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Well, as a parent in a relationship with about 1mm of wick left, I can understand why this guy took the 'fam' to the States. I am terrified that as soon as we get divorced I will not be able to see my daughter at all. If it wasn't too late, I would do the same as far as moving the family to the States. At least there I would have a chance of seeing my daughter. The wife... ya she felt trapped, but at least she had the option to stay in the country where the joint custody was given and be part of the kids life. Flip it around... He does it here in Japan... She gets custody, he loses the right to a visa (only considering the end of marriage and the kids here) thus the right to stay in the same country as his kids.

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hindsight is usually pretty clear. a few more meters and he's a fool, a few less meters and the guy responsible for the 2km wall in Taro is a hero as well. all these comments about forcing people to build on hills... futile comes to mind but also moronic. what of tokyo and every other metropolitan area in Japan? The reason people live on the coast is that it is flat (or they made it that way), and hey... they like it! I'm pretty sure that after the previous tsunamis mentioned in 1933 and 18xx people weren't blaming the gov't. lets face it, most of these posts rely on the gov't doing something. free money? building more 'stuff'? how about tell people it's a bad idea and move on. let them make their choice.

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