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Posted in: Prosecutors seek to bar Trump from injecting politics into federal election interference trial See in context

I keep waking in the morning thinking... it was just an absurdist dream... but no!

Trump still sprukes his barely disguised totalitarian twaddle and the 'MAGATS' (pun obviously intended) swarm around their 'leader' not noticing that they are supporting someone who is feeding them their prejudices, without seeing Trump's lack of action to help the battling and working poor.

I thought zombies drooled black blood and made incomprehensible noises and tried to eat your brains?

No...not the MAGATS!

They are being conned on a grand scale and once/if Trump gains control again, the fascist billionaires will have their puppet to destroy democracy in America.

We need America to stay strong and get back to democratic principles, because a squirming dragon is readying to take control.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Oh no, just on the tv news in Sydney, ex PM Abe has died.

God Bless his soul.

My heart goes out to his family and the Jjapanese people, and I know all Australians are sad of this terrible news.

Ex PM Abe was the first PM to address our Federal Parliament, and was highly regarded by politicians and the people of Australia.

Very sad day.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context


My thoughts are with his family and friends. Australians are shocked too.

My thoughts are with all Japan and I hope this does not give other crazy maniacs ideas of making a gun.

All we can do is pray he survives.

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How many meetings after hours (penalty rates) at nice restaurants with LOTS of toasts with top shelf scotch whisky did it take to work this scheme out?

So how does one win?

Do I turn off the lights 24 hours per day, turn off the heater, fridge, have cold showers and eat raw vegetables to win?

What do we win?

If everyone stops using power and gas, won't all the companies go broke?

Is this Alice in Wonderland?


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Posted in: TEPCO says impact from release of Fukushima water will be minimal See in context

The Pacific Ocean is MASSIVE...we all know this.

However, there has been a presumption that the radioactive 'fallout' from the Fukushima reactors would safely dilute and affect nothing.

That is NOT TRUE!

Strontium 90 and Caesium 137 has been detected in the waters off the USA coast for years. It has also been detected in Californian wine.

The sea life, by the shores, like blue starfish, sea anemones, kelp types, all manner of sea life and shore line life have disappeared.

The seal population birth rate has dropped by 50%, etc.

The isotopes have been identified as coming from the Fukushima reactors.

This is not new news...this happened YEARS AGO!

One comment here hit the nail on the head, "phytoplankton".

The smallest creatures got wiped out, that then precipitated the collapsed of the sea life, for the smaller is eaten by the bigger animal, once that chain is broken, there is species collapse.

For YEARS water has been pumped onto the reactors and allowed to flow into the sea!

This isn't a Tepco problem, it isn't a Japan Government problem, it is a WORLD problem.

But, no one seems to be taking notice, no one seems to care, least of all the developed world's governments.

They are playing the three monkeys, 'see no evil...'

All in denial, while the Pacific Ocean dies.

The question is...


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Posted in: Japan complains over U.S. military's use of term 'East Sea' See in context


Of course,

the underlying fear is, each nation worries the other will claim absolute ownership and control of the Sea and all whom sail in her...


Now what does that situation remind anyone of, I wonder...

The UN allowed all coastal nations to lodge a topographical map of the sea bed up to 200ks from their shore line and once accepted that area became that nation's sole economic zone.

This leaves the rest of the sea mass outside those zones as international waters.

I believe all coastal nations agreed... maybe except one?

As long as we all respect each other's rights to borders and economic zones, as chartered by the UN, there should be no problem, no?

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I worry for the Olympic athletes. What will it be like to achieve your dream of an Olympic medal in front of a small, politely clapping, silent crowd?

Methinks depressing...

Hopefully the opening and closing ceremonies will showcase to the world the artistry and technical brilliance of the Japanese culture and industry.

And, hopefully, the world's atheletes give us all a moment to escape our personal world of pain.

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regarding same sex couples having children; I know many who had children from a prior hetero marriage, finally they divorced because they were courageous enough to choose to live life as they truly and truthfully needed to. Bisexuals also have children but are excluded from a formal commitment if they want a same sex marriage.

Refusing same sex marriage is just bigotry!

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Posted in: Japanese same-sex couple overjoyed by marriage ruling See in context

Religions are prejudiced by their man made nature, old patriarchal led societies are also founded on their local prejudices. It has taken a long time for all nations to remove this unfair disadvantage.

Let all who wish to commit to marriage enjoy the same misery! lol

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay begins in Fukushima amid COVID-19 fears See in context

Poor Olympics...

Poor athletes...

Poor us....

The one event that brings the world together...

So sorry

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Posted in: Australia's 'Big Wet' eases, but thousands still isolated See in context

Poor Oz...

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Posted in: Suga says Japan not looking to form 'Asian NATO' to contain any specific country See in context

China claims it is the innocent party in all this? Yet, it states it does not agree with the UN that the SCS is open sea.

China also used warships to try and stop nations like Vietnam mapping the sea floor off its own coast, under the UN agreement, so it could claim its own marine economic zone, open to all nations with a coastline.

Instead, China claims ALL of the SCS as its personal domain!

Add to this The Spratley Islands.

China says it owns them and bullied the traditional claimant into backing down.

China then claims it will make a fishing island base out of them.

So China builds a harbour and fills it with warships, builds a bomber landing strip, erects a 200 strong armed garrison on the island, scatters a ton of anti aircraft weaponry and finally, the Spratleys are ready for fishing...

But what are they fishing for?

Why build another six islands across the SCS with similar 'fishing equipment' on them?

Gee, there must be BIG FISH in the SCS!

It is onvious to anyone that China wants to grow to a military size so no one will challenge it, just like other bully nations, but, do we really want another one?

The New Emperor has GLOBAL PLANS!

Wake up quickly fish!

To do nothing will be disasterous for everyone.

Think of it this way;

Had Hitler not been stopped when he was, he would have been unstoppable with jet fighters and long range missiles armed with atomic warheads.

China has ALL the modern warfare weaponry at its disposal right now.

If we remain silent, meekly accepting its outrageous totalitarian plans, bit by bit, it will continue to spread its net.

That includes Australia and Honshu, both of which it says it helped the "natives" centuries ago, therefore they belong to China!

China's massive military build up, which remains unrelenting and across all services, including the 'exotic', (amazing what a little virus can do eh?), so to conclude we should do nothing and all shall be well, is self defeating and very naive.

We all want to live together in peace, but that only works if all nations agree to a mutual respect of borders and rights.

Yes America has been a bully to lots of small nations, so have a lot of smaller nations to themselves and others.

The question is, do we need another belligerent global power, ready to drive its tanks down that 'one road' and strangle our sovereign rights with its 'one belt'?

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 75th A-bomb anniversary See in context

we stand before the abyss; do we scream into the relentlessly uncaring wind,

'ban these man made monstrosities of mankind',

while the belligerence of the bullies continues unabated,

for fearless they feel, armed with the ultimate, delivery of death,

our collective calls for common sense,

give them no cause for caution, instead,

they take more and more, till their arrogance fuels, hatred and war...

we hold the double edged sword,

damned if we don't, damned forever if we do.

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Posted in: Abe to avoid visit to Yasukuni Shrine on 75th anniversary of war's end: report See in context

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

George Santayana

The Life of Reason


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Posted in: Oscar-winning film score composer Ennio Morricone dies at 91 See in context

the light of another true genius fades... pax...

...but part of his exquisite soul remains with us, his music.

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I fear. very soon, we are all going to depend on supporting each other militarily, thanks to a certain aggressive nation in our midst...

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GOD BLESS JAPAN!!! I am so sad to read about these terrible events, and with the virus lurking, it is like a disaster movie, but no Godzilla to fight the enemy... one last thought, my heart sank even lower reading about those poor defenseless people in the nursing home... it is just mortifying.... pax

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A wonderful idea!

It keeps theatre people employed and audiences entertained in a completely safe way, genius!

I would suggest the troupe teams up with a car wash, so after the show, they get their car cleaned!!

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I hope the whole world remembers! This disaster was horrific, but by no means is it just peculiar to the shores of Japan; USA, Indonesia, PNG, Sourh America, NZ, Fiji, Australia etc all run the risk of massive off shore quakes causing a huge tsunami, especially since we appear to be in an era of major quakes across the globe.

Of course, the nuclear reactors caused another disaster that continues to threaten Japan and the ocean sea life.

Those reactors need to be encased like the Russians did at Chernobyl, if that is at all possible, for just pumping seawater on them, then allowing that radioactive water to flow into the ocean is having a devastating affect.

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

Somehow I do not think this growing international crisis will be over before the Olympics is due to start.

There is currently no cure in sight, (for those in danger of fatality) nor a vaccination, and no scientist can say with certainty what the limit of incubation is before one shows symptoms, nor how it spreads when there are no symptoms, etc etc, and there are lots of theories, and some facts, which seems to keep changing....

And, as we are currently seeing, the virus is blooming all over the planet, amongst people who didn't travel to China, and who didn't know anyone who had done so.

So, frankly, I would not want my child, no matter if 5 or 50, travelling on public transport.

I sincerely hope I am wrong.

I sincerely hope the Olympics start as planned.

May our individual idea of God keep us all safe.

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Even the best rated disposable mask. the N99, must be disgarded after 8 to 9 hours.

This mask afheres to thr skin, making a no gap contact edge. It constantly worries me to see people wearing masks, like the N95, with a large gap on the side where it covers the cheek.


Plus, you must not touch mask surface with your hands, as that can put the virus in the mask, and when removing the mask, again do not touch the front, only sides.

However, none of this is going to help if you do not wear wrap around glasses, and disposible gloves.

Even your clothes can get the virus on it, so remove clothes, with gloves on, and have washed, dry in 60°

I do not know offhand, but, if this virus is not DNA based, but RNA based, when it replicates mistakes/errors are made, unlike DNA which has a mechanism to correct major mistakes.

This means the virus could be open to mutate, which may produce a problem in finding a drug for provention or cure, and it could possibly change into something more deadly for all ages and health status...

God I hope not, as it is, the Olympic Games look in danger... and I was worried about Fukushima!

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Posted in: No handshakes: Viral outbreak spooks Asian places of worship See in context

what on earth is the pount if that? the priest is handing the parishoner the Host... then the worshipper puts it in his mouth... checkmate!

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Posted in: 3 more coronavirus cases found on cruise ship in Yokohama See in context

what about the ship no country will allow to dock! they are desperate for help!

And how many other cruise ships are out there incubating another boat load of hapless disease spreaders?

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Posted in: KitKat’s crazy new cocoa pod dessert is only available at its Tokyo cafe See in context


I have been abKit Kat connoisseur since I bought the Nestle sample bag at The Royal Agricultural Show in 1964....

Therefore, Japan's makers of exotic Kitty Kats MUST bring the KitbKat store them SYDNEY NOW!!!!!

Thank you. I await with intrepid anticipation! (hurry up!)


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Posted in: 'Five Eyes' intel alliance ties up with Japan over N Korea See in context

Five Eyes being officially six eyes is obviously necessary!

And probably we need other actors, like Germany, France

Although 5 Eyes has been monitoring all the developed world for many years, it can't hurt to team up, as Russia seems to be doing with China, to make a united and more powerful alliance.

So far, no one has tried to seriously check China's expansion, who also backs NK.

Also, no one speaks of the other six militarised man made islands, only The Spratlys, in the South China Sea.

China's military expansion is massive, across all platforms, and is unrelenting.

Soon, it will be 'fait accompli', China will call the shots!

Time to learn Mandarin methinks!

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Posted in: Japan to repatriate citizens from virus-hit Wuhan in chartered plane See in context

The USA also, and no doubt many other nations will want to fly their folks home, BUT, this is foolhardy, unless they all have them go into QUARANTINE, flight crew included, all into quarantine for at least two weeks, probably longer.

The virus is mutating as it spreads, perfectly healthy people are passing it on without intimate contact!

And just think... every aeroplane, for how long we do not know, has been unwittingly carrying the carriers of the virus, and airplanes RECIRCULATE THE CABIN AIR, because it costs less in fuel.

It remains to be seen how much more costly that policy will turn out to be...

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Posted in: Kumamon rejected as 2020 Olympic torch runner for not being human See in context

terrible news... Kumamon is do adorable!

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Posted in: Fukushima clean-up has reduced radiation levels, but not all: scientists See in context

all this self congratulatory praise for acvomplishing...what? Where will the soil go? the firests untreated, and worst of all, the continuous cooling of the melt downs by pumping sea water onto the reactors, and allowing that contaminated water to flow back into the sea!!

Radiation has drastically reduced the sea life population of the pacific...

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Posted in: N Korean media call Abe 'imbecile and political dwarf' See in context

Gee... Lil Kim... or Lil Clam, is a ridiculous grotesque, part cartoon, part slap stick clown and ALL murdering psychopath, has to quibble over rocket terminology!

One day, he is going to wake up in a bed with with red... and a general telling him, "You're fired!" (no, not a Trump fan, but excitedly waiting for his impeachment and hope, instead of "Guilty!" they say "You're fired!").


one last thing...

Hasn't anyone else wondered about directing a well aimed baby drone bomb, (maybe shaped to look like a seagull), the next time that laughable oaf has yet another ego parade, standing there on the podium...

Then we make a deal with the new leader, and welcome NK back to the real world.

Only have to kill him, no one else, as I suspect the whole country is heartily sick of that family and its despotism, no further hostility would be needed.

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Posted in: Australian man survives croc attack by gouging its eye See in context

Some like eating crocs, I didn't (tasted like chicken and oily fish) and, at the time, I was in the crocodile sanctuary in Darwin when I tried it in the cafe there, while looking at young crocs being fed... that was back in 1993.

Also, they can get much bigger than 3m and one tonne. I thought these huge logs in the middle of the crocodile sanctuary were logs for them to rest on... until these leviathans moved... living dinosaurs... terrifying!

Had dinner with an Aboriginal man who had been attacked, drunk, he fell into a furrow made by the Wet Season (as locals call ot there) and went head first into the open jaws of a croc, who was waiting for someone to stumble along, he did the same, eye gouge, it let him go.

I was told they watch you, and my guest warned me, "Never go down to the river at the same time two fays in a row, because the second day, a croc will be waiting for you!

I thought, "What the hell? Are they wearing watches?"

Nearly, they remember the position of the sun, via shadows etc, like a sun dial in a way, so experts believe.

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