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Posted in: Hints for fighting back against ballooning energy costs See in context

@MarkX there's nothing we ok wrong with giving advice in preparation, the advice won't reach if power really gets cut, energy shortage isn't just in Japan.

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Posted in: Kyoto police using targeted YouTube ads to warn would-be voyeurs See in context

For those who are outraged, the general targeted ads work the same way.

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Posted in: New Zealand drops 'COVID zero' goal after Delta outbreak See in context

While it is easy to sit behind a keyboard and judge politicians, at their positions an policy will affect death rates. Freedom always sounds better because those lives are just numbers to most of the general population.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 87 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 602 See in context

I'm also curious how it is under control so fast.

Few possibilities I can think of is that the spread is way higher than reported the past few months and a large population have immunity in addition to the vaccinated. Another is that the vaccinated and infected have low overlap and contributing to the herd protection. Last is that people just became more concerned when the hospital system collapse.

Well the removal of emergency state will probably be revealing in whether it has anything to do with herd protection.

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Posted in: Saitama's new ordinance banning walking on escalators gets off to a standing start See in context

Ask an escalator engineer and they will recommend against walking while on it.

But good luck implementing it.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend arrives from U.S. for wedding See in context

They pulled a Prince Harry

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Posted in: Fujii wins 3rd major shogi title; youngest to hold 3 See in context

King's Gambit

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Posted in: U.S. marks 20th anniversary of 9/11 See in context

Dozens of US drone strikes having civilian casualties.

The wars will always come back as terrorism if US don't apologize or compensate the affected casualties.

And they keep attacking back as "anti terrorism".

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Posted in: Japan unable to link deaths to withdrawn batches of Moderna vaccine See in context

Maybe try explaining their causes of death instead of just dismissing everything.

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Posted in: Japanese singer and musician Gackt takes indefinite hiatus due to vocal and neurological disorder See in context

@Antiquesaving  He has been suffering from a neurological disorder since he was a child.

He's a very talented person, writes his own songs, compose his own music and then plays and sings them.

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Posted in: Osaka smashes racket in U.S. Open loss; says she is considering taking break from tennis See in context

Somehow rage is quite common in tennis, I think the champion pressure got to her.

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Posted in: S Korea bans app payment monopolies in world first See in context

While i agree with the payment system options for the store, but the commission one is fair game. There are other platforms available and the creators can just adjust their pricing on the high commission platforms to match profits on the other platforms. The government should just collect the taxes from these commissions and then create policies to support these industries.

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Posted in: Police officer fatally shoots man threatening him with saw See in context

Somehow people think it is easy to actually aim for arms and legs on someone on approach.

Warning shot have been fired and I believe they have the right to protect themselves and others if one poses threat regardless of that person's age.

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Posted in: New Zealand to skip Paralympic opening ceremony over virus fears See in context


Cause you can't compete if you get infected, makes sense to be cautious before all your competitions.

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Posted in: New Zealand virus outbreak grows to 31 cases See in context

MarkX 01:49 pm JST

Most countries still restrict travel and those who open up too fast without taking into account of Delta are already suffering.

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Posted in: Briton handed jail term in Singapore for not wearing mask See in context

Just FYI for those who don't know he declares himself as a sovereign citizen.

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Posted in: Delta variant confirmed in New Zealand; virus case total increases to 7 See in context

No one have managed to prevent Delta Variant, New Zealand could have been the one but not anymore.

Maybe Larry Page brought it in.

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Posted in: Toddler fatally shoots woman during work video call in Florida See in context

Ignore my comment seems like it happened in Houston as well, guess lacking common sense have proven that toddlers have the stength.

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Posted in: Toddler fatally shoots woman during work video call in Florida See in context

I really wonder if toddlers are able to get leverage and strength to squeeze the trigger.

It could be just a freak accident but a loaded gun not set to safe in a reachable location to a toddler while having the stength to squeeze that trigger is very unlikely.

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Posted in: Google founder gets New Zealand residency, raising questions See in context

@starpunk Cause sometimes people are willing to give up liberty for safety. What's the point of liberties if you can't walk alone at night and feel safe.

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Posted in: IOC gives itself more power to remove sports from future Olympics See in context

Are the artistically judged sports really sports?

Is training horses to do your bidding sports?

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Posted in: To say ‘get vaccinated’ when there are no vaccines available shows that she has no understanding of the situation at the local level. See in context

Tokyo is a big area, some wards do still have vaccines and stock is always still coming in but slowly, it is still right to ask people to get vaccinated despite the slow restock rate.

Roll it out too fast and people will say they are testing vaccines on the population, too slowly and they say why is the roll out so slow.

There's really no winning both ways.

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Posted in: Players, coaches criticize IOC for dropping softball for 2024 See in context

Remove the equestrian, golf, shooting

Branch out another Olympics created for games that don't include athletism.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to pay more for hosting American troops See in context

There's not much difference when triads used to collect "protection fees"

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Posted in: Man arrested after assaulting visitor to nextdoor apartment for being noisy See in context

In any high density apartment living these issues are bound to happen.

Those who can stand their thin walls then maybe look for one with thicker walls or get your own detached home.

Wherever in the world you stay good neighbours are treasure.

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Posted in: No. of missing dementia patients hits record-high 17,565 in 2020 See in context

Consider getting an Airtag or Tile and attach it to something he/she would bring habitually.

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Posted in: Crowdfunding opens on Japanese version of a gadget that makes any canned beer easier to drink See in context

@Gorramcowboy It is meant to get foam and also allow aromas to reach your nose, most people pour canned beer out for these reasons.

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Posted in: Tokyo Games cancelation likely to cost Japan ¥1.81 tril: Nomura See in context

The problem is that IOC is the one who can make the bigger decision to cancel.

The government canceling would mean a breach of contract and a lose-lose situation for the government.

Base on how much salary the IOC committee are getting and the multiple corruptions riddled with it, I'm all for boycotting them.

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Posted in: Japan administers 1st Moderna vaccine shots to SDF members See in context

@theResident Sensible? I'm sure the residents there don't want vaccine tourists.

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