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Many bodies, especially lean ones, sink. And thus it takes divers to go in and find the body on the bottom. People with high fat content often float. But a skinny person, once the air goes out of their lungs, often sinks and only pops up as the gases accumulate during decomposition

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I spend a lot of time in Odawara as we own a second home there. Hidden gems are the fishcake stores down by the ocean. Try the freshly cooked satsumage for a real treat. And Landloaf Patisserie is hands down the best bakery I have ever been to. You can also visit the Hojo gravesite where the Hojo lord and his eldest committed seppuku after Toyotomi's seige. I don't know why Toyotomi is described as "notorious." He was doing his part to bring Japan under one rule to afford lasting peace and a chance at prosperity after hundreds of years of constant warfare.

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Because of societal dynamics, these kinds of incidents are going to keep happending. Tradition has not kept pace with the modern Japan. Traditionally, the elderly would stay at home and there would be several individuals--children, grandchildren, etc.--to help provide care. Caring for a bedridden individual is beyond exhausting and they are not always pleasant to deal with. Now, fewer children live with their parents, or only one does, and that is not enough to provide such intensive care. For an 80 year old to be able to provide round the clock care for a bedridden person is extraordinarily taxing. There is a good social system that does its best to monitor the elderly, but the reality of the modern world is that more of them need to go into a facility where they will get the kind of care they need. The old stay-at-home paradigm just does not fit modern Japan.

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So much whining and complaining and resentment towards a government that is no more imperfect than any other. Japan does not want to become like the US, which has shown real stupidity as people fall for more illogical rhetoric designed only to mislead. If you all hate Japan so much, why do you give it so much of your attention and emotion? I live there three months of the year, in normal years, and while I am anxious to get back there, I do not hate the government for any imperfect response to a difficult situation.

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None of you have any idea what happened and are way too quick to judge. The coroner will be able to tell if the baby was alive at birth or not. As a former police officer, I have encountered this situation in America several times. The woman or young girl is terrified, gives birth at home alone, and the baby is stillborn. They panic, not knowing what to do, and stash the baby in a bag or box. This is more about mental illness, temporary or long-term, than about any criminal culpability. The actions of one woman do not implicate all Japanese women. My wife is Japanese and so are most of my friends. There is nothing heartless or stupid about any of them. I vastly prefer their company to ignorant, ethnocentric Americans.

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So many experts. So few solutions. History shows that Afghanistan is fairly easy to conquer, but impossible to hold for very long. There is no good with the Taliban. The people of Afghanistan are no different than anyone else. They want health, safety, long life, prosperity, and happiness. It is they who will suffer under an organization that claims to be doing what "god wants," but what god wants is actually determined by individuals seeking to gain power and destroy anyone who stands in their way.

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I'll give you an example, a real life example. Fourteen year old girl gets pregnant from someone, maybe a boyfriend, relative, who knows. She won't say. She somehow hides the entire pregnancy from her parents and friends. On Thanksgiving Eve, she goes up into the attic and gives birth, all by herself. The baby isn't moving or breathing. She panics. She wraps the baby in a plastic bag, puts it in a box, and leaves it there. She has no idea what to do with it. As luck would have it, the next day her mom decides to do some arranging in the attic. She goes up there with two of her grandchildren. One of the grandchildren pulls on the box and out rolls the dead baby. Now, who, exactly, is evil in that situation? You live in a large city with no place to put much of anything and a locker in a train terminal is an available choice. Not a good one, but panicked people do not make good decisions. If the baby had been alive when placed in the box, it most likely would have cried and someone would likely have opened it. Maybe not, but I think so. So before rushing to execution, stop to consider the perspective of others, of the trauma that person must have gone through in making such a difficult choice.

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I am often surprised and a little sickened by how often comments here are so quick to criticize the Japanese people or the government. What happened here is not a Japanese problem, it is a human problem. As a former police officer (now I am an attorney), I can tell you that I have personally recovered more than one deceased infant left in boxes, closets, and once in a dumpster. You have no idea who left this baby there or the circumstances. It may have been still born. As far as suicides, for example, the United States has a higher rate of suicide than Japan. South Korea's rate is far higher than both. So before acting like these articles are some sort of Japanese condition, do your research. These are human conditions that have nothing to do with ethnicity.

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