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Posted in: Japan, Australia clash at whaling talks See in context

It's an issue of Japan trying to get protection for their BIG FAT lie of research, and think we are all a bunch of dummies by painting research on their boats and we should be gullible to believe that's what their really doing. I have nothing against fishing but when it comes to greed and excess, its so wrong. I agree its their heritage but back then they would get a few whales to eat, but now huge boats are used to kill hundreds it's so wrong and not anymore about heritage.

Money is the root of all evil..

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors seek life in Briton's death See in context

Fry, Predator

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Posted in: Nissan works on recharging Leaf with solar power See in context

For the enviroment, for our clean future, god speed Nissan, you got my sale.

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Posted in: 78-year-old driver arrested after fatal 9-car pileup See in context

RIP, what a waste. I'd feel much happier if cops here would just enforce the laws and not only give tix when they are told to do so. Instead of raising the tax to 10% target the bad driver, for speeding, going through reds, driving while distracted etc etc, and its a win fall for everyone...

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Posted in: Two men steal quake donation money from Fukuoka 'gyudon' restaurant See in context

It also happened in Kashii part of Fukuoka at Jusco Aeon mall. And it probably happened many other places. Shame on them and release any security video of these low lifes to catch them.

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Posted in: Baby girl in critical condition after getting head trapped in car window See in context

Oh my, bless her. This is one of my pet peeves here in Fukuoka, I sometimes see small children being left alone in cars idling while parents etc are shopping or somewhere else, Ive told shop staff to announce the plate no. and when the parent appears with the attitude its ok, like im only gone for a moment, I bag them out. Anything can happen in a second...It's insane here

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Posted in: 70,000 commuters delayed by quarrel over cell phone on train in Chiba See in context

Oh modern technology brings out the idiots poor mannered, lack of common courtesy and selfish me me me attitude, think of others around you we all pay the same price to ride (most of us that is) so why should anyone else have to bothered by others noise, cheap earphones, make up sessions, phones ringing like alarm clocks, etc etc...

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Their called Micro Four Thirds

a new breed of SLR camera

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Posted in: Woman held for abandoning baby in toilet in Tokyo apartment block See in context

I agree with "my2sense" But also was she thinking she could simply just flush this poor little baby down the toilet (Baby found feet first in a western toilet) Problem solved she thought.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for using spray on bus passengers in Chiba See in context

The Problem is that everyone pays to ride a bus train etc. so why do others have to except or put up with others who are rude. Ive poltely told people to stop using their phone....People talking to each other is OK but in a reasonable manner. What gets me are people who do their personal hygyene things like apply their make up etc... Japanese are usually well behaved and quiet so people who yap on the phone stand out but most Japanese dont complain so these people take advantage of their own people....but the Older people talk very loudly when they talk on their keitai, and the ring is like an alarm clock.....

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Oh common, one a year...ALL IN TOKYO....what about the rest of the country like Fukuoka...I think anywhere they open they will be succesful cos jmen love breasted women. Night life hostess places are over popular here, .... Tokyo is not the center of the universe...

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Hit the road paris and dont you come back no more NO MORE!

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Japan should make those plates easier to read and remember, cos they have the main bold number then city name, another number, and a hiragana character. what about different colours for different prefecures as a start..

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Kimoi...That JLady has no comparison to that classy lady....get off the stage, why do they need jladies always on those movie premiere stages...there not even in the movie.

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Posted in: It’s time to penalize drivers who leave their motors running See in context

Shibly Nabhan, Where can I get those signs so I can start that campaign in my city. Education is the key...

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Posted in: It’s time to penalize drivers who leave their motors running See in context

Bravo Shibly Nabhan, PhD....I live in Fukuoka and noticed this unaceptable problem...they are always thinking bring your own bag shopping is the only way to stop global warming etc. I always approach vehicles and in broken Japanese, ask them if they would not idle and turn off the car. Which 99% do so with a smile, I meet resistance with cab drivers which are a big problem. They laugh it off as i think its old school thinking that even modern cars needs to be on to prevent wear and tear...But most them are senior drivers...One guy had the cab off and we asked hime why and he said its his own cab so he has to pay for the fuel etc. I guess thats something we should take up with the Taxi companies and stop wasting the fuel so they dont complain its so costly to drive cabs, Dont idle, money saved money earned and healthy air for everyone etc. Also Some companies here drive around in Large empty buses as moving billboards...crazy, polluting the air and causing more traffic grid lock. The one company here that annoys me is called "LOVE THE EARTH" a bento delivery company, who by the name is really not loving the earth by idling everywhere while the drivers deliver there product. If you see kids left alone in an idling car call the police right away...that a law here not to do that. Speak your mind.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies in Kawasaki apartment fire See in context

Believe me....there is NO common sense here in Japan. No one thinks what If...I see it everyday here...kids left alone in parks, cars (Idling too), taking buses alone to meet up the other parent and another bus stop....I think they think they did it once and nothing bad happened so its ok. But police dont inforce any type of law here..

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Ive told many Japanese to turn down the volume on the bus, It comes down to CHEAP headphones, you pay for what you get plus you increase the volume in those cheap ones causing hearing damage so you increase the volume even louder to hear it....my headphone buds are isolating meaning they keep the sound in and you dont need so much volume to hear whats playing and no one ever complains...the price is pricey thou 40.000 yen, but the sound is like you are right in front of the band live...

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Posted in: Move over Calpis, Coke releases 'Moo Moo White' See in context

More Junk...

’ but I bet kids would like it too!”

That's not healthy at all....No more SUGAR, FAT, and SALT..It's becoming epidemic = obesity and child diabetes. Stop pushing this junk on us.

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl dies after being hit head-on by truck in Ibaraki See in context

Helmet helmet helmet, could that have made a difference....myself would never let my 6 year old ride anywhere alone, just cos she does it once who know what happens the next time...they don't have common knowledge of safety, BUT drivers are always driving badly, texting, reading and never comming to a full stop and looking the other way rather than both way at side streets.

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Posted in: American man accused of grabbing own kids released See in context

It's About time....Godspeed Christopher Savoie and all the other parents wanting to see and be part of their children's lives. Fukuokafamily.webs.com

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Posted in: Hatoyama pledges on world stage 25% emissions cut by 2020 See in context

Well lets start with all the people who idle their cars while parked, sleeping, eating lunch, Shopping with the car idling with no one inside, or with a child alone inside, all with the ac on, why? cos its hot outside, go inside the store or somewhere they have ac on....Its not good for our enviroment, its not good for people with asthma, and for those selfish people who dont care about others it saves so much fuel ans money...

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Posted in: Sexy female reporters mobilized to cover L&G chairman See in context

Hen na no

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Posted in: Fukuoka: Japan's most architecturally forward-thinking city See in context

Ive been living here for 3 and a half years, and im lovin it. It's also the shopping capital of asia, Even Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio stayed here on there honeymoon. I love spelling "Fukuoka" over the phone to companies in North America or people in North America see the word "Fukuoka" spelt usually thinks it's a bad word at first.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after fall from 5th-floor apartment balcony in Hyogo See in context

So Sad, I know this type of chair my kids have one too, im sure the little girl used it to prop herself up to see where daddy went and sadly fell over the edge, common parents there is no excuse to leave a child alone not even for a second, anything can happen, fire etc...leaving children alone in this country is epedemic and parents should be charged as child abondoment, I see it also when im shopping and kids are crying out for their parents or grandparents and their somewhere else in the store.

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When i was young in Canada i remember a beer shampoo, bandai is targeting the older generation cos the toy industry is not making much money cos of the low birth rate in Japan, i hope no one gets confused and thinks its consumable..."

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Being a father of two kids in Japan, Drivers are very aggressive here, Ive had a few close calls, BUT u must walk beside the kid or right behind the kid not in front Also carry the kid near and crossing at intersections...I see some parents or whoever walking with the child behind them thinking the kid is going to keep up with them...ALSO PLEASE CHECK TO SEE IF THE PERSON WAS NOT TEXTING OR CHATTING ON THE PHONE at the time< IVE seen many mothers doing this with no regard to their child, I feel its 50/50 in this case but the size of the kid and the car Im sure the driver possibly most likely did not see the child, children can change direction suddenly especially at that age...peace out

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Posted in: Cyclists using phones to be fined up to Y50,000 See in context

Good thing, but I hardly ever see Jcoppers enforcing the laws, they just make a law thinking people will just obey it, not. I have kids and just walking on the sidewalk can be dangerous of these gun ho cyclist charging at high speed to down a side walk to make a light or whatever, watch when you walk out of store with one of these morons thinking we should jump out of the way..they ring their bells (which is not allowed also) thinking we should move for their selfish way..peace out

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