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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya district raises alarm against unruly Halloween, even caging Hachiko statue See in context

Every weekend shibuya is a ridiculous spectacle of drunk people throwing trash everywhere even during covid when it was mostly Japanese people. Halloween it gets worse but it's nothing new. This year they are trying to push people away but by doing that the opposite might just happen but we'll see this weekend. My predictions is it will be like last year and the crowd will die down by the last train

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Posted in: Skilled workers, low-wage earners work second jobs more than others in Japan See in context

Hmm I live in Tokyo 3 stations away from Shinjuku. I make about 230000 a month but this is recent I was making even less before. But i was able to still able to find my own apartment with a loft and afford my rent and other expenses. Although if I want to have fun or eat out it gets really tight towards the end of the month.

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor says 'Don't come' for Halloween See in context

I mainly go to shibuya on Halloween just to view the spectacle that is shibuya on Halloween. It's crazy how it gets compared to a normal night.

Good luck to all the people working that day in shibuya. GladI don't work on shibuya.

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Posted in: Chatbots sometimes make things up. Not everyone thinks AI's hallucination problem is fixable See in context

Well there are other AIs better suited for giving answers such as Perplexity AI. I used that to find things out since all it does is search the web for the answers then search through the sites and then gives the answers it doesn't rely on its on data base. It also gives the links to the sources so you can check the website yourself for further details. I would rather use chatgpt to write up an email in another language. Like i use it to draft up business level emails in Japanese. Of course i proof read them and tweak them a bit but the grunt work is all done by GPT. The other day i sent an email to an potential employer and when i went for the interview the lady was telling me how beautiful my written Japanese was lol.

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Posted in: AI anxiety: Workers fret over uncertain future See in context

Peter Vukovic, who has been chief technology officer at several startups, expects just one percent or less of the population to benefit from AI.

One percent of the entire world's population? That is approximately 78 million people. Now, depending on what jobs those people do, such as healthcare or education, that number grows. I have heard of moonshots that are trying to make personalized AI for children that will grow with the child, be tailored to that child's learning style, and help that child learn in the best way for that child—basically, a private tutor for every child. Now they want to give children in the 3rd world these AI tutors so that every child gets the best education they can. Also, if they start mass producing humanoid robots with next-level AI, then blue-collar job industries will also change. So I'm not sure exactly what Mr. Peter Vukovic is referring to by saying "one percent or less of the population to benefit from AI." I myself am already benefiting from AI in everything from coming up with recipes for what to make for dinner to solving error messages that pop up on my computer to using AI like PI AI to bounce ideas off of or just to have a general conversation with when I am home relaxing on my own.

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Posted in: AI gaining U.S. state lawmakers' attention, and they have a lot of questions See in context

She plans to roll out legislation next year that would require students to take computer science to graduate high school.

I think this is a good idea for the next gen or students. Computer science and AI related things should be taught in schools around the world so no one country will fall behind.

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Posted in: Musk says his cage fight with Zuckerberg will be streamed on X See in context

I used to respect Musk when his goals were about space and the betterment of mankind. Now he seems like a rich kid who just wants to one-up everyone and has too much free time on his hands. SMH

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Posted in: Zoom, which thrived on remote work revolution, wants workers back in the office part-time See in context

Well instead of going back to the office I would rather twice a week meet in VR.

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Posted in: One giant step: Moon race hots up See in context

I, for one, can't wait to look up at the moon and see lights. Knowing there are people up there doing amazing work and pushing mankind forward is the natural flow of intelligent species evolution, and I am sure that soon enough humanoid robots with intelligent AI will be joining them in mining the moon and creating habitats for people to stay in. I hope average people in my lifetime will be able to travel there just as people now can travel to other parts of the world for vacation. How exciting that would be! God speed!

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Posted in: Kyoto merchants want city to install more trash cans to fight litter in historic neighborhood See in context

Hmmm maybe the could hire people to pick up the trash or better yet since AI and robotics are evolving at a fast pace they could get a smart robot to keep the area clean.

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Posted in: Ghosn files $1 billion lawsuit in Lebanon against Nissan over his imprisonment in Japan See in context

I am curious how that would work. He is in Lebanon suing japanese people who are in Japan (and rich). What can be done and who has the authority to carry out the sentence/punishment?

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Posted in: Japanese get trained in smiles as masks slowly come off See in context

Not sure how to feel about this are Japanese people genuinely kinda just dead inside? I went to a hip-hop dance event over the weekend and of the 50+ people in attendance maybe like 5 (including myself) were bopping their heads to the music. The rest were staring like they were in a movie or something. Very weird to see. I mentioned this to one of the dancers later and if course the (it's a Japanese thing) was said

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Posted in: Chinese graduates lower their ambitions in moribund jobs market See in context

Poor chinese people having to deal with the terrible CCP. They should instead try and learn another language like english or japanese and get the hell out of China.

President Xi Jinping repeatedly exhorted young people to "seek hardships" 

What a joke of a President especially if alot of those labor jobs will probably get taken over by AI and Robots that will do the work for free 24 hours a day. All those educated talented young people should just leave for reals I know if i was from there that is what i would be trying to do.

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Posted in: AI threatens humanity’s future, 61% of Americans say: poll See in context

This is a very interesting time in history. I wonder what future humans will think of the people of these times? What will be written in the history books about this time period? There are potential positive and negative effects of AI and what humans can and will do with it, but what is for sure is that it is only going to get more advanced from here, and this is the worst it will ever be. There are other aspects of AI like PI (personal intelligence) AI which is closer to the movie HER where it isn't there to 10x your work but to help with your mental health by always having someone to share your thoughts and emotions with, and for some people out there that have issues dealing with social anxiety, this might help. All in all, no matter which way you spin it, AI is here to stay and will only get more intelligent and capable of (yes, cleaning toilets), but much much more, and all of us better just prepare ourselves for what is to come.

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Posted in: OpenAI chief seeks to calm fears on job losses See in context

If it ever got to the point where AI and robotics could take over the dangerous and physically taxing jobs then I am all for it, especially in third world countries, although I don't see that happening in my life time. This AI stuff is only going to grow from here so we as a species better buckle up because it's gonna be a wild ride.

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Posted in: Musk's Neuralink says it has been cleared for human test of brain implants See in context

In the future I can see some kind of divide between people with chips and other bio-tech implants and people who will consider themselves pure human because they don't have any implants or anything. In conclusion the future is gonna be wild lol

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Posted in: Japan AI startup launches robot for home use See in context

Really? This is ridiculous, the tasks it can do are very limited god forbid it has to go over any bumps lol. Also that bed she was sleeping in was tiny! All in all it looks like a waste of resources when other companies are making humanoid robots with arms and fingers to pick things up they are making a glorified roomba

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Posted in: City legislator's son arrested after 4 killed, including 2 police officers, in Nagano Prefecture See in context

well well well Japan seems to becoming more like the USA day by day

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Posted in: 85-year-old man arrested for stealing condoms from convenience store See in context

Not gonna lie this man needing condoms at his age is impressive lol. My grandparents are the same age and live in a nursing home. I doubt doing "it" is on their mind especially since my grandpa has dementia.

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Posted in: Human bones found in closet after woman confesses to giving birth to 3 babies '40 to 50 years ago' See in context

Police in Daito, Osaka Prefecture, have retrieved human bones from a house after receiving a call from a woman in her 70s who lives there, saying that they are the remains of three children to whom she gave birth “40 to 50 years ago.”

Ok so why did she wait so long to call the cops? And why did she decide to call them now? Did she forget they were there and re find them and decided now is the time to come clean? Also why not cremate or bury them instead of keeping them in a bag in the closet? Man I wonder how her family feels..

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Posted in: Suspect in Nagano murders asked mother to shoot him See in context

Sounds like he had some screws loose for sure he will probably get the death penalty so in the end he will get what he wanted.

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of acquaintance by pouring gasoline on him, igniting it See in context

Dang I wonder what happened that he would try to kill him in such a way

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Posted in: Man shoots fireworks through crowd at Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

he wanted to stand out? lots of ways to do that. should of picked a less dangerous way to stand out

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Posted in: 78-year-old man arrested for beating 50-year-old son to death See in context

wonder what they were arguing about

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Posted in: Uber Eats cyclist indicted over death of 78-year-old pedestrian See in context

If it was raining he should of not be going so fast that he could not stop. Further more if he needs glasses he should know that if it was raining that he should get something to cover his head so that the rain will not get in is eyes/glasses. That being said riding bicycles in tokyo is a great way to get where you need to go especially if there is no direct train to where you need to go. Why spend 45 min on a train when you can get where you need to go on a bicycle in half the time? I see plenty of cars turning into lanes even though the cross walk is green for pedestrians to walk and getting so close that they could hit just so they can turn that much quicker. But I digress this guy should of been more careful and because of his negligence that poor old man died and both lives were ruined and for those of us who ride bicycles (myself included) need to be more careful especially in poor weather conditions.

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