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Posted in: China diplomatic offensive lays down new challenge for U.S. See in context

Russia's biggest enemy is China, don't think Xi had forgotten about the land Russia occupies on the border with China. Russia is no value for China they can't give them anything.

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Posted in: Western powers, including the European Union and United States, have been taking an increasingly tough approach toward TikTok, citing fears user data could be used or abused by Chinese officials. What's your view on this? See in context

TikTok is a bomb ticking it is nothing but a mole app for chinese spies to see everything you are doing they want world dominance and they think people are really stupid!

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Posted in: All-Stars of Team USA outmatched, outpitched in WBC final See in context

@Hakman What game were you watching? The USA team had more hits than Japan. That game was a game that any team could have one if you look at the score the USA was not out matched neither was Japan, Japan had better pitching and pitching wins. I think the Japanese pitchers did a great job using different pitchers not allowing the USA team to make adjustments, but if you look at the games end Japan brought Yu Darvish and look at what happened home run because they are on to him, thats because the batters had seen him enough. Ohtani the same way they have seen enough of him also he walked the first batter and Mookie bets hit into a well defensed double play, with one out left thats obvious. What happens if that ball got through with no outs. I don't want to go on what ifs but thats the way the game of chances go. The USA bats were not quite they had more opportunities to score and didn't capitalize. Now if it was a 3 game series would Japan win, I doubt it!!!!

“Obviously, it’s great the guys we’ve had, but I think that I’d like to see pitching staffs that are of the same quality as our position players.”

The USA lost the final game 3-2, so I don't think it was their pitching.

Japan's pitching kept the USA's big bats pretty quiet for the most part.

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Posted in: Credit card debt at record high as Fed raises rates again in U.S. See in context

@bass4funk Incorrect, most banks are not in "poor communities" they operate outside those communities they don't see any benefit to do business in those communities. Banks and other traditional lenders, consider low- and moderate-income people and neighborhoods as risky investments. They are very reluctant to extend loans for construction, home buyers, and small businesses. They want a surer bet in terms of value, stability, and repayment. What you are talking about is PREDATORY LENDING"*advertising low interest rate loans that are easily approved with little requirements or penalties and grace period"s***! **

If one thing living in Japan has taught me is to not spend money I don't have. Of course this can be very beneficial with point benefits and cash back benefits, but I always get a head ache whenever I get the credit card bill so I decided to just drop it all together. Thankfully many stores here offer alternatives like Debit, Suica, PayPay, etc

Excellent point. One problem in the US for years is that you have a lot of banks in poor communities advertising low interest rate loans that are easily approved with little requirements or penalties and grace periods, of course you will have a lot of responsible people jump at the opportunity to apply, they get approved for credit, loans and then later these people can’t make the payments for whatever reason, they default on their loans, they lose their credit, their homes and we see this time after time, they’re not taught or shown how to manage money responsibly and this is one huge reason why the US is in this position

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Posted in: Japan land prices up for 2nd year in post-COVID rebound See in context

Land prices will go down but the price of the home never gains any equity. Basically you are paying for a cad board box once it gets soggy and fall all you have is the land that's left and most times its worthless.

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Posted in: Russia boosts defenses near Japan; accuses U.S. of expanding Asia-Pacific presence See in context

@Awa no Gaijin LOL you can count!!! At least I thought please tell me how many men and how much ammunition Russia has left. Please tell me how many men are going back in body bags that Putin is not telling his people. LOL Russia boosts defenses near Japan; accuses U.S. of expanding Asia-Pacific presence. With what dogs or women thats all they have left!!! Those men with any sense left the country so they are using prisoners. Awa No Gajin they could use one smart fellow like you I think you mindset fits in great with Putins objective why not volunteers you have all the answers.

"To contain Russia and China, the United States is significantly increasing its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region,

Oh how pathetic !

The USA already has 750 bases / lilpads overseas and needs more ?


Contain Russia and China

Its the USA and UK pipe dream !

The USA so called leverage isn't working to contain Russia and China !

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Posted in: Electro-pop master M83: 'We're losing the mystery in music' See in context

He's got a point to days music sucks!! It crack head, drug laced subliminal music with a language that invents new words in a messed up world!!

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Posted in: 50-year-old man gets 6 years in prison for sexually abusing girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter See in context

@falseflagsteve True Japan is not the west because had it happened out west they both get life sentences that would be short lived in the penal sentence especially for the man. His days would be numbered day one, his only cellmate would be the person to take him out because thats the rulle. If the other prisoners can't do it you have to do it. If not according to prison rules you agree with what he did therefore you too must be taken out!! Once asleep or taking a shower if in general population he is done!!!

People seem a bit ignorant of what happens in Japanese prisons. Unlikely anyone will do any harm to the convicted man. It’s not the West here, otherwise he’d be doing 20 years and mostly likely stick in a nonce wing.

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Posted in: If you currently live in Japan, do you think you will, or would like to spend the rest of your life here? See in context

@sangetsu Home is where you were born, where you are is where you landed as a guest whether you like it or not. Even if you speak the native language or practice the customs you are still an outsider with certain privileges that are always judged based on whom you are interacting with for acceptance. You can say "what you came to Japan with and what you gained while there". With that you can "bash the pleasant city you left in America that you said is now overrun with homeless, where crime has forced half the local businesses to move or close, 911 calls go unanswered, the public schools are public dumpster fires which are seeing so many kids pulled out by their parents that teachers are being laid off". That's but those same people with can live with out of fear from an erroneous missile that the little fat guy launches when he has one of his fits, they may not have all those things you boast about, and the grass isn't always greener on the other side who is to say you might not have to go back to where you came from, if you are as successful as you CLAIM you are you don't have to go back to those problems. That is your choice because you would have the means to better yourself. If you could have done those same things you did in the states that you are doing in Japan there wouldn't have been a reason for leaving. Perhaps an easy way out and to boast about where you are now and where you came from. Its ok to enjoy the life you life but don't trash where you come from because one day you might have to go back for your own safety and family security! Enjoy for now!

I’ve done well in Japan, I came here with two suitcases 17 years ago, and moved into a 13 square meter apartment in Chiba. Today I have a business, a family and a dog, a large home with a view of Tokyo Tower, and two vacation homes. Will I return to America? The pleasant city I left in America is now overrun with homeless, crime has forced half the local businesses to move or close, 911 calls go unanswered, the public schools are public dumpster fires which are seeing so many kids pulled out by their parents that teachers are being laid off. I think I’ll stay if Japan will continue to have me

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. 3-2 to win World Baseball Classic title See in context

@rainyday I agree and you are Correct they are all professionals but still that was not Americas best! If you look at the years end the reason why those guys were there is MONEY they have made it through their "GUARANTEED" major league contracts worth millions! Had this been a 3 game series I think it would be a different, outcome.

The Japanese roster is full of Japanese superstars while the US not.*

This is just stupid nonsense. Literally every guy in the US team's starting lineup today was an MLB all-star:

Mookie Betts (6 time all star, 2018 AL MVP)

Mike Trout (10 time all star, 3 time AL MVP)

Paul Goldschmidt (7 time all star, 2022 NL MVP)

Nolan Arenado (7 time all star)

 Kyle Schwarber (2 time all star, NL home run leader 2022)

Trea Turner (2 time all star, NL batting champ 2021)

J.T. Realmuto (3 time all star)

 Cedric Mullins (2021 all star, 30-30 club member)

Tim Anderson (2 time all star, AL batting champion 2019)

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. 3-2 to win World Baseball Classic title See in context

@buchailldana FIRST OF ALL CONGRATULATION TO JAPAN!! Now with that said, if you know anything about baseball you wouldn't have posted anything except that it was a great game and that the best team happened to be Japan that day. The best players in the US did not play and that is no excuse still the USA team played with professionals and yes they lost as I myself had predicted. but as I said you don't know what goes on behind the scenes the big contracts involved the US players have massive MILLION dollar contracts these owners do not want their players to get hurt and players do get hurt as we have seen in this tournament its on the insurance policies that the team owners have to look to pay off when a player gets hurts and those players who have not got $300,-500 million contracts they don't want to play for those reasons because if they get hurt it diminishes their chance of getting that big contract and those who do play have received releases from their teams to play and have already made their "GUARANTEED MONEY" under the contracts they were under which in case some of the teams give the players a RELEASE TO PLAY if you only knew the Angels allowed Ohtani to only pitch one inning and that he be a designated hitter. Unlike Japan the players don't make that kind of money and yes it a nationalist decision. If you ask any American baseball player if they wanted to put on that uniform they would say yes, but its about the MONEY!!! Now let me correct you when you say basketball never win, what planet are you on? The USA can't win all the time and more than half the country cared less about that game, most were busy watching NCAA womens basketball LOL! Lets not even get into football, and definitely not basketball. Again congratulations to Japan and those players that will be leaving Japan to make the big money and play under the same contract rules when they play in the states. Americans love their sports but we don't die or think the world has ended if our team did win, we just gravitate to the next sport that is in season. I don't know what commentators you listened to but Alex Rodriquez and Big Pappy had nothing but praise for team Japan. Evidently you have selective hearing, and a reading disability, because most American fans had nothing but praise for team Japan, even the ones who posted on this site. You basically admitted you don't know what you are talking about and listened to what others told you to believe you wrote "*Anyway well done Japan but* as people pointed out, the commentators are awful.

Amazing how the Us goes on about being the best at Baseball, Basketball and Hockey but never seem to win much.

I suppose they have their American football.

Anyway well done Japan but as people pointed out, the commentators are awful.

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Posted in: Court reverses 12-year prison term given to man who stabbed policeman See in context

In other words the reverse ruling sends out the message that if you commit a crime and plead Johnny stupid you can get acquitted.

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Posted in: Robbery at Tokyo apartment leaves one suspect dead; 4 get away See in context

Please explain, but those with common sense would ask WHY would the gas company send 5 guys to a small single apartment to access a reported problem? If there was any. IF it was me and that many guys showed up to my home, I would ask that question, before opening the door. Even if they gave me a valid reason I would tell them only one person is allowed in my home there is no need and no room for so many people roaming the house for a problem of concern that I didn't call about. How many engineers do it take to screw in a light bulb?

Five men gained admittance by pretending to be from a gas company

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Posted in: Graduation day See in context

Congratulations to the graduates you have worked hard to be Welcomed to a world of stress!!

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Posted in: Garbage: In Paris streets, heaps of it become protest symbol See in context

THIS IS the way of the world!! Its not just France, this has a lot to deal with migration patterns people looking for a better way of life, wage suppression and large corporate greed, companies not wanting to pay employees a respectable living wage. If you look at wage growth world wide it has not kept up with the cost of living for most people and because of this, people are falling farther behind in just being able to pay for basic necessities in life. These large corporations with CEO's racking in huge bonuses from companies making big profits while the workers wages are stuck and is nowhere in close to the real cost of living. If the CEO gets huge bonuses these company should share the profits with the employees a the compensation should trickle down to the employees after all they are the ones doing the work.

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Posted in: Amazon cuts 9,000 more jobs, bringing 2023 total to 27,000 See in context

With that said, the environment will suck royally at Amazon, what employee wants to go to work thinking or knowing that he or she will have a grim reaper visit coming. There mindset would be what am I to do I have a family and bills to pay this will induce low productivity, more stress and individuals looking to find a way out to protect themselves from what might happen or not happen at all. The only problem is those that survive the layoff will have to take up the slack for those who have been let go. Its a suck environment the people are not important it is corporate profits they can't stand to lose but it is ok to streamline people because they can always hire more if things turn around in the mean time those let go have to go out and find a means to survive with little or no savings at all. Its not just Amazon but it corporations period, the people who do the work they say are valuable, which is true when you are employed by them but when things take a turn for corporate profits the most important asset they get rid of and thats the people, because they feel they can be replaced at anytime.

Jassy said “uncertainty that exists in the near future," the company has chosen to be more streamlined. He said the teams that will be impacted by the latest round of layoffs are not done making final decisions on which roles will be eliminated. The company plans to finalize those decisions by mid to late April and notify those who will be laid off.

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Posted in: Japanese brokerage, schools work to improve kids' financial literacy See in context

@sakurasuki Money is money regardless of position, company, and difference in pay. The more you risk the more you gain, the less you risk the less you gain! Nobody complains when they win, they only say I wish I risked more, but every one complains when they lose and they regret it saying I should have kept my money. I don't know of anyone investing money doesn't understand risk! You wrote "****Did they tell that stock price can suddenly goes down and their life saving worth less, that's happened during 1991 in Japan" If they told everyone to invest money and they will get huge gains everyone would do it! Nothing is guaranteed, risk is something we face daily.

In order to save money, those kids need to have enough saving, so they need to learn that different position, different company, different job will pay differently.

Did they tell that stock price can suddenly goes down and their life saving worth less, that's happened during 1991 in Japan

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Posted in: Japan edges Mexico 6-5 to reach WBC final against U.S. See in context

@Hiro I agree it was a great game Mexico's problem was there bull pen no pitching the pitchers got far into the pitch count and that put men on base which allowed the heart of Japans batting order to come up. I had predicted Japan would win this game, and on another note you wrote "****No wonder Mexico manage to win against US in their pool match". The Mexican players play major league baseball in the US so these players see each other during their season and play against one another that was not a surprise to me. What I will say is this. Yu Darvish will be the starting pitcher for Japan against the USA and these players have seen Yu many times and they are on to him. If I were Japan I would have started Sasaki because the players in the USA had not seen him and he could have at least gave them a good 5 innings before they got to the 6th inning and this is where you see batters adjusting and start hitting. Also the majority of the Japanese players have not seen the USA team players they will rely heavy on Ohtani and Nootbar for advice and what ever scouting report they have. I think Japan has a deeper bull pen and I always say pitching wins. I give the edge to Japan because the pitchers throw strikes they go at the batters not pitch around them. The only other problem most Japanese pitchers do like Sasaki did was telegraph his pitchers. Yu did this in the World Series and the Astros was on to him. Hopefully he changed because these are smart batters they read the pitcher motion and any little different thing tips off the pitch that is coming. They teach that in the minor leagues. I give the edge to Japan on pitching but Yu us going to have to have a good 4 solid innings.

What a close call! This match was unbelievable. No wonder Mexico manage to win against US in their pool match.

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Posted in: Japan edges Mexico 6-5 to reach WBC final against U.S. See in context

One player was doing a karate cradle hilarious!!

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Posted in: 36-year-old man arrested over father’s death See in context

Is this considered elderly abuse? Matsuura live 10 minutes away and he just decided, ok its go beat the crap out of my dad day, considering he did this four days before the murder!

Matsuura, who lives about 10 minutes' walking distance from his father’s residence, has admitted to the charge. He was quoted as saying he had assaulted his father about four days before he

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Posted in: South Korea to restore Japan's trade status to improve ties See in context

@M Looks like a irrational deal! REALLY

You wrote "I can only give advice to open your eye".. According to the votes you closed minds!


South Korea and Japan are opposed so America can control both countries. If you get along, you can be independent and mainly Japan is free from America and Britain.

The question is about trusting each other. There is big money to do with betraying the other one. Korea betrayed more recently, but Corea had help. Somebody was injuring Japan at the same place Korea invested. South Corea is not clean today but may be she want to ? need to ? The same with Taiwan.

South Corea have benefit of helping America in very terrible acts. Japan did the same to survive once upon a time with Britain then USA. But both economy are no more in survival time. You need to normalise and become independent. Not military stupid but independent. China was supposed to be behind all your problem, I am not sure we are talking about the independent China from America at the time.

ASEAN got america in the mix when nobody wanted this giant continent to have access to small island economy. China was not needed, and was used to make you accept USA, and now China is blacklisted ? This is so convenient. Time to put ASEAN on hold far from america, and create an ASEAN who is an asian association against China too heavy power without America’s weird luck in the mix.

With China you are all neighbours. Neighbours need to speak to each other and find solution to problem wisely. This is not about democrat bullying choice but because of the right choice for asia, pacific, and Japan.

You will have betrayal set back. Why ? Because someone bigger have political interest seing you unable to get along. But the people in Korea who betrayed Japan have betrayed Korean too and they are you natural allies.

I can only give advice to open your eye. This is how you stop the bullies in this world : never picking one over the other one. And the small need to be united to be big without the bigs inside. Abe has this wise moves in mind.



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Posted in: Model Jessica Michibata, friend arrested over MDMA possession See in context

@Lindsay She is not stupid, the package was not in her name, also it has to be proven that she had part in the delivery. Your logic as if you have and you and the friend go into a store you go to use the rest room and leave with your friend but while you were in the rest room little did you know your friend rob the store. Does that make you guilty by association I guarantee you will say the same thing I didn't know my friend robbed the store. Logic is the same. Perhaps she had no idea.

Stoopid! She may very well be innocent but under Japanese law she is guilty through association.

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Posted in: Kim oversees simulated nuclear counterattack against U.S., South Korea See in context

@Yrral Rocket man just had more than 1.4 million North Koreans to volunteer to join or re-enlist in the military to fight against Seoul and Washington. The report said "VOLUNTEERED" do you really think that was the case or should the word be "FORCED". If you are fan go join the 1.4 cannon fodder since you said "American do not care about protecting anyone, especially Foreigners". Since all of your post are anti-American and if you believe in Lil KIm cause go sign up and support your dear leader!!

American do not care about protecting anyone, especially Foreigners,today mark the 20 anniversary of America lost cause in Iraq,even the Joint Chief of Staff,say Iraq was a lost cause ,he should know, because he was American top military advisor, American are not gung ho about fighting foreign wars any more Foreigner Google Admiral Mullen Iraq Lost Cause

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Posted in: Nootbaar's pepper grinder move unwelcome in Japan high school tourney See in context

Only in Japan when it comes to sports you are Japanese anything else you are an outsider regardless, you have people born in Japan speak Japanese lived their entire lives in Japan and they are not accepted fully but because Lars Nootbaar mother is Japanese all of a sudden he's a highlight just as Osaka was. Lars Nootbar was born and raised in the USA went to El Segundo High School right here in Southern California, went to the University of Southern California had he not been Japans baseball team he would still be an outsider!! After Tsunami and the pepper grinding then what. Soccer ok I get it!! Jump on the band wagon and go for the ride

His mother was born in Japan, which means that under the WBC's rules, he could suit up for Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. routs Cuba to reach World Baseball Classic final See in context

@Texas A&M Aggie

The USA got trounced by Mexico in their first game. Yes Team USA is hitting its stride but they are not PLAYING MEXICO they will be playing the winner of MEXICO and Japan assuming MEXICO beats Japan they will be playing the USA again,but I DOUBT that will happen. Japan will beat Mexico and I predict JAPAN to win it all! Japan has the pitching and pitching wins!!!

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Posted in: Gov't to spend additional ¥2 trillion to ease inflation pain See in context

Cash handouts will only make the government look as if inflation is getting better, its boiling the water and later cooing the books, what the government expects is, the people receiving the money will go out and spend it, and when the latest consumer spending numbers come out the government will say inflation is under control using this logic to make people think they could go out and spend money ,when in fact nothing has changed.

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Posted in: Sasaki likely to be in demand once he's available for MLB See in context

Just have to stay healthy and insure his arm.

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Posted in: U.S. resumes drone flights over Black Sea after Russia intercept See in context

Russia playing with fire can get burned the best thing to do is as soon as the Russian aircraft decides to spill fuel it could be a deadly game all the drone had to do is shoot a flare and the fuel trail will go right back to that Russian aircraft making it a ball of fire

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Posted in: Japan's food self-sufficiency alarmingly low; 72 mil could go hungry, magazine says See in context

@Yrral are you and Awa no Gaijin connected the comments are of the same logical rhetoric.

Everyone eating the same food such as fish and rice, Japanese should diversify their by eating Fish Tacos, Tortillas Soup , Chicken Salad,I bought a pork butt roast for 6 dollars,make some Bbq,Chili , Enchiladas,and a few more dishes with that roast

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Posted in: Yoon seeks common ground in Tokyo amid N Korean missile threat, weight of history See in context

@Awa no Gaijin Your comments seems to never get any support LOL they seem to have nothing to do with the topic or they are so far off anybody reasonable imagination. Its very evident look at the number of thumbs down votes on the comment!

Ukraine has set a precedent that will encourage China to attack self-ruled Taiwan.

I disagree !

Ukraine and Russia conflict has absolutely nothing to do with China and Taiwan issues.

A total over-exaggerating excuse to end Japan's pacifist constitution and the west challenge of China.

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