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Posted in: 4 Japanese lawmakers to be banned from visiting island near Dokdo See in context

@YuriOtani I think perhaps you are not too familiar with the reason why this is a sensitive issue for both countries. You may think SKs look for any excure to bash Japan, but you must also see that many Japanese purposefully choose to 'ignore' or 'look down' on Korea and Koreans. This is obvious from the treatment of Zainichi Koreans in Japan I believe, that there is an obvious discrimination. But aside from that, the point is that Korea was colonised by Japan for several decades, where the Koreans were forbidden to 'be Korean'. Koreans were forbidden to eat Korean food and speak their own language and were forced to wave the Japanese flag. And when I mean forced, they basically killed anyone who didn't listen to them and many did. Then the war ended and Korea had their independence again but Japan hardly apologized for their atrocities to the countries they invaded, including the Philippines and China (mainly Manchuria) which is why many Chinese in that area have the same reaction against the Japanese as the Koreans. As you can see it is not an easy relationship to just say "oh okay let's just be friends again". Dokdo is currently administered by SK because the country administered it before the country was colonised by the Japanese. The SKs show 'proof' by documentation as well as landmarks on the island, dating before Japanese invasion. I do not doubt that the Japanese too visited the island before the war, but as far as administration I believe the SKs have more so-called 'proof' to back their stance. I am guessing that the Japanese need to investigate the island to prove otherwise but that's just my personal estimation. Anyway - the island was so-called Japanese territory during the colonisation, but after the war, SK resumed administration to this day, yet the Japanese claim that the island is in fact, Takeshima and part of Japanese territory - you can imagine what the SK reaction was to that.

I just want to say, consider what visas are and what they are for. There are many people who will visit the US and stay until they become illegal immigrants. If they are found out, they are kicked out of the country. It is law, although these people normally have their reasons for staying, in the end no matter what their excuse is (i.e. I have to feed my children) they are kicked out of the country because it is the country's law. Not all countries allow all other international visitors direct entry into other countries. Some countries are stricter about who enters and who cannot. That is why people have to apply for visas for certain countries to get access. If you are denied the visa for whatever reason (visa rejection is common for Asians who wish to visit the US, it's bizarre if you hear the reasons why but anyway not the point here) you are denied access into the country. It is their country's law and even if you don't agree with it, you stick with it. You push yourself then you can get arrested. The country doesn't have to be totalitarian to be able to do that.

The Japanese lawmakers were given a warning in advance. They purposefully ignored the warning and went ahead with it anyway knowing they would get rejected. They know the Koreans are more sensitive about the issue than most of the general Japanese are. It stems from the history. The point was they wanted to make a show and they pretty much succeeded. The thing is, there isn't much they can really do by visiting yet they did it out of pure provocation. They went to SK and said "Dokdo is Takeshima and is Japanese land" on public TV in the Korean airport. Dokdo and Takeshima is not the only example of territorial dispute, there are other landmarks, areas, mountains that have countries fighting over for the land but Dokdo and Takeshima have always been the heat of the media. I personally think that SK should've kept it quiet and it's turned out to be a much bigger deal than it really is but I guess it is impossible with international TV and the internet making news.

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