against china. Then Japan accepted and use her to defame China. Also Dalai Lama. Japan even trys to motivate mongolias to rebel in China. All its doing is nothing useful.

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Posted in: Abe says door to dialogue with China open See in context

After making mess, clowns begin to clean up, but going too far to come back. China's door has closed.

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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

Speaking of flags, Korea flag is more thoughtful, showing the important of balance, which whole world needs. Instead, Japan flag, sun in the middle without anything else, shows arrogancy and ambition and savage. Anyway, as we all know, Sun is not rising from pacific or any island, it was wrong from very beginning.

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Posted in: Japanese cabinet ministers say G-8 stance is sign of approval for 'Abenomics' See in context

During G8, the Europe economic engine, Germany, has showed discontentment to Abe's printing Yen. Obama didn't meet Abe. Where is the sign?

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Posted in: Hashimoto may resign if his party fares badly in Tokyo assembly election See in context

can't believe he is still bla. bla. no doubt he would get higher position. I have seen japan's so called democracy, just a joke and shame.

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no. 4, please

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. begin joint island-retaking drill See in context

tkoind2, china is listening, but hasn't seen anything except a dog playing a kid game with its master far away. get closer, ready dog food for u. splksgt96, sorry, we'd like to take ur teeth off one by one if it is visiable. then give u a U-meat ball into ur blood mouth.

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have to add more because of Ossan's words. Probably only Japan and Germany were threat to whole world, and Germany already totally changes its imagine to be positive, then the threat comes from Japan. China has to move towards nationalism, the reason is Japan's right ungoing, and its history. But the story or result will be totally different this time. will see.

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Posted in: Obama, Xi wrap up summit See in context


I never metioned friendship, but relation. Actually there is not even friendship, but interests in internaional politic. I mean US has to make comprmie with China because of mutual interests and china's might. And don't expect too much from US, suppose war happened any one in asia with china, do you think US would give a hand.

China is not communism any more. Less democracy, true. but democracy has its shortage too, see the economics in US, Europe.

I have travellled many countires, even in Japan, now living in US. I have to say, Japan has very narrow view and mind, and no logic, no moral to her neighbours. Media, never mention. byebye

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