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Posted in: Fire ravages Notre Dame cathedral in Paris; spire collapses See in context

It is not just a Catholic loss, it a civilizational loss. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in the world. It represents a distinct period in history: religious, architectural, philosophical, and cultural. Hundreds of years before explorers set out to discover the Americas, the Notre Dame Cathedral stood. Hundreds of years to create, a few hours to destroy.

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Posted in: Democrats to prepare subpoenas for full Mueller report See in context

A firm belief in collusion. That's the democrat core value.

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Posted in: Facebook chief wants 'more active' gov't role regulating internet See in context

"Regulating the internet" is a euphemism for buying off Congress to produce legislation to limit entry and competition favoring the existing internet behemoth like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, who actually want to control speech. No different than a Carnegie or Rockefeller in their day.

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Posted in: Apple vs Netflix: Why turf wars are flaring in big tech See in context

Apple vs Netflix:

Looks like Apple is out of ideas.  They should be spending money trying to bring Steve Jobs back to life.

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Posted in: Mueller inquiry over, Trump plays favorite role: the victim See in context

History shows incumbent presidents are very hard to defeat, and defeating this one, just got harder.

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Posted in: Republicans intensify counterattack after Mueller probe See in context

Mueller conducted a one sided investigation. He blamed Russians for interference but failed to explain the origins of this conspiracy. He failed to investigate the DNC, Hillary, Steele, Podesta and anyone involved with the dossier and the FISA application. These people created the crime and then blamed Trump and his campaign, however none of these people have been charged.

There has to be accountability for this attempt to subvert the law and conspire to remove a president legally elected by the people. This appears to be a failed coup-d'-etat by the supposed defenders of our Republic.

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Posted in: Apple's news subscription service a mixed bag for publishers See in context

The Journal, famous for its business and industry coverage and commanding nearly $40 a month, will feature "specially curated" general-interest news available for Apple customers.

Many subscribers of the WSJ are upset over this $10 offering, but we've been assured that Apple will only make WSJ articles available for 3 days after publication. After that, they disappear behind the paywall. If that's not the case there will be a mass exodus. Also as far as I'm aware the New York Times already offers 10 articles per month for free to non subscribers anyway.

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Posted in: Hate attack hoax charges dropped against actor Jussie Smollett See in context

$100,000 payoff gets a pretty, gay, black, man, freedom for lying to police. Good to know.

Wonder which election campaign will be getting the next checks?

So much for justice being blind.

The article is misleading. In the US you only need 10% of the bond in cash. So he forfeited only $10,000 not $100,000.

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Posted in: Hate attack hoax charges dropped against actor Jussie Smollett See in context

Buying "justice" in the Windy City is cheaper than I expected.

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Posted in: Democrats demand full Mueller report; Trump says OK with him See in context

The democrat’s conundrum is that if they give up trying to investigate Trump they need to fill the void with tangible ideas that improve the lot of the average working citizen besides juvenile initiatives like the Green Deal, dead-on-arrival Medicare for All and making disgusting anti-Semitic remarks.

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Posted in: Don’t like trigonometry? Then you’re just like Hitler, Japanese high school English teacher tells student See in context

The kid is correct. Trig is waste of time unless you doing a science or engineering degree.

Actually electricians need a basic knowledge of trigonometry when bending conduit.

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Posted in: Mueller submits Trump-Russia inquiry report to U.S. attorney general See in context

This is why Nancy Pelosi downplayed the whole impeachment thing. 

She saw it. 

Diversion to the dem Congressional effort on trying to find obstruction.

Nothing like an investigation looking for a crime.

Once the Mueller report has been redacted and released, AG Barr will announce that he is appointing a new special prosecutor to investigate the FBI and DOJ's actions before and after the 2016 elections, at the behest of Senator Graham.

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Posted in: After mosque attacks, New Zealand quickly bans assault weapons See in context

When you own a weapon and can defend yourself and your rights, you are a citizen. When you do not, you are a subject.

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Posted in: Warren backs reparations for black Americans affected by slavery See in context

If I prove myself to be 1/1,024th African American will I qualify?

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Posted in: Warren backs reparations for black Americans affected by slavery See in context

Oh yeah, this is going to be a winner. Democrats are trying hard to lose again to Trump aren't they . . .

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Posted in: Actor Smollett staged 'hate crime' hoax to advance career: Chicago police See in context

Between the Covington Catholic school video and now Smollett, the media has done Trump a favor: they have shown how truly irresponsible, and biased they have become while disregarding any journalistic standards. Yes, Virginia, fake news exists. 

Secondly, all Smollett is being charged with is filing a false police report. He needs to be charged with a hate crime.

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Posted in: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett charged with faking racist attack See in context

The big story from this incident has nothing to do with Smollett: It is about the continuing decline in the professionalism, accuracy, and objectivity of the media. They are biased, they are bold about it, and they couldn't care less that we know it. A nation needs a competent, independent, and objective media: We no longer have it, and it's a very bad sign for America.

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Posted in: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett charged with faking racist attack See in context

This is what happens when you proclaim you are for diversity and love but in truth you are really about resistance and hate.

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Posted in: Sanders says he's running for president in 2020 See in context

Sanders looks towards the Scandinavian ideas.

They seem to do okay. They outstrip pretty much everyone on the metrics that matter.

Not much crumbling.

They also do not have 10 to 12 million people living there illegally.

While Japan worries about 106 foreigners disappearing off cruise ships.

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Posted in: Sanders says he's running for president in 2020 See in context

Step aside all you simulated Socialists, here comes the real one.

80 year old Bernie Sanders, announcing he will make yet another attempt at destroying the strongest, most innovative economy the world has ever known.

How will the various Socialists differentiate from each other with all of the "free" stuff they are offering? Each of the candidates should have a mandatory trip to Venezuela to see a true worker's paradise and to have a full understanding of what they are trying to "give" to each of us.

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Posted in: 16 U.S. states sue Trump administration in showdown over border wall funds See in context

My suggestion, have the Justice Department file suit against California requesting the $3.5 billion they were given by the Obama Administration for their high speed rail from LA to San Francisco that was recently cancelled. Now that is a chase that will stand up in court.

Hey Moderator, Why are my comments being censored???

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Posted in: Amazon drops New York headquarters plan amid protests See in context

Bezos Shrugged.

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Posted in: Facebook getting its messaging apps to be friends See in context

Advertisers are Facebook's customers, people are Facebook's product. To think otherwise is foolish.

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Posted in: As shutdown lingers, Pelosi pushes Trump to delay State of Union speech See in context

Pelosi is trying to cancel the State of the Union to prevent the world from seeing a vacant chair where Ginsburg is supposed to be.

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Posted in: Democrat Warren takes economic message to Iowa in kickoff to 2020 race See in context

To democrats the two party system has one party too many.

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Posted in: Democrat Warren announces challenge to Trump in 2020 See in context

Like all democrats, she favors higher taxes, like many others, she supports Bernie’s “Medicare for all” and she’d “abolish” and replace Immigration and Customs Enforcement with “something that reflects our morality,” which of course, she doesn’t specify.

 The Warren difference is that she also wants fundamental changes to America’s free-market system. She has proposed the Accountable Capitalism Act, which would require corporations with $1 billion in revenue to get a new charter from the federal government. Most corporations are state-chartered now.

 I don't use the term lightly, but Warren is preaching straight-up Communism, almost chapter and verse from Marx's Manifesto.

The idea of government "chartering" private corporations is right out of 19th Century Germany, and the bright dividing line between Socialism -- which posits use of corporate revenue "directed to the common good," vs. Communism which posits "control of production" and installing government overseers on corporate Boards of Directors.

This is entirely out in the open and unambiguous: She thinks government should run the private economy and direct individual corporate decision-making: That's not "socialism." Not even close.

That's Communism, and we're hair-splitting if we're trying to define the difference between Warren's idea of what "a Republic is," vs. The People's Republic of China.

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Posted in: Impeaching Trump not on House Democrats' to-do list for now See in context

If the new House dems can't get rid of Pelosi, what can they do to get rid of Trump?

Short answer...nothing.

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Posted in: At what cost? Debate swirls on 'giveaways' after Amazon HQ deal See in context

Amazon splits the location of their new headquarters, in part because they can't find enough tech talent in a single city, and Foxconn considers bringing in personnel from China as it struggles to find engineers.


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Posted in: At what cost? Debate swirls on 'giveaways' after Amazon HQ deal See in context

Governor Cuomo stated that he had to offer subsidies to compete against states that don’t have an income tax, though that admission underscores New York's lack of tax competitiveness.

Proof that Democrats know that competitive tax rates is good for businesses and jobs and that high tax rates kill jobs.

NYC had to give Amazon tax payer funded subsidies to artificially create a red state, Florida-like tax environment in order to get Amazon to open up shop in a heavily taxed, heavily regulated, blue state.

They created Amazon's own personalized Florida tax rates in the heart of Queens. If I'm any other business in that area, I'm wondering why I can't get those same subsidies, which are basically lower tax rates...

Every other business in New York City should file a class action lawsuit demanding the same subsidies that Amazon received. It's an outrageous violation of the "equal protection" clause of the Constitution for government to turn one big business into a tax-receiving entity, while taxing the others.

Here's a bit not mentioned:

"The deal between the e-commerce giant and the city and state—an accord which deliberately circumvents the council and state Legislature—includes a clause that obligates the public to "assist the company in securing access to a helipad on the development site" or "in reasonable proximity to the development site."

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Posted in: SoftBank invests in U.S. office space-sharing WeWork See in context

From a Wall Street Journal article last month:

"Since it was founded eight years ago, WeWork Cos. has offered tenants in its locations kegs of free beer, as part of the hip vibe the fast-growing shared office startup has been selling."

Free beer at work, what could possibly go wrong?

WeWork = the emperor's new clothes. The basic business model works but not beyond a certain point because the more successful WeWork's subtenants become, the more likely they will cease to remain clients. In a slowing economy the downside leverage could get pretty interesting.

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