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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan unleashing Giga Big Mac, with 2.8 times the beef of a regular Big Mac See in context

"turmpeting" Just a suggestion to fix the error in the 4th paragraph.

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Posted in: Japan launches satellite to study black holes See in context

I would think that the satellite was launched to study the brains of JT posters that think science is "a waste of their tax money".

That said, I'm glad JAXA is progressing it's R&D nicely.

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Posted in: Japan to propose new fund for former 'comfort women' See in context

Didn't one of the poster individuals for that group mention already that they'll always ask for financial compensation but that no number will satisfy?

Related to the topic: http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/39_S4.pdf

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Posted in: Toyota starts sales of 4th generation Prius hybrid See in context

It's the fuel composition.

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor ceremony unites former U.S. and Japanese pilots See in context


You know, neither one of them was any more a pawn than the other. You simply can't make that claim because both nations were at fault.

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Posted in: S Korean academic denies defaming 'comfort women' See in context


Thank you very much for the insightful and informative document!

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Posted in: Japan releases results of its first national same-sex marriage survey See in context

Progress, at the least.

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Posted in: S Korean academic denies defaming 'comfort women' See in context

More evidence there is not freedom of speech in South Korea.

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Posted in: Abe to visit U.S. World War II memorial in Washington See in context

@HonestDictator I remember when I went to Washington D.C. this past summer-- the Japanese American Memorial was unfortunately the least taken care of monument in the city that I had visited. There were discarded newspapers, alcohol bottles, and soda cans strewn across the pavement; it's sad that even though the memorial is to act as an apology to the people who were put in camps for their ethnicity and endured much, the government seemingly failed to take care of it.

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Posted in: Some Japanese see slain hostages as troublemakers See in context

Wouldn't it be more proper to see our souri as the primary source of meiwaku, in this case? It's a shame that seniority is more important than common sense..

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Posted in: Pacific bluefin tuna edges toward extinction See in context


Japan knows no end when it comes to destroying the world's oceans. It won't be happy until the last tuna, dolphin, whale and all other marine "resources" have been plucked from the ocean.

Surely you mean China?

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Posted in: Australia leans toward buying Japanese subs to upgrade fleet See in context

As a student going into Maritime Engineering and plans to work under Mitsubishi Heavy Industries or IHI Industries, this is good news. This has nothing to do with Japan's "militarization", but rather as another way of creating jobs and helping the hurting economy.

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Posted in: 30 Okayama schools get postcards threatening to kidnap students See in context


You do understand that the divorce process is extremely long and expensive (Especially in Japan)?

I somewhat doubt the possibility of an angry ex-husband threatening 30 schools because he wasn't happy with the outcome of his marriage. But that's just my opinion.

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Posted in: Putin paying dearly for Ukraine - and looks willing to sacrifice much more See in context

The author forget to mention China, you know that country with 1.3 billion people and will soon have the largest economy on the planet.

Not if its real estate bubble pops.

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