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Posted in: Trump's immigration order causes chaos at airports, outrage at protests See in context

You all have read into this completely wrong!!!! Originally planned this was Obama's planned until he flopped because of re-election and also large corporation. let me ask a few questions. What part of the US laws Trump is not following. The POTUS have the right to "ban VISA's and permanent residency at anytime and at his discretion". Donald Trump when he was sworn in went to the CIA, this was an order that the CIA gave to him to block the borders. Everyone knew what his plan was and that was to shut off the borders and tighten immigration. What has happened is once he was sworn in the US had 45,000 illegal immigrant coming from as far as Africa, Cuba and Syria trying to get into the US. President Trump was also told that terrorist was also trying to get into the country so in order to seal the border off and people coming into the country he put a hold on Everyone and that was to vet those with green cards and visa from 90-120 to make sure they were who they said they were because of unknown threats!!!! Now ask your self people are saying why didn't he let people know before they boarded planes and made reservation, simple he didn't want everyone to come at one time trying to beat the rush of his plan. His plan only mentioned those from known terrorist countries of operation. He never said he was not going to let people with green cards or visas in the country, he just said we need to weed out the bad ones. Another note now you have the large Tech companies crying foul about their workers not being able to come back into the country. If they were so concerned they can go to one of their corporate office and work until the ban is over. These are tech companies crying over spilled milk. Second you have all these protestors, these are millions of people who currently are in the US with VISA's and green cards. TRUMP Never said he was going to deport them. Their crying foul is they had a parent who is of old age and kids that they were trying to get into the US before Trump immigration plan tighten. Ask yourself why would a 70 year old mother with heart problems and all of her worldly possession traveling on a flight to the US with a one way ticket? Why would a wife with 7 kids come on a plane to the US with all of their worldly possessions and when asked why she was coming to visit she said the schools were better and she wanted to visit her relatives. Simple these people had no intentions on returning even though they had visas. Again just because you have a visa doesn't mean you have to be admitted. Just because you have a green card doesn't mean you can stay forever, you are not a permanent citizen you are a temporary or permanent resident. All these people protesting are only protesting for their own good. They don't care about following the law, their aim is to break it and then cry foul or discrimination and say "This is un-American" I ask them what is it to be an American. Does it mean come to America learn the language, and assimilate and not force an unknown culture on the American people. It means come here the correct way like all other LEGAL. Work hard and not sponge off the system. Americans are tired of hearing this country was built by immigrants. Yes that is true, but that was a long time ago and a different type of immigrant not one in which we are seeing today that is coming to the US poor, broke and looking for a handout. The immigrant before came poor broke and they worked their tales off and learned the language and blended into the culture. These politicians who are crying foul is only looking to get rich and these are the people whom they cater to. The attorneys are in the airports like flies on feces, praying on thee victims and this is the same way these politicians who get in front of the TV cameras and protect these people who are not citizens of the country. In the past 16 years this country has went backwards, and we have problems that needs to be fixed an its time for these countries to take care of their own people and stop crying foul when the US close the gates.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned Monday as a “terrorist attack.” Wow this guy has to be careful of what he is asking for. Just last week he was all over the news saying "Canada welcomes all Immigrants regardless of their nationalities" I guess with that comes terrorist. He pretty much made President Trump look good!!!

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Posted in: Man flees after attempting to rob pachinko parlor See in context

Hey I know that guy his name is On the Run

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Posted in: Elderly couple die after being buried in snow in Toyama See in context

Wow so sad may they rest in peace!

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Posted in: Gaffe-prone Aso criticizes women who don't give birth See in context

Aso speaks as if he was the product of a science experiment a test tube baby that became an idiot!

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Posted in: An inside account of U.S. military mistakes See in context

All of you posters are here today because of militarily wars which some brave men died for your freedom

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Posted in: Top court set to acquit 2 police officers of fatal shooting in 2003 See in context

Again people as I have said many times when you are a sworn officer of the law protecting the laws for those who set them who gave you a gun and a batch you are not going to be prosecuted. The law protects the law! In these cases of the police lose the law loses hold of its power the law would rather pay the families than show they are at fault the law want total control at all time regardless of monetary cost or loss.

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Posted in: Sankei newspaper apologizes over ad for anti-Semitic books See in context

here we go racism

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Posted in: Russian breaks koban glass, hoping to be sent home See in context

why not go to the russian embassy and get a ticket back

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I wonder if Miki Ando had not been a figure skater well known an f a single mothe having a baby out of wedlock if she would have received this award. This is a joke for all the other true mother who didn't receive an award!

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Posted in: 4 people stabbed on Amtrak train in Michigan See in context

I got money saying this guy was from SOTB! wow Japan criminal stab one person guy in the US take out 4 in a day! I say get rid of the knives and guns!

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Posted in: Hackers threaten Sony staff in new email See in context

Why not reverse and return the hack just simply send a drone to their home kaboom end of story!

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy likely jumped to death in Gunma, police say See in context

WTF!!!!!! Police and the local board of education announced at a news conference on Thursday that the boy had been attending remedial classes because he had been struggling with the Japanese language after returning from the Philippines

Blame it on language umm just because he was returning to Jp from the Philippines. Sad excuse the school board fail and the police is hiding the fact also but is quick to say because of his language difference among other things he wasn't JP so lets say this is the reason and not admit it was That he was bullied!

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Posted in: Matsuzaka returns to Japan to pitch for Softbank See in context

Daisuke made more than a splash, he made suckers believers and that translates converting dollars to yen so laugh if you want his bank account goes double ka Ching !!!!!

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Posted in: NTV's Asami Miura ranked most popular female announcer See in context

ok next!

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Posted in: Vagina kayak artist arrested in Japan See in context

That's got to be one of the most talked about vaginas of this year! I guess she pissed some one off with it! Sex sells what I can't understand is why everyone is up tight about it when we all came from a Vagina!

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Posted in: Man attacks schoolgirl, cuts her hair See in context

Here we go another knife attack!

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Posted in: 'Black widow' potted plants show traces of cyanide See in context

Wow she had a grand plan, just an old pug face dog up to old tricks!

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Posted in: U.S. report fuels race furor over police killings See in context

@bass funk

Simply put in and accept it! Eyes don't lie this guy was MURDERED Its funny the media is making this a black white issue and in orang racist azz holes are eating it up. it has nothing to do with democrat or republican its simply Murder and their are people of all races out protesting against THIS MURDER! Its funny the US tries to go after other countries Human Rights issues but they need to clean up their shit first. Those who talk about it are the ones who commit the most violations just as those who can't see that this was plain murder with racism are just part of feeding the problem and are in total denial.

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Posted in: Police crack down on bar, adult establishment touts during year-end See in context


From what I read the reason the tout was so agressive was, he was getting on the job training from the first tout. These guys recruit people to work for them the tout that was watching basically was his supervisor these guys feed off one another. They get paid based on who they get to scam in the clubs. I did lmao when you said he grabbed your arm and you pulled out your cell phone though!!

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Posted in: Japanese wives in int'l marriages share what they hate about Christmas overseas See in context

Why are everyone getting upset here? For me Xmas is everyday why should I have to wait to give some one a gift. Its the biggest lie told to kids don't get me wrong I enjoy the myth behind it but I'm not going to go broke or let some commercialized freaking holiday still my joy. I remember one year in Japan I loved it I walked into my hotel lobby and there was this 50 ft Gorgeous Xmas tree in the middle of the lobby this was Dec 22 and many families paused to take pictures and seemed to be in the spirit this continued until one morning I walked down to the lobby to go have breakfast at a nice restaurant this was Dec 26 I was surprised there was no a trace of that 50ft Xmas Tree it was gone! This kind of sapped my holiday spirit because most americans don't take down the tree until after New Years. I walked out of the lobby thinking oh well as most Japanese probably were thinking that it was just another day because most people were already back at work. In other words don't let what ever the spirit may be ruin your day you just adapt and live in that spirit of the moment!

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Posted in: Taxi passenger flees after cutting driver with knife See in context

ANOTHER knifing I think Japan should all together ban knives this is an everyday reporting.

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Posted in: Man under influence of herb stabs woman in nextdoor apartment See in context

knives should be out lawed in Japan

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Hillarious a guy who works at the same company I do was asked to take down his 6foot hello kitty blow up doll his office was hello kitty pink! a ow that guy is sitting out on the manufacturing floor Lol

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Here we go you can be a highly educated black man jogging at night in an all white neighborhood that you live in that a white cop who patrols and don't live in the neighborhood and be stopped for no reason at all. If you ask the cop why he stopped you he gets defensive why because he carries a gun and a badge and he feels he has the right to control you no matter where you are! Its always their story against yours the ignorant racist white people don't understand this Because they expect a free pass no matter where they go. Even in Japan the Nigerians as most European whites called them "touts" are blamed for or called useless with out even know the person they have just as much right as the white touts their do the same kind of crime if any is being committed but because they are black they are already suspect, white guys no matter where they are from they are quick to look down on a Japanese guy in his own country as lessor mind set is this is their world you can say this is racist but call I'm calling it like it is and I will be surprised if the Mor leaves the post!

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@Sighclops the police just let them carry on. How about they start patrolling these areas, instead of hunting for unregistered bicycles!

!!!!!!!!!! Bicycles don't talk back

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Posted in: Obama inadvertently galvanizes anti-immigration sentiments in Japan See in context

JPT ask the Mixed races in Japan that live there if they feel Japan is racist towards them.Ask those Japanese of mix races that were born in Japan who are black, white or other! This is where you will get good honest data!

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Posted in: Blue Christmas See in context

I love Shiodome during the Xmas season the city has beautiful decorations!

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Posted in: Man arrested for burying bodies of his mother and sister See in context

For the love of money!

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Posted in: Hiroshima woman arrested over death of newborn baby See in context

he thought the wife suffered a miscarriage! WTF he didn't ask where the baby was

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