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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

Well when everyone teaches you that green light means safe to cross, it won't be surprising for the kid to follow that rule.

4 years old is fine without hand holding, given that we don't know how fast the police car was rushing we can't make assumptions on how much reaction time the parents actually have.

Definitely the police car is in the wrong cause they need to slow down to check for safety at any junctions whether they have sirens blaring or not, and I'm quite sure they have some form of defensive driving courses to have good handling skills.

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Posted in: Trump asked Japan to buy farm products: report See in context

Just open up the trade options to the importers and allow the market to determine if there's a demand.

Just buying without demand just adds to food wastage.

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Posted in: Fewer fireworks events in Japan next summer due to Olympics See in context

Shouldn't they hold more so crowds can spread over more days.

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Posted in: Major Japanese companies pessimistic about economy: survey See in context


I'll still rather live in Japan.

Low costs can be created from underpaying your workers which is a problem in the US.

Ibuprofen is cheaper partially due to demand as people in the US are taking these drugs as part of their everyday lives which you shouldn't. Most people are not going to the doctor's to treat the inherent problems due to ridiculous healthcare costs and are therefore using painkillers to hide the problems.

Profit margins are higher but people's wages are also higher in Japan.

I'm not saying it has no problems but some things on the surface are not as simple as you think.

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Posted in: Air conditioner sprays ultra-fine mist for cooling at train station in Tokyo See in context

How long can those nozzles last before salt crystals start building up.

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Posted in: Portable fans a breath of fresh air in sweltering summer heat See in context

I think those more wasteful are the plastic fans used for advertising.

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Posted in: 28-year-old man dies while sunbathing in his home garden See in context

Not sure if there's any difference but Japan tend to have very little clouds during this period thus the rays are more direct and feels a lot harsher.

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Posted in: 8chan owner blasts 'sinister' shutdown See in context

When you have legal bribery (lobbying) in US nothing will get fixed when there's corporations involved.

I think it would be more important to look at why are there so many people joining such communities, there's something broken at the social aspect in the US that needs fixing. (I personally feel the media have a large part to blame in this)

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Posted in: Mayor of city in Saitama Pref arrested for punching female bar employee See in context

I always believe drunkardness removes inhibitions.

What it actually means is that without inhibitions that's how anyone who claims being drunk would act.

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Posted in: France's culture minister urges citizens to cut down on English use See in context

Lots of people used to learn French cause it used to be an upcoming economy but not anymore.

Even China emphasize on English cause it is the international language for business.

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Posted in: Do video games, mental illness drive U.S. massacres? See in context

It may influence in some ways but having the guns just enables them to kill easily and more.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese make fewer charitable donations than people in other countries? See in context

If they count corporate donations then I don't see it as a good argument. Most corporations use this to reduce tax and for marketing and branding.

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Posted in: Weather watchers record 30 C at 6 a.m. at marathon starting point See in context

They should really measure the temperatures during the end time of the marathon as that would have been the hottest.

I think they should just name it Summer Olympics since there's already Winter Olympics, people would at least have certain expectations about the weather.

30 degrees is actually still fine though not great but definitely doable, there are other hotter marathons held in other tropical countries.

Most marathoners will train themselves to condition for the climate, the main concern is that no one can predict the possibility of a heat wave.

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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

In the US a mass murder would happen.

I think the government should look into most of their history, i have a feeling the high rate of bullying in schools or the old school Japanese work cultures could have a part in it.

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Posted in: Fed cuts key rate for first time in more than a decade See in context

he noted that the central bank needs to prevent the economy from sinking into a low-inflation trap like the one that has bedeviled Japan's economy for more than two decades. Ultra-low inflation can slow growth by causing consumers to postpone purchases, which, in turn, slows consumer spending, the economy's main fuel.

Really? I don't see Japanese spending any much lesser.

I think how much people spend is whether salary is inflated at an equal rate and a country's culture.

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Posted in: Trump administration outlines plan to import drugs from Canada See in context

I thought Trump is all about protecting US production. So how does this actually work?

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Posted in: U.S. records nearly 20 mass killings for the year so far See in context

To add on, I feel that US probably has more mass killings may be influenced by the culture of having freedom of expression with little to no consideration to others.

While other countries that have freedom of speech are just more considerate somehow.

As to why this happens, perhaps education and media?

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Posted in: U.S. records nearly 20 mass killings for the year so far See in context

It'll never be fixed.

With capitalism and lobbying the problem can never be solved just like other major issues in the US such as healthcare and transportation

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation confirms it received novel from writer with same name, address as arson suspect See in context

@Andrew Crisp

There will always be works that looks similar from one another. There's always the route of going through copyright laws or submitting complains to the company.

From the information gotten so far he just started sending threats and then proceeded to carry out his actions.

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Posted in: 11 dead, 5,600 sent to hospitals last week due to heatwave See in context

An odd question, do most Japanese sweat less?

Sometimes under sweltering heat I can see some Japanese barely breaking a sweat.

And generally antiperspirants aren't as common here maybe due to that less sweat?

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Posted in: 'I cheat because others cheat': Kenya struggles against doping See in context

in the world where only winning athletes get paid puts a lot of pressure onto the athletes.

Sports should start paying athletes who managed to compete in finals or find some other ways for incentives.

Since most of the time only the top 3 actually get paid, the "losers" have to leave with nothing after years and months of training and worse if the person gets away with drugs.

I can totally imagine that due to such circumstances there's a huge pressure that can sway them to take drugs.

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Posted in: Medals unveiled, events held across Tokyo to mark one year to go until Olympics See in context

Not a huge supporter of Olympics organisation due to how they charge fees for broadcast and marketing despite being not-for-profit.

But i think it is a good chance for Tokyo to rethink accessibility as a whole as well as look at the various choke points of the city and a good chance for tourism as a form of showcase.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force fireman arrested for gun possession at Narita Airport See in context

I meant briefcase instead of suitcase.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force fireman arrested for gun possession at Narita Airport See in context

I would have accepted the excuse if it was in a hand carry luggage like backpacks or suitcases but for a luggage that needs to be packed gives little chance to have accidentally be left in.

Having said that does the whole world really need to know that this happened?

On side note this is how effective TSA is.

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Posted in: Abe apologizes to families of former leprosy patients over discrimination See in context

I don't know whether he should be apologizing for something he didn't cause. However I think he should still take responsibility as the affected needed to take this to courts to get an apology.

On a side note people should be grateful they can take such cases to court against the government and win. In most other countries you will just waste your money.

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Posted in: Campaign encourages commuters to stand still in two lines on escalators See in context

Just not going to work due to human nature.

Unless all escalators have stairs right beside it this probably won't work.

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Posted in: Trump, Congress leaders reach deal on debt limit, spending caps See in context

The budget isn't fine when it debt ridden.

US is only surviving cause nations have large amount of money pegged to USD.

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Posted in: Smoke spread so fast at animation firm victims couldn't open rooftop door See in context

I think people need to give some time for investigations to happen and not jump into conclusions.

Just hope that whatever the results improvements can be made.

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Posted in: Popular Korean YouTuber boycotts Japan by shredding flight ticket to pieces at airport See in context

You can actually get the ticket reprinted.

You need both passport and ticket to board hence you can say you lost the ticket and have it reprinted.

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Posted in: Foot-dragging on HIV prevention explains Japan's lack of progress in reducing new cases See in context

This article's title doesn't help in reducing the stigma, it makes it seem like new HIV treatments aren't working well.

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