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Posted in: Japan's virus contact-tracing app gets 2.7 mil downloads in 3 days See in context

@blahblah222 Basically it generates a random ID when you install it and then remembers all the other users' ID you have been close by. And when any of the users test positive they can enter that they are positive and it will then alert those IDs who have been closed to that ID.

The app name is called COCOA COvid COntact App

The way how the app hides your privacy is sound, if you're still that paranoid then probably stop using your smart phone and stay off the internet cause there are worse violators of privacy out there.

It is pretty much the same as wearing masks, effectiveness becomes better only when the mass majority does it.

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Posted in: Shoppers queue, crash website for Uniqlo's washable masks See in context


It is a matter of how effective, it definitely works just it is unknown how well it works; cause everyone disperses quite a fair bit of particles whenever they talk.

Think of it as herd prevention as opposed to herd immunity, if everyone plays a part the risks can be reduced overall. And like herd immunity the effectiveness drops significantly if mask wearing isn't being observed by everyone.

This doesn't work so well in western countries as culturally people don't like to be "controlled" or told what to do by the government cause it isn't "democratic" and is somehow of more importance than being logical.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death in Singapore via Zoom call See in context

@Syahir Mario

Just holding a pretty small amount can lead to a death sentence.


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Posted in: Bill Gates, bogeyman of virus conspiracy theorists See in context

I wonder why people are against him, he's basically contributing money for human welfare without anything in return.

While some contributions have went into the wrong places it is hard to control organisations he don't actually own.

Just ask yourself this, do you check whether every service or product you spend money on is managed ethically and sustainably?

If no, then what right do you have to blame him.

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Posted in: Woman conned out of ¥14.2 mil in coronavirus scam See in context

Part of the problem is that a large group of people still do not put money in the bank and keeps large amounts of cash at home.

If the money is kept in the bank, the teller usually will flag it out when a sudden large sum withdrawal is being made. Also ATM withdrawals will likely be very difficult for such large sums due to limits.

I'm not saying that this case is the same but sometimes you need to put your trust somewhere for your own protection.

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Posted in: Asian celebs work to combat racist attacks amid pandemic See in context

@Mocheake doesn't mean it is right to stereotype races, race does not equate to government

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy finds gun and kills little sister; mother arrested in Colorado See in context

@NCIS Reruns Most guns in Japan are meant for hunting and not for "protection", some gun owners there need the guns to be easily accessible otherwise the means for protection won't hold.

Well most other countries are safer without needing guns to "protect" themselves.

A Singapore minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam once said, we aspire to the liberty of being able to walk the streets freely any time in the night.


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Posted in: 7-year-old boy finds gun and kills little sister; mother arrested in Colorado See in context

I'm suspicious of whether the 7 year old even have the strength to press the trigger, real gun's trigger requires a fair bit of force.

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Posted in: Abe leans toward ¥100,000 cash handout scheme See in context

Wow, i'm surprised at the people demanding the handouts cause they pay taxes.

Lots of other countries rescue plans do not include non citizens as well.

I'm not a Japanese but if you aren't happy no one is stopping you from going back to your own country.

I think the old plan seems better to support those having difficulties rather than giving money to everyone. Cause people aren't going to spend it now to boost economy but those in need would require more than 100,000

I think the poor identification system is causing this, the mynumber isn't developed properly to be able to pull out credit records to determine who is in need and who isn't.

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Posted in: Taxi firm fires entire workforce; says drivers better off collecting unemployment See in context

Don't the company need their ministry of labour for permission for such mass firing?

Basically the company have remove all their own risks by firing everyone.

I thought Japan has unions for things like that.

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Posted in: Wuhan lockdown ends, but local coronavirus cases rise across country See in context

Lots of Asian countries have kept the numbers fairly low for a number of months with good contact tracing and testing.

While China's numbers may be suspicious but I do believe most of their numbers in cities outside Hubei to be fairly accurate.

Western countries did poorly cause they were complacent and egoistic. And a large part was thinking they are always better than Asia.

Cultural differences play a huge role as well with hand shakes, hugs and kisses. When the news of human transmission was out, most Asian countries already panic buy masks while the rest of the world barely reported it.

When a country that barely cares about human rights and lives starts locking down and sacrifice their whole GDP for this, everyone should have already start preparing.

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Posted in: Inn in Ishikawa Prefecture opens its doors to travelers stranded in Japan due to COVID-19 See in context

Good of them to do that, hope they implement strict controls or it'll just become another cluster.

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Posted in: Canadian premier infuriated by Trump, says Canada helped U.S. after 9/11 See in context

And most of the world somehow is very critical of China's aid, how the world has changed.

At times like these put aside ego and pride and collect them back after this.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son asks people on Twitter whether state of emergency should be declared See in context

Most businesses are already treating it as state of emergency. Most have already closed or changed their business hours, the businesses here are more humane than I would have thought.

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Posted in: Gun background checks smash records amid coronavirus fears See in context

Only in USA

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

To be honest if Japan does aggressive testing and contact tracing with really strict measures of gatherings and F&B controls they still have a very high chance of containing.

I think they are lucky that many companies and taking actions on their own despite expecting profit loss.

Despite most measures being only "recommended" I see many business owners are already taking some measures early even thou they aren't being forced to.

Whereas in some countries businesses would operate without measures unless a legal actions is implemented.

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Posted in: Line survey finds 7% of users in Tokyo have at least one coronavirus symptom See in context

The survey can be improved, symptoms like loss of smell/taste, diarrhea, shortness of breath should have been included.

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Posted in: 3 Hanshin Tigers players test positive for coronavirus See in context

Not sure if it made any difference but loss of smell is now considered a symptom to warrant a test. A group of asymptomatic patients reported loss of smell before having any coughs or fevers.

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Posted in: What’s behind Japan’s surprisingly low coronavirus numbers? See in context

I hope that culture was really the difference.

Lots of people smoke here and so I don't think the general population risk is low.

The lack of any fear in Japan baffles me.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

In terms of economy, given that visitors will be an all time low, pushing it another year will be better to boost the economy.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

No wonder Olympics take 4 years to plan per cycle, it is filled with people without foresight.

Glad that the country leaders are finally able to make the call to protect their people.

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Posted in: No need to rush Games decision, say U.S. Olympic chiefs as splits emerge See in context

Hope athletes around the world start a viral #boycottOlympics2020

The competition would be ideal if atheletes can't train due to lockdowns.

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Posted in: IOC official Coates, who will be in self-isolation, says no deadline for decision on Olympics See in context

I think countries should start declaring their non attendance to this Olympics otherwise IOC won't care.

The Olympics is nothing without athletes and they need to be reminded of that.

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Posted in: UK ramps up virus fight: no pubs, 12-week isolation for some See in context

UK needs to be proactive on tests, getting people to self report is a really poor way of keeping track of the spread.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 torch handover to take place in empty Athens stadium See in context

It is probably better for the economy to postpone it. Continuing it without spectators benefits no economy.

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Posted in: Domino’s, Pizza Hut introduce 'Zero Contact' delivery service amid virus fears See in context

@lesenfant In China they thought of that


With each Meituan contactless delivery order, customers receive physical cards stating the temperatures of all people involved in the cooking and delivery process, as well as whether the couriers have disinfected their equipment that day.

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Posted in: Kurabo to sell kits to detect new coronavirus in 15 minutes See in context

Err, i thought the virus won't be present in blood?

Did they manage to make an antibody test and selling it without the whole world knowing?

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son criticized for offering free coronavirus tests See in context

If the test is managed well and handled by health professionals then why not.

He just needs to make sure that there's still a proper diagnosis done and not just some test and go kind of situation.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head shoots down comments about delaying Games See in context

I think lots of people don't get is that announcing it will greatly affect the Japan's stock exchange.

People in the back of their minds know that cancellation or postponement will be inevitable but any delays to the announcement will even the shock to the market.

However i don't know their reason to keep appearing on press to say the same things, just post a press statement if there's nothing to update.

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Posted in: Kobe woman, Nagoya Sagawa delivery man, JAL cabin attendant test positive for virus See in context

Maybe the strain they have here is the weaker one, hopefully that's the case.

Given that Japan isn't taking a proactive measure I would assume this is just going to get worse.

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