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Posted in: Three different types of mystery meat fill the latest Cup Noodle flavor See in context

Yes i understand it is unhealthy cause of high sodium and lack of most nutrients, if you eat processed food then it is not too far away from instant noodles so it is not much different.

So don't slam instant noodles just because it tastes good with just powder.

A huge reason people eat these stuff is cause:

They live alone and it takes time to prepare ingredients, cook food, wash dishes just for one person which can be very time consuming and inefficient.

Not everywhere is so convenient, if you stay in the city good for you. Otherwise sometimes it could be hard to get food.

While not perfect, you can still add fresh ingredients to make your noodles more nutritious.

Lack of stove some places may not have gas piped and electric stove will still work it is a lot more costly.

Instant noodles have helped spread culture worldwide as you will be able to get fairly close local flavours while being able to deliver it around the world.

Better instant noodles are really just the actual soup stock that's dehydrated into power form.

I don't understand why people must go all hate about an article talking about new flavours, some famous chefs use dehydrated seasonings as well but you probably aren't going to badmouth them.

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Posted in: K-pop label faces fan, investor fury after firing dating artists See in context

You basically give away your rights for being an idol.

Part of the problem is the idolisation of these qualities and that if they lose those qualities they no longer become an idol.

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Posted in: China offers another $60 bil to Africa See in context

Africa is Taiwan's last ally and this does not bode well for Taiwan despite China saying it is just for aid and progress.

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Posted in: Most female doctors in poll can understand Tokyo medical school reducing female applicant scores See in context

Regardless of the reasoning tests results should be respected and not altered.

How will you like it if doctors think that people need more exercise and raises everyone colesterol results so people will exercise more.

Altering results is no better than students cheating in exams but the examiners are the cheaters in this case.

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Posted in: Travelers flood train stations, clog roads in holiday exodus See in context

Don't forget part of the reason is due to Japan culture of not taking day off or even if they do long breaks are frowned upon.

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Posted in: Businesses see hot demand from sweltering heatwave See in context

I hope more people are aware that beer does not do well hydrating your body.

If you're ever go to those outdoor beer gardens remember to hydrate with water, tea, sports drinks or some other fluids.

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Posted in: Japan probing abuse of health insurance system by foreign residents See in context

These people are going to spoil it for all of us.

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Posted in: Why do you think so many people, especially elderly residents, were so reluctant to evacuate their homes, even though they were receiving warnings about imminent flooding and landslides in Kurashiki, Hiroshima and other hard-hit areas? See in context

Similar to what @theFu said

I think having experienced past floods, typhoons and earthquakes created a somewhat complacent thinking, futhermore the officials in charge had the same thinking so alerts were either late or too conversative.

The problem with floods is that when you change your mind too late you have no way out anymore.

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Posted in: ¥2,020 tickets to be sold to children, elderly, disabled for 2020 Tokyo Olympics See in context

@sangetsu03 well it is thanks to how the "non-profit" Olympics lets you "bid" for hosting and IOC with requests that get larger overtime.

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Posted in: What behavior or habits by passengers on planes bother you the most? See in context

Talking very loudly

Kicking the chair

People not sitting at the aisle but boards at the very last minute and was obviously shopping

People who don't follow rules and tries to stand and walk during take off and landing

People who are obviously very sick but do not wear a mask

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Posted in: Japanese whaling town holds annual memorial service for whales See in context

I've never know why the huge debate about whales, if they want to do it for the conservation then do it for the other fishes.

Other countries also have hunted big game but it wasn't hotly debated.

Just because something is majestic doesn't mean it should get more attention.

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Posted in: Man on platform hit by train after argument with commuter See in context

Once you stay long enough you will probably appreciate the generally quietness apart from the endless announcements and speaker blasts.

Whatever it is it is no reason to put another in harm's way for this.

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Posted in: Do you think the cronyism scandal involving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, his wife Akie and Finance Minister Taro Aso will affect Japan's standing overseas? Do you think people overseas even know or care about it? See in context

I think to most people it is just another politician with their tricks.

However with Aso and Abe not taking the blaming especially with the discovery of document alteration and ignoring the incident will have its implications.

Future top level leaders or company executives might not take blame anymore if they quote Abe and Aso as example.

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Posted in: Tokyo to encourage foreign tourists to splurge on nightlife See in context

Most retail shops close at 8 or 9pm it kind of reduces the chance for shoppers to actually stay out too late.

The suddenly price jump between lunch and dinner prices is also a huge deterrent for people to dine at a fancier place.

The limitation of having to take expensive taxis at night adds to the costs of staying out late.

Other minor things like hour limits, no walk-ins, shops which don't show advertise much certainly adds to some amount of difficulty.

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