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Posted in: Reddit strikes $60 mil deal allowing Google to train AI models on its posts, unveils IPO plans See in context

God help us if AI is training on Reddit.

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Posted in: The Japanese look at the West and see that mass immigration is hardly helping ailing economies like Britain, France, and Germany. Japan's national cohesion also makes for a very liveable and safe country, unlike Germany or the UK. See in context

The Canadians that leave are a loss to Canada but will be welcomed anywhere, I'm sure.


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Posted in: Which Japanese convenience store has the best 'onsen tamago' hot spring eggs? See in context

The firmer white from FamilyMart is my pick.

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Posted in: Continuing to eat cup noodles and other high-salt foods can lead to high blood pressure, which combined with the mental stress and disrupted lifestyle during evacuation can lead to life-threatening problems such as a stroke. See in context

Unfortunately, canned and long life foods are the main items supplied in the initial stages of disaster relief, due to the unsanitary conditions.

People in Gaza are getting very ill because they have can only access canned rations for the past few months.

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Posted in: Middle-age homeless sleeping in cars or cafes due to soaring cost of living See in context

Why is a dentist out of work?

It seems he's suffering from depression.

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Posted in: Amazon argues that national labor board is unconstitutional, joining SpaceX and Trader Joe's See in context

If folk had honour, these companies would be boycotted.

However, as consumers are so shallow, they'll still support these inhuman parasitic businesses.

So it'll only get worse, unless people start showing SPINE.

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Posted in: IEA warns on plummeting oil stocks See in context

OPEC will always flex its oil supply with demand to keep prices favorable, and keep storage costs low.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift reaches LA in journey from Tokyo to Super Bowl See in context

Looking forward to the game!

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Posted in: North Korea scraps all economic cooperation with South Korea See in context

aerially obliterate north korea.

That box was ticked 70 years back.

During the the Korean War, 635k tons of bombs, including 33k tons of napalm, were dropped on North Korean targets.

The U.S dropped 500k tons in the Pacific theatre in WW2.

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Posted in: Why Taylor Swift's globe-trotting in private jets is getting scrutinized See in context

Go 49ers!

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Posted in: We lost sight of our important values and priorities as a result of prioritizing expansion of scale and the same thing is now happening at our group companies. See in context

The group companies include Hino and Daihatsu which also lied about emissions, fuel economy and safety testing.

Simply systemic fraud.

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Posted in: Hungry sea otters helping save California's marshlands from erosion See in context

Otters aren't marsupials.

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Posted in: U.S. House panel recommends $17.6 billion in military aid for Israel See in context

Just add it to the $34 trillion debt (bigger than the combined economies of China Japan, Germany, India and the UK).

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Posted in: Six Nations lacking some star power as Europe's top rugby teams reset in new World Cup cycle See in context

I'm putting money on Farrell to head hunt for another season, with "mitigating circumstances" getting him another jolly good talking to.

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to junior high school girls in Himeji park See in context

Now he'll have to stick it out in prison.

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Posted in: U.S. scientist brews up a storm by offering Britain advice on making tea See in context

A friend who worked part-time at IHOP back in the day said they added a pinch of salt to the coffee to smooth it.

With tea, I like the bitterness and that's why it's a good thirst quencher.

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Posted in: Japan Airlines gets first woman president See in context

Congratulations. Tottori joined JAL in 1985, gaining almost 40 years of experience in the airline. She has been acknowledged as managing the COVID disruption very well.

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Posted in: WHO appeals for $1.5 billion to address global health crises See in context

The WHO should be at Davos right now, asking the important people there for $1.5b. That's chicken feed for that group.

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Posted in: Somber Bethlehem marks Christmas with vigil See in context

Hope always flickered amidst the ruins.

The representation of the grotto in the photo is fitting.

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Posted in: Cyclists can pose risks both to others and themselves. We expect people to ride bicycles in a way in which they can fully hear the sounds around them. See in context

Many folk like to cycle and listen to Tom Jones. It's not unusual.

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Posted in: Eddie Jones denies betraying Australian rugby after taking charge of Japan for 2nd time See in context

Jones's tenure with the Wallabies was far worse than most expected.

Through this year's season, the team was always in Jones's shadow and at the end his scrappy relationship with the media was cliched and out of step with the results.

However, he's a free agent and as a professional coach, he has the right to find a new role, and I think it suits the Australian union, too.

Best of luck to the Japanese team and Edward Jones.

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Posted in: How the Christmas pudding, with ingredients taken from the colonies, became an iconic British food See in context

Like so many adaptations around the former empire, it includes some American ingredients: pecans and cranberries as well as bourbon...

Of course...

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Posted in: Australian government hopes to rush through laws that could detain dangerous migrants See in context

The problem is not with the migrants in Austiral the poblem it with Australian society and the administration.

Today, the largest city in New Zealand was deemed the most unsafe in Australasia. So NZ has some issues to sort out too.


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Posted in: Good profits from bad news: How Kennedy assassination helped make network TV news wealthy See in context

That's an interesting article.

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Posted in: 'Dreamnight' program enables disabled kids to enjoy zoo visits See in context

If diurnal, hopefully the animals get some sleep. Doing two shifts will burn them out. Not to mention the poor conditions.

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Posted in: Roger Waters claims 'Israeli lobby' blocking his Uruguay, Argentina hotel stays See in context

Waters, one of the highest-grossing touring artists of all time, has long criticized Israel, urging a cultural boycott and flying an inflatable pig emblazoned with the Star of David at his concerts.

Criticism of Israel is fair, but criticism of Hamas is seriously needed in the same breath.

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Posted in: Bestseller Musk biography to be adapted into film See in context

If Nicholas Cage was involved, and I waited for a half price session later in it's season... I'd probably watch it.

However, they say Kathy Bates has similar facial features to Musk... though, Cage looks better in a black leather jacket.

Difficult call.

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Posted in: Civilians flee north Gaza as Israel agrees to 4-hour daily pauses in fighting See in context

As of Monday this week, 4,104 children have been killed in Gaza, 1,270 missing, probably buried in rubble.

I am impressed by the generosity shown by Israel

And you DARE to talk about ethnic cleaning…

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Posted in: Western-style toilets have become widespread, and many students are not accustomed to using Japanese-style latrines. See in context

If you have to go, you have to go - doesn't matter what you're perching on.

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