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Lowly, I completely agree with you.

And this writer is acting like this is the first time we're seeing "dumb people" - as if this is some sort of revolution.

Every generation has its critics saying that "things are going down hill from here" and that "it was better in my day." And what do you know? We're still here.

I don't think the "kawaii" example is very good either. It's not even close to what Orwell describes in his novel, and is a counterpart to an extremely common thing around the world; in other words, every language has a general purpose "good" word.

And what is this talk from ninjaboy about communist agendas? Please. Japanese people do not believe everything they're told, even if it might look like they do. The fact of the matter is Japanese people are very polite and focus on preserving harmony - therefore, they're not going necessarily going to challenge everything they think might be wrong.

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