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@alphaape I have some questions: Do you really think more guns in Japan is the answer? Who do you know that is frothing at the mouth because they can't get a gun quick enough? Isn't it obvious that criminals can get guns easier than others? Isn't it that way in any country in the world? Even in the US where they may as well sell them in vending machines? What were you really trying to say? What's the reason for the need of more guns in this society? What do we really have to defend ourselves against? I don't think we need guns to fight off fluorescent lighting.

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She may have died of drugs, but none of us know that yet, so let's be careful to keep our speculation just that, and not make accusations until we know the facts. I never was a fan, just respected her talent and thought it was a shame when she had her struggles. But she did try to fight back and I believe she deserves our respect until we know the truth (which will probably be after the Grammys). The Japanese media should do the same because some have already jumped the gun and have associated her death with drugs—very irresponsible reporting.

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@Nippon Nation There was no cultural misunderstanding. She lives in Taipei and speaks Mandarin fluently—she understands the culture. It appears to be a simple case of drunken disorderly conduct.

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