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prostitutes have called themselves geisha’s to bring in more customers, but you will notice a distinct difference, and that is their attire. Both girls wear kimono, and over their kimono is an obi (or sash). Geisha’s tie their obi in the back, and prostitutes tie it in the front. One simple reason for this, you can’t tie it yourself if its in the back, and if you’re a prostitute, your going to need to tie it and untie it throughout the day. The prostitutes often went by the name ‘Geisha girls,’ or ‘panpan girls,’ and they often serviced American military. Geisha DO NOT engage in paid sex with clients. get your facts right, editor.

You might want to stop reading Wikipedia and/or Memoirs of a Geisha before you comment on getting facts right. Let's break this down:

-Yes, many prostitutes in post WWII Japan called themselves "geisha" because it was one of the only words that the English speaking world knew of Japan (they couldn't go around calling themselves samurai). This confused the hell out of them (and the West) for a very long time, and MoaG really didn't help.

-No modern prostitutes wear kimono, let alone follow the old rules. Yes, prostitutes used to tie their obi in the front, not because they couldn't tie it in the back, but because wives and married women of the day tied theirs in the front too. A prostitute was a "wife for the night" and geisha were revolutionary when they began tying their obi in the back. That shift in fashion, a clear sign to show that a geisha was not a prostitute even though they worked in the same licensed quarters, is one of the reasons why the fashion of geisha dictated how the fashion of kimono evolved into what it is today.

-Everyone wears kimono with their obi tied on their back. I'm not sure where you got the idea that no one can tie their own obi, let alone behind them, but that is incredibly false. I can tie mine just fine without a mirror too. It takes practice, but anyone can learn to tie their own obi.

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