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Posted in: Official replaced over physical aggression against NGT48 singer See in context

Nice to see the "parent" Management tacking action, even if it is too late. If anyone else had a hand in helping these two overly obsessive fans, should be fired as well, and forced to apologise. Not just to the Idol singer, but to the whole population as a whole!

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer who was attacked at home makes on-stage apology for 'causing commotion' See in context

She shouldn't have to apologize for anything! It the fault of NGT48 management for not providing enough protection, plus the two scumbags for assaulting her!

If this happened in North America, thoes two would be charged with assault and tresspassing, even if they claimed to have no violent intentions!

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. should consider profiling Muslims See in context

Like do people really believe that he's going to profile "only" Muslims? What's to stop him from doing the same thing to other minorities?? That is how Hitler started, but it seems the people that support Trump, have forgotten that or are blind to that fact.

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Posted in: Trump calls Clinton 'corrupt' and 'a liar' See in context

As far as I know, third part fact checkers have looked into everything Trump has said and have found nothing to support his statements, as far as I know. So the bigger question is or should be: Who really is the bigger liar. Trump or Clinton?

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Posted in: Hello Kitty melons See in context

I can see the novelty factor in it. But I would pay $65 CAD for that.

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Posted in: Abe says it is hard for now to revise arms-renouncing article of constitution See in context

Look. If the Japanese Government tried this 20 years ago, I'd say no way in hell! But with everything going on with China and north korea, I have no problem with it today.

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Posted in: Kewpie Mayonnaise censors logo of angel wings and nudity for American consumers See in context

Ahhh why???? I'm not "offended" by the image of a naked so called angle or what ever that thing is supposed to be. So why all the fuss? It's just a jar of mayonnaise for crying out loud.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of 70 women's raincoats See in context

Ahhh...Okay. I am literally at a loss for words. This man needs to see a psychiatrist, because that isn't right.

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Posted in: Man arrested for distributing revenge porn in Fukushima See in context

500,000 yen as a fine? That's still over $4000 USD or $5000 CAD Dollars, on top of a 3yr prison term. That might make people think twice about doing it, but then again if one is dead set on posting revenge porn, they are going to do it regardless of the law.

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Posted in: New Year's card sheep completes knitting scarf See in context

Come on people it's just a cute harmless story! Do we really have to nit pick it at the start of the new year? Who the heck cares if it took 12 years to knit. Who cares if it used it own wool. Who cares what the actual life expectancy of a real life sheep is? It's just a cute harmless story! Get over it!

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Posted in: Osaka court rules tattoo check on city employees illegal See in context

Personally I don't like tattoo's. While some designs look absolutely hideous, and people that just cover themselves with them, also look hideous and disgusting, I feel that a person shouldn't be disciplined or reassigned because they have one. That said, I think Mr. Hashimoto overstepped his authority. Maybe next time he'll give more logical thought into his actions.

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