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Posted in: Asia shares trading lower as inflation worries cloud outlook See in context

Uncle Joe doing good as usual. what a blessing he really is!

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Posted in: Yellen's global tax plan meets resistance abroad and at home See in context

Because it was always a dumb plan. The globalists are really getting over their skies on so many things.

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Posted in: How often do you wear face masks? See in context

As little as possible. Occasionally to spice up my romance.

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Posted in: Average U.S. gasoline price jumps 33 cents to $4.71 per gallon See in context

They should go by bicycle like Mayor Pete.

Making comparisons with Japan is a bit weird/. The use of automobiles in the US and the distances people have to travel in may cases makes the comparison pointless.

Cheap gas is like guns in the US - a cultural issue as well as an economic one.

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Posted in: Biden to lay out who's joining new Asia trade pact See in context

More neo lib nonsense that only helps the rich and famous. Biden and his cabal really are going back to the future.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs ¥2.7 tril draft extra budget to fight inflation See in context


You cannot be serious. Buy bonds in an environment where rates are rising? Buy a bond that yields (say) .25 % when inflation is north of 5%? Wouldn't want to have your pension fund.


sorry but your example is spurious. Money printing IS inflation - inflation of the money supply. Which almost always leads to price rises (actually not a rise in the value of the good being priced but a devaluation of the currency being used to buy it).

JL - over the past 30 years there have been a number of factors that allowed developed nations to export inflation and that led to dramatic increases in prosperity in the receiving countries. Those days are over.

Covid accelerated this because so many countries accelerated their printing. Ukraine is a red herring in the discussion of price rises.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan hikes inflation forecast on soaring energy prices See in context

Ultra loose policy with inflation back for good.

These people are either crazy or deliberately criminal.

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Posted in: Scholz says Germany seeks closer ties with Indo-Pacific See in context

Now everything is apparently tied to Russia/Ukraine.......

Germany is so in bed with China it is ridiculous.

They can always build on the last alliance with Japan that ended in 1945.......

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Posted in: South Korea to end outdoor mask mandate See in context

Slowly slowly science and common sense prevailing around the world.

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Posted in: Osaka to enact 3-month base water rates exemption as bills soar See in context

Water prices are up due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

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Posted in: EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine See in context


You can't detect the sarcasm? Did you see that headline I referred to?

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Posted in: EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine See in context

Russia doubles fossil fuel revenues since invasion of Ukraine began | Russia | The Guardian

Sanctions clearly working. and Russia's economy clearly imploding....

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Posted in: China's economic growth edges up despite virus outbreaks See in context

Despite silly anti virus measures you mean. Virus itself doesnt do much to harm the economy.

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Posted in: U.S. rocked by 3 mass shootings during Easter weekend; 2 dead See in context

Likely none of these shootings was committed with a licensed gun. So more gun control is a pretty silly way to address this issue

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Posted in: UK archbishop raises ethical questions on Rwanda migrants plan See in context

Not like his opinion carries much real weight. Maybe a little bit of moral weight. But even then the C of E is pretty irrelevant to the vast majority of voters

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Posted in: Ukrainian defenders in Mariupol defy surrender-or-die demand See in context

They refused to surrender. Did they refuse to die?

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Posted in: What do you think of Tesla CEO Elon Musk? Is he the sort of person you'd like to work for or with? See in context

Silly question really. None of us know him. And would depend on exactly what work I might do with or for him

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Posted in: S Korea to drop most COVID restrictions, except mask mandate, as cases fall See in context

The ridiculous hanging on to masks makes little sense.

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Posted in: Japan's greenhouse gas emissions decrease for 7th straight year See in context

More nukes

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Posted in: COVID pandemic exacerbated rise in STDs in United States: study See in context

We will see more if these unintended consequences of snti covid measures over the coming years

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Posted in: Elon Musk accused of breaking law while buying Twitter stock See in context


no he is alleged to have broken the law. Thats what the court is being asked to decide

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Posted in: Putin vows to press invasion until Russia's goals are met See in context

How exactly are sanctions working? Deterrence? Stopping the killing?

Here is another reason no one has much interest in stopping this


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Posted in: British PM Johnson, Treasury chief to be fined over lockdown parties See in context

Like our leaders all over the world who didnt do as they asked us to

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Posted in: Kishida eyes trip to Southeast Asia, Europe during Golden Week See in context

Him and plenty of other oyaji. Going for a "golf break"

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Posted in: 30,000 foreign students have entered Japan since COVID border curbs eased See in context

Long overdue.

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire on Brooklyn subway; at least 10 shot See in context

Who cares about his race? Issue is the toxic nature of political discourse and the slow degradation of US society

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Posted in: Man, woman or... X: U.S. rolls out gender-neutral passports See in context

Good luck travelling to the Middle East to attend a Gay Pride rally

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Posted in: Japan, Italy to step up defense ties See in context

This will definitely make Putin think twice. Time to take back Hoppo Ryodo

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 6,922 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 49,733 See in context

Be afraid. Be very afraid

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Posted in: Putin vows to press invasion until Russia's goals are met See in context

What a mess. And no one seems to be willing to anything other than escalate. I doubt sanctions and other half hearted measures will do anything to bring about some kind of peace

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