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China is indeed not completely closed off as North Korea is. I do agree with you that if something like this had happened in China, we might have heard about it.

However, you cannot deny that information in China is censored and controlled by the CCP

The Chinese authorities have locked up one million Uyghurs in 'reeducation camps' and not a single Chinese media ever reported this fact. It took YEARS for the outside world to know about that situation.

If countries with a free press (the U.S., Japan, India...) locked up one million of their citizens in concentration camps, the information would be out within weeks, if not DAYS.

By the way, being critical of the Chinese communist party is NOT sinophobia, just like being anti-Nazi is not being anti-German.

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BigYen I agree with you wholeheartedly! We are losing cultural diversity. I occasionally listen to so-called 'world music', and I believe that music around the world now sounds much more similar than it ever did.

A century ago, Egyptian music was very different from American music, which was very different from Japanese music. These days, they sound kind of similar. The language might be different, but the sounds come from the same computer software.

Contemporary Arabic pop music retains a bit of a distinctive flavour, but it's losing it fast.

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