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Posted in: 89 killed in suicide blast in Afghanistan See in context

I hate it when people say the only reason why the US invaded Afghanistan is because of the oil. Oil has NOTHING to do with it. The US government know that without oil trade, the Middle East has nothing to trade with. The war in Afghanistan is about arms trade and the good ol' poppy seed. The CIA has been orchestrating the weapons and drug trades into the US for decades. What else would the US do with decommissioned weapons and vehicles? They sell them to militia groups. How else do they get thousands of military grade weapons??

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Posted in: Chinese newspaper posts map of A-bombed Japan See in context

For a start @asianhometown, Japan never started world war 2, and I doubt it very much they have the capability to start any world war. I think the focus should be more on the Islamists, not the Japanese. Secondly, if I was to publish a map of Germany with the Swartz sticker and a photo of Hitler, there would be a global uprising. How about we publish a map of china with "Free Tibet" slogans and dead babies in the gutter (female of course due to the value of males over there). How would they react?? I think the Chinese government (as I refuse to put all Chinese into the same basket) are demonstrating generational hatred for a country that dates way back into the dynasty days. I doubt that WWII has a lot to do with the continued issues facing Japanese/Chinese relations.

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Posted in: Should operators of websites be held criminally responsible if users post death threats, notices of intent to commit crimes, instructions on how to build bombs, etc? See in context

The web site operators should be legally obliged to report it, yes, but not be blamed or held criminally responsible for the post. The person posting the comment should be held criminally responsible and face court for whatever part of the online criminal act they have breached. Its time people were held accountable for their own actions. Stop blaming the middle man.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

Look. As an Australian I can say that horrible acts of cruelty were conducted on every side of the war. Japan, yes had committed some atrocious acts during this time, but so did china, Russia, USA, England and the list goes on. China is one to talk about having no room to negotiate on some insignificant, uninhabited islands in the China sea, but lets ask the Tibetans if they agree that China is without sin?? Looks as though the sneaky soon-to-be super power China is throwing rocks while living in a glass house. To all the Japanese readers out there, you need to stop apologising over and over and over again for things in the past. This makes you look weak. You are a strong nation and a strong race. Please do not keep belittling yourselves due to international political pressure. Regardless of your history, I love this country and it's people. I can't wait to move to Japan in the near future!

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Posted in: Snake eats crocodile in Australia See in context

Hmmmmmmmmm. Don't mess with us Australians huh? As I say to international visitors, if it moves, it will probably kill you. The fact is there is no probability about it. It WILL kill you. We live in the land of deadly...err...everything’s, so before all you bleeding hearts out there sympathise with the croc, just remember, that's life. That's nature. THAT is Australia.

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Posted in: Business lobby seeks to relax rules on foreign household helpers in Japan See in context

Well. Bring in the foreign workers into Japan hey? Well, if you do that there is a chance that multi-culturism may creep in. And we have all seen what has happened when multi-culturism takes over. Look at the USA, UK, France, Australia....perfect examples of failed multi-culturism. One thing I know is it doesn’t work. If Japan cannot be self-sufficient within their own ranks to organise child-care and/or housekeepers then there is a major issue with the dedication the Japanese public have for economic growth on the global stage. Or if foreigners are required, look at what they do in some other countries. A certain time frame for the visa then leave the country. Whatever.

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Posted in: Man kills 3-year-old daughter with weed cutter in gardening accident See in context

I really don’t know what to say here. As a parent, you can't be everywhere all at once. As @Frungy said, a child of that age can, and most probably will, slip out of sight for moments at a time. Its not bad parenting, its just sheer bad timing on the little girl’s part. I believe the father would not have known his daughter was even outside at the time or I would guess that he would have taken better measures other than waving the blade around without regard. I sympathise for this poor father who not only had to watch his precious little girl die, but now must live with the fact that due to a series of unfortunate events, he was the catalyst for his daughter’s death.

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Posted in: Temperature hits record 41 degrees in Kochi See in context

I use a special deodorant. When you put it on, it feels really fresh straight away. It sells everywhere in Japan,” said Takenori Omori, a 27-year-old computer specialist.

I would TRULY appreciate it if you would PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, share it with the rest of the people who have no idea that their body odor is strong enough to kill.

LOL @Yubaru. I know the feeling!

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Posted in: Two teens held for beating younger boy to death in Sakai See in context

So...yet another display of violence in Osaka. What seems to be the issue here? Seems people are frustrated and have no fear of the law or retribution. Leave these "teens" alone with the parents of the victim for an hour and Ill guarantee they'll never do this again.

R.I.P little man. A young life cut too short. May your spirit soar and reunite with your ancestors. Peace young man.

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Posted in: Sexy guys and English lessons make for one bizarre shampoo ad campaign See in context

Mmmmmm. So sexy. These guy's are hot. ;p

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Posted in: Elderly driver arrested after killing two pedestrians See in context

Wow. It's amazing how many people have just instantly started coming up with reasons why she is guilty. No one here knows the circumstances and there may be a very good reason she is staying tight lipped. It seems Japan isn't really concerned with facts within the legal system and she may just be keeping her mouth shut to prevent her recollections being misinterpreted by the prosecutors. Premeditated murder, texting....really. I take it you guys were there then? Please enlighten us. No, you weren't there. Seriously, this woman has to live with the fact she has killed 2 people and most of you have just hung her out to dry with no real information to go on. No wonder the legal system is in a mess.

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Posted in: Man nears half-century on Japan death row See in context

Don’t really see the point now. It seems he is going insane from the continued incarceration and isolation. Doubt he would even know what’s going on by now anyway. The only people who would benefit from a new trial would be the family and the judicial system (so they can say "oh look at us we got him out"). This man has been imprisoned for nearly 50 years for a crime he may not have done....well. Sounds like stories all over the world. Japan isn’t the only one. Judicial systems around the world are a joke. My heart goes out to his sister who has had to sit by and watch his life crumble around him and go through the thought that he could be a child killer. I hope for all involved they can find peace at the end of all this mess.

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Posted in: Scientists seek permission for experiments with animal-human embryos See in context

Seriously. They are growing human organs to save human lives, not genetically combining human DNA with animals to make a super human death machine. They are using pigs...PIGS...dirty animals most of you devour on a daily basis...Some people are such hypocrites. Go for it I say. If even 1 life is saved due to this experiment, it will be worth it.

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

@Maria. Problem is pronounciation and recognition between the characters. I do know that Japanese kids learn the characters by relating them to pictures with a statement...kind of hard to explain. What I'm after is coaching. I can get the flash cards from many different web sites, but to learn the correct pronounciation and contexts, thats the hard part.

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

I would LOVE to learn Japanese, hiragana and katakana, plus kanji. Any one interested in taking on a student?

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Posted in: Japan gets tough on law-evading hallucinogenic herbs See in context

I agree @moonraker. They have illegalised the wrong drug. The synthetic stuff, from what I’ve read and been told, is more of a mental explosion than anything. Friends of mine couldn’t believe that the synthetic stuff was actually legal and people were driving whilst under the influence. Compare that with the naturally occurring Cannabis that only makes you dopy and chilled out, I don’t know, but I think legalize Marijuana and eliminate the potential for people ending up with severe mental issues by smoking synthetic drugs.

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Posted in: World grapples with rise in cyber crime See in context

Oops, Romanian...not Bulgarian...Sorry to Bulgaria. o_O

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Posted in: World grapples with rise in cyber crime See in context

Well. With all the millions and billions in profits these major banks make from our interest and well over priced bank fees, you would think they would already have something in place to prevent this type of cyber fraud. The fact that this article says they are no where near that point yet indicates to me that these banks only care about the profit margin and not the customer. How safe is our money....really?

If the citizens of Bulgaria are so smart when it comes to mathematics and computer coding, why doesn’t the major banks, and Interpol for that matter, hire them to create and monitor an advanced online, real time program. Its not the first time law enforcement has hired ex criminals to do their bidding, due to the fact the ex criminals know what they are doing and therefore are able to catch out the would be thieves. (Ever seen catch me if you can with Leonardo DiCaprio?).

Just an idea.

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Posted in: Same-sex marriage gains traction around world See in context

****If Western governments cave in to the demands to expand the definition of "marriage" to "two men", then children will still result. Being recognized as a married couple, these guys will then have access to a whole slew of societal benefits, like maternal leave, fertility treatment, access to adoption, you name it.

And the children of these "marriages" will have to deal with all the PC dogma of being told that they have "2 daddies". The most infuriating thing here is that this experiment includes people who have not been asked if they want to participate, i.e. the children.****

Really? Are you serious? Why cant gay couples have the same social benefits as strait couples? Isn’t this discrimination on a large scale? And do you really think gay people haven’t already got kids? I have 3 and they are just as loved and cared for as any child in a strait family. The only issue with "PC Dogma" is with bigoted people's views being expressed to the child just because it’s a different type of family than what society is used to. And what about kids in poor families. They didn’t ask to be born into that social economic status either. Should poor people be told they can’t have rights now? These kids get teased and bashed every day for being poor. Let’s strip poor people’s rights too! Who’s with me?? No-one, that’s who,. Because it is discrimination. I know a few gay families and the kids are just as, if not more, well adjusted than the other "strait" or "real" families kids because they get used to injustice and discrimination as they are subjected to it on a daily basis due to ill informed and scared little people who are ignorant, just as the kids from poor, interracial, different religion believing families have to deal with the same thing. We cant all be strait, rich, white catholic people now can we? Is that the next step? If People are going to use the whole "for goodness sakes, think of the children" comment, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST! More kids in strait families get abused and neglected and murdered than any from gay families.

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Posted in: Same-sex marriage gains traction around world See in context

Why cant gay people be able to marry. We are no less of a human being than anyone else here.

Who says two men are not Family! seriously!! Around the world gay couples are being recognised more and more as legitimate family’s. some people need to get with the times! And its not the gay marriage advocates turning this into a "gays V's Straits" issue. If "strait" people stopped trying to suppress equal rights and deny gay couples the right to marry, then there would be no issue at all. You guys just want to stand there, make the rules to suit you and then turn and call us wingers when we object. Some attitudes can only be described as extremely homophobic - or ignorant as i dont believe it is a phobia. some people are just rotten.

Don’t forget, it wasn’t that long ago that black people were told they weren’t real citizens in America, woman couldn’t vote, couldn’t become leaders or business executives. Children had no rights. All of this changed due to equality. Now it is the Gays turn for Equal rights. “Not equal for strait people only because we are a real family!” How ignorant.

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Posted in: Yamanashi high school soccer club members assault younger students in shower See in context

I wouldn’t say it is harmless "hazing" or whatever...initiation, pranks...What these boys did could have caused serious injury. But let’s face it, they are only young. Why have them arrested and charged and gain a criminal record for being immature idiots. Harsh penalty, definitely, but criminal records...come on guys. Let’s stop acting like a lynch mob and remember we all make mistakes and deserve a second chance. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be punished, but just not for the rest of their lives.

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy commended by police for rescuing woman from train groper See in context

What a wonderful kid. To put himself in the situation where he could become the target to save this woman is something you don’t see every day. Good on you Nomura. Gives me hope for the younger generation. He is a true hero!

So let me get this straight, he wasn't angry with the fact that the guy was groping her, he was angry because he missed his stop?

@Noliving. Who cares? It’s better than him getting off at his normal stop and letting that poor woman deal with the inebriated pervert on her own. Some people just need to pick the crap out of everything. Rather than commend the boy for his valiant display of common decency as a human being you decide to put him down for his feelings about missing his stop (which would have annoyed me to no end as well). I do feel that he was annoyed at what was happening to the woman; otherwise he would have done nothing.

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Posted in: Same-sex marriage gains traction around world See in context

As was stated before. Marriage has been around since the dawn of time. It is neither religious nor a "strait" people’s right. Holy Matrimony, on the other hand, is a religious term and would be, by religious doctrine, for strait people. Therefore bring on GAY MARRAIGE. Ya!

Strait people and bigots can have their holy matrimony, gays and the rest of the civilised populous can engage in the non-religious created marriage.

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Posted in: Woman held for throwing 2-yr-old daughter from 4th-floor balcony See in context

This is why I say people need to have a license to have children. You need one to drive, so why not parentage. They should also have to undergo a psychiatric exam to ensure they are mentally stable. No mother, in her right mind, would do such an terrible act without there being a mental issue there somewhere. But she would have known there was something troubling her prior to this incident. Why didn’t she seek help before trying to murder her child? This is beyond me. I have suffered severe depression for years, and I have managed to NOT try to kill my kids.

Having said that, I do believe she should be charged and committed to a psychiatric prison for the remainder of her natural life (or put to death if that is an option in Japan) for her actions. Mental issues or not, what she did was pure evil.

All the best for the little girl and I hope she makes some what of a full recovery, remote as it seems.

God bless this girl.

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Posted in: Mother of suicide boy files slander charge against 3 bullies See in context

Oh my goodness. Really? I doubt very much that the 17 year old committed suicide because of bugs and being called a "Germ". I feel terrible for the mother’s loss, but filing charges against 3 boys for name calling and childish pranks? Come on! There would be much more to this than what has been reported, and some if not most would not have involved the 3 boys in question. I am against any type of bullying, but let’s not blame these kids for the teen’s death. As far as some comments about why the mother didn’t do anything prior to the suicide, well we don’t know that she didn’t. She may have put complaints into the school prior to the suicide. And anyway, how many teenagers do any of you know that would go up to their parents and complain about taunts, jeers and pranks? I know some who would (playing down the severity of course) but I also know a greater number who don’t tell there parents anything. Please don’t crucify the mother and please, please, please don’t blame the 3 boys for this kid’s suicide. Yes they should understand the impact of there actions but to have to live with people blaming them for a teens suicide for the rest of their lives would make all of us just as bad, if not worse, than them. May god bless the young man and his family and I hope the 3 boys mentioned can find peace and learn from their tragic choices in entertainment. :(

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Posted in: Anime backgrounds: True works of art See in context

Wow. What talent these guys have. Wish I could even draw a stick figure that even resembled a person. lol. The detail is exquisite. OMG I love Anime!

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking video up skirt of 15-year-old girl in Chiba See in context

Hahahahahaha. what a looser! Hope it was worth it Yoshida!

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Posted in: Which are more loved in Japan: Cats or dogs? See in context

Each to their own. like or dislike. Thats freedom people. Make a choice, stick with it and enjoy life.

:) For me, Loyalty that dogs display is essential for home security. German Shepherds all the way.....wooooo.

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Posted in: Youth gets 5-8 years for killing 3 with car See in context

I feel for the families of the 4 victims here. It is a senseless tragedy. At 18, one would expect reasonable judgement skills. I assume in Japan, that an 18 year old is still a minor, however, the ability to see right from wrong is instilled and well understood by this age. Unfortunately, laws, not only in Japan, but all around the world, have many variances and loop holes such as the fact that "dozing off at the wheel is not considered reckless by law". This ruling would not have brought any form of comfort for the family members left behind. 5 - 8 years, in my opinion, does not even repay the debt for 1 life, let alone 4 (as I count the unborn baby as a life regardless of the view point of the law). anyone with reasonable judgement skills would assume that driving around all night would bring on fatigue, thus becoming a danger on the road to the general public and themselves. The fact that this 18 year old male chose to drive all night thus falling asleep would show a level if intent, thus making the accident premeditated manslaughter. However the law doesn’t see it that way. Pity, yes. once again, my condolences to the families of these poor victims.

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Posted in: China and Japan seek to ease tensions, but risks remain See in context

Well, if Japan bought the Islands, then China needs to just back off. China seems to be acting out of harboured animosity for past events. The fact that there COULD be maritime gas reserves shows an alterior motive on Chinas part also. As for Japan, they were smart to purchase the Islands when they did. I'll be referring to it as the Senkaku from now anyway. Let’s just hope that China stops being a bully and leaves before there is any loss of life. My thoughts are with the Japanese military members protecting this islands. May you all be safe and return home to your families, not that that seems likely in the near future.

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