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Posted in: Trump arrives in Tokyo; meets Japanese business leaders See in context

Trump is going to embarrass himself in Japan like he does with other international visits (and, really, let's face it, as he does everyday of his term). Everyone will cringe watching him be a buffoon and will praise Japan for being tolerant of the Imbecile in Chief. It's like watching your friend make a relationship mistake with a real loser - you smile, play nice and wait for it to end and hope the horror show doesn't go for too long.

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Posted in: Democrats aren't buying Trump's shutdown-ending 'compromise' See in context

Hooray the Dems. Trump's Wall is a waste of money which could be better spent in other ways on border security and with better results. However, it has become more than that now. It's now about politics and not about border security. He can't allow his prime campaign promise to fail, despite it's failings. And he is a worthless man who is prepared to hurt his people to see his folly come to fruition. He did this to the government workers and he can undo it (and so can the Reps if Mitch would just get his tongue out of Trump's butthole) in a moment.

Dems, never capitulate to this idiot's demands. Stay strong.

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Posted in: Body found in drum pulled out of sea in Okayama See in context

I know the town where the body was hauled up from. I have watched many a boat go in and out of that harbour. That pleasant memory is soiled a bit now.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

Emiko was so stupid to go to Hawaii. She must have gotten so confident in the way Japan snubbed the US court decision for custody that she thought she was safe to travel there. A pity all these cases are not resolved so satisfactorily.

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Posted in: Last Aum fugitive Takahashi arrested in Tokyo See in context

Well, that's one way of getting an "Employee of the Year" award.

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Posted in: Gemba rebukes Japan's envoy to China over Senkaku remarks See in context

Ishihara isn't qualified to be anything more than a traffic warden. Just give him a uniform, a peaked hat and a stick with a light on it and I'm sure the little facist throwback would be in his element. For how long will this idiot be humoured? Please stop giving this neanderthal power.

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Posted in: Hotel company president gets down on her knees to apologize for fatal fire See in context

You wouldn't see that happen on Western TV....all we'd see is a person running to a car wearing a jacket to over their heads as the media circus fought to get a god picture shot of the "accused".

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Posted in: Al-Qaida No. 2 killed in U.S. drone strike in Pakistan See in context

Good news.

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to buy Senkakus to keep 'burglar' China out See in context

I don't understand what Ishihara is trying to do. He says he wants to secure the islands to Japan by buying them from their Japanese owner. Why the hell would China acknowledge the title of land as legitimate in the first place? If he thinks China will accept this "land buy', then maybe he'd be interested in buying the Sydney Opera House from me....I'll just need to....ummm..."dig" up the land title. I'm sure it was around my office somewhere.

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Posted in: Internet videos empowering right-wing activist group See in context

sad, pathetic individuals who don't realise how they embarass their own country on the world stage

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Posted in: Sacked Australian workers take Toyota to court See in context

One employee apparently didn't meet Japanese standard attendance records. He had 640 hours of unused sick leave but was marked down for poor attendance which contributed to the reason he was chosen in the redundancy process. Another employer was a Health and Safety Supervisor, who drew a lot of attention to asbestos issues in the plant. He was made redundant, too. Some interesting explanations to come in the court case from Toyota it seems. http://afr.com/p/national/sacked_toyota_workers_start_legal_9nSEEy3FFwSpRN2kr2lgBP

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Posted in: Kagoshima woman held over murder of her 3 children See in context

Why do the kids have to dragged into people's breakdowns and die? I mean, you decide to kill yourself, why take the kids with you? It is so self-centred and cruel. The poor husband not only has to accept his wife is dead ( in this case she survived) but that his kids died as well!! I hope she is kept in prison for years, so she can daily remember what she had done and how her husband must hate her. Leave the kids alone! If someone is determined to commit suicide then he/she should leave others out of it!

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Posted in: 'Titanic' director returns from dive to Mariana Trench See in context


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Posted in: Death penalty finalized for man who killed mother, child while he was a minor See in context

There have been cases in Japan where the nature of the murder was such that minors were charged as adults. And I am referring to ages younger than 18. I don't see that this case is any different. No, arguing that being a minor is enough to save this guy is wrong. The brutalitity of his crime to me is such that he forfeits his life. Rot in hell you waste of space.

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Posted in: Ichihashi appeals against life sentence for killing British teacher See in context

He raped and killed her, holding her throat for 3 minutes. No, doesn't sound like an accident to me. Rot in jail for the rest of your life you pathetic little waste of a human being.

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Posted in: North Korea to invite observers to satellite launch See in context

I hope the rocket crashes and burns on take-off...embarrassing NK on the world stage no less. They build a rocket while their people starve?! The sooner this despot government is overturned, the sooner Korea can be whole again and can forget this sad episode in their national history.

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Posted in: 7 dead cats found on train line in Yokohama See in context

It could be a single culprit, sick in the head and on his way to becoming a serial killer. And it could also be a group of kids who think this is a fun game to alleviate their boredom. I didn't notice any comments raising this as a possibility, so I'm putting it out there.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abusing 2-week-old twins See in context

Where is the father in all this? What was he doing? I have this image of him putting a pillow to his head at night and telling his wife to go stop the racket as he has work in the morning. But maybe I'm being unfair. Maybe he knew nothing about it. BTW, I bet after she assaulted the little ones they cried even louder and longer.

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Posted in: Filmmaker James Cameron to explore Earth's deepest ocean trench See in context

I hope he''ll be back.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls 729,000 vehicles in U.S., Canada See in context

Good, this should be the end of it. Since there were no reported accidents or deaths resulting from this, I would say it was caught in time. But let's see how many people exercise their litigious rights and try and get a money handout, anyway. AM I being cynical? Probably......so sue me.

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Posted in: Police looking for suspects after string of attacks on Kobe homeless men See in context


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Posted in: Fukushima residents seek immigration to South Korea See in context

Well, isn't that a kick in the teeth. Instead of looking for a similar place in Japan to live, they decide to leave the country altogether. Why, don't they trust their government to look after their interests?....silly question, of course not.

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Posted in: Gov't feared nuclear crisis would engulf Tokyo, report shows See in context

I agree, SimondB. I don't understanf this chain reaction effect. In his mind are the plants supposed to be connected in series somehow so that if one goes, they all go? I Do hope they are educating these ministers a bit before they are let loose to make important decisions.....it's not enough to sleep thru years of high school and then wear your best uniform to graduation.

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Posted in: Ishihara, son embroiled in public row over new political party See in context

The party will be the New Sunrise Party. Ishihara, 79, said he has done all he can for Tokyo and he now wants to help the New Sunrise Party to improve Japan for future generations.

Would this involve removing all foreigners from Japan and returning women to the role of baby-makers and housewives? Yeah, Japan will be talk of the world.....great material for comdeians for years to come.

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

I know many Japanese whom I call my true friends. They are kind, gentle and accept me for who I am. So I am embarrassed and outraged when I encounter the ignorant, racist and throw-back beliefs of such pathetic individuals as Ishihara, his cohorts and, now, added to the list, the Mayor of Nagoya. Please retire and go away to rot peacefully in your hatred and ignorance. When your gone, we'll turn your place into a public dump for everyone's refuse.

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Posted in: China complains to Japan over Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

So the Mayor's father was in Nanjing in 1945 and he says it didn't happen......sounds like a little kid who doesn't want to believe his father would lie to him. Damn it, admit it happened and let these wounds heal. All this opening of old wounds isn't doing anyone any good.

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Posted in: Court throws out key evidence against Ozawa See in context

What made the interrogation illegal? Did they need to ask permission? "Excuse me, we'd like to question you next Thursday about this case we have against you. Would you mind if we come over and ask some questions? No pressure. Is that enough time to get your stories straight?" But no surprise about the verdict. It was a power-play behind closed doors.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man scalds 4-year-old boy for drinking juice without permission See in context

Oh, this guy is a class act! 21 years old and scalding children and head-butting his partner. What a MAN! (sarcasm level to high). Yep, if the testosterone is too much to handle, son,maybe it should be snipped off. Pathetic individual.

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Posted in: Former gang member shot dead in Denny's restaurant in Chiba See in context

I guess being killed makes you a "former" gang member, not your age or the extent of your gang activities. Once in, always in.

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear safety standards flawed, says commission chief See in context

What does it take to have highly paid officials in charge of ensuring the safety of the population from such potentially disastrous situations do their appointed tasks. It seems that during each officials term, they try to save money and implement strategies and policies that are cheap and don't rock the boat, then they move on to another appointment and leave others to either change things or follow suit. Maybe if these officials were told they had to live near the power plant they are in charge of, with their families, then things will actually be done properly.

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