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Posted in: Playboy to stop publishing nude photos See in context

It just makes business sense in the current market. Removing nudity from their publication allows them to reach a broader market easily and has the bonus of allowing them to pay their models less per shoot.

Personally think that it is a little saddening that the war on womens' bodies (as Maria above highlights) is leeching into a magazine that in many ways was revolutionary. Admittedly the objectification of the female form in these magazines has always been problematic but when a magazine geared towards objectifying the female form gives into the pressure to hide the (lady) nipples then we are heading more and more towards a society of (even more) blatant inequality.

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Posted in: New study suggests Japanese people born in late winter at higher risk of suicide See in context

I actually feel that it could help if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and read this article and realize the obvious fact of your birth date my actually influence how you experienced school/work and that maybe how you're feeling has an actual reason. This can ground a suicidal impulse to simply know that there is a reason, any reason, for how you are feeling.

Japan has high suicide rates because of its work culture (applies to school too) and its hierarchical system that lends itself to power harassment. There are other factors that feed into these, such as a culture of acquiescence and conflict avoidance.

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Posted in: Nadeshico Sushi restaurant challenges gender roles with all-female staff clad in kimono See in context

"Challenging" gender roles by reinforcing gender stereo-types...good job <_<

I agree that the male dominated sushi world needs a good injection of equality but I personally feel that this kind of faux-equality is just the other side of the same sexist coin; Yes women can be sushi chefs but because they are women they must decorate it and dress in girly ways because that is what is expected from the sexist society.

It is a refreshing idea but it's so ridiculously half-cocked that it misses the target in my opinion.

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Posted in: Saudi diplomat accused of raping Nepalese maids leaves India See in context

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations does have provisions by which the diplomat can be named persona non grata and the sending state must pull the diplomat within a reasonable time or the immunity stops being valid and they can be arrested. Legally speaking the Saudi diplomat leaving the country is perfectly legitimate.

Another section of the Convention states that a sending state can revoke the diplomats immunity and allow the diplomat to be arrested if they feel the diplomat had committed a crime.

Given the hosting and sending states' views and behaviours to women I am not surprised that absolutely nothing came out of this and nothing will.

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Posted in: Big Republican field looking to deflate Trump in 2nd debate See in context

Gelendestrasse, I don't think you realise how appropriate your comment really is for the current environment. In times of struggle and perceived injustice the masses will often turn to nationalistic (fascist) leaders to lead them out of the stagnant darkness. History does repeat itself, simply because people never really get past their baser instincts.

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Posted in: Technology doesn't make school pupils smarter: study See in context

I always find it so frustratingly problematic when studies (or people) conflate being smart or being intelligent with having high test scores.

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Posted in: Singapore ruling party wins elections See in context

Never mind the next 5 years, there has been no opposition for the last 50 either.

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Posted in: Japan launches suicide prevention week See in context

So long as suicide is seen as the "problem" then suicide will continue to happen at high rates in Japan. As oikawa said, it's all the actual factors that need to be engaged with instead of raising 'awareness' about suicide itself.

An unhealthy work culture. An endemic propensity to harassment at almost every stage of life. A bleak economic and social outlook for the future.

These are the primary factors in the high suicide rates.

And even though the number of people committing suicide has been dropping the population has been dropping faster so the rate hasn't changed much in actuality.

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Posted in: Teen novel prompts first New Zealand book ban in decades See in context

There is a vast difference between child pornography and a novel that depicts sex between teenagers within the story. The purpose of child pornography is singularly as a fetish form of sexualization of pubescent or pre-pubescent bodies engaged in sexual acts. The novel is a well received novel that has won awards for engaging with topics that are very current and very real.

Teenagers have sex. Teenagers take drugs. Teenagers do a hell of a lot more than what censors allow them to see.

The censor board was forced to make a rash decision due to complaints from a conservative group and they will investigate the veracity of the complaints in the coming month (apparently) and I for one hope that they reverse their decision because what the world needs more of is novels that engage with the things that teenagers may engage with and engage with them on a mature level.

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Posted in: Muslim U.S. flight attendant says she was wrongly suspended for not serving alcohol See in context

I am strongly opposed to alcohol on a purely philosophical stand point and I feel utterly unclean if I come in contact with anything related to alcohol. The bottles (full or empty) and anything related to it. If there were an added sense of religious duty to not engage with alcohol I can only imagine how much stronger that would be for a person.

The issue is that the company provisioned for her to not serve alcohol and appear to be going back on that agreement. I agree with kiwiboy that they either should not have hired her or have to stick to their guns. Likely the 'agreement' was not in her contract and they will be clear of any legal responsibility.

If she were getting a job as a bartender then this would be ridiculous but a flight attendants duties are not explicitly related to serving alcohol. She was perfectly without rational grounds to request that she not have to serve alcohol and this situation is going to blow up in the company's face I hope.

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Posted in: Obama paints doomsday scene of global warming in Alaska See in context

Climate change is a natural phenomenon. Anyone who denies that is just as much wrong as those who deny it's happening at all.

The major problem that the human race is facing is simply that it's happening at a vastly accelerated rate. It is inevitable and in the grand scheme of things the planet will outlast us.

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Posted in: Obama stares down melting Alaska glacier to sound alarm on climate chang See in context

Glaciers always melt this time of year. Scientists call that phenomenon "summer." And there's growing consensus among scientists that indeed heat melts ice.

It's not the fact that the glacier is melting at this time of year. It's the fact that the glacier is not recovering the lost ground after each successive melt and freeze. This is what is meant by it receding.

Indeed, heat does melt ice. Higher average temperatures and an increase in the temperature of the planet's oceans is increased heat so therefore increased ice melting.

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Posted in: Children need to be taught to be wary of the night See in context

I come from a country where we all have a very healthy fear of the night. I still revert to that hyper-alert state when I walk at night in Japan.

Fear without alertness is just anxiety. As Yubaru stated: we need to teach children to simply be aware. It's difficult in a country that is as safe as Japan since the general everyday dangers that I grew up with are just non-existent or tend to be limited to certain areas.

Japan's intentional homicide rate is under 1 per every 100 000 people. This is a dream compared to actually dangerous places in the 30's, 50's, even 90's.

Admittedly it would be really nice if we didn't have to be hyper-vigilant. It's one of the reasons I enjoy being in Japan and simultaneously a great annoyance that I see such slack vigilance on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Is Internet responsible for more marriages or divorces? See in context

The concept of marriage only came about to ensure property rights were maintained. It was a legal contract that ensured that property passed from the husband to the children (generally the son).

Humans are naturally predisposed to non-monogamy on both a genetic and psychological level. It borders on irrational behaviour to deny our natures. The problem here is not "adultery" but society's vilification of non-monogamy.

As a species we have only enforced monogamy for the briefest of moments. I, for one, hope that more people become aware of this external pressure to be monogamous and free themselves to explore ethical non-monogamy.

Cheating is always bad; ethical non-monogamists can cheat. The trick is solid communication and understanding.

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Posted in: New Zealanders get first look at new flag options See in context

Uhm, what is wrong with the current flag?

The current flag is a colonial flag that has the Union Jack in the corner. It also does not represent the people of the nation. As much as part of me thinks the money expended in such endeavors is often wasteful, this is an important and highly symbolic gesture.

No nation should have to live under a colonial flag, simple as that.

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Posted in: Temp workers: Helping or hurting Japan’s future? See in context

In short, the snake-oil-salesmen think that snake-oil is really good for your health and for society as a whole. Isn't that a pleasant surprise [/sarcasm]

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Posted in: South Carolina lawmakers overwhelmingly vote to debate Confederate flag See in context

I'd like to remind readers that the article concerns "South Carolina lawmakers overwhelmingly vote to debate Confederate flag". Not remove or abolish. It's just the start of a potentially long and outdrawn situation that may or may not lead to the flag being removed. Politics and Law are all about having as many stages as possible between something being voted on, then debated, then considered, then passed...the first stage. Just to start on the second and then third.

I hope that the debates are rational and sound but I'm not too hopeful. Politicians are concerned about their voter base, not morality or what's actually the ethical thing to do.

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Posted in: Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to raise smoking age to 21 See in context

It's a disgusting and inherently damaging practice. It should be banned outright in my opinion. Failing that, I applaud legislation that makes it harder and harder for smokers to engage in their addiction in public space.

Raising the age limit will accomplish absolutely nothing though. A silly and pointless piece of legislation.

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Posted in: Donald Trump announces bid for U.S. presidency See in context

My knee jerk reaction was that this would be a terrible idea. But if I had to choose between a president who was pandering to corporations to fund their campaign, and a president who would likely be able to fund themselves. The latter is more likely to be free to do what they need to do rather than what their "sponsors" want.

That being said you don't amass wealth to the level that 'The Donald' has without being amoral. So my controlled knee reaction is that this is possibly the most terrible idea.

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Posted in: Jeb Bush says pope should steer clear of climate issue See in context

Maybe the Pope should say that Jebb Bush needs to steer clear of global issues. Climate change is not a political issue; it's a global issue that politicians like to make a political issue.

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Posted in: Airline industry proposes perfect-size carry-on bag See in context

The weight issue has very little to do with actual weight going on the plane. They still carry the over-weight bags after all. It's just a fining system that was implemented to punish people who didn't follow the guidelines; If we had no weight limit on the plane at all then far more people would be overweight and then the situation might actually arise wherein the plane is legitimately too heavy to fly. I would say that for each passenger on board a plane they cater for approximately 120kg (260lbs) that way possible overweight baggage or "overweight" passengers would be balanced out by other passengers being below that total.

Even if every passengers' total was over that amount the plane can still fly but would burn more fuel most likely.

Creating a system where we physically weighed the passengers and their combined luggage would be ridiculous and simply encourage the problematic fat shaming (and now fat punishing) mindset. I think that if a passenger can still fit in one seat then they are fine. If multiple seats are required then multiple seats should be bought. There is a difference between being around the 100kg (200lb) mark and being too big to fit in a single seat.

TL;DR Over-weight baggage charges are just a symptom of a system that seeks to penalize people for breaking the set rules and have very little to do with the actual safety of the plane. Most passenger planes likely have a buffer of about 30% of the weight limit. Which they likely fill up with other cargo to boost profits if we're honest. But they have to do that in order to ensure that the fuel load is sufficiently burnt to safe landing levels.

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Posted in: Constitutional questions grow over Abe's military plans See in context

I think the essence of Article 9 is a very noble and good declaration.

Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

Even if it was essentially imposed on them (in a rather colonial way) by their de facto conquerers.

The problem lies with the second part:

To accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

In a perfect world this would be great, but in the real world it would be telling a person that they should never lock their doors, leave all their windows open, not have a security system, or any security measures whatsoever...without their neighbors doing the same. It's just silly. Even having the JSDF as it is in in opposition to this clause and this clause is likely the clause that people are jumping on now as well.

A constitution that was forced on Japan by victorious powers should, itself, not be seen as legitimate. Even if the core of the constitution is a good one it doesn't make it legitimate or right.

Personally I think that Japan should be able to maintain a military force that is capable of defending it's territory and capable of supporting their allies and neighbors if necessary. As it stands the Article hamstrings Japan and Japan is essentially constantly and endlessly being unconstitutional simply by maintaining an Armed Force (even if it's a "Self-Defense Force). Each time they fly out to meet a Chinese probing flight. Each time they sail their ships near Chinese ships probing their waters...they are using force to settle an international dispute. Which is precisely counter to the constitution as it stands.

I have always believed that stupid laws should not exist, because when a law is so absurd that it is broken daily then it creates a culture and society that disregards all laws. If laws make sense, and are enforced, then people are more likely to actually obey them.

Revising the constitution would be a good idea. Actually making the Japan's de facto (how it is) military presence into a de jure (how it legally us) military presence would go a long way to making Japan responsible for it's actions. When the words are reflective of reality and are actually words uttered by people living here and now they are far more relevant and far more meaningful that the words of dead presidents or old conquering forces.

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Posted in: Tokyo police, train operators launch campaign against deviant behavior See in context

The only campaign happening here is a campaign against women dressing in a manner that makes them targets for deviant behaviour. Not a single part of this article even suggests that the campaign is anything more than a "If you don't want to get raped don't wear a short skirt" style campaign.

If you want to launch a campaign against deviant behaviour then you should be educating and enlightening everybody not just giving advice (and super duper dandy pamphlets) to the potential victims. This style of campaign reinforces the mentality that 'chikan' is something that will happen if you dress in a specific way and can only be curbed by women being more vigilant.

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Posted in: Self-driving cars vulnerable to cyberattack, experts warn See in context

“As connected and automated vehicle technology reduces or eliminates some risks that drivers face today, new risks are likely to emerge. We are focused on the big picture—how can we adapt to these changes and continue to deliver value to our customers,” the company said in an email to AFP.

Subtext: "We are so terrified that we might get smaller profits from insurance premiums that we are going to grab this 'threat' and run with it as far as we can. With any luck we can continue to rip the customer off and make them think we are doing it for their benefit"

Just like the plane hacking story this is just fear mongering. Only slightly different in that this is even more ridiculous, and purely driving towards insurers making self-driven cars out to be more of a risk. They will love the opportunity to charge more for a vehicle that will likely cost far less in actually accidents.

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Posted in: Manga poster guy asks something much more shocking than 'Will you be my girlfriend?' See in context

Japanese in general are reticent to display emotion and affection publicly. Timid is not quite the right word.

There is still an accepted system of dating before being in a relationship in Japan from what I have seen and heard. So actually being somebodies girlfriend or boyfriend is an official delineation as opposed to simply being a term.

At least for the guy, it doesn’t look like this was an exclusive arrangement, either, as it’s unlikely he’d be the one broaching the subject if he didn’t have multiple partners.

I find this part exceptionally problematic to say the least. It takes a completely sensible suggestion and makes it into a situation that is either guilt driven or suspicion driven.

This is a brilliant campaign and is essentially encouraging people to be more responsible and think more about making the decision to be responsible and know their status. Every person who is sexually active should be getting tested before initiating a new relationship, it's just irresponsible not to.

If you are in a truly monogamous relationship and you have no other risk factors (encountering body fluids et cetera) and you are not initiating new relationships then no testing is required. But I believe it is simply the responsible thing to do before starting a new relationship to get tested and know your status and all that. Far too many people just ignore this.

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Posted in: Firearm accident at Yokohama police station leaves two officers injured See in context

Had the safety feature off, unless it was a Glock. What do police carry here? This rookie accidentally pulled the trigger while he attempted to lock the slide assembly back. Obviously the weapon's muzzle was pointed in an unsafe direction. What an embarrassment.

Since the article mentions absolutely nothing about the firearm used and does not even mention the wounds sustained there is way too much assumption in this post. Never mind the assumption of fault.

The wounded officers could have gotten pieces of stone fragment in their eyes from the round hitting the roof for all we know. Also, standard law enforcement firearm is the Nambu M60 or S&WM37, both being revolvers.

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Posted in: Working to death in Japan: Health warning over 'no overtime' law See in context

If a organization like Keidanren supports the bill then you know it's not in the best interests of workers. Plain and simple.

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Posted in: Remains of fetus found in drainage pipes of Chiba apartment building See in context

She can't get in trouble for having a miscarriage

I believe she can be charged for illegal disposal of a body - if the fetus is proven to be hers. Although I don't know how they work with unintentional disposal of a corpse if she truly was unaware. And this is also assuming it is hers.

Currently she is in trouble for the visa over stay. The rest is conjecture.

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Posted in: U.S. security expert says he hacked plane controls mid-flight See in context

Sounds like fear-mongering to me. I say this with no factual knowledge on the situation though. Pretty sure that there would be measures in place to prevent this exact situation.

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Posted in: McDonald's supplier gets Beijing's biggest pollution fine See in context

Not sure I understand this; one assumes that "waste water" from the plant would flow into the drains/sewerage system but the company was ordered to have the waste water treated as it seems, the "water flowed into city pipes". Does this mean that previously their waste water passed directly into the mains water system?

I think it means that the waste water leaving the plant was over a designated level of pollution for the city sewage pipes that would normally travel to a waste treatment plant...so the plant must treat its own water before sending it out into the system.

Although this makes little sense I suppose. No idea really.

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