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Only 2000 people? They've got to do better than that!

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Japan's taxes are already very high. Japan has resident tax and extremely high car taxes on top of the usual taxes such as consumption tax, property tax, income tax, health insurance tax, and pension payments. Also, the pension that Japan gives out is very, very small. This is how they can afford to give a pension. Although, many Japanese are worried that the retirement age will be raised significantly or that eventually the pensions will run out.

I don't own property and I pay out 26% of my income in taxes at least.

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Many owners are young people who save up their earnings to satisfy their dream

How is it possible for a young person to save up a million dollars for a car these days is beyond me. Most people won't even make that in a lifetime.

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In other words, 40.63% of people are stupid.

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North Korea has a large amount of people in their military, but it's far from strong. North Korea is suffering from a lack of food, and most places don't even have electricity. They had that one small nuclear test earlier, but I doubt they are anything to fear, unless you live in Seoul where they could launch a preemptive strike and flatten the city in minutes with regular shells.

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I'd love to eat fresh fruit all the time, but in Japan the prices are insane! Fresh fruit is more like a treat for me when I can afford it.

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