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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

2 months ago I posted I saw where people in Osaka not wearing mask, two months later I am reading Osaka Prefecture on Wednesday decided to declare a medical state of emergency due to the increased strain on its health care system, after a record 878 additional corona virus cases were reported. I WONDER WHY? Wearing is Caring!

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Posted in: U.S. Olympic athletes detail anti-Asian racism See in context

Everyone has a story to tell, racism comes in many forms.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

If the numbers of arrest are increasing that means the country is sleeping and their is a demand for it. Japan its time to LIGHT IT UP! The world is changing I see more drunks in Japan puking their guts out and falling out on fridays than I see bud heads on Fridays in the states. I have heard of people dying of alcohol positioning sclerosis of the liver, I have yet to hear or read of someone dying because they smoke bud!!

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Posted in: Man arrested after spitting on store manager who asked him to wear mask See in context

Wearing a mask is better than wearing nothing at all. There are many critics that say wearing a mask is ineffective against the virus. If that is the case why wear a mask for the common cold. WEARING IS CARING!!

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Posted in: 21 Japan infection research center officials hold party See in context

Oh well if your work is to fight against infections all day why not wind down and show a little party affection. These people have to be burnt out just as everyone else.

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Posted in: Japan strengthens anti-virus measures in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa See in context

DID I READ THIS RIGHT? So, the alert is being raised only because of the summer Olympics? Why not raise the alert not just because of the olympics but because of health concerns period!!

Japan announced Friday that it will raise the coronavirus alert level in Tokyo to allow tougher measures to curb the rapid spread of a more contagious variant ahead of the Summer Olympics.

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Posted in: Suga to designate Tokyo for stronger anti-virus steps as infections spike See in context

And just think numbers increase and no mentioning of cancelling the Olympics

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Posted in: U.S. weighs Beijing Olympics boycott with partners, allies See in context

Matters over money or Money over matters. Only time will tell which will decide this potential boycott

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Posted in: Female teacher, ex-boyfriend arrested for voyeurism and child pornography See in context

*The arrest warrant was issued for an incident on Aug 13, 2016. Hamasaki used her cell phone camera to secretly take images in the female dressing room of a hot spring facility in Amakusa City. *WOW this is the year of 2021 and a warrant was issued for an incident in 2016 and this lady was allowed to continue teaching? My question is why was she allowed to continue working around kids?

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Posted in: Ex-post office chief in Nagasaki may have swindled ¥1 bil See in context

Is this fraud or pure theft?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 555 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,449 See in context

Not good for the upcoming Olympics with the numbers going up.

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

Sad news but this does not surprise me at all especially seeing the number of people walking about their daily lives mask less in Osaka.

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Posted in: China says carrier group drills near Taiwan will become regular See in context

@ Paul please explain yourself. This is nothing but pro Chinese propaganda I am sure you are getting paid to post this nonsense.

Japan needs to kick all US forces out of Japan and break off all military relations with USA. All they do is rape, steal, contaminate the environment and more recently, spread disease.

Then act as a broker to try to secure peace between Taiwan and the mainland China. It isn't in Japan's, China's or Taiwan's interests to see China and Taiwan fight. USA on the hand is desperate to stop China further eclipsing it economically, financially, technologically and very soon of not already, militarily.

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Posted in: Suga aims to calm China-Taiwan tension on U.S. visit See in context

If the US arm forces were not in Okinawa the Chinese would try to make claim to that island also.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for leaving body of newborn baby in plastic bag See in context

*Police said an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of the baby's death. *Due process let the autopsy determine the cause not the posters

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman says she killed her ailing son at his request See in context

Who knows what happened. All we know is a dead man can't speak!

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Posted in: Forklift driver arrested after hitting, killing pedestrian See in context

If you have ever driven a forklift with a load, it is very hard to see over or around the load. There is more to this story perhaps he had a warning bell on the fork lift which in most cases alert people that they are moving, but lets say yes Rie Ito was on the sidewalk and in the right but perhaps she had headphones on listening to music and not paying attention. Either way its sad, the driver charged with murder for doing what he thought was his job. I would think the company would be sued and their Forklift driving program would be looked at IF THERE IS ONE which I doubt there is.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over death of man found on street in Akita Pref See in context

Perhaps Hisashi Narita, a bar manager had a problem with Seitoku Takeda coming to his bar and running up a tab causing trouble and not paying his tab. If this is the case its not a good reason to kill the guy. There's more to this story.

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Posted in: Man bitten by pet dog in serious condition See in context

Snoopy NEVER attacked Charlie Brown. I wonder what Lucy would say about this accusation!

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for abusing one-year-old son See in context

Terrible man, first problem UNEMPLOYED 2nd problem young parents 2 children. Sad situation all around the wife is young working a part time job. The children were already born poor. At least the mom had a job if the dad didn't have a job but had kids at such a young age it looks like both of their lives would be struggling. Thats the future of most young kids who become parents at a young age with out their parents support they are basically struggling and the children suffer.

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Posted in: China pushes to expand virus origin search to other countries See in context

LMFAO Lets say China did admit the virus came from China. No one would believe China, you can't tell when China is lying or telling the truth. The world knows the virus came from Chin

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Posted in: Is the UK racist? Report's positive picture draws skepticism See in context

Racism doesn't have a color? Racism can come in many forms. People think its skin color but it NOT! You have Japanese who are racist against Japanese, you have white people who are racist against white people. Some time it deals with a person socioeconomic status, religion, only the words change to match the narrative but still its racism.

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Posted in: H&M says it is 'dedicated to regaining trust' in China after boycott See in context

H & M = Hungry & Masquerading

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Posted in: Japan to work closely with U.S., S Korea to deal with N Korea See in context

LMFAO I always thought Japan was working closely with the U.S., and S Korea to deal with N Korea. Fooled me once fooled me twice and I am sure I will read this again.

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Posted in: Couple pretending to inspect apartment rob real estate agent See in context

@Strangerland *Stupid crime. Real estate agents in Japan do not make much money, and are unlikely to be carrying much. *Criminal robbers are opportunist they don't care about how much money they are going to get when attempting a crime, I would think their mind set is to get what ever they can without getting caught

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Posted in: Couple pretending to inspect apartment rob real estate agent See in context

The couple had asked a real estate agent to show them an apartment. At about 2 p.m., a female employee in her 20s from the agency was showing them an apartment when the man threatened her with a knife and demanded she hand over her cash card and tell them the PIN number. The couple then fled. Simple just give them the wrong PIN number.

Police said they are analyzing surveillance camera footage from outside the building to try and identify the couple who appeared to be in their late 40s or early 50s. The man is described as being about 185 cms tall and was wearing a gray overcoat. The woman, about 150 cms tall, was dressed all in pink. Looks like the cops are looking for the Pink Panther and Hello Kitty from the description.

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Posted in: Japan to get first batches of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine from U.S. See in context

Its better to get something rather than nothing at all. Some people cry over spilled milk.

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Posted in: Woman arrested on suspicion of killing one-year-old daughter See in context

Very Interesting!! Police in Fukuoka have arrested a 34-year-old Romanian woman on suspicion of suffocating her one-year-old daughter to death. Arrested on suspicion based on what the husband said?

According to police, Diana Ene suffocated her daughter, Yuria Takayama, to death at their apartment in Sawara Ward at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Fuji TV reported. When Ene’s husband returned home from work on Tuesday night, he found Yuria unconscious in her bedroom and called 119.

The child was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead. Police said doctors found no external signs of injury on Yuria’s body. No external signs of injury on Yuria’s body.

Police said Ene was arrested based on information given by her husband, but did not give details. They said Ene has remained silent since her arrest. Wow perhaps she is silent because she can't speak Japanese, being from Romania. Perhaps she doesn't know what the husband told the police. Very interesting there is more to this.

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Posted in: Gov't designates Osaka, Hyogo, Miyagi prefectures for stronger anti-virus measures See in context

This doesn't surprise me at all. Many people in Osaka walk about daily with no mask at all.

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Posted in: WHO and China: a healthy relationship? See in context

The WHO = World Hallucinating Organization

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