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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 5-month-old daughter, causing brain damage See in context

@illsayit " My husbadn doesnt have the luxury of a job that he can take 3 days off. He works 6 days a week. Most people do. And thus the situation where a father is alone with a BABY after he works all week, would not be an easy task if the baby was crying. Some fathers have the luxury oif their job affording them talk with other people, a nice office, and lunchtime and evening intermingling. Some fathers when at work work jobs that require a lot of heavy work, sweat, and no time to think of anything other than what is infront of them. Even a father who works as a cook, or a dentist-have you ever attended one of those places?-their job is busy, one customer to the next, standing around a hot oven, or looking into a mouth constant control of handmovements etcetcetc. So. You who have the luxury of spending 3 days with your child while your wife goes away for a coupe of days earn enough money that you can do that."

I do work 6 days a week, from 7am till 9pm or longer. And I couldn't think of anything else rather than what's in front of me. But when my family needs me, I forget everything about work and give my attention to my family. Yes, I get home late every night and when my daughter was still a baby I used to eat dinner with one hand while I carry her on the other hand. And you're right in saying that we all have our prerogatives. I've exercised mine and I've chosen to give up my job together with all the benefits and security that I was getting from it and settle for something that's giving me more flexibility with time. I guess it's really a matter of personal choice and your husband just happened to choose his job than his family.

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Posted in: Man arrested for shaking 5-month-old daughter, causing brain damage See in context

@illsay it Do you have a child of your own? Well, I assume you don't have. Don't you know that even fathers can have and give the same emotional attachement to a child just like what a mother can give? It's just a matter of willingness on the side of a father if he really wants to do it or not. I now have a 9-year old daughter. When she was about the same age as the little girl on the news, she was left with me alone for a couple of days because my wife's grandmother passed away and I told her to go with her mom for the funeral. Although we wanted to go attend the funeral as a family, we decided not to because my wife's grandmother was living too far from Tokyo and there's no Shinkansen nor airport in the area. Nothing happened with my little girl. I didn't shook her when she was crying because I'm fully aware of what to as a father. Raising a child is not just a resposibility of a mother, even at that very young stage. Fathers can get attached to their child and do the same role as what mothers are doing, except for the breast feeding part of course, if they are willing to do so. Education is necessary for parenting especially here in Japan.

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Posted in: M4.8 quake jolts Ibaraki, Tochigi, Saitama, Gunma See in context

I thought I was dreaming1!

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Posted in: 20,000 protest outside Noda's residence over nuclear restart See in context

@Clemen Simons, If you can understand Japanese you might want to clikc on the link below. It's from last Friday's TV Asahi's 10pm News. 20,000 was the number when I arrived at Nagatacho around 6:30pm.

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@Star-viking What scientific proof do you need? Those researches weren't done by just anyone like you might be thinking of. A lot of Japanese scientific experts were involved in those studies. The main problem here is politics and not the large storage system nor the erratic power production system you're talking about. It all politics.

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Posted in: 20,000 protest outside Noda's residence over nuclear restart See in context

Many people commenting here are not aware that there are lots of researches that had been done even before the Fukushima crisis started. All those proposals for alternative power sources proved that Japan can sustain its power needs even without relying on NPP's and fossil fuels. Nothing has been implemented because those people on the seat wanted to push the use of NPP's for their own benefits. And I don't think I need to elaborate on that, everyone knows what I mean by those benefits. CHANGE is a word that people in the parliament are always ignoring and scrapping from their vocabulary. Most old Japanese people don't want to accept and make changes. That's why this country is not moving on. With regards to energy use, a lot of electricity us being wasted everyday and people are not aware of how much waste they are making each day. There wouldn't be any power shortage if everyone could learn how to use electric power appropriately.

45,000 is a record breaking number of people who went out on a protest here in Japan. It could be the start of the changes that this country needs. More and more people would come out on the streets for sure to have their voices be heard.

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The government and all the power companies knew that there is no such thing as power shortage in Japan. It's all about the power plant operations and of course the use of the NPPs. Without the rolling blackouts and all the energy saving measures it'll be very clear that the country doesn't need NPP's and the power companies balance sheet would be very much affected. And if so, all the donations these government officials are receiving every month from these power companies would be slash off and that's a lot of money for them.

That's also the main reason why they don't want to change anything regarding power resources policies. These people hate changes because changes would mean changing their personal lives. A lot of researches have been done even before the crisis last year started regarding alternative energy sources but all of them were turned down by those officials because of money reasons and of course the amakudari.

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Some people are concern about old people dying of heat because of energy conservation in summer, whether we go on energy conservation or not in summer, every year hundreds of old people die becuase of heat stroke. and last year was no difference from the previous years before the crisis. Most people couldn't see that fact before because there was no crisis to blame. We all put the blame in the past on the weather, specifically global warming.

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randomenigma, since when nuclear energy is considered clean? Most of us are being fooled with this misconception. It's the mass hypnotism being done and promoted by the government of each countries with NNPs and the IAEA that make most poeople think of the idea that it's clean, safe and takes less cost. Until now, they don't have any idea where to put all those nuclear waste, you know. It'd take thousands of years to get rid of all those waste. The pollution they are giving is worst than burning fossil fuels. The cost of maintaining them is unimaginable. Decomissioning them woud take lots of years and lots of money more than any of us could imagine.

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Posted in: Thousands rally in Tokyo ahead of last reactor going offline See in context

Until now not everyone is aware that nuclear energy only made less than 30% of the country's supply. Not to mention that that 30% was when all those nuclear power plants were running at the same time. There were only few times in those 40 years of operation that they were all running at the same time. Before 3-11, those NPP in operation only supplied 18% of the demand which was low compared to fuel sources. That time as well nobody was giving priority to the mass development of alternative energy sources because the government is on the back of these few power companies that operate those NNPs. Now things are changing. Politics has a great influence why we still have those NPPs and they are pretty much aware that the country can survive without them and public disapproval for the NPPs would increase once we survive this summer. And on top of that, these politicians would lose the "donation" they're getting from these companies. And that it's all about. Of course we're gonna keep hearing from them that we have to save electricity this summer and blah blah blah....actually it's not the electricity they wanted us to save but these NPP operators and what they are getting from them.

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