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Posted in: Thieves arrested after stolen bike shows up for sale on flea market app See in context

These boys were not going to stop with five stolen bike they were already primed to be career criminals. Young thieves in the making!

police said they found five other stolen electric bicycles at both boys’ homes.

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Posted in: U.S. spy drones relocated to Okinawa despite local objection See in context

@Aurelius LMFAO had the US not let Chinese students into their universities to study had not the US allow US companies to expand in China for the thieves to only still trade secretes CHINA and its citizens would still be riding bicycles and wearing gray Khakis. !

Trade is interdependence. China is just as dependent on the US as the US on China.

Definitely not accurate or correct

China doesn't need USA

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Posted in: China says surge in respiratory illnesses caused by flu and other known pathogens See in context

@Aly Rustom True you can't trust anything that comes out of China they speak with a straight lying face. I can't believe the "WHO" takes what they say face value instead of having a independent investigation based on what China lying reports says.

this is scary. mainly because we don't know what we are dealing with.

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Posted in: Six teenagers to go on trial over beheading of French teacher See in context

Diversity is ok but when you have idiots with different ideological thinking in that when it kills and becomes Diverticity! Diverting away from the norms of the country you are invited in.

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Posted in: North Korea restores border guard posts amid rising tensions over its satellite launch, Seoul says See in context

I would say the satellite probably works but the quality of the pictures taken and sent back to NK suck, if you know anything about sensor technology and what it takes to test those sensors and pin point targets to get the resolution you want in all kind of environments then you would understand what I mean by suck. If Lil Kim took picture you best believe he would have posted them and had he posted them we could tell from the quality of the picture how good the satellite sensors are. By not posting tells me they suck!!

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Posted in: What does Sam Altman's firing — and quick reinstatement — mean for future of AI? See in context

Bots fired him and AI suggested rehiring him! LOL

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors to launch Minicab EV electric commercial vehicle in Japan in December See in context

@Eastmann Are you selecting a bride or a vehicle?

ugly,old fashioned and overpiced. Mitsubishi is very despareta as their line up is one big tragedy in Japan and sales as well.

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Posted in: Japan complains over S Korea's 'comfort women' ruling See in context

Look at Japanese Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa face the expression says it all.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan and China agree to resume trilateral leaders summit, but without specific date See in context

In other words S Korea, Japan and China agreed to make a statement about a summit nothing really planned. Lip service as usual!

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Posted in: Common-law couple plead not guilty over death of 2-year-old girl See in context

Reading the this story makes me think what a dysfunctional family. Starting with reading the words "common law couple"!

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Posted in: 82-year-old man found dead at home; wife says she killed him See in context

Its a sign of the time, the elderly are stuck in their "own old way of life" they can't adjust to this fast pace changing world around them. Just as they learned to crawl before they walked they are seeing a world in which they grew up and live in out pace them they just can't keep up. The way they handled situations back then are not how they should be handled today, this is why people say they are so stubborn, because they refuse to change they want things as they see it and that is not the way the world is today. They are no longer walking they are basically bending over crawling back to their baby ways not having a care in this world as most young people see it today because they know they will be cared for one way or another by the government until they die. Sad but true!

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy drowns after falling into sea while parents are fishing in Tokushima See in context

@owzer What else can it be other than an accident are you making subliminal suggestions that the parents pushed him in? I HOPE THIS IS TRULY NOT THE CASE!

What a nightmare! I hope it truly was an accident.

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Posted in: Father arrested for fatally stabbing 48-year-old son See in context

Stabbed in the back!!! Wow the son never saw it coming perhaps he wanted to walk away from the confrontation. I would only assume the dad who had the knife was looking for a fight and his anger got the best of him.

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Posted in: Line operator says 440,000 personal data items leaked See in context

@リッチWhy contradict yourself? First you say "blame foreign computer then you end with a note saying " All parties share a lack of digital planning. Does this include your lack of thinking?

*Blame the foreign computer but not accept the lack of planning which would have prevented access from Japan side. Basic network detection devised installed and monitored including triggers to disable data would have prevented this. All parties share lack of digital planning.*

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Posted in: Sixty years after the assassination of U.S. President John F Kennedy, debate still continues over whether or not there was a conspiracy to kill him. What are your views on the subject? See in context

My take is the CIA killed JFK and is using the mafia as a smoke screen to make the information that is out there now and the advanced technology that can be use to today less obtainable and acceptable to solve the case. Case in point, as investigative and forensic technology got better the US government came out with a statement saying that the JFK files would be locked an additional 20 years. It doesn't take an idiot to figure the reason why they decided to lock the files. We all know that 20 years onward would mean all the key players would be dead and public interest would not care!

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Posted in: Woman attacked by 3 hunting dogs in Shiga Prefecture See in context

Dogs will be dogs!! These dogs were trained to hunt, in their mind set and during that outing they were doing exactly what they were trained to do and that meant seek out any game even if it was another dog. The hunter being the trainer should have had more control over his dogs but once dogs taste blood and they get into their mode of operations all other things are off the table they are doing as they were trained to do because they know they will be rewarded in the end.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit Takarazuka to set up experts' panel to improve culture See in context

The price some people pay for fame. Wait fortune!!!

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Posted in: Diet debate on inflation-fighting FY2023 extra budget begins See in context

He's not sleeping he is snoozing LOL!!!

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Posted in: Rap mogul Sean Combs sued for rape by singer Cassie See in context

This is a typical response by an arrogant Coms who has money and thinks because of his status the victim will not win.

Combs accused Ventura of blackmail, saying her aim was to "tarnish" his reputation and gain a payout

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Posted in: U.S. Marines sets up littoral unit in Okinawa for islands defense See in context

China is doing what it always do and end up the way they always end up. Think long and think wrong!!!

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Posted in: S Koreans sit for key exam as flights halted to limit distraction See in context

This is very brutal and suicidal, I watched on television where one poor kid was stressing out to perform well, when he didn't his dad was very angry that his son didn't get the score he needed. The poor kid thought not only did he fail himself and his parents but had become useless in a society that basis success on a test score.

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Posted in: Car rams into barricade near Israel Embassy in Tokyo; man detained See in context

@Yrral Did you Goggle that?

This war will spread on world wide basis, wait what happens in Europe on a grandeur scale

@Yrral LMFAO if you have enough money you should use most of it for mental wellness!

I have enough money,that I cannot be controlled by foreigner

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Posted in: What do you think of year-end company parties? Do you attend them? See in context

Year end means when the men get drunk as hell and use alcohol as an excuse to go after the young new hires. For some it is a time to let loose and show their real rear end

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting worker at beef bowl restaurant See in context

I think Shigetaka Hasegawa ate too much beef or had a bad reaction from it!

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Posted in: Johnny's sex abuse victim dies in apparent suicide See in context

"Smile UP" to who Johnny? What a disgraceful name. Should be "Smirk Up" or Frown "Down".

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Posted in: Man arrested in Japan for stealing credit card info via web skimming See in context

A career criminal at best, this guy was arrested for skimming and in January, Okuma and another man were arrested and later indicted for allegedly faxing a bomb threat to the Tokyo College of Music. This guy will never learn.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ambulance from hospital in Saitama See in context

They get loonier everyday!

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot by police after Osaka apartment quarrel See in context

Perhaps Koji Matsumoto, like some of the posters thought that the first bullet was a blank and that is why Matsumoto approached the officer saying "shoot me" and the officer fired another shot, aiming for his leg. Lucky to be a live he should thank the policeman for saving his life. Had this happened in the US all 3 officers would have shot him. End of story!

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater actress' suicide due to overwork, bullying: lawyer See in context

Bullying can have various causes, one in which I see in Japan where people feel they have a power imbalance with one person or a group exerting control or dominance over another. It has a lot to do with social dynamics peer pressure and group dynamics this all contribute to bullying behavior, as those who may seek acceptance or social status within a group. From my experience in the Japanese workplace and being around some of my Japanese friends I noticed some may lack empathy or understanding of how their actions affect others, and this is what leads to bullying behavior. A lot of them have their own personal problems or insecurities that they project onto others and that’s why they bully people. Japan because of its cultural norms, media influence, and societal attitudes this also shape those bullying behaviors and attitudes it’s obvious because it starts from the classrooms to the board rooms, play grounds, mommy groups it’s ingrained. Personally I think the bullying comes from a challenging family environment the bullies come from this is where they get exposure to aggressive behavior from home and this I think can influence a the likelihood of one to engage in bullying.

It’s important to address and prevent bullying through education, awareness, and support to create safer and more inclusive environments.

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Posted in: 84-year-old woman calls police to say she killed husband See in context

@u_s__reamer Question do you live in their house hold to make such profound decision? If you read the article *Police said Toshiko has consulted them on five occasions since last year about fights** she had been having with her husband and that recently he had told her to move out. Perhaps there was some issue but it was not written in the article what their problem was but you are quick to judge.*

She'll be moving out now to spend the rest of her life in a cell. Marriage has clearly not been good for her mental health (or her dead husband's).

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