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Posted in: House Democrats in impeachment trial blast Trump's attempts to sully rival Biden See in context

They are all a little bit corrupt. Some more than others. This charade just shows them all in their worst possible light.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors hit back at Ghosn's '8 hours of questions' claim See in context

Quite right to hit back. No self respecting Japanese government employee works less than a 12 hour day

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Posted in: U.S. House passes measure to limit Trump's ability to wage war on Iran See in context

I don't believe DT is a NeoCon and I don't believe he wants a war with Iran.  This vote is just hypocrisy.  Obama and the Bushes were not rebuked like this.  Nor did they get prior permission or even consult when they went on the rampage ion the Middle East.

This notion that Obama and Hillary were somehow "anti-war" and anti targeted killings is really ridiculous.  Their track record was totally otherwise.  DT has been a model of restraint thus far.

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Posted in: 'Megxit' trumps Brexit and Iran in UK after royal bombshell See in context

If they think that "stepping back" as "senior members of the Royal Family" (this sounds like some corporate announcement) is going to get the tabloids or paparazzi off their back they are sorely mistaken.  Especially if they still want to make money off their status and celebrity.

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Posted in: Iran downed Ukrainian jetliner, U.S., Canadian officials say See in context

The truth will out eventually.  In the meantime we can all get more and more strident about our own pet theories based on our own peculiar prejudices.

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Posted in: 'Megxit' trumps Brexit and Iran in UK after royal bombshell See in context

Why should he tell the Queen?  It's not like she is his grandma or anything..........

If they end up being cut loose and losing all the protection and whatnot likely there will be some tragedy to come.

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Posted in: Iran downed Ukrainian jetliner, U.S., Canadian officials say See in context

As someone tried to say yesterday, this is indeed all DT's fault.  I like how DT offers his opinion and numerous pposters on here rail at being told by DT to accept it as fact.  Trudeau's statement seems far more assertive as to the Iranians having shot the plane down.....

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Posted in: Lebanon issues travel ban for Ghosn See in context

He would be better off inj France, which doesn't extradite its citizens.

Lebanon gets aid from Japan (anyone see quid pro quo coming??) and is widely considered to be a pretty corrupt place.  Japan has enough spare cash sloshing around tom incentivize them to the tune of a few hundred billion yen.

Ghosn is ghosn to regret doing a runner.

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Posted in: Oscars to go without host for second year See in context

Yup, Harvey would be a good choice.

Or a hologram of (say) Ronald Reagan........

Whole awards schtick and ceremonies are so overblown and self congratulatory.

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Posted in: House to vote on restraining Trump’s actions against Iran See in context

Agree.  I don't remember Obama's every assassination and carpet bombing and drone strike being subjected to the same hysteria and interference.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Still think he will end up regretting this.

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Posted in: Prince Harry and Meghan to 'step back' as senior UK royals See in context

Poor dears!  I have always anyway had a suspicion that Harry is not entirely a Windsor.  look at any family photo of the bunch and he stands out like a sore thumb.

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Posted in: Iran attacks U.S. forces in Iraq in retaliation for killing of commander See in context

How unusual is all of this actually?


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Posted in: In 2018, according to Oxfam, 26 billionaires had as much money as the poorest half of the world. If that's true, what do you think will be the future consequences? See in context

Oxfam say and do a lot of things that are either untrue or immoral.

T'was ever thus - the rich get richer and the poor suffer.

The fever of money printing and the continued entrenchment of crony capitalism have both fuelled this trend.

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Posted in: Amazon revs up auto ambitions with in-car TV, Alexa integration See in context

Now they wanna watch me in my car?  Is nowhere safe from Amazon anymore?

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Posted in: What to do with that leftover bubbly? Some ideas See in context

What the deuce?  Surely Katie Workman can't be paid for this nonsense?

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Posted in: Abe cancels visit to Middle East amid tensions See in context

He should go and use his great diplomatic and negotiating skills to stop the conflict in all these countries.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift puts rancor aside, smashes all-time American Music Award record See in context

Now all she needs is another trophy boyfriend.

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Posted in: Britain's chief rabbi warns 'poison' of anti-Semitism has taken root in Labour See in context

Yes indeed they have many supporters who are anti Israel, Anti Zionist and, in many cases, likely borderline anti-Semitic (or at least mouth lots of anti Jewish tropes).  But the way this is being reported you would think that there are pogroms being launched in the name of Labour across the UK.

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Posted in: CEO of Australia's Westpac bank resigns over money laundering scandal See in context

Agree folks ion Finance have been given a pass at times, but this article makes it sound like Westpac (and other banks) knowingly helped child exploiters and similar.  Actually what happens is banks make millions of payment a day on behalf o millions of customers and they don't always 100% know what their customers are up to.  so more negligence or slackness or inability to put watertight controls over their business rather than deliberate law breaking.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson Hollywood movie reported in the works See in context

Will be a hagiography that ignores just how deeply strange he was is my guess.  Hollywood still more focused on making money than recognizing its own deficiencies and the stresses and strains of an image driven celebrity mill.

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Posted in: Humiliated at polls, Hong Kong's Lam acknowledges discontent with government See in context

Voting for the way in which local services are administered is a great day for democracy.

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Posted in: Trump says he will 'seriously consider' testifying in impeachment inquiry See in context

This whole thing is an utter waste of time and distraction.  DT otestifying would be worth a watch though.

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Posted in: Can global corporations meet 2020 no-deforestation pledge? See in context

No.   But they caould at least support schemes to replant trees in countries that can afford the land.

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Posted in: 4 dead, 6 wounded in shooting at California backyard party See in context


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Posted in: 4 dead, 6 wounded in shooting at California backyard party See in context

Indeed.  This type of gun related incident is indeed comparable with smoking banks and public venues' attempts to accommodate all their prospective customers.  agree with Bungle, this at least feels like it might be non-random and related to some gang issue or other beef.

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Will have to remove Fukushima from any future surf trips.

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Posted in: Aramco declares $1.71 trillion valuation in blockbuster IPO See in context

suckers bet.

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Posted in: Nixon told Kissinger pact allowing nuclear weapons into Okinawa 'satisfactory' See in context

Breaking news.

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Posted in: Britain’s politicians would be wrong to undo rail closures See in context

The current (in my view slightly crazy, but anyway) structure of rail in Britain means that if a private operator thinks they can make money running a service, they should be allowed to have a go.  I guess what is being suggested here is that govt. will have some form of subsidy scheme to make it worth their while.

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