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I have seen lots of comments that blame Japanese government for denying the comfort women issue. But I have never seen that they officially denied the existence of those comfort women. I think some mass media tend to distort what they actually said and the fact that they have apologized many times. Especially Newyork Times desired to destroy Shinzo Abe's regime. NY always implies as if Japanese government have never apologized to those comfort women and denied the history. The fact is that Abe keeps saying he won't deny the statement for comfort women issued by former government. People should know that Japanese government have never published any statements that deny comfort women issue. Who denied Japan's wartime atrocities? The media is the one who really wants japan to deny the history because they need something to blame. They actually deny the fact that Japan have already apologized and compensated for Korean comfort women. Also,Korean government is an evil because they never suggest the specific solution for this issue so that they can blame japan forever. When Asian women fund,which was set up for the compensation, tried to send the victims some money and letters for the apology by Japanese prime minister,some Korean nationalistic organization disturbed it and ordered comfort women not to accept the compensation because they want to keep blaming Japan forever. They said "it's not true apology. " But,What is true apology? They must show Japan specific ideas that can make them satisfied. Why don't they do that? It's because they don't want to lose this diplomatic card that can undermine Japan's value in the world.

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