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Posted in: Russia throws human rights accusations back at U.S. with Ferguson unrest See in context

a low class country like Russia I love Russia and disagree it is a low class country. Compare with what and which parameters to apply? In fact Russia is one of a very few countries enjoying the luxury of implementing its own domestic and foregin policy without necessity of "consultations" with US/EU.

where people can protest heavily Human rights accusation of Russia, China or other countries by US is nothing else but double standards applied in favor political benefits. US should put its own house in order first.

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Posted in: Russia proposes building natural gas pipeline to Japan: Nikkei See in context

I think pipeline natural gas supply to Japan is a good idea. In any case potential gas supply volume would not exceed 15% of overall Japan gas consumption and thus would not be a decisive tool in Russo-Japanese political agenda. On a flip side, it may significantly reduce nation energy bill paid by gas and power companies for imported LNG and more importantly will provide a leverage to reduce prices further in negotiations with LNG suppliers.

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