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Posted in: Emirates earns record-breaking $1.2 bil half-year profit See in context

Yes, inflation and dramatically escalated fares.

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Posted in: Trump faces blame from GOP as he moves forward with White House bid See in context

DT can really be pathetic. Clearly a liability.

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Posted in: Kuroda says he has no desire to be reappointed BOJ governor See in context

Doesn want to be around when the absolute mess he has made finally comes home to roost.

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Posted in: Japan syphilis cases top 10,000 this year for first time since 1999 See in context

Sad. I thought we were a safety country. How on earth are we supposed to increase the number of children born here if we have to take precautions?

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Posted in: N Korea fires 23 missiles, prompting air-raid alert in South See in context

Tedious news by now. NK firing missiles is not much of a threat. When they shell SK islands and villages, thatś worth getting worked up about.

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Posted in: Chinese cities tighten curbs against widening COVID outbreaks See in context

You miss my meaning. The more they carry on with their ridiculous policies, the less time they have to bother the rest of us.

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Posted in: Japan to cut household electricity bills by 20% to fight inflation See in context

More insanity. Whether the government pays the bills or the poor hapless consumer, the price remains the same and so the CPI remains the same. And so this does nothing to curb price rises. Just creates the illusion of cheaper energy. and increases the already ridiculously large budget deficit.

These people are truly either mad or evil.

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Posted in: What's up with the Bank of Japan stance on interest rates? See in context

Lunacy. Someone must be spiking the water coolers at BoJ with some form of psychadelic drug.

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Posted in: British minister tells gay World Cup fans to 'be respectful' See in context

I hope that gay activists go to Qatar and protest openly. That will show the Qataris......

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Posted in: The U.S. dollar’s appreciation is bad news for the global economy. Do you agree? See in context

Illusionary as it only reflects relative value of USD versus other currencies. Nevertheless bad for global economy, not least because so much global borrowing is in USD and so becomes much more difficult for borrowers to service and repay when their revenues are in their home currencies.

And allows US to import goods excessively and export its own inflation.

This is not going to end well.

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Posted in: Chinese cities tighten curbs against widening COVID outbreaks See in context

Good for them. They are now locked in to this folly, to the benefit of the rest of the planet.

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Posted in: Would-be crypto investors in Singapore could face risk tests See in context

How to protect someone from a Ponzi scheme?

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Posted in: NZ says superpowers must listen to needs of Pacific See in context

Hmmmmm.... Why do they need to listen. what business is it of theirs?

and my point was she might at least have outlined her view of what they are rather than the waffle she gave us.

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Posted in: Harris condemns Chinese actions in speech at U.S. Navy base See in context


I very much doubt it.

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Posted in: Male rapper arrested for threatening woman on social media See in context

That is a pretty rubbish threat.

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Posted in: Taliban sign deal for Russian oil products, gas and wheat See in context

If it alleviates some of the suffering of the Afghan in the hills, then good for them.

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Posted in: Japan reports 49,979 new coronavirus cases See in context

Panic everybody!!

This daily reporting really needs to stop sometime soon.

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Posted in: Harris condemns Chinese actions in speech at U.S. Navy base See in context

Was this speech really necessary? Did the sailors learn anything new? Think they found the Veep in spirational?

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Posted in: Swathes of land swamped in northern Philippines after typhoon See in context

Poor Philippines so often caught in path of typhoons. Nature gives with one hand and takes away with the other.

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Posted in: Conspiracy theories are dangerous even if very few people believe them See in context

Fact is that many of yesterday's "conspiracy theories" are now shown to have some basis in fact.

Which is why, rather than trying to silence or suppress them, they should be allowed to be espoused and then debated and debunked.

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Posted in: U.S. carrier, S Korean ships launch drills amid North's threat See in context

NK firing missiles into the sea is indeed ridiculous. however calling it a threat and overreacting like this is also ridiculous.

If Russian invasion has shown anything, it is the liklihood that NK military is also all mouth and no trousers - tends to be the case in this type of bankrupt, authoritarian regime.

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Posted in: Ceremony and controversy await Harris during visit to Asia See in context


you are not making any relevant point.

I used Korea war as a reference point for when the US started with its endless interference in the affairs of foreign countries. To counter your example, what about Vietnam? think the Vietnamese were happier during the war or now?

As for Japan, nothing to do with the topic.

I just hope Kamala doesn't add to the aggressive rhetoric or misspeak while she is here.

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Posted in: When you hear the expression “there never will be another like him/her,” which movie star, musician or sports star comes to mind for you? See in context

Musicians, movie stars and sports stars are 10 a penny these days. The circuses part of bread and circuses going strong.

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Posted in: Ceremony and controversy await Harris during visit to Asia See in context

Recent history is of the USA frequently interfering in the affairs of foreign countries (and in some cases, invading them) for no justifiable reason. From Korea onwards.

citing a 9/11 type event as justification for the Iraq war or for 20 years in Afghanistan is ludicrous.

Add Yugoslavia. Libya. Grenada. Panama. Vietnam. And I'm sure there are plenty other exampl;es of covert military support or interference.

It is often the role of the global hegemon to behave this way, but saying that they try to avoid wars is just not true.

Listen to the current nuclear rhetoric over Ukraine. Or the messaging around Taiwan. If anything, a significant part of the US political establishment appear to be spoiling for a fight.

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Posted in: Pets left in limbo as Australian owners get cold feet See in context

Shame on you Holly Medcalf. Such naivety! A teacher too!!

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

Pretty futile protest. Setting himself alight is going to change the government's mind?

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Posted in: Apple to raise app prices in Japan, eurozone, other markets See in context

Occam's Razor? What's wrong with simplicity. Primary cause of price rises is inflation of the money supply. sure additional things like supply chains and shortages caused by war might exacerbate the problem, but see Milton Friedman for the prime cause of inflation. Every time.

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Posted in: Apple to raise app prices in Japan, eurozone, other markets See in context


Indeed. Shows the silliness of claiming all the price rises are due to supply chain blockages and the war.

Rampant money supply growth is causing all this across the board.

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Posted in: What would you like to see the yen-dollar exchange rate stabilize at? See in context

Wherever market forces dictate - without the BoJ openly manipulating the rate.

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