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Jyoonbeee comments

Posted in: Instagram signs deal with major ad agency See in context

Never liked Instagram anyway.

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Posted in: U.S. moves ahead on plan to allow mobile phone use in planes See in context

People can't go a few hours without using their cellular phones?

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Posted in: No. of reported school bullying cases reaches record high 198,108 See in context

People need to stand up for themselves & others. Bullying is cool.

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Posted in: Japanese college students struggle to answer basic astronomy questions See in context

This is pretty sad, but if they aren't taught these things then how would they know?

@Mocheake, American students are more likely to nail these answers. We even have classes for Astronomy in high school. Don't try to call us rich & stupid. Implying every student in America is rich is a false image you've been riding on for your entire lifetime. Whatever helps you rest at night.. I guess^.^

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Posted in: Twitter adds photo sharing to direct messages See in context

Twitter needs to update their mobile sitw.

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Posted in: New volcanic isle here to stay, for now: official See in context

This is good karma.

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Posted in: Man of the moment See in context

They are about 50 throwing up the peace sign. It's kinda cute. xD

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Posted in: 3 found dead in house in suspected suicide See in context

How unfortunate. R.I.P. to the family.

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Posted in: 3D printer boom lures new wave of Japan entrepreneurs See in context

I like the idea. Good for them. I know it'll serve well one day.

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Posted in: Live-action 'Attack on Titan' gets release date, new director See in context

I cannot wait! :)

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Posted in: Osaka gets snow in November for first time in 24 years See in context

Lucky them! :C I want snow too..

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Posted in: Justin Bieber told to clean up graffiti mess in Australian hotel See in context

He only thinks about himself.

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Posted in: Christmas kiss See in context

Is she taking a picture? Lol.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga gets her own Yahoo! Japan page complete with clickable pantsuit See in context

Not a fun of her but it does look pretty cool.

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Posted in: U.S. tells airlines to take precautions over East China Sea See in context

Shooting down a U.S. aircraft would be the fall of China.

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Posted in: Japan boosts military outlays to counter Chinese navy See in context

The Chinese are a bluff. Plus, they'd be stupid to start war with Japan or anyone for that matter.

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