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Posted in: 2 Lawson franchise stores found to have falsified food expiration times See in context

@Chabbawanga be sure to remove the labels most franchises want to keep such things hidden to prevent people from waiting for free expired food.

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Posted in: Deer-related injuries in Nara reach record number already this year See in context

I quite sure those people tried to pet the deers despite the sign saying not to.

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Posted in: Liam Neeson denies racism after hunting black men to attack after friend was raped See in context

I think most are taking this out of context. There are some key takeaways from this.

seek help should you have these thoughts

crimes can increase the hate against a race but look at things objectively

speak up if you feel you have issues keeping it in can cause you to make irrational decisions

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

It is a pity that French government did nothing or at least try to get discussions through.

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Posted in: Japan's 10-day Golden Week holiday stirs concern among investors See in context

There's already normal golden week, just a couple more days won't make much difference.

The stock exchange can request for special conditions if the want to and not spread fear in public.

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

If they were really gang members the lamp won't just cost 100,000yen, it would be nice to know which bar so people can be wary.

This is probably an expensive lesson, when you drink with people you just met don't expect them to take care of you when you are drunk.

The police are literally just doing their job in this instance, unfortunately getting drunk didn't help in this situation. With the lack of information we do not know if the bar produced evidence of the damage and actual records regards to the price of the lamp.

That said i don't see why he needs to be detained, i think based on the situation he shouldn't be a danger to himself or others or that he's going to escape from such a minor crime.

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Posted in: YouTube demotes flat-earthers, conspiracy theorists See in context

I get the demotion of flat earthers but some conspiracy theorists are pretty grey and isn't conspiracy good in some ways that it trains one's mine to analyse and question.

Detectives are in some way conspiracy theorist in that they form several probabilities.

Let them be if they identify themselves as theories.

Wonder what's their stance on anti vaxxers.

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Posted in: Why do Japanese characters in anime, manga and video games "look" Caucasian? See in context

They look anime and not of any race.

Lighter colors probably to save on ink and create contrast, they don't really harp on being pc to purposefully do something for the sake of it.

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Posted in: Sponsor of Naomi Osaka retracts ad videos over skin color dispute See in context

Well when the time comes then she'll choose, whomever she chooses to represent then so be it.

Sports isn't about place of birth anymore, just look at soccer and table tennis. Athletes are nowadays employable ambassors.

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Posted in: Sony to shift European headquarters from UK to Netherlands to avoid Brexit disruption See in context

@klausdorth Dyson also moved their HQ to Singapore due to this.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders another Japanese firm to pay for forced wartime labor See in context

@IloveCoffee scrapping a treat would be the worst idea, it will signify that SK has no integrity on signed agreements

Personal compensation only came up later and cause the afflicted sued government for keeping all the money from the reparations, I don't think other countries requested for personal compensations.

Being close neighbours it would have been great if they progressed together.

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Posted in: Groove X develops home-use communication robot See in context

While cute and all but when I watch the introduction videos is can't really do much.

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Posted in: Traffic light push button devices at pedestrian crossings vandalized at 11 places in Saitama Pref See in context

Not sure what these types are but most Tokyo ones are just adding audio aid for the blind when pressed.

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Posted in: Trump tells U.S. anti-abortion marchers he will support them See in context

Pro-life is bad if you can't provide.

Somehow I feel the US is regressing in some ways in the recent years.

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Posted in: YouTube clarifies rules on pranks as risky memes rage See in context

Usually I'd say to let darwinism take its course but i guess it is different now if these go viral and reaches the younger audiences.

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Posted in: Grand champion Kisenosato retires from sumo See in context

I rarely read good news about Sumo, it is sad that they are required to step down completely due some losses from injury.

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Posted in: 2 Nepalese men arrested for placing bicycle on train tracks See in context

Drunk but able to cycle to the tracks and purposefully place it there?

I don't think they should be allowed to get away with it

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Posted in: Razor burn: Gillette ad stirs online uproar See in context

I don't see anything wrong with the ad.

They sent the message to all men, if someone felt stereotyped I don't think the problem is the ad.

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on 2 new charges; Nissan cancels lease on his Tokyo apartment See in context

This is an odd case of tax evasion, if this happens to someone else usually a case is being built up before arrest.

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Posted in: Japan forced to amend budget over dodgy labor data See in context

I wonder how far off really is the data, as it is just a sample size issue.

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Posted in: ANA pilot fails alcohol breath test one hour before he was scheduled to fly See in context

@Cricky looking and feeling ok doesn't mean you'll pass a breathalyzer.

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Posted in: Ghibli moss art discovered along mountain road in Japan See in context

I prefer this to Banksy.

I wonder if this count as vandalism.

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Posted in: Japan stocks are a bargain but there are few takers See in context

Stocks doesn't go up much as many companies do not expand overseas.

It just takes one scandal to see the shares fall and never recover.

The strong hierarchical structure makes it very risky as losing the top means the whole company reputation crumbles.

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Posted in: Writer for Hollywood version of anime 'your name.' says Japanese side wants Westernized viewpoint See in context

You just need a dubbed version.

Americanized version will just be horrible just like most of the other americanized versions.

Don't wash "your name" down the drain for money.

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Posted in: Train stations, airports crowded as travelers head home, overseas See in context

Based on the photo, it doesn't really look that crowded to be honest.

I think winter comiket probably looks worse.

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Posted in: 2 death row inmates hanged, bringing 2018 executions to 15 See in context

Call me babaric but I still think death penalty is necessary to some extent. It probably will not deter murderers with mental issues but I feel it will reduce premeditated murders.

And how do you feel about criminals peddling opiods.

Some views may change if they themselves are related to victims.

Statistics can only do so much cause every country have their own values and culture, which creates very different societies and therefore a very different criminal profile.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel to trial newly-developed wooden straws, ban plastic See in context

Nice to have innovation out of it.

I think Japan recycles so much that people don't look at waste the same.

I'm curious about how the whole recycling process works as it can give a false sense of comfort that all the waste is not "wasted".

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Posted in: Mayweather says he will hold exhibition with Japanese star with no judges and no kicking See in context

Mayweather is no longer a boxer, he's just trying to make use of his fame for money now.

Nothing wrong with that but eventually that will run out cause i don't feel he have enough charisma for advertising.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers settle on 6 a.m. marathon starts See in context

Preparing for the climate is part of marathon as well. I think it is just the freak temperatures that they are of concern.

I think those marathons with air pollution are no better.

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Posted in: U.S., China reach 90-day ceasefire on tariffs in trade dispute See in context

Pity all the affected workers whose jobs became insecure cause of businesses having to juggle with this nonsense.

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