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Posted in: BAT launches more vaping products in Japan to take on Philip Morris See in context

The Lucky Strike brand should do well.

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Posted in: Japan's July household spending up for eighth straight month, but at slower pace See in context

Meh.  People don't get paid well so they don't spend.

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Posted in: Robert Mugabe, longtime Zimbabwe leader, dies at 95 See in context

Toasted.  you may be right, but plenty of other countries that "threw off the shackles" did not go thru the same trauma as Zim (or indeed quite a few other countries where a freedom fighter morphed into a dictator).  Mugabe was a corrupt ideologue who hypocriytically milked his people while spouting the rhetoric of socialism, anti-colonialism and anti racism.  Seems to me that is a common theme where ex colonies wind up making little progress or as basket cases.

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Posted in: Former Toyota rugby player pleads guilty to cocaine possession See in context

Its all Yates fault.  Poor innocent guy was mislead.  And he has pled guilty.  slap on the wrist is all.

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Posted in: 6 months past legal drinking age, actress Kanna Hashimoto reveals binge drinking See in context

If she is really binge drinking she should try something stronger than beer.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson's own brother quits on eve of Brexit election campaign See in context

Leave already.  All this ridiculous obsession with nonsense like this story overshadows real issues in UK society.  Membership of the EU is not one of them.

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Posted in: South Korea calls for ban of 'rising sun' flag at 2020 Olympics See in context

Why all these puerile spats about non-issues.

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Posted in: 400 mil Facebook users' phone numbers exposed in privacy lapse: reports See in context

Phone numbers is the least of it.  Regular FB users expose themselves in so many ways to abuse/leaking/hacking of data.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader says China backs her 'all the way' See in context

Inevitably she now concedes initial demand but the agenda has moved on and the protestors want a lot more now.   I still have a bad feeling about this not ending well.

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Posted in: Early after routine heart procedures, other operations become riskier See in context

Hmmmmm.......   Thought I had logged into the wrong website for a moment.

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific chairman John Slosar steps down See in context

slow move towards making this a proper Beijing state controlled enterprise.

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Posted in: Ariana Grande sues fashion firm over 'look-alike model' See in context

Even a single social media post by Ms Grande can garner fees of several hundred thousand dollars, and her longer-term endorsement arrangements command fees in the millions of dollars," it said.

This says so much about our modern society and the value we place on celebrity and superficiality.

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Posted in: Johnson's Brexit plans in crisis after 3rd defeat in 2 days See in context

Vested interests win time and again.  And Corbyn, our Socialist messiah, helping them.  This whole thing is a farce.  an d the hypocrisy of the political classes in the UK is staggering.

election is the only way out.  so we can have another hung parliament.  and soldier on with this nonsense for another few years.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa admits being paid too much by equity scheme See in context

Having opened Pandora's Box, now they realize they can't get it shut.  Serves them right.

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Posted in: Japan fan See in context

She's not cheering, she is just gurning.

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Posted in: Fish illegally caught by yakuza sold at Nagasaki sashimi eatery See in context

Amazing.  We got yaks driving boats and scuba diving because they can make more money out if fishing than out of their more typical criminal activities.  Either shows that smut/vice/drugs etc are getting cheaper or that fish getting waaaaay more expensive.

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Posted in: U.S. factory output shrinks for 1st time in 3 years amid trade war See in context

Hmmmmm....  Everything now seems to be "amid trade war".  How would trade war affect US factories, who export next to nothing to China.  Although it may be a contributory factor to the slower global growth referred to in the article.

As for easy to win, depends how high your pain threshold is.

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Posted in: Opponents of 'no-deal' Brexit defeat Johnson, who promises an election See in context

Shambolic, self serving bunch of hypocrites.  the number of permutations of these charlatans voting for then against a deal, for then against Article 50, for then against various leaving dates defies belief. 

This needs to get finished one way or the other.

Personally I think the EU is not all it is cracked up to be, but whatever one's view this shambles has to end.

Election seems a good way to resolve this, although chances are it will result in another hung parliament and more of this mess.  Unless the mood of the nation says enough and gives BJ a mandate to do as he says he will.

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Posted in: K-pop and kimchi: Tokyo's 'Little Seoul' shrugs off spat See in context

Government invented outrage and spat.  Real people are indifferent (largely).

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader says she has not discussed resigning with Beijing See in context

There won't be any discussion.  In the meantime the police are not doing a great job.  They have a duty to maintain order, but seem to have lost control.  which just emboldens the protestors.  Scenes over the weekend were atrocious on both sides.

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of shorter hospital stays (in most Western countries) vs longer hospital stays in Japan? See in context

Not being in hospital.  Being in the comfort and familiarity of one's own home.  Cost.

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Posted in: Hippies young and old keep the 'real Woodstock' flame alive See in context

Nostalgia for a bygone era.  The mysticism that folks associate with Woodstock is a bot overdone.  It was a festival is all.  Spawned plenty of others, but look at what they have become.......

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Posted in: Violence poses conundrum to Hong Kong protest movement See in context

Strange article at this time.  Massive and wholly non violent march on the weekend seems to indicate that the violence is being ramped down and not up.

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Posted in: JR East aims to launch ferry route linking Haneda with central Tokyo See in context

I like water transport.  Not sure the view from Haneda is that great but still.   Yes this is likely to be expensive and also take longer than current options.   Still, worth a try.

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Posted in: Short look See in context

I think the furore around this flag is overdone.  and yes it is a good looking flag.

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Posted in: Elvis fans remember his death 42 years ago with vigil See in context

I'll be having a Big Mac and cheese with a large shake and fries to commemorate the day.

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Posted in: Japan surpasses China as largest non-U.S. holder of Treasuries See in context

With rates where they are they should sell them and take a capital gain.  But imagine what that would do to dollar/yen..........

Whole system is failing slowly.

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Posted in: As trade war rages, central banks ponder radical steps See in context


A bank in Denmark (Jyske) are doing precisely that.  Mortgages at negative rates.  They pay you to take one out.

This is all such a signal that the "capitaklist" system and sassociated economics may be coming to some sort of crisis.  Japasn was the canary in the coalmine but now one by one other m,ajor economies needing to resport to desperate measures.  couple with currency wars.  And social distress.  Means normal measures just don't help any more.

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