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Posted in: U.S. airlines warn of 'calamity' if 5G deployed near airports See in context

The US version of 5G has frequencies closer to the bands used by airplanes altimeters then elsewhere. There is at least 200mhz separating them though. There likely is little to no risk here. Its really about passing cost. FAA vs FCC is in a fight about this.

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Posted in: U.S. Forces extends health emergency to all of Japan See in context

@Jeff Huffman - the numbers are updated in real time for the states you mentioned above. Not sure where you are seeing that numbers are not being relayed to the CDC. Especially Georgia, since the CDC is has its headquarters located in Atlanta.

Yes I do agree that Tokyo should be looking at the lessons learned from NYC. With the late quarantine the amount of folks infected still over burdened the healthcare system - even with a Navy reserve hospital ship that arrived to help. Lots of people literally died in their apartments and homes and have been discovered more recently. Very serious and very sad.

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