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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to end contract with franchisee who cut opening hours See in context

I'm sorry but this is a business model and franchise contract that we are talking about. I, as a consumer expect 7/11 to be open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day until such a time that 7/11 reports otherwise. Much like at KFC- I expect chicken, Daiso- I expect cheap (100 yen) things, Doutor- (笑)、coffee. Anyway, these are businesses and the franchisee's personal life is none of mine. Sorry, but this crying that life is not fair is simply stating the obvious. It's not fair, life is hard and sometimes financially challenging.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to end contract with franchisee who cut opening hours See in context

The man broke his franchise contract and then wants to find ''common ground''. What? Common ground was established in the contract he signed and violated. Some people...

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Posted in: Gov't urges male civil servants to take at least 1-month paternity leave See in context

Paternity Leave? (笑)

There are no more baby's being born. What's the old saying?

'Close the stable door after the horse has bolted', yep... nice policy move???

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Posted in: U.S. gov't holding talks with GM over deploying self-driving cars without steering wheels See in context

Waymo now has an 'uber like' app service in Arizona. This is happening... Investors are going all in to get a piece of the 'new' car market.

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Posted in: Abe asks Johnson to minimize Brexit impact on Japanese firms See in context

The EU has failed. Wealthy nations has stripped poorer nations of thier independence and dignity as thier banks has loaned and stolen the futures of generations of people from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.

Today Poland, Hungry and others refuse to follow laws that the EU cannot enforce as it relates to thier sovereign judicial systems. And unfortunately with the weakening of NATO perhaps the Europeans will once again... OMG, I can't finish my thought.

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Posted in: 'Little Miss Period' tackles Japan's menstruation taboos with a punch See in context

Pathetic that 50% of a society in the third largest economy in the world is shamed for a normal, healthy body function. How is a cartoon needed to end ignorance? Come'on... we can do better. Menstruation is 'NORMAL'. I'm really stunned. On personal note, thank you mom for raising me in San Francisco in th 60's and 70's.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten screws on tech giants to ensure transparency See in context

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and worked for years in tech in the south bay (aka: Silicon Valley). LOL, Japan... good grief. This is why talent leaves your country. Make your silly rules and drive only your cars, eat your rice, drink your beer and use your Yahoo! which is a dead company (see Verizone if interested) in the rest of the world. LOL, sad...

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Posted in: Polanski blames Weinstein and says media 'making me a monster' See in context

Polanski -- a fugitive from US justice since 1978 after he admitted the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. Let that sink in... That's the world we live in. This man is celebrated by millions and protected by a system that allowed him to admit to raping a 13 year old girl and then, leave.

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Posted in: Abe determined to amend Constitution after debate in next Diet session See in context

And who exactly is going to fill the ranks? Guest workers'? (笑)(笑)(笑)

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan unveils new Santa Boots Chocolate Frappuccino for Christmas See in context

Simply amazing how a brown water Seattle based chain who ripped off Mr. Peete from Berkeley, Ca turns their bran into a world wide business that is fancy and sophisticated in some parts of the world. Japan... LOL, you will never know how in San Francisco, LA, Chicago, New York, etc. Sarbucks is the McDonalds or KFC of coffee. Wait... what? You think MaKuDoNoRuDo is good? You eat what for Christmas? Good grief...

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Posted in: Japanese beer exports to S Korea fall to zero See in context

Hard to give a crap about Japanese companies being shut out of markets when they keep Japan closed off to the rest of the world. SK can now move on to many wonderful beers made around the world. Cheers!

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Posted in: Uber loses license in London over safety See in context

Ridiculous! I'm nt a fan of Uber but please. What a bunch of BS. Smells of a political payoff or are these same standards going to apply to black cabs also.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan trade barbs over who said what about salvaging intelligence deal See in context

I think a vast majority of Americans would like our young military personal to be brought home. Let these two (cough, cough) allies work out thier differences with Russian, Chinese assistance. Tired of the pacifist nations that pay for nothing toward protection.

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Posted in: White House handling of U.S.-Japan trade deal angers Democrats See in context

I'm a 55 year old American and therefore have seen the effects of neoliberalism policies on the working class people in my country for my entire adult life. I don't care if you are a Republican Elephant or a Democratic Donkey, these policies have failed. Millions of Americans are suffering. The media feeds all the false news to incite emotional outburst from thier viewing floks of sheep and sell, sell, sell advertisement in the process. The system has failed millions of Americans and this must change.

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Posted in: Automakers around world await Trump tariff decision See in context

The new Mexico-US trade agreement includes a provision where workers' in both countries must be compensated with similar wages. Love it!

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Posted in: Automakers around world await Trump tariff decision See in context

I grew up in America and have always been exposed to brands of various consumer products from around the world. Japan and others' do not have open markets. The President is correct and I fully support his tariffs.

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname-after-marriage rule See in context

Names are difficult in the modern world of database entry. My wife attempted to make her maiden name, her middle name and carry my surname. Nope, what she got was maiden name with my surname added (misspelled) to the end. Now she has a two name last name with no spaces. Her passport has ( ) around her married. Cray, cray...

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Posted in: Japan aims to keep elderly driving with compact EV subsidies See in context

(笑), Great idea, I can see the ad campaign now. Toyota Auto Body, at maximum speeds of 60 kilometers! If you're lucky, おじいちゃん will olny hurt instead of kill your three year old child because... you know 87 year olds have a 'right' to drive.

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Posted in: 88-year-old ex-bureaucrat to be referred to prosecutors over fatal car crash See in context

Look at him. OMG, why is he driving! Why? How is it debatable that a human of significant advanced age should be driving. NO, NO, NO. Get of the road before you kill someone... wait, that's already happened. How is this happening?

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Posted in: SoftBank Group profit plunges; Son admits 'poor' decisions See in context

Softbank group is the effect to the real problem that money/investment is concentrated in too few hands. I added an interesting read for those that are interested in investment capital topics.


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Posted in: U.S. exit from climate accord very disappointing: Japan See in context

OK, Mr. Japanese Foreign Minister. What have you or your country done to address global warming? Right, nothing.

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Posted in: Cranky old guys becoming a regular part of national landscape See in context

I must admit competing cultural ignorance. I'm 55 years old and the men in my life as I was growing up taught me that patience, kindness, understanding and above all, control of your emotions, especially in times of stress defined a man.

How foolish, weak and sad this behavior is.

The world seems to have lost the beautiful act of yielding to one another.

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Posted in: Beyond Netflix: A look at what you get with new streamers See in context

Youtube premium has some good shows also.

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Posted in: Typhoon highlights need for multilingual disaster alerts in Japan See in context

It's unfortunate that Japanese society is of a 'us' and 'them' mindset but it is. A life threatening event requires massive communication to all 'people' who are visitors, residents, citizens, etc. The FACT that everyone will not be fully capable of understanding 'life saving' instructions in Japanese does not make them foreign or invisible, it simply puts them in harms way.

English, just start there. The Vietnamese lady in the article asked for English. See, people are part of the solution not jut a problem.

In my home city (San Francisco) almost everything related to government and safety is in English, Spanish and Cantonese/ Mandarin (Chinese). We do this for our fellow San Franciscan's, visitors, residents, humans...

Japan is a wonderful country but it still needs a bit evolutionary mindset changes to adjust to the country it is today.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber opens up on drug abuse, weight of fame See in context

Human problems are with us all. Don't really care about him and nothing about showering a few with unimaginable fortune is going to change, most people like fantasies of themselves being so fortunate. Anyway, whatever...

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Posted in: Under-fire lawmaker hits back at criticism over S Korea war remarks See in context

Ridiculous political party, politician and comments. Nothing will change as a result of this fools comments and grievances about an injustice that never suffered. Speak on my friend, we all need to know that people with your thoughts are with us.

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Posted in: Digital nomad workers in Japan move freely, with no fixed residences See in context


I imagine people resolve the 'address' issue in as many ways as we can imagine. There are services that receive snail mail, scan it and then forward it as a PDF. Some have friends, relatives, some use general delivery, there's lot's of options.

There is a difference between an address and residence. They are not always one and the same.

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Posted in: Digital nomad workers in Japan move freely, with no fixed residences See in context


Your assumption that the only way to secure large sums of money is by asking others for a handout is false.

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Posted in: Digital nomad workers in Japan move freely, with no fixed residences See in context

I'm not certain what fixed residence means. I provide an address that in many situtions is required. As far as 'needing stuff', it's true but it's also OK to have a very short term relationship with it. I have a backpack, that's it. Banking, investing, accommodations, etc is all done on my phone. LOL, life is good.

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Posted in: Digital nomad workers in Japan move freely, with no fixed residences See in context

I don't work but I've been traveling around the world for the last three years and leave before visa expiration, 90, 60 or 30 days usually. I interact with other Nomads, who work and it's ridiculous to suggest that they are not 'paying' into the system. These people are bringing money into countries and they do not require education, retirement, elderly care etc. They pay taxes with every purchase and rarely us the medical system.

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