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Posted in: Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China See in context

China only thinks about China, greed greed control!! They deny even the truth!! China doesn't know anything about the truth!!

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of politicizing Winter Olympics as boycott talk mounts See in context

Boycott China's Olympic games

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Posted in: U.S. eases 'Do Not Travel' advisory for Japan See in context

LOL very high level of COVID-19 equals one level less than COVID! Resulting in COVID!!

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Posted in: Major companies, universities apply for on-site vaccinations See in context

APPLY?? why not volunteer!!! its either for the YEN but not the Yang!!

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Posted in: Uber Eats deliverer arrested for exposing himself inside convenience store See in context

New business name: Uber bEats

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Posted in: Japan leans toward holding Olympics with domestic spectators: report See in context

LMFAO!!!!! Where is the logic???? Japan is leaning toward allowing domestic spectators at the Tokyo Olympics despite the COVID-19 pandemic, media reported on Wednesday, with organizers planning to monitor the movements of foreign media to prevent spread of the virus. First off Japan has a problem with getting COVID under control and they will allow Domestic spectators to the games, BUT monitor the movements of the foreign media WAITTTTTT. Japan before you allowed foreign media into the country my take was they had to have proof of their covid vaccination shots? If not why would Japan allow them in? If anything Japan you should monitor the domestic spectators that is the group that should be watched. I don't get it!! Now I can understand why this entire Olympic think is a joke!!!!

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Posted in: 4th member of Cuban baseball delegation defects to U.S. See in context

At 35 he is a wash!!! I don't think any major league team will big him up. If anything he will h ave to prove what he can do at the AAA level.

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Posted in: AI is taking over job hiring, but can it be racist? See in context

Baseball does it BIG TIME! In the old days a scout would go out an assess a athletes natural ability to see if he had the five tools needed to play professional baseball and it depended on where you would end up in the draft. Now days you have a scout he goes out and he looks at the athletes send in his report based on what he has seen as far as his natural ability to play the position height, weight and looking at the size of his parents. From there the data is given to the analyst. Based on how many hits this athlete had in high school or college etc.. the bean counting analyst with their computer stats come out with the projections of what this potential athlete will produce based on all the data they have and the position he is being drafted in. Not only do they do it for drafting they do it for all the players in the big leagues they know what pitch a batter can handle the best location to throw and also where he actually hits the ball to. Its crazy!!!

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Posted in: Apple faces employee resistance in office return plan: report See in context

This is the wave of the future! You have a catered to a bunch of kids who have now grown up with pacifiers and wearing wet pants. These kids don't want to do anything, you can go to the super market and see them shopping in their pajamas. Do I need to say pajamas again. All they want to do is sit in front of a monitor, play video games and feed their faces and do nothing!!! Yes Apple built a beautiful campus but Apple is also part of the problem that created these slackers!!

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Posted in: MUFG bank blames ATM woes on system glitch See in context

Thank goodness I sold my Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group stock!!

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Posted in: Global crackdown on organized crime after high-tech U.S.-Australia sting See in context

My thinking is now there will be an all out cyber space war between the hackers and law enforcement. Here in Los Angeles the hackers have already started infiltrating police stations data bases and holding them for ransom. Get ready because the internet that was going warped speed will now go turtle speed as the cat an mouse games begin.

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Posted in: Memorial service marks 20 years since fatal stabbing rampage at Ikeda school See in context

Sad so sad to read the fathers words after all these years he is left with this horrible memory and feelings "I feel like I'm going insane when I think of Yuki" who tried to live, her father said. "I couldn't do anything. I can't forgive myself."

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Posted in: From 'batsu' to 'maru': Japan’s shift in attitude toward untying the knot See in context

My personal take of marriage in Japan is its a "CONVENIENCE" people don't marry for support not love, they marry for status.

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Posted in: 'I must listen to my body': Federer withdraws from French Open See in context

Roger Federer a man who withdraws because of "Physical pain" Osaka withdraws because of "Mental Pain"! Two different people but it appears no one is crying foul because Roger Federer withdraws!! When Osaka did exactly the same the media killed her!!! Now we hear nothing but CRICKETS!!!

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Posted in: A journey back through the Kardashians as their TV show ends See in context

Only a fool would follow such a trash TV show about someones life. I could care less how many cars, or how much arse they have. TV is trash now days and this is one of the reasons I don't watch it. Its time to take out the trash!

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested after stabbing gun shop employee See in context


Very old or very young, it's getting worse with the crime situation.

*Care to share any statistics to back up your wild claim that crime is getting worse in Japan? (Daily crime stories on JT are not "crime statistics", by the way). Didnt think so. *Neither is Denial a static, but mental illness is real and the increase of these reported crimes are rising! Thats a fact!

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal stabbing of boyfriend See in context

In the heat of the argument neither person is listening to one another, angers because both individuals want to prove they are right, tempers rise and during the heat of that moment people just don't think clearly and just react. I believe she didn't mean to kill him. I have seen many instances where two people are arguing and someone steps in between the two people arguing and the person who gets punched is the person who stepped in the middle. People just react they don't think when arguing this is why its important to not have anything in your hands during an argument because you never know the outcome. An accident is a unplanned event, in this case I think that is exactly what it was. Now she has to deal with that.

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects slave labor claim against 16 Japanese firms See in context

After all these years the only people who suffered were the women whom bodies were used. The only people who benefited where the men who got their satisfaction. The ending result was nothing but painful memories, denials, then compensation and apologies of the years. Its ok to forgive but you should never forget. With forgiveness you can move on. I think this ruling is a sign of moving on!

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Posted in: Osaka still top-earning female athlete ever: Forbes See in context

@Bungle She's not even the #1 tennis player in the world but I will admit her marketing team is top notch. How else would she attract all these endorsements? It is not as if she is particularly likeable. Being the #1 tennis player or not being likeable is a joke. When it comes to being the number #e highest paid female athlete in the world that's all that matters. Ask the #1 ranked tennis player if she would like to trade money over ranking and see what answer you would get. Yeah stress, and a lot of press, but in the end Naomi is laughing all the way to the bank while relaxing by her pool in her many bikini swimsuits soaking in the sun while the yen and the dollars continue to roll in. Don't hate the player hate the game!!! Your serve!!

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Posted in: Panda's possible pregnancy delivers stocks bump See in context

I wonder if they will name the baby panda XI

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Posted in: JOC board member blasts Tokyo Games organizers, IOC See in context

This is going to be the BIGGEST embarassment for the country of Japan. The games will be a farce, and the citizens will be left with the bill while the government continue to ask what went wrong when they knew holding the games wouldn't be right.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

Matchpoint!!! At this time Naomi doesn't need tennis the highest paid female athlete can tell Tennis good bye!! Tennis

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Posted in: Osaka's condition throws light on stars' mental health and media 'voyeurism' See in context

When a person who knows they have mental illness tells you they need a break that right there should tell you something, and that is they are ASKING for time off!! Give them the space they need if not they will crumble.

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Posted in: 10,000 Tokyo Olympic volunteers have now pulled out: organizers See in context

I wonder if the Olympic chief will become a volunteer now!!

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Posted in: Amazon shifts policy on controversial worker monitoring system See in context

Amazon's work place is nothing but modern day child worker slavery

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada’s haunting new music video for 'Pink Blood' released See in context

@Samit Basu Kinda amazing how Utada Hikaru the natural-born American couldn't break into American music scene, while BTS and BlackPink rule American music scene right now. Kids today don't know music, its not about what SOUNDS GOOD, its about what LOOKS GOOD. Guys who look like girls, who have been trained for years to dance and sing, vs someone who has natural born TALENT. UTADA can sing. If you EVER been to a music studio and listen to all the off notes that gets recorded that gets correct in Ceremony then you will understand how you get perfect pitch. UTADA doesn't need voice correction she is a one take then to the back grounds and ad libs. Seen it done, very beautiful voice the only female singer in Japan that I would say could out singer her would be Misia.

HillclimberToday  03:09 pm JST

Samit BasuToday  08:47 am JST

BTS and BlackPink rule American music scene right now.

The American music scene right now: Filled to the rafters with either rap/hip hop or a derivative of. And you're saying some Koreans rule over that? Haha. Agree American's don't stick with one genre they tend to move one form of music to create another music genre for RAP-Trap and so on!!!

Real music went independent 20 years ago. Korea-pop only bubbled to the surface because all the real artists got out of the pool. Exactly musicians moved on, music evolved around ones environment and the street scene and drug culture. Korean music is nothing but demo R&B with a new jack swing with cute girly guys being screamed at by these young kids who just look at flesh and not understand music they only see fashion and cuteness and sex sells!!!

I would pay to go see UTADA perform over BTS any day!!! BECAUSE I know I am not going to get any LIP SYNCHING!!

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Posted in: Olympics chief says cancelation unlikely with 50 days to go See in context

@Reckless From September I am interested how China will handle their upcoming Olympics. They will surely encounter the same problems. I disagree China already has figured out how to combat the propaganda scheme!! They will say every citizen in China has been vaccinated and that no one has tested positive in months and they have tight protections in place to combat any new viruses.

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Posted in: Olympics chief says cancelation unlikely with 50 days to go See in context

So the "Chief doesn't think a "PANDEMIC is extreme circumstances?? The Tokyo Olympics chief on Thursday said the Games would only be canceled in extreme circumstances.

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Posted in: NBA stars urged to end China endorsements, warned over forced labor See in context

I don't think the athletes will do anything. They don't have a clue all they do is listen to their agents. Kyrie Irving just converted to being a muslim lets see what he does? I'm waiting, I hear crickets!

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Posted in: Loophole allows China firms to misuse green financing: research See in context

China doesn't need a "LOOP HOLE" they invented CHEATING!!

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