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Posted in: Tokyo reports 221 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 803 See in context

As in related links, Japan has had a relatively less draconian approach to managing this and yet the numbers of infections (which is anyway not a massively relevant number) as well as the number of hospitalisations and the mortality rate have all (to date anyway) been relatively low.

Maybe lockdown mania isn't the only way to deal with this?

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Posted in: Trump campaigning non-stop as Biden holds firm in Delaware See in context

Or as Biden knows it, "Delawhere?".

Saw another snatch of him trying to answer a question and once again failing.  Poor old dude is past it.

Amazes me that self proclaimed patriots are prepared to let this old geezer near the levers of power.  When they have to put him out to pasture within months of (possibly) winning the election, the voters will never forgive them for this duplicity.

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Posted in: Plus-size model prompts Instagram nudity policy change See in context

More nonsense over what is and isn't allowed online.

Some breasts are ok but others are not.   Read this twice and still don't get the logic.

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Posted in: Europe, U.S. facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge See in context


Why do you believe Japan is pretending.

When you walk around or whatever do you see tons of sick people?  Are lots of people off from your work sick?  do you have friends or family who have contracted the virus?

As far as I can tell, this has been pretty under control in Japan.

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Posted in: Opposition grills Suga over science council, virus response See in context

He then challenged anyone who disagreed with him to a sit up contest.

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Posted in: 'Who the hell elected you?' U.S. Senate tech hearing becomes political showdown See in context

Dorsey really did a great job.  Goes to show that money doesn't signify beyond making you rich.

Designing, building and running the cyber cesspit that is Twitter certainly seems to have taken it out of him.

all the platforms should just allow unrestricted use (they allow porn and plenty of politically charged content and lots of unverified stuff already) and save themselves from the politicians who will otherwise destroy their business model.

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Posted in: Europe, U.S. facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge See in context


You cannot be serious.  You might as well be saying that the E Asian countries did well for racial or genetic reasons.

Last I looked neither Japan nor Singapore are one party dictatorships.

Who knows what is happening in NK?

And anyway the measures taken in Japan have been far from draconian and yet have not caused huge caseloads or mortality.

Sure, all these countries can try what they have already tried and hope for a different result.  Might just work. I guess they think it is (looks?) better than doing nothing.  although some less draconian measures might be better and not lead to riots and all the other issues that appear to be resulting from lockdowns.

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Posted in: Do you think the century-old tradition of going to the movies will become a thing of the past due to the coronavirus and the increasing popularity of streaming services? See in context

Is it a "century old tradition"??  any event not a big fan of going to the cinema.  With a good home system find it far more fun to watch at home.

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Posted in: 'Mask Police' hero fights COVID-19, promotes masks, positive image of host clubs See in context

I prefer Tokyo Miniskirt Police.

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Posted in: K-pop band TWICE reveals its daring side on new album See in context

This article says nothing.  Just fluff.  Like the subject of the article.  Pretty though

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for stealing ¥6 million from porn film actress at her condo See in context

Poor thing.  I hope it doesn't affect her ability to perform.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 171 new coronavirus cases See in context

Lock it down! 

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Posted in: Japan vows to boost missile defense after North Korea parade See in context

Not very likely that NK is going to bomb Japan. But better safe than sorry plus military industrial complex will love the spending on these missiles

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Posted in: Trump holds Florida rally in front of mostly maskless crowd; says he's immune to virus See in context

Good for him. I thought that all the fear mongers were relying on some kind of immunity as the way out of this. Like a vaccine. Or herd. I see WHO now says lockdowns are not the answer. Guess “the Scientists” can also change their minds once the evidence shows that the massive overreaction to this disease may have been unjustified.

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Posted in: New York Times: Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of past 15 years See in context

Paying exactly 750 a year must be a really hard thing to do.

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Posted in: How can you tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19? See in context

One shuts down entire countries and destroys lives.  The other doesn't.

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Posted in: New York Times: Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of past 15 years See in context

Another hatchet job.  no direct or verifiable evidence.  Just allegations and anonymous sources.  NYT getting ever more feverish in their desire to try and pin something on DT.

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Posted in: Disney delays 'Black Widow,' Spielberg's 'West Side Story' See in context

Spielberg is redoing West Side Story?  apart from my general dislike of the rehash of old classics, that is going to be a real doozy in these current racially charged times.

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Posted in: Seoul says N Korea fatally shoots S Korean gov't official, then burns his body See in context

He tried to defect to N Korea?  Crazy.

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Posted in: China to let in more foreigners as virus recedes See in context

Where do I buy a ticket?  Wuhan here I come!!

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Posted in: Trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses See in context

I keep reading these reports and cannot quite reconcile the reporting with what he actually said.  He hasn't said "I won't accept the result" (as Hilary and others have) but rather has said that he will need to see how all of the furore around mail in ballots and the like pans out.

Those who think that he will "cling to power" if the result goes against him are indulging in fantasy.

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Posted in: Trump says he thinks 2020 election will end up at Supreme Court See in context

Unless he wins in a landslide.  And even then seems likely that there will be some post election day ballot stuff going on.

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Posted in: At U.N., Trump raps China for coronavirus as U.S. deaths top 200,000; Xi takes potshots at Trump See in context

As Biden said, if Trump had done his job ALL of the lost lives would have been saved.

That's 200 million lives.........

DT is so loathed that even when he tells the truth he gets lambasted.

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Posted in: Senate GOP lines up with Trump to quickly fill court seat See in context

I pity whoever has to go thru this process.  Its going to be nasty.

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Posted in: Traffic safety campaign See in context

Surely the could have got the Miniskirt Police to do this poster and also do an accompanying tune.

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Posted in: Soaring wealth in U.S. during pandemic highlights rising inequality See in context

This one not Trump's fault.  A lockdown like we have seen in so many places obviously harms those with only their labour to sell and with no savings  and benefits those with a lot of capital and flexibility to work remotely.  Note most of those benefitting the most are big Democrat backers......

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Posted in: MLB, union commit $10 mil to increase Black participation See in context

So right for the current moment of madness.  Time for the NBA to step up and do the same to increase White and Asian representation in basketball.  and the NHL the same for blacks and Asians.

Until we have exact replication of society wide racial mix in all sports and universities and professions and so on the world will never be truly free and equal.

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Posted in: Hollywood action movie clips spotted in China airforce video See in context

Like so much in China, just Potemkin Village stuff.

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