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Posted in: Japan's human rights envoy to U.N. resigns after outburst earlier this year See in context

As regard Ueda's outburst though; the represtentative from Mauritius had raised a valid point, Ueda's response was disingenuous - countries advanced in this area allow lawyers to be present during interrogations, so obviously Japan is not advanced in this area.

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Maybe they do work in Sydney (and Holland), but in little Adelaide they are okay in the suburbs on minor roads where there are very light traffic loads, but whenever they put one on a major road it is pure hell. Victoria roundabout is commonly referred to here as 'murder roundabout' and is reputed to have our highest 'score' of both accidents and deaths of any intersection. It is scary to get on, and can be scary to get off. We do have the most aggressive and rudest drivers that I have come across in driving in half-a-dozen countries, so maybe you won't have that issue, but I would warn against using them on high load roads.

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I think that 'umbrella' is closer to the truth than 'lucabrasi' - it may have been a mixed up idea to do with team integration as Frungy says, but if it was an abuse then it was an abuse of power, and that is not 'money' specific. '[T]he rulers and the elite' exist in socialist societies as much, if not more, than capitalist ones.

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David Quintero Navarro: "Sure India has many problems, but it would be ignorant, arrogant, racist to say the least that ONLY INDIA has these rapes etc..."

I don't think that anybody HAS said that 'only India has these problems', but I do think that there seems to be more of such behaviour happening in India than say, Japan, Canada, France, Spain, Ukraine, Estonia, Korea, New Zealand...

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Kent MacGraw: 'the different names stand out and are much less likely to be confused' My personal name is Anglo (well, that whole Ireland, Britain, Germany, Scandanavia area - though spelt with a 'J' in Scandanavian) but very uncommon in Australia and I have had medical staff glance at my name, assume the 'personal' name was 'Richard' and that the other was a family name and not be able to locate my medical file (which was sitting right in front of them). Not often maybe, but not what I would want to happen in an emergency.

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