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Posted in: Taking precautions See in context

Ridiculous! Please change the legend of this photo immediately. Dust from the reactor? Please. You can see the radiation data yourself - it's never exceeded normal limits and has been declining constantly since Tuesday.

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Posted in: Meet Aki, queen of the 'gyaru-mama' See in context

She's quite hideous. She must be trying to compensate for something with all that junk on her face.

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Posted in: 70,000 commuters delayed by quarrel over cell phone on train in Chiba See in context

Regardless of cell phone manners in your home country, the RULE on trains HERE in JAPAN is no cell phone use, especially in/around the priority seats. People talking on their phones are breaking the rule. The rampant abuse of this rule is frankly an indication that Japanese people as a whole are losing the sense of group mentality, and are becoming self-ists. It's the decline of a group moral sense of responsibility. Sure, people always violated rules in Japan - but usually when nobody was looking. Now, it's become public - particularly on trains.

What people also forget is that phone use is not just an inconvenience to others, it is potentially dangerous to those (few?) with pacemakers - the reason phones should not be on at all - even for texting - in priority seats.

Blame Japanese people and blame JR. Unenforced rules are useless.

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Posted in: Nailed again See in context

This photo is so small you can't see any nails, let alone faces. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Welcome, Red Army! See in context

Preposterous that China attacks Japan? Dude, they already did - in the Senkaku Islands. Expect more as China's hunger for resources beyond its borders increases.

China is a cauldron of oppression to its citizens. The only ones that could come here legally are the 2% or so that are elite or connected that have access to money, good jobs, and permission to travel. And, yeah - plenty of illegal immigration already that Japan either can't or won't control.

Don't worry about Chinese inability to visit Japan. Worry about Chinese inability to have a say in their government and daily lives.

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Posted in: Why do you think that Christmas decorations and illumination displays are put up so early in Japan? See in context

It's the same everywhere, because Xmas here and in the US and all the other celebrant countries is all about commercial, consumerist orgies of shopping.

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Posted in: Hooters to open first Japan restaurant in Tokyo on Oct 25 See in context

Who needs this? It's just another TGIFridays and lowers the bar even more.

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Posted in: Who wants to work abroad? Almost no-one See in context

16% is almost no one? Geez, that's an inaccurate statement. Despite the fact that this has dropped, 16% is still very high for a nation of xenophobes. The biggest issue right now may be that any salary Japanese earn in foreign currencies amounts to very little in yen. So, those hoping to return to Japan with lots of savings really don't have much to look forward to.

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Posted in: The expat summer See in context

These must be the rich expats, as nobody I know has the money to travel anywhere near this much.

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Posted in: Elderly woman arrested for beating youth sitting in priority seat of bus See in context

Sounds like they arrested the wrong person. The lazy bastard deserved it.

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Posted in: Japan's forestry management system a mess See in context

67% covered by forests? That's BS - not real forests at least. But seriously, Chinese ownership of anything with natural resources is bad news. The Chinese and their 'corporations' can't protect and manage their own resources, and will just develop property in Japan to make money. That will be bad for the environment and bad for Japan.

And cutting 'sugi' is a good thing - good for people and the environment. Their numbers are unreasonably high, way beyond their original natural coverage. Replacing those sugi with less problematic native trees is the way to go.

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Posted in: Camp Zama introduces strict penalties for over-enthusiastic golfers See in context

Given that most of the golfers there are actually Japanese, this seems pretty harsh. I bet they don't do the same for Japanese courses. More double standards for US installations in Japan.

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Posted in: Man punched in face by fellow train commuter over phone manners See in context

Meh - the guy deserved to be punched in the face. It's unfortunate that the guy broke his arm - that was probably not intended.

Historically, the rules were really followed in Japan (at least in public), as you didn't want any embarrassment from disobeying. Now, Japanese have lost their moral compass and just do what they please, because nobody punishes or embarrasses anyone for anything much anymore.

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Posted in: Hunter commits suicide after accidentally shooting friend See in context

There are plenty of natural predators like bear, which are always coming into populated areas due to lack of food. Maybe the problem is that they don't live in the same locations.

I'd like to know how you commit suicide with a rifle in the field, though, without long arms.

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

I don't think anyone credible denies atrocities occurred. The problem is with the scale. It's not clear there were nearly that many people living in that region at that time (150K).

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Posted in: Trial ends for woman who killed son by putting him in garbage bin See in context

They both deserve the death penalty. Hang 'em high!

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Posted in: Train shame See in context

When Japanese people violate these same "rules", other Japanese pretend it didn't happen. So if they treat you differently, screw 'em.

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Posted in: 'The Cove' puts Japanese fishermen everywhere on the defense See in context

The issue isn't whether or not they kill dolphins, it's whether they are killing endangered or threatened species. If these species aren't given protected status - then what are you wasting time for? Any time we kill something for meat - it's not going to be pretty.

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Posted in: Have you ever shopped online from foreign countries? If yes, why? See in context

Both cheaper prices AND because I could only buy want I wanted overseas. And frankly, I don't want Japanese only DVDs. The recording and movie industry here (JRIAA?) makes everything too expensive - even the Japan iTunes store is twice as much.

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Posted in: Japan balks at $2 billion bill to host U.S. troops See in context

Giant shopping malls? This is BS. The buildings are sometimes large and they have food courts but they aren't giant, even by Japanese standards. They don't even compare in offerings to what I see at Grandberry Mall and other Japanese Malls. What an irresponsible and factually incorrect statement.

As others have said, the golf courses, etc pay for themselves. In fact, most (>70%) of the patrons I see at the golf courses aren't Americans - they are JAPANESE. And this also belies the fact that many of the business provide income to Japanese people living in the communities.

And if Japan wants to provide their own security - fine! But don't complain about the Chinese protests over increased Japanese militarization. And don't complain about how expensive it is.

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Posted in: Early blossoms See in context

What winter? This hasn't been winter at all really - just an extended Fall.

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Posted in: Why is there so much criticism of the quake relief effort in Haiti, whether it is of the U.S., Japan, China or others? See in context

I think it's pretty clear there were inexplicable delays. When you realize that Haiti is 2 hrs from the US by plane - it's hard to understand why there wasn't immediate mobilization.

But I suppose you've got to worry about logistics of moving mass amounts of stuff, and stepping on any Haitian sovereignty issues (e.g., Need permission to fly into their airspace, etc.)

The French were P.O.'d because the US military mobilized there as if it were a military operation to take over the country. At least that's what their impression was. Unfortunately, you need something coordinated and that's going to look like a military operation. And unfortunately, security has to be provided as the poverty and level of desperation there is extraordinary.

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