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Posted in: We want hunters to be able to fire in urban areas if the situation is right. See in context

Hunters are not first responders.

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Posted in: Netflix to air live NFL games for first time See in context

Go 49ers!

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Posted in: Indonesia's Mt Ibu erupts, spewing ash clouds See in context

Air travel prices to increase.

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Posted in: Godzilla leather wallet will make you feel like King of the Monsters and lord of fashion See in context

Looks good, but a monster price tag.

I'll stick to cash in my shirt pocket, driver's license and library card in the car sun visor.

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Posted in: EU reaches tentative deal on Ukraine aid coming from profits of frozen Russian assets See in context

The frozen Russian funds are $225b but they're drip feeding a meagre $3b to help Ukraine.

Ukraine is on a defensive footing and need all they can get to hold the Russian advances.

From body cam footage I've seen, it looks like a modern WW1 trench grinder of mud and shell-shock.

The Korean War ended up the same in 1953, and no progress has been made since.

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Posted in: Putin begins 5th term as president, more in control of Russia than ever See in context

Stevie Seagal's hair tints have reached a new intensity.

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Posted in: S Korea discusses joining part of AUKUS pact with U.S., UK and Australia See in context

South Korea has been on a readiness footing since 1950, a solid defence industry and compulsory military training. A leading partner in the Pacific.

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Posted in: Enjoy 'conveyor belt' sushi at home See in context

Buy two and put glasses of beer on the other.

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Posted in: What do you think is the best plot twist in movie history? See in context

"Not sure how to say this, but, Luke, I'm your dad."

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Posted in: Make bath time more fun with the Magcase waterproof smartphone holder See in context

Catch up on the news or short videos as you relax into your bath after a long day.

Don't. Daily ablutions are a the only private affair you have so enjoy them as such.

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Posted in: Musk says Tesla will unveil robotaxi in August See in context

Driverless taxis are exciting - many potential improvements in safety.

Conversely, I've read that they struggle in fog and rain and when they are not booked, they park and clog up side streets.

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Posted in: If a job applicant is not sure how to dress for an interview, what should he or she wear? See in context

I haven't interviewed anyone face to face who didn't dress formally

However, with Teams/Zoom, I've interviewed several candidates in t-shirts. sweatshirts and a onesy. They weren't bad candidates, but when you have two similarly experienced candidates and one takes pride in their appearance, it often reflects in their work (not always, but most often). So those that do dress professionally set themselves up better.

So if you are having a first round Teams interview, dress as well as you can and smile.

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Posted in: Japanese drivers try to break through in Formula 1 but face linguistic and geographical barriers See in context

Because English acquisition is critical to driving cars exceedingly fast.

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Posted in: Bodies of 6 foreign aid workers slain in Israeli strikes transported out of Gaza See in context

You name it, the IDF have killed it, but where are the hostages?

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Posted in: Not having job flexibility or security can leave workers feeling depressed, anxious and hopeless See in context

Previous research suggests that women and people of color experience unique workplace stressors that harm their mental well-being.

Also under: so what else is new.

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Posted in: Finland is world's happiest country for 7th straight year: study See in context

Why don't our governments maximise happiness?

Amazing what people want their politicians to provide them.

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Posted in: Should you be concerned about flying on Boeing planes? See in context

Personally speaking, it's the airline that I prioritize.

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Posted in: Number of Americans filing for jobless benefits remains low in a thriving labor market See in context

The Labor Department reported Thursday that filings for unemployment claims for the week ending March 9 ticked down by 1,000 to 209,000 from the previous week's 208,000.

The math is off.

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Posted in: The noise problem in conflict averse Japan See in context

I think this is why the Walkman was created in Japan.

Before that, there were radios and tape decks that had earphone jacks, but Sony made one small enough to be truly portable.

Not all the time, but sometimes, it is so enjoyable to see daily life accompanied by your favourite soundtrack.

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Posted in: Nowadays, for fear of child predators, it is no longer considered safe in many countries to let young children go by themselves to and from school, to a friend's house, play in parks or at the beach, go to shops and so on. What was it like when you were growing up? See in context

For my community, for boys, it was a sign of weakness to be accompanied by your parents.

And parents fostered more independence and confidence by trusting them to know the dangers.

Then again we didn't have the internet which I believe has made children very vulnerable.

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Posted in: New Zealand court orders millions in fines and compensation over deadly volcanic eruption See in context

Contrast this to the involvement of the NZ govt's safety agency in NZ's Pike River Mine disaster, where many miner's bodies have been left in the mine. Common political hypocrisy and corruption.

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Posted in: Execs at 4 major Japanese insurers to take pay cut over price fixing See in context

Much like the Toyota, Hino, Daihatsu emissions fraud case. Just told to stop production so that authorities scanned a few files. Then given the all clear to start the factory again.

Yet the average citizen is docked for parking their mamachari in the wrong spot.

They're always greasing the wheels for more corporate evasion.

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Posted in: Michigan cop's mistake leads to $320,000 deal with Japanese man wrongly accused of drunken driving See in context

Fowlerville - an unfortunate town name in this instance.

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Posted in: From gold records to gold coins: George Michael now honored with commemorative minting See in context

trademark aviator-style sunglasses, complete with his blow-dried locks and razor stubble

Still in vogue in India and Pakistan.

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Posted in: Australian police investigate Taylor Swift's dad over alleged assault See in context

Free Papa Swift.

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Posted in: Italy hits post with last-gasp penalty and draws with France in Six Nations See in context

Garbisi guilty of rushing that kick. He really needed go though his rituals to gather his focus. Shame to miss that opportunity.

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Posted in: Reddit strikes $60 mil deal allowing Google to train AI models on its posts, unveils IPO plans See in context

God help us if AI is training on Reddit.

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Posted in: The Japanese look at the West and see that mass immigration is hardly helping ailing economies like Britain, France, and Germany. Japan's national cohesion also makes for a very liveable and safe country, unlike Germany or the UK. See in context

The Canadians that leave are a loss to Canada but will be welcomed anywhere, I'm sure.


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Posted in: Which Japanese convenience store has the best 'onsen tamago' hot spring eggs? See in context

The firmer white from FamilyMart is my pick.

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