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It sounds like a dream but neither politicians nor bankers and big corporations will ever risk something like this to happen. To feed their greed of money and power, they need theirs slaves: us. We are there to work for them, take credits to buy lots of useless things and work still more and more to pay money back with huge interest. We are supposed to consume poisoned food, breath poisoned air, got shoot in the streets like dogs, sell our houses and cars to pay hospital bills (welcome in the US), vote to have our countries "big again" and especially shut up. Here comes the great western "civilisation". Though of course we are so much better than people in Africa or other underdeveloped countries with real problems. Impossible to compare our (after all) easy and lazy lives with their misery. But I feel sorry for all those old people pushed to work longer and longer. Japanese elderly especially, who worked so hard, with such dedication and modesty and will not be able to enjoy few peacuful and happy years.... Too sad.

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Yeah, they are going to poison us to the end of it... Just to satisfy the never ending greediness of big corporations, Monsanto and the like, and arrogance in improving Nature law's. It will be a disaster again. Humans will never learn... The best for the Earth would be to get read of human race, eliminate to the very last of us before only deserts and coachroaches are left...

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If only it could help... I can unfortunately see a huge difference in Japan between now and 7 years ago. Mountains of trash everywhere (I have seen pet bottles floating in Tetsumago no michi between sakura petals!!!), smelly toilets, bedbugs in hostels, old people in Kyoto buses standing, like sardines close to priority seats where youngsters from abroad, unconcerned, sit between suitcases bigger then themselves, screaming Chinese and Koreans pushing people out of the way to take another photo etc etc etc Where are times you could sit quietly admiring a temple garden in a popular location? I nearly completely changed my destinations: going far up north to small and isolated places in Tohoku, to Asuka instead of Nara and avoiding Tokyo altogether except from the airport. I miss my dearest Asakusa but don't dare to stay overnight anymore after last time when the whole hostel (new and immaculately clean otherwise) was invaded by bedbugs. It is only possible to enjoy the place late at night or at dawn so without sleeping there it's impossible, I gave it up... Still going to Kyoto and Kamakura though, love them too much to stop, but visiting only the smallest and most secluded temples and only sometimes venturing somewhere else early in the morning... I mostly travel in the winter or in summer now, haven't seen sakura for some years... What's the point in the middle of trash and screaming crowds? There are many places which I used to love in Japan where I am simply not going any more as it became impossible. My favourite "sport" in Japan now is trying to find a place without tourists, just local people. It is such a relief! It sounds racist but I became like that when travelling and also having them coming by hundred of buses in the UK, blocking the streets and shops...I met some very nice people, usually individual tourists but when they come in groups, especially Chinese... Of course it's better than terrorists throwing bombs...In Europe we have a huge problem with mass-tourism and environment degrading, people in Venice are sick and tired, there are 500 tourists for 1 inhabitant there, in many other cities the whole buildings are sold to rich people and rented to the tourists, local tenants expulsed.

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Those last years I have been feeling really sorry for people living in Kyoto and other popular locations. Pity for respectful foreign guests trying to learn about Japan too. Politics say it is good to have still more and more tourists in Japan but I am not so sure when looking at pet bottles and rubbish floating in Testugaku no michi (unthinkable few years ago !) or seeing local people on crowded buses and trains where there are sometimes more luggage (so huge!) than people ! I feel like apologizing to Japanese tourists unable to enjoy their (so short) vacation because of crowds of rude and uncosiderate foreign visitors. Nowadays, when visiting, I try to stay outside of the city and only come to Kyoto to see unkown and isolated temples with only few Japanese tourists. We can quietly enjoy the place and the silence or have a nice, polite conversation. It's sadly becaming a big problem around the world: too many travelling people ruining local people tranquility, rising prices and devastating natural and historical sites...

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It should be given to homeless people and to elderly struggling with low pensions. It is truly heartbreaking to see so many homeless people in Asakusa and Ueno... Many of them worked so hard to rebuilt Japan and now are just forgotten by society. Besides there is such difference between their attitude, discreet, modest and full of dignity, and the attitude of the homeless people in Europe. Here (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland etc) people are openly begging and quite often in a very insisting way. It is not uncommun they are drunk and agressive and insult someone who gave them only few coins. I have always wanted to give something to the homeless people in Tokyo, some food or money but I refrained as I didn't want to offend or shame them especially being a foreigner. But my heart always ached at this sad view...

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Oh my God, we are going to have real trains, finally ?!!!

Sad to say that the UK has one of worst and also most expensive trains in Europe. Well in Europe for now as it may soon become some deserted island unfortunatelly, lost in the middle of nowhere :-(

Luckily for train lovers there will be always unique Japanese excellency :-)

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Japan mostly capitulated because Russian started war and they were more afraid of Russian occupation than the US one. It was just a matter of time as Admiral Leahy (one of the very few decent human beings involved into this monstruous war said): 

"The use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender. . . .

In being the first to use it, we . . . adopted an ethical standard common to the barbarians of the Dark Ages. I was not taught to make war in that fashion, and wars cannot be won by destroying women and children. "

So yes, it was all about military show off of the US who wanted to demonstrate their strength to the Russians and also huge economic issue (big corporations involved into atomic bomb production who of course wanted to impress the public opinion and carry on producing the bombs and getting amazing benefits during next decades- which they are still doing). The whole big talk about "saving lives" was just a bla bla covering this sad truth. Men can do anything for money, it's just enough to look at big corporations today... Countless innocent civilians were murdered, Hiroshima was full of school children and students. Survivers were treated as guinea pigs for laboratory experiments: no help was offered by US doctors. So much suffering and pain for the big ego of "the biggest word's democracy" (ha ha ha) and money. But A bomb vicitms are peace loving people, I have never seen such noble, generous and forgiving people, modest, full of deep understanding and compassion: no resentment, no hatred, just the heart felt desire to bring out of their suffernig peace and security to humanity. After meeting Hibakusha and talking to them I had a bit of faith in humanty restored. They should be a lesson and inspiration to all of us...

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