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Posted in: Chidorigafuchi cemetery See in context

So, why doesn't Japan to try and identify the unknown via DNA? As for Yasukuni, why is it still a Shinto Shrine? They went against the emperior, top of shinto. Seems to me that they should no longer be a Shinto shrine. Wonder what the dead think of enshrining criminals with them, some who caused their unnecessary deaths.

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Posted in: DNA sequencing transforming hunt for new drugs See in context

What a load of crap. This may or may not help and is extrremely expensive. Just more money for the drug companies. Nothing like a $200,000 drug/per dose. Or upping the price of an old drug to match a new drug where neither is better than the other..... Sloan Kettering did a test and complained so the drug company drop the price. But now is looking to see if the new drugs are any better. So you may live 01% longer for 50%, is that really better?

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Posted in: Pepsi Strong See in context

Don't like Pepsi especially since the company doesn't care about people. Coke is at least taking the coloring out of it product. Not sure what it will look like with the brown coloring. Coke is also less sweet. Regular Coke and Pepsi is better than the diet ones with even more chemicals that may be harmful...don't know because never been test or appoved for human use.

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Posted in: Japan proud of its high-tech toilets See in context

Maybe they will add a medical part that take samples and analyze them... "Please see a doctor, we see a problem. We have already sent the analysis ". Now that is high tech and no privacy as with most medical care in Japan. But the seats are healthy but not sure about using them in areas with water shortage problems.

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Posted in: The Kong Show introduces some terrific burgers See in context

I guess Hyatt want to kill off their customers. Since when is chester cheese fries an American dish?

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Posted in: Takata air bag recall doubles to nearly 34 million See in context

Don't understand why replace the defect part with defect parts? Since they don't know why or how to correct the problem, is replacing the part doing any good. Is the cars with Takata air bags safe if they don't understand how too make a safe airbag? Seems like we will see more recalls in the future. The with the US Supreme Court, since the ruling the companies are like people, why isn't anyone in Takata being charge with murder? They knew the problems for years and so did Honda.

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Posted in: Japan ups ante in race to boost influence in Asia with cash See in context

For a country in 200% debt, this makes sense.

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Posted in: Japan takes S Korea to WTO over Fukushima-related food import restrictions See in context

Well, japan stopped US Beef imports over Mad Cow for longer than ever needed. So, Korea should to be allowed to Japanese imports if it wants. The J-gov has done little to stop the contamination of the oceans so maybe the world should stop Japanese imports until J-gov takes responsibility and at least stop further contamination and Mitsuo yiou are talking crap if you thing radiation from the sun, which we need, is the same as the radioactive particles from Fukushima. If you think they are the same, then eat the pork from the wild bores in the forest of Fukushima.

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Posted in: WWII kamikaze base to seek UNESCO recognition for pilots' documents See in context

The Kamikaze were a waste of manpower. It takes at least 4-5 years to train a good pilot and some idiot general is going to ask for volunteer, knowing that they can't say no to protect their family. Kamikaze were not brave, they just did what they had to do protect their family from the Japanese Government. It is recognized by UNSECO, it should be for one the worst acts a government did to it's own people. At the end, they were using kids with only days of training like the 9/11 terrorist, their leader only cared about a one way trip. Kamikaze pilots were murdered by their own government and it was a useless effort once the good pilot were gone. Just sad!

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Posted in: Nazi letter to Soviet wartime agent found in Japan See in context

It was stupid of Japan to execute Sorge. You don't execute spies since they can be handy to have. But Japan never had any good spies. The Kempeitai were not too brutal even to it's own citizens and useless unlike the SS. Sorge may have the greatest spy in history.

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Posted in: Full auto pilot: Is it really necessary to have a human in the cockpit? See in context

Don't see it. You need multiple backups. Also, it is not true that 80% are BECAUSE of human error, It may be a contributing factor but all crashes have more than one factor. Usually several factors as weather, controllers, mechanical, etc. The last crash at SFC was related to pilot error, auto pilot, mechanical issues on the ground, etc. Today, pilot rely on auto pilot too much and with inexperienced crews, they don't know how to fly without assistance. US has less of a problem because of DOD but there is a worldwide shortage of pilots so the next time you fly....... ask how much experience the pilot has. The most lifesaving crashes as in the Hudson and Rapid City was by very experienced pilots.

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Posted in: 450 mostly Western scholars press Abe on war history See in context

Abe can't acknowledge Japan's pass since that would be that his grandfather was a war criminal. Probably the same goes to many conservatives, skeletons in the close....

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Posted in: Fukui court upholds nuclear power plant injunction See in context

Wow, the Japanese courts made a reasonable decision against Abe's irrational push.

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context

Germany never gave up on a on a osprey type aircraft, they built many and even a jet version. Japan had the Kayaba. As for JAL123, a factor was the hard landing a year before that damage the tail and rear bulkhead which needed repair. No one notice that the rear bulkhead was not repaired properly which should have been obvious to any inspect, one row of bolts instead of two. Nothing really wrong with 747's but a reason for replacing them with 787's is fuel savings. New planes use less fuel per passenger.

But if Japan really wants the US to leave and cut loose Japan from all defense agreement. Japan can deal with Russia, China and N. Korea by themselves. If they get attacked, too bad, since they will loose again any of them. It would be good for GM and Ford.....

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Posted in: Nazi letter to Soviet wartime agent found in Japan See in context

And that is one of the reasons Japan lost the war. If they attacked the USSR, things may have different. But the IA was afraid of the USSR army. But tactically, Germany could have won if Japan joined them. After all, the Germans got into Moscow and Stalingrad. If the USSR army had to divert some of it's forces to fight Japan..... It was also failure of intelligence on multiple levels for Japan to have started a war with the US. It showed that the J-gov had no clue except for those who objected.

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Posted in: Japanese worry over Osprey safety after fatal Hawaii crash See in context

Big deal. The accident as with most aircraft crashes was on landing on a US Base, so how does that effect Okinawa. They just want an excuse to fight the re-alignment that the Japanese government wanted. Okinawa wanted the base for an airport but don't want the re-alignment. I think it is a base idea to use the base as an airport but idiots are idiots.

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Posted in: Should the abductee issue be part of the agenda for the six-nation talks on North Korea’s nuclear program? See in context

The abductee issue more t;he fault of the Japanese gov (LDP) then North Korea. After all, they let NK into the country and established relations and did not protest their own population. If you vote for the LDP you are voting for NK, Since they have won the last too elections, you must not thing this is important and it has nothing to do with the nuclear talks. There are other countries involved and if Japan could not or would not have protect their children then there is not to blame but the gov, same for nuclear power in Japan. I think they wanted nuclear power so they could make a nuclear bomb. They have all they need to make one. They question is have they made one or not, it would take a short time to make one.

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Posted in: Japan makes a start on sharing lessons from nuclear crisis See in context

What lessons? Japan has not learned any lessons. They don't have a true regulatory agency in charge of the Nuclear Safety, they are political appointees. Still don't know if any power company has implemented the 1978 recommendation from 3 Mile Island. If they had, Fukushima would not be this bad. It is still ongoing. And the fact that TEPCO is still in charge is just insane. They proved they can't manage it and the government is letting and others manage it. It is also crazy that Japan 2 electrical systems.

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Posted in: Narita airport ends ID security checks for non-passengers See in context

I never had a problem driving through security, they usually just waved me through. Haneda used only do domestic flights but now it ls like before Narita but without the security. The Olympics should increase security not decrease it. Don't see how camera's help if you don't know what the terrorist look like. It may be good after the face but then it's too late. I suppose it not possible to defend Narita or any of the airports, especially Kansai. All you need is a surface to air missile and Haneda is a better target since you ware more likely to have the plane crash in a populated area and you can do from a boat. Japan isn't secure on it's shores so anything can come in and out. When security checks passports and id they are also looking at the person more than the id. Is there something suspicious. But now there will be no checks and we will see how good Japanese security is in the coming years and especially during the Olympics.

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Posted in: Tokyo considers removing overhead power lines in run-up to 2020 Olympics See in context

Above ground poles are dangerous on narrow streets. Although they would have to redo all the infrastructure. The should have separate underground runs with manholes for power, cable/telephone, and the water and gas are separate issues but it may be time to upgrade them. Now a days, there are ways to take account for movement with some conduits being flexible. May be a good for the Japanese to infrastructure industry to upgrade or create something new. At least some parts of Japan may be entering the 20th century of infrastructure.

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Posted in: Windows 10 coming to 190 countries, 111 languages See in context

I thought you can get windows 10 now in the US. From what I heard, MS is going to that idiotic database model, Oracle subscription model. So they will give you the upgrade for free, you pay later. BTW, windows 7 service pack 1 support ended January 13th. I have windows 8.1 but haven't done much with it, probably since at work, we still use 7. I prefer linux anyway. But then I like a secure PC.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor orders halt to work related to U.S. base relocation See in context

Okinawans had a chance back in the 1970s when they could have become an independent country again but they voted to rejoin Japan, a country that always treated them as second class citizens. If you talk with old time Japanese, Okinawans are not seen as Japanese. Okinawa was an independent country until the last 1800s when Japan took them over. So by rejoining Japan in the 1970s, Okinawans have lost all right to Japan. So if you don't like the base, you only have yourself to blame.

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Posted in: 58.4% of high school seniors say they don't like studying English See in context

I learned English is less than an year. Of course, I was 5 at the time but by Junior High, I graduated with an award in English. I found the grammar rather simple. In High School, the English classes were repeating what I had already learned. I did teach English conversation in College. I think children need to learn a language in the way children learn. They learn how to talk first and learn grammar more formally. In High School and College, I took German. I only did it initially because it was a requirement. But I was fun latter. Of course, now I forgot most of what I learned and can't write German script any more. I also took Japanese in college to re-learn what I forgot. I hate kanji, I always thought it was stupid for Japanese to use foreign, Chinese, characters when it has nothing to do with the language. After taking Japanese linguistics, because of kanji, Japanese lost some sounds, "we" type. It also made Japanese have more homonyms. Language was not a subject I really liked, I preferred Math and Science. Didn't much care for history or social studies but now I appreciate history after seeing how the Japanese government are tying to falsify even though there are plenty of evidence. It is similar to the stock market, most people are followers and will lose money since when they decide to get in is after a run up and time to get out. The housing crisis in the US in 2008 were seen by some as early as 2006. When a friend in 2004 asked me about buying a house for investment, I told him that if he did, he should sell in 2007. Everything you study can be used. Information is power. The more languages you understand the better. Computer languages are not that different than human language, the format or grammar is very similar. What complicates human language is the cultural rules around them, not the language itself. Of course if your teacher can not speak the language properly, it is a lost cause.

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Posted in: Bill submitted to lower voting age to 18 See in context

Seijin no Hi and the age of majority will be 18? So Japan will no longer call 18 year old a child? And they can get driver licenses? They can drink too?

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Posted in: Sunken WWII battleship Musashi found in Philippines See in context

I major flaws in Japanese aircraft was the lack of armor plate and self sealing wings. It killed more Japanese pilots than should have so Japan lost too many skilled pilots. Also the US didn't really concentrate on the pacific war until after 1942 and concentrated on the European front. The Japanese Naval codes were broken before the war began so 2 US aircraft carriers could sink 4 Japanese carriers. It didn't help that Japan didn't use any of their planes to cover the fleet. Japan knew the industrial strength of the US and still attacked which probably lead to the defeat of Germany. Japan should have attacked Russia which had better odds for the Axis power to have won the war. The US was neutral and would probably not have entered the war if Japan didn't attack. England also knew about the Pearl Harbor attack but did not inform the US since they wanted the US to enter the war. As for the Yamato class ships. It seems that the armor plate did not go below the water line and since no plans exists, it is hard to sat how good the ships really were.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to S Korea slashed while giving lecture See in context

I don't think that the US being in Korea has anything to do with a reunification problem; US troops are still in Germany and they unified. It may have more to do with Koreans than anybody else.

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Posted in: Sony plans to launch virtual-reality headset in 2016 See in context

That is too late Sony. I think you need fire you board of directors. And I thought Sony sold the rights to OLED to Samsung?

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Posted in: Sunken WWII battleship Musashi found in Philippines See in context

I doubt that a Yamato class ship can be raised with a displacement of over 69,000 tons. Only 2 were built and a third converted to an aircraft carrier. The were basically white elephants since they were really useless by the the time of commission and Adm Yamamoto didn't want them but those in charge of the Imperial Navy still was in the old world. The third was converted to an aircraft carrier but on the way to Kure for final fitting it was sunk. Once the Musashi was sunk, the Yamato was laid up at Kure until it was decided to have it go on a suicide mission to Okinawa with no escorts. It was sunk on the way. Yamato and Musashi were sunk by aircraft, and the Shinano was sunk by a US submarine. Adm Yamamoto probably knew that battleships were out dated since he studied at the US Naval War College in 1924, 3 years after Billy Mitchell proved the superiority of aircraft over ships which in a way got him court martial-led. So stupidity was not limited to just to the Imperial Japanese Navy adminalty but included US Navy Adminalty as well.

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Posted in: Takata to double output of replacement airbags See in context


Basically they still don't know why so why is the replacement any safer?

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Posted in: Prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov shot dead See in context

You think the shooters could have done this in from of the Kremlin without Putin's OK? The only people that can get guns are the gangsters and the government. That makes 3 critics down.

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