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Posted in: Some House Republicans join impeachment push; Pence says he will not move to expel Trump See in context

Waste of time and energy.  These clowns should be focusing on getting money to the needy, supporting the states in their pandemic efforts and looking at ways of otherwise helping the economy.  Instead they are engaged in silly political gestures.

Orange is not a clear and present danger.  He is almost gone. 

Us politics is broken and its politicians are more useless and corrupt and self serving than they have ever been.

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus rises 29% in Nov; up for 3rd straight month See in context

Suganomics are working.  Plus the virus.

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Posted in: Asian stocks mixed as markets watch for Biden stimulus plan See in context

"economic stimulus plan". = borrow more, print more, shovel more to his cronies and special interest groups.

One reason the markets all going crazy and speculative bubbles in Bitcoin and the like is purely due to this egregious money printing and slack fiscal policy.

Wonder if he will keep any of his promises around reversing tax cuts and the like.

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Posted in: The more people earn, the greater their rate of spending on entertainment and leisure like overseas trips. I suspect cash has been spent instead on luxury goods. The coronavirus pandemic isn't an economic crisis where money disappears. See in context

Crass comments by an our of touch economist.  Just because luxury goods are still selling and the stock markets are going ever upwards doesn't mean no pain.  People not working surely means less productivity.  And people not going out surely means less money in the pockets of those who service them.

The bill for the current hysteria is in the mail.

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Posted in: Apple, Amazon suspend Parler social network from App Store and web hosting service See in context

Never mind.  Plenty of other places to express views without being censored.  Even JT.

Will be ironic when the backlash comes and censorship cuts the other way.

Social media always was an accident waiting to happen, amplifying the worst in both individual users and the various power structures that have an interest in it

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Posted in: French investigators to question Carlos Ghosn in Lebanon See in context

Meh. Lebanon ain’t ever letting him be prosecuted abroad.

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Posted in: 2020 weather disasters boosted by climate change: report See in context

Now that Orange is going and the Paris Accord is back in play, this will soon rectify itself.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 678 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,995 See in context


Get Jacinda Ardern over pronto

Shut it all down

Keep calm and carry on.

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Posted in: Scientists focus on bats for clues to prevent next pandemic See in context

If we leave them alone then less chance of contagion.

These people should be looking at disease research labs as a vector rather than poor wild animals.

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Posted in: Japan says it is seeking closer ties with U.S. after Biden's win affirmed See in context

Only way Japan can get closer is by moving into the West Wing.

I guess TPP could be back on the cards.

Oligarch heaven.

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Posted in: How New Zealand essentially eliminated the coronavirus See in context

Ridiculous article.  Rona will never be eliminated and as soon as restrictions on travel etc relax cases will flare up again.

Plus little mention of economic impact, beyond the house price thing.

As for vaccine certification, how is that going to work? 

And all for a disease that still has a pretty specific impact group and an otherwise pretty low mortality rate....

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Posted in: Surging coronavirus undermines leaders' support in Japan, S Korea See in context

Another piece of evidence that there is no real way to prevent this virus running its course.  It will likely be with us forever, like the seasonal flu.  Vaccine and improved therapeutics will make it less scary, but will likely never eliminate it.

One day I suppose it will no longer be the scary monster that it has been over the last 9 months.

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Posted in: Black 'sand-like' asteroid dust found in capsule brought back by Japanese probe See in context

At least they didn't find an unopened egg.....

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Posted in: COVID-19 deaths top 300,000 in U.S. just as vaccinations begin See in context

Meanwhile, a sea change in Washington is fast approaching after an election that was, in large part, a referendum on the Trump administration’s handling of the virus. President-elect Joe Biden has made clear that his first priority will be a comprehensive and disciplined effort to defeat the outbreak.

I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the new approach.

Joe's speech a moment ago was a bit worrying though.  constant coughing and missing his words.  Hope the Rona doesn't get him before he gets it.......

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Posted in: Maritime Self-Defense Force lieutenant arrested for groping 18-year-old girl on train See in context

Hehe.  I guess he felt tnat at least some of the country should be safe in his hands.

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Posted in: Are you becoming numb to the daily reports of surging coronavirus cases or does it still worry you when you see each day's figures? See in context

Yes a bit over them.  The virus is just not lethal enough in the general population for the level of hysteria and endless media coverage it gets.

Not to say the way it has been dealt with is great either, but media frenzy just doesn't help the authorities to make rational and sensible decisions.

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Posted in: Passengers confined to cabins after Singapore cruise ship detects COVID-19 See in context

Cruises are likely to be the last thing people will feel safe on.  I see a number of the big cruise line stocks have almost doubled in the few weeks since vaccine euphoria took over.  My guess is they will be hard hit by this and ongoing nervousness about US sailings.

Personally wouldn't even go on one pre-Covid, but they were wildly popular....

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Posted in: Biden calls for action on virus as he introduces health team See in context

I don't understand why so much emphasis is being placed on Biden's ability to "do something" when in reality he can't do that much.  The ability to act is almost entirely in state and city authorities.  Look at what he is saying

Please wear a mask

Please accept the vaccine

Please open the schools

someone show how this is any different from that Orange's team were doing and advocating.  In fact the vaccine would likely still be in early trials iif not for Orange's Covid task force......

Poor the USA that they had these 2 old white men to choose from.  And really poor the USA that they chose this particular relic.

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Posted in: Sputnik vaccine aims to bolster Russia's geopolitical influence See in context

What a silly article.  Whoever wrote this is a deluded believer in the whole Russia myth.  Russia is a second rate power - sure it has nukes but so what.  No rational actor is ever going to use them anyway.

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Posted in: Californians endure another lockdown as COVID-19 patients overwhelm hospitals( See in context


Governors and mayors ALWAYS have that obligation.  That is the point.  what exactly do you think the federal government has the power to do?

Anyway, the fact that California has been in some kind of lockdown sine March and is still having this spike tells you a lot.

Must be all od the Trump rallies and supporters causing this......

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Posted in: Japan boosts AI funding to match lonely hearts See in context

What's wrong with the typical Go-kon?

AI trying to match people is unlikely to work.

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Posted in: Michelin Guide unveils 2021 Tokyo star restaurants See in context

Some of these are absolutely excellent.  And there are many others not in the guide that are also superb.  Tokyo is a foodie's paradise.  One of the many reasons I still love living here.

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows 22.9% in 3rd quarter, bouncing back from COVID See in context

Suganomics working already.

And the hard work of the younger generation doing hourly work for minimum wage.

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Posted in: Beatles survivors Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr still making music See in context

Yes they look good for their age and yes it is nice that they continue to do what they enjoy doing.  For my taste the little bit of theirs I have heard is pretty meh.

Ringo was better as the narrator on Thomas the Tank Engine.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 533 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,518 See in context

All interesting debate about stats, but surely the point is that if there are many unrecorded cases but no one knows - not the authorities, not the infected people, then so what?

Chances are this is the same as we are now learning that the virus may have been around for as lot longer than previously thought but no one knew. 

Anyway, my lock it down comment notwithstanding, still seems to me the virus has been far less harmful here - in many ways - than in other countries, especially ikn Europe and Americas.

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Posted in: Make a bold statement with this striking Zero Fighter Model 52 kimono See in context

Agree, this wouldn't fly outside Japan.

And I bet sometime someone notices and takes offence.  Like when that bloke out of One Direction wore a Kyokujitsu-ki t shirt.

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Posted in: Pumas lift suspensions over racist tweets in shock U-turn See in context

Not black but certainly seen as having a bit of "Indio" in him.

Many countries in Latin and South America are pretty blatant in their stratification along racial lines.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 533 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,518 See in context

Shut it all down.

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Posted in: Oscars 2021 to be in-person telecast: Variety See in context


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Posted in: Unveiling economic team, Biden pledges, 'Help is on the way' See in context

I am not hoping for change.  biden is the one who keeps saying that he represents a change in approach.

Your view of the last 4 years is certainly one perspective.  However looking at the list of Biden appointees I would say we are in for more of the same then.

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