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Posted in: Woman arrested on 2nd charge of abandoning infant’s body at home 3 years ago See in context

This woman never learned she just continued to have babies and killing them

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Posted in: Evergrande founder calls for construction, sales to resume See in context

Evergrande was nothing but a ponzi scheme from day one. Xu knew it. This was nothing but a money grab and then run!

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy will not be prosecuted over 6-year-old sister’s death See in context

@Oxycodin NOT TRUE in the USA he would still be tried in Juvenile court because he is under the age of 18 years old, in addition the mother would be arrested for child neglect. In the USA he would be trialed as an adult and got life in prison but I seen enough those cases and glad they decided to put the blame on parents. Still the soon to be adult 17 years old adult need some rehabilitation. It could be also blamed on violent videos games that were they learn to hurt on there. Rip little one

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Posted in: Man with gunshot wound found on Saitama riverbank See in context

This man lived, the shooter basically sent a message to him, no gun was found even if the police questions him he will not tell the truth about who shot him, knowing the person still has the gun and will come to finish him off. Police said the man had suffered a gunshot wound and was still conscious. He was taken to hospital where he was in a stable condition Monday, police said. Police said no gun was found near the man, nor was there any car. They said they will wait until he recovers before questioning him further.

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Posted in: Former women's empowerment minister Noda to run for LDP leadership See in context

Even though Seiko Noda is a long shot to win. The good thing is just by running for the election gives Japanese women the empowerment to try changing the status quo.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea call on N Korea to return to arms talks See in context

Talks talks talks Lil Kim response Missiles Missiles missiles!! Nothing changes!!

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Posted in: Chinese property giant Evergrande under 'tremendous pressure' See in context

@Desert Tortoise In China, all urban land is owned by the central government in Beijing and all agricultural land is owned by cooperatives. One may "won" a long term lease on a flat in a tall building in some big Chinese city but you never own your home and land as one does in California for example. Partially true, in California you can own your own home but you NEVER OUTRIGHT own the land your home sits on!!! Just to make that clear and that is anywhere in the US!!

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Posted in: University student arrested over murder of 79-year-old woman See in context

Yamaguchi struck Otsuka several times with the hammer while she was doing weeding work. Koshi Yamaguchi, admitted to beating Chikusa Otsuka about the head with a hammer but denied intent to kill. What was he thinking using a hammer. I don't believe his sorry excuse!

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Posted in: Chinese students hit by U.S. visa rejections See in context

WOW this guy has the nerve to say its nonsense. I guess he can say that because he is not voicing his opinion against the Chinese regime. What does finance has to do with it A LOT!!! Once you study the system you are then trained to look at numbers and equate them to military spending. Do you think Americans are that stupid? IF not stay in China and get a finance degree!! Confucianism at its best! “The whole thing is nonsense,” Wang said. “What do we finance students have to do with the military?”

Here we go Huang using the race card, these people are well trained to use whatever is going on in the US to promote their own cause to try to get sympathy. How can he be insulted me being an American and if Huang said he doesn't like America is that racism probably not to him. Why worry about racism or apply when he doesn't live in the country, try crying racism in China. Why go somewhere if he feels he is going to be subjected to racism. China must not be all that because he is trying to get out!! So what he graduated from the school, and yes he could very well be a trained spy!! This guy has the nerve to ask what is the difference between being a spy and racism. The question is has he ever been a spy to know what a spy is or does and has he ever been subjected to racism to know what it like? “I was insulted,” Huang said. “That I graduated from this school means I am a spy? What’s the difference between this and racism?”. I work for a "MAJOR DEFENSE COMPANY" and we have CAUGHT MANY of these students asking questions about certain things that goes on inside the high tech walls as we are leaving work. WE have caught them flying drones, taking pictures in the name of just being a tourist!! CRY FOUL in China being a trained student spy doesn't work anymore we are up to that game!!!

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Posted in: China to target biggest payment app Alipay in tech crackdown: Financial Times See in context

Xi is a King pin sooner or later the old rich whom he is also coming after will take him out!

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Posted in: Woman goes on trial for burying body of newborn baby in Tokyo park See in context

@Johansawada You wrote "your life is basically over in Japan when you've "screwed up" not true if you look at the sentencing guidelines for most criminal offenses in Japan they are very lenient compared to other parts of the world. Once a person is convicted of a crime the victims name is reported not the criminal in most cases. Also they spend very little time in prison and once released they can trickle back into society and live as if they were just on a short vacation. All they have to do is show remorse bow and get a suspended sentence.

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Posted in: Japan warns citizens of possible attack in 6 Southeast Asian nations See in context

Look at the countries named The warning applies to Japanese citizens in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. All of these countries are pretty much Muslim.

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Posted in: Osaka pachinko parlor used as vaccination site See in context

I proposed 7-11 or Lawson many months ago, Whatever works

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Some people just don't like change but I think the women can do a better job. Not only will it bring change in politics but a change in culture where women will be looked upon more than just a housewife.

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Posted in: There is no end to cases of illegal workers using forged residence cards, so we are stepping up crackdowns. See in context

Its best to get a hold of it right away or Japan will end up like the US with many illegals forcing changes.

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Posted in: 10% of Japanese firms to add regular staff after minimum pay hike: survey See in context

Inaccurate reporting the minimum wage in the US is $15.00 per hour and currently it is very hard to get workers to except that pay because they say they can not live on that hourly salary!!!

Japan's minimum wage ranks fifth among the Group of Seven industrialized nations except for Italy which has no legal minimum wage, after France's $12.2, Germany's $12.0, Britain's $11.1 and Canada's $10.5, according to Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development data for 2020. The United States is the lowest at $7.3.

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Posted in: Vietnam in same boat, says Japan defense minister amid China's rise See in context

Wow you should be a history buff. Looking at all the things you wrote about the US it seems as if you are anti-US and Pro China. Its ok your opinion but have you ever thought about or look into each of those issues. Has the word "TRUST" ever come to your mind? Simply put, there is no country on the face of this earth "TRUST" China today, tomorrow or ever.

@ SpockToday 08:41 am JST

Here is the scorecard of wars between the US and China. You be the judge about who is the bully.

Chinese military interventions or acts of agression against the US: Zero

US military interventions against China sine 1840.

US military forces sent to China after a clash between Americans and Chinese in Canton.

US military forces sent to China to protect American interests in and near Shanghai during Chinese civil strife.

US military forces sent to China to protect American interests in Shanghai.

Battle of the Barrier Forts. US joins the UK in its war to force China to import opium. "

US military forces sent to China for the protection of American interests in Shanghai.

US military forces sent to China to punish an assault on the American consul at Newchwang.

1894-95. US military forces sent to China march on Peking for protection purposes during the Sino-Japanese War.

1894-1895. US Naval vessel beached and used as a fort at Newchwang for protection of American nationals.

US invades China in 1899 to put down the Boxer rebellion.

1911-1941. US military forces occupied various parts of China ostensibly to “protect” American interests.

1945-1949. US occupied parts of China in Operation Beleaguer. Over nearly four years, US forces engaged in more than a dozen skirmishes with the Chinese communist forces.

1940s-1950s. The US waged a proxy war against China via the forces of Chiang Kai-shek.

1950-1953. During the Korean War, US General MacArthur threatened to destroy China unless it surrendered. He also wanted to nuke China. The US bombed Chinese territory just across the Yalu river.

The CIA tried to assassinate Chinese Premier Chou En Lai.

The US bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, killing 3 Chinese.

A US spy plane crash landed in China. The US has been conducting such spy missions for decades. China has conducted no such missions against the US.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man fatally stabbed by son See in context

This is only the tip of what will be, as Japan ages and the number of unemployed men and women be replaced by technology these types of incidents will occur more often. You have a culture that is based on working pride. Most often when you read an article the article mentions whether or not the person was employed and their age. To not work is thought of not worth living. As you can see in the number of suicides caused by not having work or having too much work.

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Posted in: 78-year-old man arrested over death of housing complex resident in Yokohama See in context

Anger = danger!

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Posted in: Japan detects suspected Chinese submarine near southern island See in context

You guys don't have a clue! China is testing Japans military capabilities. What they are doing is trying to see how far they can go undetected with their military equipment and to test what kind of radar capabilities Japan has and develop counter measures against it.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuees arrive in Japan; more expected to come See in context

@Michael Machida This article reads strange. Are these native Afghans or are they Japanese nationals who were merely working in Afghanistan? By the end of the evacuation mission on Aug. 31, the SDF had only evacuated one Japanese as well as 14 Afghans at the request of the United States.

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Posted in: Couple in their 70s found dead at home in suspected murder-suicide See in context

It seems as if the couple realized they were not healthy and could not live alone or without one another. It also appears that they did not want bother their son and his wife. Sad situation may they now have their peace.

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Posted in: Biden calls Xi as U.S.-China relationship grows more tense See in context

@YuriOtani Wonders how much pressure it takes for China to go to war? Every nation has a breaking point. Sanctions never are effective. China does not pick fights they know they can't win.

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan urge Japanese immigration center to fully disclose video See in context

My question to all of the posters why was she in the detention center? Answer she overstayed her VISA. Rules are Rules you are in a country as a guest. When you enter with a Visa you are simply saying you will obey those rules. Why is it that now a days people are quick to look at the mere fact that caused the action. Lets say she got sick on the plane on her way back to Sri Lanka and the pilot didn't return the plane to the airport. Do you blame the pilot or the carrier? Why is it that what seems to be WRONG is made and accepted as being RIGHT? Yes, she died in Japan, people die every day for the same reasons, you can't simply go to a country and do what you want to do. Rules are rules had she not overstayed her Visa we wouldn't be reading or posting about this.

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Posted in: Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot raises serious concerns See in context

Man vs. Robots I can imagine the horse laughing at us now!!!

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Posted in: Kishida calls for new type of capitalism to address income, social gaps See in context

All politicians move their lips but nothing comes out just a bunch of gibberish!!!

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

I wonder if half the people here posting can actually vote in Japan? The reason being is everyone is posting what they want and that is a perfect candidate that they are not going to get. Its all the same, nothing is going to change. It is the way it is!!!

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested over attempted murder of parents See in context

When the parents told the son to get a real life he snapped and then remained silently because finally he did realize his future home jail!

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Posted in: Woman found dead in Kumagaya apartment See in context

With police in the news lately perhaps it could be on of their own since the police said Miyazaki had previously consulted with them several times before her murder this month. However, police declined to give further details, saying it “concerns [her] privacy.”

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Posted in: Broadcasters urged to cancel plans to cover Beijing Olympics See in context

China will use the winter Olympics to showcase China to the world at the expense of NBC. It is not China's intent to show the games in s sportsmanship like way. The spot light will be on how Great China is and to show the world over what their intent is and that is to dominate southeast Asia!

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