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K.kawanp comments

Posted in: Abe says he is ready to be more assertive against China See in context

Japan has been too kind for china for several decades. Now is a time to follow international low and rule for Japan. And seems like Chinese govenrment does not know and understand international low at all.

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Posted in: China criticizes 'self-deceiving' Japanese politicians See in context

What two nations are required to solve territorial issues is that they have to make effort to solve territorial dispute even Senkaku island is absolutely Japanese territory as historical evidence shows. Two nations just have been shouting to insist their right not in front of each other. China might choose a way to take back their island by millitary forces someday, or they just keep coming nearby island by battle ship or something. If Japan shoot something to Chinese battle ship when its coming to island, then Second Japan-sino war would be happened. It is worst result of territorial dispute. I am pretty sure that china cannot control themsleves because they cannot even control thier domestic politics. Then Japan has to have a big courage to "NOT" fight back.

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Posted in: Annual Autumn Festival See in context

Pray for our ancestors.

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Posted in: S Korean leader criticizes Japan during Hagel meeting See in context

Japan does not need to change, apologize, compensate, and so on. Our insistence has been based on international low and historical facts such as Asian woman fund and Japan-South Korea basic treaty at 1965 even what South Korea has been insisting does not have enough evidence and lack of reliability. S Korean leader should have leaned how her father succeed to make their economy developed. He could not make it without supporting from Japan. Stop using anti-Japanese sentiment and policy to get support from people in Korea. Anything is allowed in South Korea if its related to anti-Japanese activity. You may misunderstand that Japan makes Northeast Asia confused. The countries which making Northeast Asia confused is North and South Korea on Korean peninsula. Just know it.

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Posted in: S Korean leader criticizes Japan during Hagel meeting See in context

Seems like South Korea never ever done the bad things in their very short history after the end of Japanese occupation. If someone asks "What about what you guys did in Vietnam in Vietnam War?" to her, how she answers it? It will be really interesting. She has been saying that Japan has to apology and compensate for War victims officially like her quotation, if they look at what Japan has been doing such as Asia woman fund and compensation of Japan-South Korea basic treaty, they would understand that Japan already did enough things even if Japan did wrong things before. All the things are South Korea's mistake such as not add about comfort woman in treaty, not disclose about existence of Japan-South Korea basic treaty until 2002 for people in South Korea, and not spent pretty penny(sorry for using infamous word) for war victims. They actually spent it for their economical development. That is one of reason why their economy was getting developed rapidly. They actually can just cut our relations off if they want, but they cannot do that because they really depend on Japanese market and company.

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Posted in: China military tells U.S. not to encourage Japan over isles See in context

As basic knowledge about USA is that they do not concern for Japan-China territorial dispute. Thats a first thing that China must take a memo, and even they request to USA to not support for Japan, they often mention about that to USA in their official talk, which means they always provide unsuitable topic that USA does not really care from themselves. Taking back the island is actually almost impossible plan for China historically and currently cuz of current situation and criticism by international society to caution their violent actions in Asian region.

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Posted in: 'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaint See in context

Unfortunately, even prime minister stated that current situation of nuclear plant is under the control, thats difficult to prove because if you look at what exactly have been happening around there, nobody can be sure that there is no influence by polluted water which has been blowing to the ocean, however what French media has been painting about that cannot be allowed and forgave.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over murder of Japanese tourist in Turkey See in context

Thats really nonsense news. I just watched a news the reason why suspect killed and knifed them its just because their bicycle touched his car. My heart is really hurt. Two girls who are gonna graduate soon, and get into their new brighter life, and at that time they were travelling to see new world which they never seen before. They must have done a part time job to make money for their travelling plan. Before they were off to Turkey, their parents were worried about them, but at the same time, they must have felt that their child is not little kid anymore, but they were killed and knifed. Even one girl still alive, her damage will not be removed forever. Criminals must be punished by heaviest low.

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Posted in: New Komeito leader urges greater efforts to build trust with Japan's neighbors See in context

I guess there are million people who wish that government does not persist in historical facts which no one knows what exactly happened and what true things are, but government does not really care about peace. What they care when they have to face with other countries politically is mostly for diplomatic profit and pride. Even neighbors should be friend, there is no profit to get along with China diplomatically.(except North Korea issue) China is clever, but they often act just like a child in the sea, so If Japan compromise something which is related to territorial dispute, then everybody can know that china will not start to get along with Japan diplomatically. Keeping distance is better way than any other things now.

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Posted in: China: 2020 Olympic success will depend on how Japan faces its history See in context

"Japan should learn how to behave" thats really surprising catch copy for me cuz if China looks at what they have been doing in the sea of Asian region such as violent actions by their battle ships, then they can know that that kind of statement is really shameful, which means they do not know what exactly other countries think toward China. They also do not know how to behave.

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Posted in: Olympic bid a high-stakes gamble for Abe, Abenomics See in context

If you can calm down, and see which city is the most suitable place to held on Olympic, then it must be Tokyo. I dont know how many of you have been to Japan before, but its one of the safest city in the world. But things which Japanese government has to concern for Olympic is anti Korean demonstration by anti Korean people around Tokyo. That goddamn thing makes image of Japan worse.

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Posted in: U.S. envoy on North Korea to visit South Korea, China and Japan See in context

Mutual corporation with South Korea military is going to be necessary alliance to deal with North Korea issue.

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Posted in: Obama, Abe discuss Syria crisis See in context

Japan will answer to USA to support their military intervention to Syria. It might be better choice to support them to maintain Japan-US relations, but at the same time Japan has to consider about what exactly military intervention means. In situation of Syria, anti-government organization has been fighting against official government to insist their political insistence. The reason why US will be there is just because governmental military forces may have used chemical weapons, so if US goes there, then they would support for anti-government organization.

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Posted in: Kono urges Abe to stop being coy over Yasukuni Shrine See in context

If you see the characteristic of three races, then you can clearly see what difference between them is. Their ethnic background, religion, and educational policy is totally different, that is why to reconcile and resolve their relations exist as almost impossible task to deal with. Just keeping this current situation and finding a point of compromise may be better.

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Posted in: Talks between China and Japan at G20 unlikely See in context

So many historical documents which are related to territorial disputes between Japan and China exist. No one knows which country has a right to control Senkaku island, but in the real, Japan has been controlling that island by arranging police men and Japan coast guards on the sea. It is just like as same as current condition of Takeshima even history and process of Senkaku island is totally different to compare to Takehsima island. Finding a point of compromise over territorial dispute could be one of the way to solve it, but it is not the best way for Japan because international society will trust Japan more than China which has been having many of territorial conflicts with many countries in Asian region. NO negotiation, NO compromise, NO agreement. Just keep this current situation.

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Posted in: Aso compares Senkakus dispute to Falklands See in context

Japan needs to keep their effective control on Senkaku island as South Korea is doing it on Takeshima(Dokdo) island. The neighborhood countries has been shouting over governmental official statement which is related to historical issue and territorial issue, but what Japanese government needs to do to unify domestic opinion is that announcing and showing their strong will to Japanese people. They have to do what they believe even ROK and China gets angry to hear that.

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Posted in: Japan beats California 6-4 for LLWS title See in context

Little Japanese baseball players became a world champion again. It is just because "Only American" baseball team is in the same level as same as Japanese baseball team. Then why major league baseball is a little stronger than professional baseball league of Japan? it is just because other countries has been sending good baseball players to MLB for a long decades. Usually American kids experience many kinds of sports while they are student, thats why they dont really practice only for baseball, but Japanese kids who plays baseball usually practice only for baseball almost every day, thats why Japan official team has became a champion team in WBC twice in a low even team of USA has physical advantage more than Japanese players, but Dominican Republic which is champion team in 2013 WBC, their players has been playing baseball to earn a money because their country is kind of poverty, so they usually try to be player in MLB to support for their family. That kind of hungry spirit is the big difference. Japanese baseball players have a physical disadvantage to compare with other players in American countries, so how they can win in international tournament is that they have to practice more to gain their skill.

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Posted in: Uneasy partners Japan, S Korea join U.S. air drills See in context

Thats good to hear. The militarily alliance of JPN and ROK is extremely important alliance toward nuclear provocations of DPRK. Even two countries still cannot make a mutual understanding for historical disputes, the militarily alliance should be tied up.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan begins talks on territorial dispute See in context

If that talks can be succeed for both of Japan and Russia, then it could be deterrent on pressure of China toward Japan. Russia is going to be first country which might be able to face to unresolved territorial dispute.

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Posted in: Constitutional watchdog hints it won't block Abe on military changes See in context

Someone already mentioned that Abe is the best prime minister that Japan never had before. I think it may be true because Democratic Party which was previous main party just destroyed our diplomatic policy toward ROK and China and make JPN-US security treaty weaker. Abe is actually only the politician who may be able to break away current situation. Other countries are really sensitive what Abe does and remark which may be looked like provocations toward ROK and China. I do not know whether it is right choice or not, but something has been changing since Abe was selected. In my opinion, there is one more politician who might be able to reform our diplomacy. It could be Shigeru Ishiba. If you can be selected as prime minister, then something could change more.

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context

When they look at what Japan has been doing for ROK, then they may be able to know that they disclosed about Japan-South Korea basic treaty to their people who did not know that both of countries finished to fight over claims, disputes, and conflicts which happened in Japanese occupation period and world war 2. Japan tried to accept painful compensation and release some governmental official apology and prime ministerial apology to ROK some times before. What ROK has to face is that what they have been doing in their domestic.

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Posted in: Cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni Shrine; Abe sends offering See in context

I can see some people's comments which are not understandable such as blaming Japanese politicians who visited to Yasukuni shrine. These people needs to understand about history and definition of Yasukuni shrine, apology history, and real aim of ROK and China. They do not protest about Yasukuni visits for their people that much. Their real aim to protest about that is only for their diplomatic negotiation toward Japan. They usually use "anti-Japanese" as their policy as just a performance. If politician stop visiting Yasukuni and other things which China and ROK does not want Japan does, then ROK and China pushes to Japan more. What LDP of Japan should do is that taking back our state in Asia, and showing strong attitude to deal with China and ROK.

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Posted in: Abe skips reference to WWII remorse in his speech See in context

What Japan learned from experience of World War 2 is not having a War against US because every countries except Japan knew that Japan cannot be a victorious nation of World War 2. Even Japan is sometimes blamed that Japan just follow US, but making Japan-US relations worse is the biggest thing which Japan must not do to survive in this current situation with ROK and China.

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Posted in: Abe may make offering to Yasukuni Shrine through representative, media report See in context

thats not so bad news for Japan, but not so good. I think Abe believe that ROK and China does not have a right to protest against visiting Yasukuni shrine, at least ROK. (China may have it). If Japanese politician stop visiting Yasukuni shrine, then how many of you think that ROK and China would change their anti-Japanese policy and their attitude? If Japanese politician stop doing it, then ROK and China would judge that Japan abundant to keep doing provocations, which means whatever they request to Japan, then Japan just follow ROK and China. Japan should not bend in the face of strong opposition of China and ROK. Japan should follow what they have been believing. Yasukuni shrine visits is totally a part of internal administration of Japan, so no country can protest it even Japan already finished to apologize and compensation. If anyone who may think that Japan never done that kind of things, then just learn what Japan did after World War2, and let me know why you think that Japan never done that kind of things enough.

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Posted in: Abe's China overture at risk if cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni See in context


You are also the one who should learn about Japanese politics history more. You do not know what democratic party did while they were main policy of Japan for 3 years, right? I can know that you do not know that visiting Yasukuni shrine is included political strategy by seeing your comment. You guys usually say that Japan stop doing everything which looks like provocations toward ROK and China, but all we have to know both of sides of insistence to discuss about historical issues. The people like you does not reach to level to discuss about historical issues.

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Posted in: Abe's China overture at risk if cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni See in context

@ IRobin. I strongly recommend that you should learn about definition of Yasukuni shrine for Japanese people more. Visiting Yasukuni shrine is to show respect to the war criminal? Thats a totally one sided opinion of people who does not really research about definition of Yasukuni shrine. Seems like you do not know what ROK and CHN have been doing to protest against Japan in their country. Why does Japan have to allow all the shit what they have been doing against JPN and stop doing what we believe? Visiting Yasukuni shrine is counted as one of the strategy toward ROK and CHN. Just leave comment after YOU get enough knowledge about that. See ya

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to hold talks on territorial dispute on Aug 19 See in context

That is a good news which might be a new progressive for both of countries over territorial issue. The four islands which are located in North area of Japan island is in similar situation with Takeshima issue with ROK because even Japan also insist that the four islands are Japanese territory, Russia has been controlled it for several decades. If you visit to there, then you could see that the four islands are totally part of Russia. what difference between Russia and ROK is that whether they are willing to improve via talks or not. The deep corporation with Russia could be deterrent to DPRK for Japan, so Japan should face to the four islands issue, and keep trying to improve it, but on the other hand, the corporation with ROK may not be bale to achieved in next a hundred years. ROK even never tried to improve relationship with Japan. They always say that " there is no great future for country that never regret for past mistakes", " Japanese provocations is the biggest cause why Japan and ROK cannot get a mutual understanding". If you look at what exactly happened in the past, then you could find Japanese apology, compensation, and huge scale of economical support. Even ROK spent the money which came from Japan for their economical development, they never showed an appropriate attitude, moreover they hide Japan-South Korea basic treaty until they disclosed it for their people in 2002. Japan also may not be good to improve two countries relations, but ROK also needs to re-think what they should do for their future.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 68th anniversary of atomic bombing See in context

@80393 I am talking about humanitarianism. How many times have US had nuclear experiment so far? Why only 5 countries are allowed to have unclear weapon legally? Even US-JPN has tied up military alliance, why they repeat to rape in Okinawa basis? I do not say that no one have their honor and pride as strongest country, but an image is created from your behavior, attitude, and what you have done. US has been avoiding to take a responsibility for past mistakes. Before US push Japan to let them stop provocations such as prime ministerial visits to Yasukuni and other things, they should re-watch what they have done and what they have to regret to take back their honor and credit which were lost by Iraq war.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 68th anniversary of atomic bombing See in context

If you look at insistence of US why they launched nuclear weapon to Japan is to make it finish before many of people die, however so many people died by their carelessness action, and after that US just controlled Japan as a victorious country of World War 2. US just have strongest military and economy. They do not have their honor and pride. If they have it, then they must not have launched unclear weapon to Japan and had a meaningless war in Iraq.

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Posted in: Abe's China overture at risk if cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni See in context

ROK and china have been protesting prime ministerial and governmental visits to Yasukuni shrine for a long time. Interestingly, the countries which protest about that is only ROK and China in this huge world. Actually, paying big respect to ancestors is normal thing as same as you visit your parent's tomb every year. The insistence of ROK and China over Yasukuni shrine is that A war criminals who were leading Old Japan are in Yasukuni shrine, which means that is a symbol of militarism of old Japan, and people who were killed or damaged by old Japan during war are still hurt by visiting r existence of Yasukuni shrine. Then what about Japanese citizens who lost their family by war? I think what ROK and China have been doing toward Yasukuni shrine is illegal of policy of "non-intervention in the domestic affairs of another nations. If they are against that kind of action which hurt to people sentiment of war victims, then why they are planning to make a memorial day of Hirohumi ito who was first prime minister of Japan and killed by assassin of ROK? It is also bad action which can hurt Japanese people. Before you complain about something of foreign country, you guys should look at what you guys have been doing toward Japan.

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