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@couversaka Except then wouldn't they have pistols too? 10 guys with bats can take out one person. One person with a pistol can take out 10 people. Don't be naive.

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If you have to pay your wife for sex, that's just sad. True, men shouldn't take their wives for granted, and maybe paying them to make a bento would make them feel more appreciated. But lots of girls quit their jobs after they get married, and are living for free anyway with the guy. While he's out working to pay for the apartment, the least she could do is keep it clean and not complain about it.

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Yeah, I completely understand these old men. Who do these young women think they are, thinking they can "do what they want", "have rights", and "fall asleep on the train without having perverts look up their skirts". They should all be locked in towers, and definitely not be educated. Put them back in their place, oyaji-san.

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Somebody who's sitting at home smoking marijuana is no threat to anyone else. Marijuana is not a poison, like some people are saying. It would take physically impossible concentrations of marijuana smoke to cause anything resembling an overdose. Nicotine and alcohol, however, are very real poisons. Yet they're legal in most places. The arguments for keeping marijuana illegal are all very weak, from "it's bad for you" (many legal things, such as McDonalds, are), to "if everyone smoked no work would get done" (the same thing can be said about drinking alcohol). Ultimately, the argument against marijuana use comes down to one group of people (who think it's bad) trying to impose their morals/opinions/beliefs on others. Which is more destructive to a person's life: 1. Smoking marijuana occasionally, which MAY make them lazy (or lazier, since it doesn't change your core personality), or 2. taking a person to jail, so that they lose their job, and putting their kids into protective custody? Seriously, why are some people unable to look at this objectively in that way? If I want to eat a Big Mac every day and die of a heart attack by next year, that's my choice. The same way, if I want to sit down and smoke marijuana occasionally in my room, where I'm not doing anybody any harm, that would also be my choice. It's the same basic thing. I heard someone once say that legalizing marijuana would be like legalizing murder. Sadly, this kind of irrational logic is at the forefront of the fight against marijuana and most politicians are too spineless and out of touch to go against it.

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"During the rescue, aid workers also discovered a body under a different car on its side about 100 meters above." Anybody else wondering what's up with this tidbit of info?

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This is the greatest picture ever! Ichiko should get an award!

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