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Posted in: 3 care facility workers arrested for assaulting intellectually disabled resident who later died See in context

Hmm I guess these type of things will happen less once these type of workers get help from robots in the coming years...

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Posted in: Monsters, asteroids, vampires: AI conspiracies flood TikTok See in context

Banning Tiktok will just make people find other way of using it

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Posted in: Tired of AI doomsday tropes, Cohere CEO says his goal is technology that's 'additive to humanity' See in context

AntiquesavingMar. 27  10:11 am JST

Tired of AI doomsday tropes, Cohere CEO says his goal is technology that's 'additive to humanity'

More precisely:

The goal is technology that's 'additcive to humanity'

Anyone that believes this technology will not be negative in the end hasn't left their basement in over a decade!

Go around and look, watch how many people are driving their car and will have their smartphone in their hand the instant they stop at a light or even while they are driving, this despite laws against it!

Count how many can't even walk outside to the convenience store, station, school, for longer than 2 minutes without staring at their phone, texting, watching TikTok etc...

Without exaggeration every day I go out I will see dozens get peeped at as the light turns green because they are looking at their phone while driving, people walking across or into traffic on a red light because they are looking at the phone not where they are going, etc...

Now add in AI that will listen in tailor even more crap directed specifically and more accurately towards them and clue the increase of zombies driving and walking!

As for replacing people in the work force!

Yes 100% it will do that, especially in the developed world.

There are not going to be enough " new jobs" or " new industries" created that need people because we are less and less a manual labour society and this mean , like bank tellers, cahiers even programmers, etc....a computer can do the job now.

In finance and insurance an actuary, accountant, risk management personne, etc....all can be replaced by an AI, we are already seeing this with market trading!

Next even the manual labour jobs are at risk, a car mechanic, no ICE all EV with modular components a single low level tech can plug in the diagnostic AI computer and it will find the problem and replace the part using a robot extension!

And no we won't need someone to maintain these machines because other machines with AI will do that and also build replacements.

Sure at some point a few humans will be needed but a fraction of those that will be replaced!

Why do you think the push in many countries for a universal basic income?

It is to silence the masses that will find themselves unemploymed or under employed.

The large corporations with their CEOs and multi billionaires at the top won't mind paying a bit towards it because it will still be cheaper to use AI and machines than hiring people and they will make bigger profits!

Welcome to the future, if we let it happen!


While the concerns raised about technology's impact on society are valid, it's essential to consider a balanced perspective rather than succumbing to a pessimistic outlook. Here's a rebuttal to the statement provided:

Technology as an Enabler, not an Addiction: The goal of technology should not be to addict humanity but to augment and enhance our lives. It's true that excessive reliance on smartphones and other devices can lead to negative outcomes, such as distracted driving or reduced social interaction. However, this doesn't mean technology itself is inherently harmful. With responsible usage and proper regulation, technology can be a powerful tool for communication, education, and productivity.

Addressing Societal Challenges: Rather than blaming technology for societal issues like distracted driving or reduced physical activity, we should focus on addressing these challenges through education, awareness campaigns, and regulatory measures. Laws against using smartphones while driving, for instance, exist to mitigate the risks associated with distracted driving. Similarly, initiatives promoting outdoor activities and reducing screen time can help counteract excessive device usage.

Job Displacement and Automation: While automation and AI may indeed lead to job displacement in certain sectors, history has shown that technological advancements also create new opportunities and industries. The transition may be challenging, but it's not insurmountable. Efforts should be directed towards retraining and upskilling the workforce to adapt to the changing job market. Additionally, the potential for AI and automation to streamline processes and increase efficiency can lead to economic growth and innovation.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) as a Social Safety Net: The concept of UBI is not solely about "silencing the masses" but rather providing a safety net in an evolving economy. It can alleviate poverty, reduce inequality, and empower individuals to pursue education or entrepreneurship without the fear of financial instability. UBI, when implemented alongside other social policies and initiatives, can help ensure that the benefits of technological progress are shared more equitably across society.

In conclusion, while technology presents challenges and risks, it also offers immense potential for positive change and progress. By acknowledging these challenges and proactively addressing them through responsible usage, regulation, and social policies, we can harness the transformative power of technology for the betterment of humanity.

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Posted in: Okinawan man, 2 others arrested for sending marijuana to rival music composer See in context

Waste of perfectly good marijuana

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Posted in: Europe's world-first AI rules get final approval from lawmakers See in context

That's pure theory. Those AI rules can't even be enforced on the ground like already strict anti-drug rules show no effects leaving the streets full of illegal drugs and junkies. There is also just no one left in an aging society and with mass influx due to open borders who could handle AI or enforce rules against negative effects. Anyway, it's an obsolete discussion ,with the reality scenario of course any sophisticated technology including AI will disappear too. There won't be any problems with AI in the future, when our first world's economies are de-industrialized, dissolved and finally disappear, becoming replaced by global south chaos, anarchy and the related 'technology' development levels. In other words, they try to rule into something that still isn't existing and also won't exist quickly enough to still get even a glimpse at before everything else is too late too.

The argument presented seems to be based on a pessimistic view of the future, focusing on societal challenges and potential collapse rather than the potential benefits and advancements that AI can bring. It is important to consider that while there are indeed challenges in enforcing rules and regulations, advancements in AI governance, ethics, and technology are continuously being developed to address these concerns.It is crucial to acknowledge that AI technologies have the potential to enhance various aspects of society, from healthcare and education to transportation and cybersecurity. With proper regulation, oversight, and ethical frameworks in place, AI can be harnessed for the greater good, improving efficiency, productivity, and quality of life for individuals around the world.Furthermore, the notion that sophisticated technologies like AI will simply disappear in the face of societal changes overlooks the resilience and adaptability of technology. As history has shown, technological advancements tend to evolve and persist even in changing socio-economic landscapes.While it is essential to address potential risks and challenges associated with AI implementation, it is equally important to recognize the opportunities and benefits that AI can offer when approached thoughtfully and responsibly. By fostering collaboration between stakeholders, policymakers, researchers, and industry leaders, we can work towards a future where AI contributes positively to society while mitigating any negative impacts.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run after woman dragged for 400 meters See in context

Philosopher's StoneMar. 10  07:48 pm JST

@Lindsay You definitely don't know the definiton of "murder". Glad you are no judge.

@Philosopher's Stone

He knew he hit a person and kept driving. He could feel her body and bicycle under his truck yet kept driving. He probably suspected she was dead but kept driving. He is a murderer there is no question. But was it premeditated? No so it would be vehicular manslaughter. But still murder non the less.

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Posted in: Nagoya elementary school students caught defrauding classmate for nearly ¥1 million See in context

“It’s shocking that 12-year-olds have such a knack for fraud. If they can use that power for good, they might be really productive members of society.”

What? The power of fraud for good?

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested for arson after argument with mother over breakfast See in context

I see a lot of peoples comments on how much of a low life this guy is for living with his mother for so long, but I suspect that he probably has some metal issues that make him unable to function normally. Japan tends to brush mental health under the rug, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear if this man actually wasn't all put together.

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Posted in: Eyes on Bank of Japan as unions announce big wage hikes See in context

It is called "Livelihood Protection," is in the constitution and can only be accessed by low income people who cannot work because of illness, accident or are suffering a "tough life." The system provides universal coverage to all citizens.

The UBI scheme you are dreaming of is a direct wealth transfer from people who have jobs and want to work to people who are too lazy or entitled. The universe does not owe you anything, and neither do taxpayers.


UBI and Livelihood protection is two very different things.

""Livelihood Protection" in Japan refers to a social security system that provides assistance to households facing financial difficulties in their daily lives. This support includes aid for covering costs essential for daily living and medical expenses required for injuries and illnesses. The aim is to ensure a minimum standard of living while also encouraging self-support and independence. To qualify for this assistance, individuals must meet specific conditions set by the social security system"

"Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a government program where every adult citizen receives a set amount of money regularly, regardless of need or employment status. It aims to alleviate poverty and replace other need-based social programs. UBI has historical roots dating back centuries and has gained momentum in recent years due to economic changes like automation threatening job security. Various proposals suggest different payment sizes, with one notable plan by Andrew Yang proposing $1,000 per month for every American adult. UBI is characterized by being periodic, a cash payment, universal, individual, and unconditional"

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Posted in: Number of births in Japan hits record low in 2023 See in context

I wonder when they count the numbers is it only "pure" Japanese people who both parents are Japanese or do they count half Japanese children that are born and raised here. I think Japan has to face it and realized this country might just start getting more and more mixed. I myself is half Japanese and on paper no different from a pure Japanese person but if i had a kid with a Japanese person I wonder if my child would count in there statistics.

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Posted in: Ready to go beyond Google? Here's how to use new generative AI search sites See in context

I personally use this AI search engine called Perplexity AI everyday. It comes in really handy and if you sign up (which is free) you get to use their copilot which basically uses gpt4 to do an even more comprehensive search. Its great because you can talk it it in plain language and have a conversation with it and it will provided links to where it got its info so if you want you can see what the article itself actually says. Also it has a extension on chrome where you can have it search the website you are looking for or the page you are on for any info you desire. Is it perfect? No but it is fast and reliable for the most part and most importantly free.

It does have a pro plan where you pay monthly and I am sure it is worth it if you want to do more but for general stuff the free version is more then enough.

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Posted in: Lab-grown diamonds put natural gems under pressure See in context

I say good. Leave the natural diamonds in the earth or to the scientist and save the people who are risking life and limb to get these stones just so some rich so and so can flaunt it on their finger.

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Posted in: Musk says patient moves cursor with brain implant See in context

Well alot of people do not trust Mr Musk and that's fine. It's not his words that really matter but his actions anyway. For the sake of all of us I hope that any positive things he is trying to do works out for the better so we can all benefit.

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Posted in: ChatGPT cranks out gibberish for hours See in context

Meh to me it's just growing pains. I mean chatgpt has only been out to the public for a little over a year and already it/AI has really become a hot topic conversation. Unlike @sven I feel that it just begun and it going into the "desk drawer" is very unlikely since the whole word is in an arms race to top each other in this new field. I suspect in 5 to 10 years people will not know how people got around without AI just like people now can almost not navigate the world without their smart phone.

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Posted in: Space telescope spies neutron star in the debris of famous supernova See in context

Wow this is amazing! Can't wait to see what the future hold for astronomy in the coming years as technology evolves in a rapid pace!

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Posted in: 88-year-old peeping Tom arrested for voyeurism at women’s bath at Miyagi inn See in context

I am impressed by the fact a 88 year old man could even climb 2 meter partition but the fact he thought he could get away with saying he didn't do it to peep at naked ladies but to check the structure of the bath house of only the ladies just makes me laugh.

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving woman’s body on road where she was fatally hit by taxi See in context

Man I feel bad for the taxi guy, he was just doing his job and bam unwittingly commits man slaughter. He must be traumatized.

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Posted in: Man given prison term for food prank at beef bowl diner in Osaka See in context

I find it funny in a country that mosaics everything that the one thing you would think they would blur or at least put a black bar over their eyes and dub their voices they don't and post it as is. What is the point of these "pranks"? Do people online really get that much of a kick out of watching these yahoos doing unsanitary things in a public restaurant? Also how is the guy filming getting fined more then the guy who committed the act? That part makes no sense to me.

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend arrested after her 5-year-old daughter dies from hypothermia See in context

I tried to look up this article in Japanese and what did i find? In ynews they had deleted it and other news outlets also deleted it from their sites. Why are they trying to hide this type of news? I find it strange that top Japanese news outlets tend to not report this kind of news and even seem to go out of their way to hide it

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend arrested after her 5-year-old daughter dies from hypothermia See in context

They must be both mentally unstable to think leaving a kid in the shower for 4 hours let alone cold shower in the winter would be a good idea in any situation...

Death would be too good for them let them suffer in the same way they did to the child over and over again.

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Posted in: Woman gets 9 years in prison over death of 2-year-old granddaughter due to neglect See in context

Who leaves a 2 year old alone for 11 hours?? Also who goes to to any amusement park for 11 hours? Why did she not just bring the 2 year with her? Did she really believe that a 2 year old was capable of taking care of itself? Also how old was the biological mother? 47 is pretty young to be a grand mother already.

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Posted in: Soccer player Ito sues accusers for ¥200 mil over sexual assault claim See in context

MarkFeb. 21  09:39 am JST

Quo PrimumToday  08:54 am JST

the online news site Daily Shincho reported that Ito is suspected of getting the two women drunk

Getting them drunk?

Did he physically force the alcohol down their throats or something?

It's ridiculous when anyone ever says, "Somebody got me drunk."

Nobody gets you drunk except you. You are responsible for how much alcohol you choose to consume.

I thought women were strong and independent -- isn't that what we're constantly told these days?

Well, ladies, if you're so strong and independent ... don't blame someone else for YOUR choice to drink too much!!!

Rape is rape whether the victim is drunk or not.

What I don't understand is if both parties are drunk how is it he raped them? Couldn't you also say they raped him? In cases were both parties are drunk why is it always only the ladies that couldn't give consent but the men can?

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Posted in: Why Apple is pushing the term 'spatial computing' along with its new Vision Pro headset See in context

Well the apple vision pro is not for everyone but it did succeed in one thing, that is to bring more people into the VR/AR experience. Most people think of things like the meta quest as largely a toy used to play games but with the apple vision pro it seems more and more people are seeing this as more of the future of everyday use devices like the smart phone. In a couple years when they make a more consumer friendly version that is smaller and cheaper there will be people around the world wearing headsets walking around and it will be normal.

I personally can't wait for something like the Xreal smart glasses to be the norm and so i can have similar experience but don't need a bulky headset.

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Posted in: Google rebrands its AI services as Gemini, launches new app and subscription service See in context

“We have the best model, today even,” Nadella asserted during an event in Mumbai, India. He then seemingly anticipated Gemini's next-generation release, adding, "We’re waiting for the competition to arrive. It’ll arrive, I’m sure. But the fact is, that we have the most leading LLM out there.”

Nadella needs to calm down with his lies like ChatGPT hasn't been dominating the AI space lol. Google is desperately trying to play catch up to the point it has the likes of Nadella talking out his bum. Instead of lying he should show what Gemini can actually do and how it is better then microsoft or Elons Grok.

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Posted in: Tech CEOs told 'you have blood on your hands' at U.S. Senate child safety hearing See in context

This is the same as violent video games are to blame. Or its all that rap music or its all that rock music. Parents will blame everyone and everything to keep the blame off themselves when in reality, who was it that bought those kids those smart phones? Who was the ones not paying enough attention on their kids and what they see or have access on their phones?

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Posted in: Editing memories, spying on our bodies, normalizing weird goggles: Apple’s new Vision Pro has big ambitions See in context

The picture used in this article is not the apple vision pro it is the cheap knock off that you put your smart phone in and is not even close to what even the quest 2 looks like when you wear it. That being said the apple vision pro is not meant for the normal consumers like the first iPhone was not meant for consumers. It is meant for developers and prosumers who will build apps for future devices that will be cheaper then this head set. That being said VR is not going anywhere. In fact its getting bigger but i wouldn't expect anyone who isn't in the VR space to see the raise in where this tech is going (as well as AR tech)

I was definitely one of those people who when the smart phone came out was saying "I will never buy that thing it's too expensive and all i need is a cell phone to make phone calls anyway" but know i have 2 in both my pockets and wouldn't dream of going back to flip phones or any other style of cell phone. As the tech progresses it will get cheaper and more main stream any using it will be no different then using a smart phone now.

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Posted in: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry finally stops using floppy disks See in context

i laughed out loud when i saw the headline for this article. But at the same time not surprised in 2024 that the government still uses floppy disks ( and the computers that can use them). I haven't even seen a CD player in years even most game systems don't use cartridges or CDs most things are digital. In the this day and age people government or otherwise using such old tech is mind blowing

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Posted in: 3 foreign-born residents sue over racial profiling by Japanese police See in context

I was curious what the Japanese side of this article commenters were saying and so i went to the same article on ynews https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/f2591f786f7e836d7efb5d03293a6c0ce1ca4f18/comments

Of the few I read before posting this comment i was not surprise to see comments like.




> それを斜めから、俺の見た目で判断してるんだろう、と言う態度を取れば怪しくなるのは必然かと。

Basically if you look out of place whether you're Japanese or not better be prepared to get stopped by the police because it is for the safety of the Japanese people. I myself being half African and Japanese have had many annoying encounters with the police some more severe the others but i have lived in the US and will take a annoying Japanese cop over a trigger happy American cop (who are also racist) any day. But i do hope these guys win.

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Posted in: One month on, Japan quake survivors, businesses struggle to rebuild See in context

I wonder how may other places in Japan are prepared for a big quake or tsunami. Now would be a good time to start preparing in other towns near the ocean at least.

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Posted in: Lunar night puts Japan's lander back to sleep See in context


A few questions about the image which leaves me scratching my head. Maybe someone can answer them?

Why no stars?

The foreground and background are both in focus. How does that work?

Why the pixelation along the line where the foreground meets the background? Also on the right side of the lander and hilltop if you zoom in.

Why is the middle of the image saturated in light? Studio lighting?

Where are the solar panels? The lander looks to be upside down.

1 Why no stars?

The reason why stars are not visible in pictures taken from the moon is due to the camera settings used. Most cameras were set to capture the moon's surface or astronauts in focus, not the dimmer, distant stars. The stars are there, but they are too faint to show up in the photographs. The camera settings, such as exposure and dynamic range, are adjusted to capture the primary subjects, making the stars appear dim or invisible in the background

2 The foreground and background are both in focus. How does that work?

The ability to capture the foreground and background in focus in a picture is determined by the camera's aperture, focal length, and distance to the subjects. A smaller aperture (higher f-stop number) and a shorter distance to the subjects result in a larger depth of field, keeping both the foreground and background in focus. 

3 Why the pixelation along the line where the foreground meets the background? Also on the right side of the lander and hilltop if you zoom in.

The pixelation along the line where the foreground meets the background in the picture taken by the Japanese moon lander could be due to a variety of factors, including the camera's image resolution, bit depth, and the merging of rendered foreground with a separately rendered background. The unconventional optical properties of the lunar surface can also affect the reflectance models, which may contribute to the distinctive pixelation. Additionally, the autonomy of the spacecraft and the camera coordinate transformation relative to the spacecraft can play a role in the quality of the image

4 Why is the middle of the image saturated in light? Studio lighting?

The middle of the image taken by Japan's SLIM moon lander is saturated in light due to the spacecraft's solar panels being illuminated by the sun. The spacecraft's solar cells faced westward, which affected its ability to receive sunlight, initially cutting its operations on the lunar surface short. The final image taken by SLIM's navigation camera on Jan. 31 shows the surroundings before dusk, with shadows cast upon a slope of the Shioli crater, its landing site on the near side of the moon

5 Where are the solar panels? The lander looks to be upside down.

The Japanese moon lander, SLIM, landed upside down, causing its solar panels to point in the wrong direction and leading to a loss of power.

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