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Posted in: Australian PM blasts Erdogan for 'reckless', 'vile' Christchurch comments See in context

Hmmmm....  These 2 countries have form.  Gallipoli anyone?

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Posted in: Poll: More Americans want immigration to stay the same See in context

Tear Down the Wall!!

Oh wait, we haven't built it yet.

Seems like an odd poll to me.  Wonder what the exact question was.  "Do you want more or less immigrants"??

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Posted in: Australia cuts annual immigrant cap, puts key cities off-limits to some See in context

Metaphorical (and maybe someday physical) walls going up all over the world.

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Posted in: May seeks Brexit delay after third vote on her deal is derailed See in context

Just leave already.

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Posted in: Japanese Olympic chief Takeda resigns amid bribery scandal See in context

So many of these functionaries at the top of sports bodies are to some degree corrupt.  The money in sport is too excessive for it to be otherwise.  Plus they are largely talentless hacks.

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Posted in: 'Rubble pile' asteroid holds clues to Earth's water story See in context

Exciting stuff.  Whenever I read that bodies like this may have been origin of Earth's water I am a little puzzled.  How many bodies of this size would it need to produce the amount of water we have on earth?

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Posted in: Dressing down See in context

Not syure if the pphotos are any good or representative of his entire oeuvre, but if yes then pretty grim.

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Posted in: Democrat O'Rourke presidential bid raises $6.1 mil in first 24 hours See in context

I's take P.J O'Rourke over Beto O'Rourke any day.  Agree the amounts raised and spent are obscene.  In this case likely to all go to waste.

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Posted in: Trump slammed for silence on white supremacist threat See in context

He is wrong whatever he says or doesn't say.

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Posted in: New Zealand students walk out of class, kicking off global strike on climate change See in context

How do students "go on strike"??

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Posted in: Harry Potter actor apologizes for wearing shirt critics say glorifies Japan’s WWII aggression See in context

I don't believe the kyokujitsu-ki is necessarily a symbol of Japanese wartime aggression (not like the Swastika or Fasces ).  It is still in use today, no?

I have the same T shirt he has - got it as a gift.  have worn it a couple timkes with no reaction from anyone.

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Posted in: AKB48 annual popularity contest will not be held this year See in context


You are an AKB EXPERT

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Posted in: New Zealand politician punched in face while walking to work See in context

Also know as a Kiwi Kiss.

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Posted in: Japanese firm develops hi-tech wheelchairs See in context

Great to see that ingenuity in the Japanese SME sector is alive and well.

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Posted in: Verdict due Friday in MtGox bitcoin embezzlement case See in context

Was he "high flying"??  Also, I don't remember outrage at his treatment back in the day along the lines of the current furore over Ghosn.

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Posted in: AKB48 annual popularity contest will not be held this year See in context

This is a disaster!!  how will we know who the most talented, beautiful, charming, sexy and all round fabulous bijin is?  Are AKB losing their touch?

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Posted in: Robo-journalism gains traction in shifting media landscape See in context

Just what we need.  To avoid fake news.  and to allow SkyNet to control the media as well.

I thought Robo journalism had already been discredited.  I mean the Japanese Press Association.

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Posted in: Oh baby, baby... Britney Spears hits set for Broadway See in context

All these musicals that are basically just "Best of" compilations of 60's thru 90's acts are pretty lame.

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Posted in: Japan may ban visas, money transfers over S Korea wartime labor dispute See in context

Ridiculous spat.  And the average hito in the street and his Korean counterpart could care less about this issue.  Honestly, in the face of all the other issues in the region, this is just childish.

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Posted in: Mammoth moves: Frozen cells come to life, but only just See in context

Focus on not killing off currently living species.  Resurrecting an extinct one has little more than entertainment value.

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Posted in: Japanese actor and musician Pierre Taki arrested for alleged cocaine use See in context

Grassed up.  'Fessed up.  Now soon to be banged up.

Poor Pierru

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Posted in: Companies offer smaller pay increases amid sputtering economy See in context

In Tokyo and (to a slightly lesser extent) Osaka and a few other metropolis, the economy is doing just fine.  Lots of construction and plenty of bling on show.  But certainly at the lower end of the pay scale and for lots of youngsters the picture not so rosy.  as for the inaka, not si great.  Huge government subsidies are the only things that keep the countryside viable at all, and then almost only for farmers.

The government just borrowing and misallocating resources to benefit the rich and benefit the entrenched privileges of some industries and the farmers lobby.

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Posted in: Second S Korean star quits as K-pop sex scandal spreads See in context

Hmmmmm...... Surprise surprise, showbiz is a bit of a morally hazardous environment. Worldwide.

Who would have thought that the squeaky clean K=pop idols are also a bit dodgy?

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Posted in: Britain in Brexit chaos as parliament crushes May's EU deal again See in context

Just leave and get done with it.  If that's what MP's say they want then whatever the final outcome (deal, no deal, bad deal, whatever) just do it.

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Posted in: Ferry operator apologizes over collision with apparent marine animal See in context

Why the need to apologise unless the captain or crew were at fault?

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Posted in: Japan to fund Sri Lankan light rail system See in context

Not the first deal like this.  hope is that J companies benefit from supplying the contract.  Reality is that the money takes forever to come back.  Downtown Saigon has been a zoo for years because of a similar deal.

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Posted in: Canadian man indicted for smuggling record amount of stimulant drugs to Japan See in context

Finding it strange that Isabelle was carrying lots of luggage

Sorry to previous posters, but 30 kg's luggage in checked in luggage is pretty standard.  One big or 2 small suitcases.  So that reason doesn't ring true.

also why would the groundstaff at the airport of origin check?  airline staff are not Customs.

I would like to know where he flew in from.  Chance is he may have been shopped by someone who sold him the drugs as a favour to J customs.

Alternatively the Customs guy got lucky.

Stupid dude, whatever the reason for him being found out.

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Posted in: Teenager ashamed of given name 'Prince' adopts traditional one See in context

The Teenager formerly known as Oji.

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Posted in: Trial fishing in Fukushima See in context

That 1 one the left has got 3 eyes

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Posted in: Formula One braced for season of change and challenge See in context

Yawn!.  Rich persons sport that is becoming less and less watchable and more and more irrelevant.  Soon we will be touting "driverless" Formula 1?

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