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Posted in: Japan 2022 average condo price hits record high for 6th year in row See in context

It is good Japan retained the idea after the bubble that property value falls when it ages.

Just look at those countries with housing as an investment asset and tell those locals living there that it is a good thing.

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Posted in: High court upholds ruling in favor of Japan's ban on dual nationality See in context

Maybe they should do dual citizenship with dual tax like US, I don't think it is very fair for some to gain benefits from 2 countries while usually only contributing to one side.

If they feel it is their right to have the benefits then the government can go ahead and show these people that the country has its right to stand by their residents who live there.

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Posted in: Pacific island nations urge Japan to delay release of Fukushima waste water See in context

The waste water is safe and it is also a byproduct of current operating boiling water reactors around the world and being released constantly.

Somehow the ones here are dangerous?

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Posted in: Japan to continue collecting expressway tolls almost indefinitely See in context

Don't fall into the trap other countries went for converting into freeways and end up with roads being poorly maintained resulting in tax payers footing the bill.

Let those who drive pay for the maintenance.

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Posted in: Japan reports 245,542 new coronavirus cases See in context


Because Japan still offers a lot of free testing and will therefore catch a lot of mild cases. Countries without free testing tend to only catch the severe cases.

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Posted in: Inflated airfares keeping Japanese nationals stuck overseas See in context

The expensive tickets are mostly due to fuel surcharge and the pent up hype of people wanting to travel.

By actual purchasing power the fares are crazy everywhere.

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Posted in: Japan to cut household electricity bills by 20% to fight inflation See in context

Hopefully it only covers a certain bracket of kWh and not subsidise people who wastes electricity.

Would also be great if they incentivise more solar installations to lessen the loads on both ends.

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Posted in: The Japanese government plans to launch a nationwide travel discount program in October to support the hotel, restaurant and transportation industries hard hit by the pandemic. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

While it seems to look good, based on the past incentives it seems to benefit the higher tier restaurants and hotels more due to how it was designed.

People in general will less likely choose the lower tier businesses cause saving smaller amounts makes less sense in travel trips since you don't do it often.

Unless the discounts are a flat amount otherwise it is unfair to small businesses.

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Posted in: Ohtani matches Babe Ruth with his 1st 10-win, 10 homer MLB season See in context

They should really stop comparing with Babe Ruth, the era is completely different.

The pitchers and batters now are of a different class now as there's more money put into it.

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Posted in: BOJ members stick to monetary easing amid lack of wage growth See in context

Looking at US, raising interest rates did little and worst of all it hits the poor the hardest as food prices increased in tandem.

Even some countries in Europe have been hesitant to raise rates as the inflation is too complex to just think raising rates is the magical answer.

Is raising rates really the answer?

I think it is way more complex than twiddling with the interest rates.

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Posted in: Rare in U.S. for an active shooter to be stopped by bystander See in context

Cause bystanders are more likely to be inaccurate and cause more unnecessary damage.

Firing before the police arrive would also cause problems for the police trying to identify who is the 'bad guy' and needing to cascade that additional information to everyone.

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Posted in: Reviewing the economics of air conditioner use See in context


Original source, if you want the full picture some important details are missing like how dehumidifying uses way less energy despite removing less water.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools to introduce genderless swimsuits with unisex two-piece design See in context

Good, less waste as there's only one type of assembly line.

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Posted in: Japan's outdoor mask relaxation yet to filter through See in context

Just wait for summer.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yamanote Line to test automated trains with passengers from October See in context

So the price won’t decrease when expenses do, right?

You don't see them raising prices when ridership fell during covid, as long as it isn't increasing then businesses should always use innovation to raise their productivity/profits. JR is not a non profit business.

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Posted in: 51% of children in Japan get 1st smartphone at elementary school age: poll See in context

Just do the best and lock down or set timers on the phone with apps and tools available.

Inspect the phone every once in a while to ensure the phone is compliant.

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Posted in: Lotte pitcher Sasaki sets Japan record by striking out 13 consecutive batters See in context

Wow the amount of ego in the comments, a quarter of MLB are foreigners. The world is globalised, stop trying to "own" everything.

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Posted in: Tokyo's historic Nakagin Capsule Tower to be demolished See in context

Take some 3D scans of it, put the scans in some 3D tour museum, create a plaque nearby with a QR code and be done with it. Don't waste a large plot of land for some historical sake unless it really plays a huge role in history.

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Posted in: Australian coach fined for breaching COVID-19 isolation ahead of Japan game See in context

Hope they at least test him for BA.2 variant so at least the health authorities can be prepared

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Posted in: Hong Kong orders mandatory COVID-19 tests for all residents See in context

It is silly to control Omicron as the risks are low and should be allowed to run its course. However the low vaccination rates in HK is a concern for the healthcare system.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14,567 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 80,364 See in context

I don't think there's a need to test everyone infected to get true numbers, no country is doing it and it will just be a waste of public funds.

Just keep track of the medical facilities as Omicron is technically unavoidable.

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Posted in: What do you think of the expression "new normal" when it is used in reference to how the post-pandemic world will be? See in context

The post pandemic world have made a lot of people think about whatever systems they are in.

"Socialist" countries are the ones suffering less this pandemic due to more collectivistic culture, while the most "capitalistic" countries only gets worse as everyone wants to be on top at the expense of others.

I believe there will be more emigration and voter change globally as more people felt their government's effectiveness.

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Posted in: Tokyo to seek COVID emergency based on severe patients' bed occupancy See in context

@cracaphat The article basically says that Tokyo understands it is not as deadly but it needs to protect the healthcare system. Most of Europe and US may be "celebrating" their freedoms but their healthcare workers are surely not doing the same.

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Posted in: Kishida says he is not considering COVID state of emergency for Tokyo See in context

Everyone will likely catch Omicron eventually, as long as the hospital system is able to handle it I don't see any more reason to strengthen the measures.

Hopefully they give the healthcare workers some incentives for their heavy workloads.

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Posted in: S Korea, Taiwan expected to top Japan in GDP per capita in 2027, 2028 See in context

Don't read too much into it GDP measurements are no longer good by itself.

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Posted in: Ratings for NHK's year-end 'Kohaku' music show hit record low See in context

The show itself doesn't have any problems, it is the method of delivery.

If it continues to remain an NHK exclusive it will most definitely fall in ratings every year.

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Posted in: The present system is outdated, and the handouts should in any case be decided based on overall household income. See in context

Many people think it is easy to just specify income range, problem is that Japanese never have good tracking methods for household incomes due to disconnected data.

While Mynumber is supposed to fix all that, it is a generation too late especially when it is still treated as optional to have.

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Posted in: Tokyo lawyers to collect info on police stopping foreigners for questioning See in context

Unfortunately most of the time depending on immigration policies, the instability of a foreigner's home country and the general uncertainties of life it will create more foreigners who will commit an act. Most Japanese having a place of refuge back in their hometown would often be less desperate.

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Posted in: 'Demon Slayer' anime studio, president found guilty of tax evasion See in context

The few times where the person responsible actually gets charged accordingly.

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Posted in: Hunter accidentally kills his 11-year-old daughter in Texas See in context

@Hiro law should to be applied regardless of situation to be fair, unfair application of law leads to abuse and manipulation. Whether the punishments need to be meted will then be decided by the jury.

As to whether is this an offence I have no idea.

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