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This kind of non-sense news by China is really sad to hear. Chinese people must know why Japan also insist that Senkaku island is Japanese territory as same as China insists about that, and Japanese people also must know that. After both of countries know that, two countries might be able to have a conference officially. In my opinion, China is just like a same as North Korea even China is second biggest economy country and contribute for world economy because whenever they show their unsatisfactory toward foreign country, they usually choose to show that in bad way such as killing fishermen of Vietnam and attacking to foreign ships illegally. If China continue to do that kind of action, then China should be removed from permanent members of UN because that kind of country which does not have a moral should not be in important position in international society. JPN should be it instead of China.

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First of all, the funny thing is that ROK official government is always just like a hysterical woman toward only Japan. Second of all, I do not really understand why they think it is provocation of Japan to ROK. No country cannot interfere to Japanese internal administration. Japan just researched how their citizens think about territorial issue. I think Japan should break all the economical ties for ROK, and lets see what will happen after that.

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China currently has too many disputes with many countries, and the funny thing is that they insist about their right of territory without certain evidences which looked like made by Chinese themselves. Even china tries to seek a way to solve their disputes in peace way, everyone are sure that they will not be able to achieve it unless they change their attitude.

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I can see some anti-Japanese comment here. Even elementary school students know that neighbors have to corporate deeply, but people who always persist in past never known it. If ROK does not want to talk to JPN or continue to show their attitude like people who wrote mess comments here, JPN should should renounce all the economical ties, alliance, corporations, and relationship for ROK. Then they can know that ROK cannot stand by themselves unless JPN supports them.

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Greatest baseball player ever. hope he will come back to baseball field as manager again

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Posted in: Hashimoto, Ishihara to stay on as Japan Restoration Party leaders See in context

It must be. Japan may need such strong leaders even they are kind of right wing guys.

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