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Posted in: New Year assaults spark fresh migration debate in Germany See in context

Have been in Köln 3 times last year, last time recently . . . as usual great diverse city with its multicultural social problematic issues.

The mass sexual harassement here has nothing to do with the immigrant crisis, nor anything with radical islam, the middle east wars or anything related.

Europe faces 2016, no more the year 1999. Back then black north african an arabian north african men with criminal potential traveling to europe had a tough time organising them selves . . . no internet no smart phones.

What we saw in Köln was the new potential of these criminal gangs of men coming from poor, a-social and sometimes criminal backgrounds in north africa via Portugal, spain and then stranding at major european city train stations.

The crime rates of these groupes has been spiraling high recently anywhere, mostly groupes fighting them selves with knifes. . . . in Köln a large groupe of maybe 50 to 100 men organised a flash mob theft and at the same time went berserk on women who obviously were enjoying clubbing in the Streets. . . . an organised flash mob with no corrdinated motivation that went in to sexual assault in my view , nothing else.

I hear the dump neo-nazis using this incident for anti-arabian-muslim-african-ethnic propaganda.

Young refugees have different issues then hanging around at the Köln Station in the cold, assaulting white women . . . these perpetrators are organized immigrated criminals, no refugees . . . not runing away from something, if just their own past povrety possibly.

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Posted in: New Age funerals: Celebration prevails over mourning See in context

I very much liked the japanese funerals in comparison to european christian ones.

My wifes grand parents all past away in good age and in dignity, the ritual of bringing the dead body from the hospital back to the house for one night day stay, followed by next day cérémonies, clothing of of the dead, then washing of the dead at the funeral hall, . . . . was something new but beautyfull for me.

The crematory ritual, where the burned ashes (with a relative amount of bones) are exposed in front of the family has its beauty too . . . considering that the box (containing the small bones) will be brought home and deposit at the Buzudan, house shrine.

Yes the japanese ritual, obsession with money and gifts for attending family members and following costs of priests coming to your house to pray . . . is bullox in my view and a burden for the family.

Yet the japanese house shrine is the best thing to have . . . . why visit your loved ones at a cold outdoor cemetery? Its great to have a Buzudan at home, where you and your children can allways pay respect to the dead family members, infront of a shrine, with a picture and an actual small box containing remains . . . . its less a spiritual or religious matter, but a true respect to humanity, your family, your ancestors and an experiment for your self, to see and know that when you go, someone will remember you at home . . . you will be there too, even if long gone:)

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

Interesting move.

The issue with japanese war apologies is a tough one, as the japanese cultural and governmental stance on this matters has always been pragmatic colonial denial. Like the french and dutch who killed, raped and enslaved women for sex in indochina and the dutch indies before and during WW2, so are the apologies of the french and dutch very pragmatic in regards to attrocities, massacres and sex slavery done by their own people for years up to the vietnam wars.

Japan had adopted a similar stance to the dutch and french since 1945. In fact many japanese IJA former vétérans from the war in the 10 years following the end of the war wanted to reconstruct, help and heal wounds in asia . . . . this movement was repressed by the US gov. and the j-gov. of the time, as japan needed to be strong and neutral in asia, do to the communist threat.

One of the other great reasons for denial of japanes war crimes and sex slavery are the vietnam-indochina wars, which applied same méthodes as the IJA in WW2. It would have been a paradox to inquire japanese imperial sex slavery in korea, when french, dutch and continuing sex slavery and attrocities were still going from 1945 to 1970.

Finally Abe has made progress to show a more "common sense" facet in face of the WW2 japanese heritage of attrocities. Abe, by accepting facts of sex slavery, for the first time in post war history ends the apartheit in regards to its WW2 and colonial legacy . . . . the japanese never looked at a part of their grandfathers as murders, killers and rapists . . . some thing the germans and even russians have done. France and the dutch still need to a similar way, but play the victim card as well do to WW2 defeat.

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Posted in: Gov't to tackle maternity harassment, day care to slow population decline See in context

Japan is a lost child that doesn't understand US liberalism or european socialism!

The US liberalism gives chances to everyone, willingly taking in to account that in reality more then half of the population won't succeed in anything and live with a huge deficite in healthcare, pension, while killing their life at work. However can indeed a strong individual change the course of his and his family life . . . . this prospect alone keeps liberalism alive.

Socialism is more down to earth and says that we are all equal, that no business or economic advantage of a few can rule the wealth of a country, people get an equal health care, equal pension and the government helps to model the economie to keep the nessessary founds in the treasury to finance social equilibirum.

US liberalism and european socialism work hand in hand however . . . . a reality forgotten by liberals and socialists. Europe would be a dark shit hole without american liberalism and the US a dictatorship with out european social thinking.

Japan has copied all of this without understanding any of it. Liberalism is welcomed when japan expands oversea, ultraconservative socialism - called it even communism is accepted as compatible with the domestic culture of forced social order.

Japan can infact show the world how to combine modern liberalism with socialism and create a new society for the 22th century . . . or go back to militarism. The success will lie in the cultural exchange of j-politicains with their foreign counterparts.

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Posted in: Explosion damages toilet at Yasukuni shrine; nobody hurt See in context

Best thing there was at Yaskuni were the toilets . . . . damn!

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Posted in: Should the Paris terrorism tragedy be called a 'kamikaze' attack? See in context


Aly RustomNov. 20, 2015 - 03:40PM JST

I find it offensive.

The system that gave rise to kamikazes was much worse.


What the imperial japanese army did is by far more brutal and totalitarian then anything the ISIS is doing!

The around 4000 Kamikazes were forced in a short laps of time to commit suicide from october 1944 to august 1945. They were forced, brainwashed and the order was death, as death ment their plane and mounted bomb went actual off.

The ISIS has two types of kamikazes:

1) Sunni local sucide bombers who are brainwashed to death by Saudi Sunni islam preaching, illiterate tribal peasants blowing up them selves Inside Iraq and Syria. These can be compared to the japanese kamikaze forced suicide missions . . . . as these dudes won't do it if not forced in first place. There have been around 2000 suicide attacks of Sunni versus Shia background in 8 years . . . far from the Kamikaze excess.

2) The european born muslim terrorists are from a different breed, more in line of USA school shooters. They are frustrated and want revenge against european society . . . ISIS uses a sophisticate youtube, twitter, forum, propaganda machine (the best ever made actualy), to exactly touch these people . . . . lur them to Syria or Iraq and then give them the possibility for revenge. . . . . so its a 50/50 situation. ISIS never actualy wants them dead if they manage to kill 1000people without being killed them selves . . . . the sucide belt is more of a last resort thing, with the wish to die anyway . . . . again US school shooter also kill them selves afterwards usulay.

So infact calling ISIS terrorists Kamikazes gives too much credit to ISIS as a supreme brain wash machine . . . . which in fact just uses existing frustration and armes it to the teeth.

ISIS plays soccer with mostly Shia or Kurdish combatants heads, IJA troops bayonneted and mutilated around 2.000.000 women and children in the last 3 year schina offensive . . . very different scale and capacity.

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Posted in: Students complain of being exploited in part-time jobs, survey shows See in context

Japan is a non working ultra liberal country.

The only ultra liberal country in the world were you have some degree of success of turning wealthy out of a 1 dollar sh%t job, is the USA. . . . . japan has the same low payed jobs, but offers no real liberal options for workers to progress liberal through a shifting economy.

The "Arbaito" thing is a cheap way to offer tremendous amount of servce in japan, which needs overstaffing and very low pay.

850Yen/hour is the lowest pay in japan, there has been lower thought . . . which means no heatlh insurance, no pension, nothing . . . . equal low salaries exist in europe too, however do you get full health insurance +pension.

Basicly in most modern european countries the lowest payed person has the same health insurance then the best payed, no 2 class society.

The US manages through agressive liberal policies to enable thoses who fight hard to have the prospect of earning well, even if 50% of the population is poor . . . . japan has the problem to not offer universal health insurance, nor a liberal oportunity systhem to succeed .

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Posted in: Hyundai launches luxury car brand See in context

Its funny that he Koreans now fall Inside the same romantic renaissance crap as the japanese still tend to do . . . designing things with a french renaissance 190 century touch . . . . when no european identifies him self with such old rotten imperialist design anymore.

Well that has to do with asian men in that region of the world being stuck in eternal images of 1900 century romantic and imperialism.

Shit Logo by th way.

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Posted in: U.N. envoy calls on Japan to ban extreme child manga porn See in context

The problem is bigger then sought:

The reality of child porn leading to pedophile agression against children up to child sex slavery murder is very tight linked in japan, tighter then in europe or the US.

The freedom of artistic expression can only be preserved if it is only found in a hidden niche, with no relation to the outside world.

In japan that is not possible as the cute-ification and therefore domination of women is part of the japanese general culture. You may see super young girls dress super sexy in near any given situation on TV, commercials, merchanising, events . . . . 10years old go super mini too in order to fit the Lolita image j-male society likes.

This goes down in popular illustrations of girl characters in child shows, posters and commercial characters . . . which are all borderline. EVANGELION is the prove of the pedo-lolita complex: How is it possible that a Si-fi series 14-16 year old female charchter line up is systhematic put in to sexual posing, exposing genital outlines in very tight EVA uniforms?? GAINAX charcter design was borderline and pedo-lolita in some sense from the beginning . . . . more scary however is the fact that EVA Pachinko is the most popular machine in japan, mostly consumed by old and middle aged men, who have never seen any Evangelion animation in first place . . .?? Rei Ayanami is the abused, tortured lolita charcter per-se.

The hard core pedo mangas are much more tough and let the howl EVA thing look like adult porn . . . however does mainstream lolita perversion in every niche and none-niche make consumers access hard pedo content easy and guilt free, given the range of levels of lolita porn down to out right 3 year old rape scènes in mangas.

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Posted in: 56% of hotels in Japan bar visitors with tattoos from bathing facilities See in context


Don't get me wrong I understand your thoughts.

Yet there is no perfect world. people are idiots everywhere and the more freedom you give them, the more crappy the society gets . . . the USA liberal freedom thing only works there, with all the evil that comes with it.

Many people don't understand the dynamics of societies . . . japan is the way it is because of compromises, of people accepting casual rules for a better organisation of society . . . thats the japanese style, it surly goes against western: " I got up on a bad foot this morning and I will annoy the entire world today thinking", but you get other benfits out of this.

I was upset of the "no foreigners thing" in japan too, however in retrospective I understand that this was no nazi racist attempt to purge japan from ethic minorities, but a naive call from japanese business owners who can't accept that foreigners behave radicaly different then the majority of their japanese customers.

The Yakuza thing isn't that diffiuclt tounderstand too: if any western guy would be born as a japanese he would have a tough time to live a western lifesyle in japan, as japanese you do japanese . . . . Yakuzas are the japanese that want to behave different, (nothing to do with mafia in first place, more of adopting a rebel and selfish lifestyle), but because they are japanese and raised in japan, they know that in oder to survive they need to stigmatise them selves as Yakuza . . . . again because the rest of the japanese will know how to handle them. . . . . . . . . this is not possible with a gaijin who floks in to a hotel pool and behaves erradic, selfish and then flies home soon after without giving a f56k.

Japan can welcome foreigners and has the right to impose their cultural values opon them . . . which are in fact the cool things you look for when coming to japan . . .. want to enjoy western style vacation, go visit a western country or china town if you need an asian touch.

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Posted in: 56% of hotels in Japan bar visitors with tattoos from bathing facilities See in context

Japan is japan, like it or leave it!

This may sound harsh or hard line, but the main reason you go to japan, enjoy japan and feel relax in japan at the end of the day . . . is because of the special homogene culture that has a humble and gentle aproach to everyday peoples interaction.

Japan still is the safest country in the world and people get mostly along each other without the hustle, agression and systematic rivalery we face in the western world. Thats because everyone tries to do their best to behave the same while interacting with each other in a gentle and humble manner in japan . . . . something we can't do in the west because if you go too much humble, people will take the shç% ou of you, they feel invited to abuse and use you.

The westren tattoo culture which likes to portrait itself as the indi, hotrod, bad boy, bad pin up thing, fails for 99% of tattooed peeps . . . tattoos are nothing more then smoking cigarettes, selfish showoff of shitty designs on shitty looking people, which fail to be bad boy or design artists. . . . they are annoying, yet can get some benefits in the western world, as the tattoo and the thought of looking tough comforsts them . . .

In japan nobody give a heck about you or your tattoo, you are annoying and actually prove that you are immature, unpredictable and uneasy in your own skin, the reason for showing off your crappy body and bad designed tattoos.

Now I know of some ultra hot chick with big boobies, who spends 7 days in the fitness, eats mega healty and is tatooed from head to toe in good old hotrod gothic style . . . . shes a design object and most people will agree that shes Alpha as f&/k . . . she made some apperance at cosplays in japan and checked for her self which onsen, pools accept tattoos and which not, in advance while in japan. . . . because she loves japan more then her ego!

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Posted in: Do you think of Japan's World War II kamikaze pilots as brave? How would you compare them with today's suicide bombers? See in context

Being brave is not a timeless universal standard, but being brave or acting brave is defined by its times and cultural standards.

I am convinced that the mindless narrow minded low educational psycho of the males in general during WW2 was the prime reason for so many deaths. Another was the poor social and cultural standards of these times. Most boys on D-day were low educated and for todays standards pretty dump. Anyone who could count until tree must have known that thousands would get exploded in to pieces by high capacity machine guns on the beaches, yet they thought not as canon fodder of them selves. They were not brave, because once they got on the battlefield it was only luck that made you survive.

The kamikazes were not brave too, as most of them had no combat experience, so never experienced battle stress. The few veteran pilots who committed suicide attacks were completely brainwashed, so that in any case they had no roots in to a normal social life anymore. Kamikazes and other suicide dudes were asocial, uneducated and so deeply brainwashed that a return to a normal life with social regular norms was unthinkable. Even if japan had won, they would all have been psychos, living their sick, selfish pathos of warriors.

Thats why I still think its discussing to say that japanese soldier sought for peace and a better japan, they only fought for them selves and the victory would have made japan like a shogun kingdom on their return . . . . probably sharia style life for most women and children in that case.

BRAVE by definition today is your local fireman, who loves his kids and wife, who kisses them everyday even when coming back from a hard terrible day . . . . if he gives his life saving someone else, someone else's child, he clearly made that decision not because of selfishness and pride, but because he is so brave that he understands that the pain of a dead child for their parents and risks his life to save it.

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Posted in: Academics call on Japan to face up to its history See in context

The comfort women issue is a complete miss informed campaign spread by Korea and Japan,( endorsed of course by japan), as it is the one issue that japan can prove some show that that it was not more or less brutal to sex servicing women during the war then most other nations.

The issue is actually welcomed by japan and probably sponsored by japan in Korea in order to divert international interest in the real more awful misdeeds of the imperial japanese armies.

Infact the IJA like the Wehrmacht relied on strict rules to prevent sexual disease and the korean women trafficker were not allowed to bring in sick women (sexual disease sick or other wise sick). Just imagine slave women trafficked to the front sucked in to their own pee, the soldiers would have died sick on their own . . . so any logic would like to prevent this from happening.

Now the IJA was present in china from 37 up to 45 in most regions of asia. Each time an entire different army and different strategy. IJA forces on dutch controlled Indies, basically did a pretty nice job in the first 2 years to some how not rape and kill randomly. Less women were actually forced in to prostitution then under dutch colonial rule previously. . . . the same case goes for many other conquered places by the IJA.

Each time however the japanese came under heavy fire and had to retreat in defeat, they completely switched their strategy for everyone involved and that is precisely the sex slave issue as well as all the apology japan has to make:

Japan is guilty for committing horrible crimes against humanity each time their army body was put under stress (which is normal in war). Each time own losses were heavy or the army fought in retreat, they went mad and disregard any human standards. They forced their own soldier to die like trash as canon fodder, to accelerate this they dropped any professional army rules and let the soldier under stress go berserk.

Thats medival war fare and had nothing to do in 1945.

The comfort women suffered from this army behavior and not from institutionalized rape slavery from the beginning. I would even say that the women alive today have no clue of the horrors other prostitutes had to go through until their violent death. The biggest crime against IJA prostitutes is not their status of being semi forced, trafficked or enslaved . . . . thousand of them were killed on front lines with japanese soldiers, by japanese soldiers in madness . . . . canon fodder.

Canon fodder is the crime japan has to apologize for. Disregarding the will to live of their own soldiers and then assuming that any affiliates to the japanese (own civilians, forced labors, foreign sex workers) had to die with them as well, is the first crime japanese have to address . . . . the second only being the systematic killing of up to 2.000.000 chinese civilians in china, all raped, mutilated, burned or bayoneted down by brainwashed poor japanese young boys.

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Posted in: There are dozens of brewers in Japan making fabulous, highly rated craft beers. See in context

Japan is the land copy cats ands un honorable rip offs . . . . mostly of their own produced craftmanships.

Yes japan has a rich hand crafted beer tradition and its booming at the moment, thats why all major non hand crafted beer companies like Suntory, Asahi and other corporations quick high jack the naming of crafted beer, produce low quality fake crafted beer, playing with the wording of chemical produced beer actually tasting as crafted beer (which it doesn`t of course) . . . . its the can coffee effect, can coffee is garbage for the mouth, no relation to real coffee, yet everyone pays up to 140Yen for chemicals because the label says premium.

Other industry frauds and market destructive methods by big companies are here:

Chocolate, the french salon du chocolate, the world famous fare where the most highest quality chocolates get sold in the world, all of a sudden see Meij and the likes low level chocolates participating against world class hand crafted chocolate like Pierre Herme or Aoki.

Sake, Nihon shu, 97% of all nihon shu in any shop in japan are of low or low middle quality. None is handcrafted, yet prices are kept high by big corporations. There are around 20 companies left in japan who produce Futabakoji, Kimoto style sakes, handcrafted, organic like in the EDO periods. Of course thoses taste the best, have a high complexity ex . . . most sakes around taste either like water or too heavy alcohol after swallowing. . . . no rich after note, because chemical processed.

Japan has a big problem as it is build on copy cat industries like china. Japan has to act now and swift in order to promote its true handcrafted industries as luxury, premium brands, the same as the french and italians have done since ever. . . . . this means to say fook off to Toyota style rip off culture too!

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Posted in: Nuclear attack survivors, 70 years later, fading away See in context


here is one good article about the Kamikazes on japantimes

Especially after the end of the Battle of Okinawa, all military personnel were Tokko and they didn’t even bother with the formality of “volunteering ceremonies” anymore. The understanding at all ranks and in both services was that all planes and pilots were now slated for Tokko.if you’re a trained pilot, be ready for Tokko.

That was actually related to the relative paucity of air defense efforts over Japanese cities. When Allied planes started making bombing raids in force and strength over Japan from fall 1944, the numbers of Japanese fighters engaging the B-29s fell off drastically after the first few months — almost to zero once the bombers started having fighter escorts after the fall of Iwo Jima. This was not because the Japanese military ran out of planes. Between the Japanese army and navy they had something like 6,000 planes at the time Japan’s surrender happened. They had been holding back those planes for Tokkō.

So they let the cities burn, basically, because the Japanese military looked at air defense against the B-29s and their fighter escorts as a waste of pilots and aircraft. Better to save them for Tokkō to use when the Americans invaded Kyushu and Kanto.

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Posted in: Blogger lists three things foreigners do that impress the Japanese See in context

1)Holding doors in europe is a gentleman thing for men, you want pussy and want to be regarded as a gentleman, so you hold doors with the reasoning of winning status for women and second only as being polite to elder peeps, children, ex . .. .. Japanese man dont hold doors for women because they are superior to women anyway, so theres no meaning of being polite or gentleman to women. Until 1945 japanese men were getting women like they wished and had no culture to actually need to do anything nice for to women. Women had no rights and were just regarded as baby and sex machines. No japanese man had to prove his status to a women, so no holding doors either . . . . I know its different now, thats why so many j men dont find wifes anymore.

2) No Thankyou

The service culture in japan is regarded as service providers, not as fellow humans. Again look at how japanese man talk to restaurant or shop staff, especially women staff. Its disrespect full and always has the feel of the the staffer having done something wrong. In good old japan working women were regarded as wannabes and didn`t deserve respect. Men work non stop, hard so they not need to be polite when shopping the single shitty day they have in their miserable life.

3) Baby Strollers. Thats the biggest LOL, of course no men touches a baby, they even dont touch their own an see them as a by product of marriage. Man are hardworking samurais, without emotions, dont bring babies or young children near them, because they are either issogashii or drunk.

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from 4th floor of Nagoya police station See in context

Probably lost his pride and could`t bare the shame in his lame fictional world inside his head . . . . like the guy who toped himself at JR because he was accused of gropping. Another casualty of the culture of pride&honor probably.

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Posted in: Should the 1951 Treaty of San Francisco be amended to allow surviving ex-POWs and their kin to take legal action for compensation against the Japanese government? See in context

No the treaty is just fine . . . . governments of POWs , especially Australia, Holland and the US, should pay them millions for failing to condemn japanese corporations after war and the responsible of in those corporations. Like this each government will have a physical pressuring tool to force japan to acknowledge and seek pardon by its own.

Right now the POWs are in a grey zone, abandoned by their own and japan.

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Posted in: Nuclear attack survivors, 70 years later, fading away See in context

LeeBearTea & asdfgtr

Valid comments but out of context. These comments were made short after war and were only ment to comment on direct military action under rules of war. The US generals had an easy take on Hiroshima do to the easy to understand nature of the happening: one plane, one bomb = city gone!

I support LeMay, who did the only the right thing for the exact matter of time.

Japan was not defeated and no near defeat at all. All they had lost was the industry, but other then germany and the Wehrmacht that was build on total maneuverability, hence needed constant industry out put, the IJA decided to suicide them selves by fortifying japan, without the need for industrial complex support. Okinawa and Iwojima or the Battle of Peleliu illustrated that very well. The overwhelming US logistic and machinery superiority was of no use against low tech fortified japanese. Each hole was to be costly burned out and losses amongst US soldiers were abysmal. A fortified japan mainland would have been 100 times Okinawa and Iwojima together. Hiroshima was a strategic target and by dropping the bomb ended stubborn military production. The weapons out putted from Hiroshima, transferred to fortifications in Chugoku and western Honshu, down to Kyushu. Operation Ketsugo is the name of that and the IJA had 60 divisions ready to fight to the end, an end that also envisioned looting and scorched earth tactics against its own citizen when pushed land inwards.

Again japan was ready for collective suicide and by august 45 the US propaganda leaflet initiative that dropped millions of leaflets over japan to surrender, had no feedback what so ever from any japanese instance, hence the frustration of the US generals. Lemay prior the massive Tokyo bombing was loosing too many airmen to make a difference. Japan was immune to strategic bombardments, hence the firebombing tactics.

Anyone who thinks that the japanese were willing to surrender is wrong, the general population had no free will, police and military were controlling everything. And millions of men were digged in already waiting for the final battle, Operation Ketsugo.

The emperors speech was a coincidence and nearly failed as the militarists wanted to silence him. Just imagine if they did succeed? Just google Operation Ketsugo and you quick understand the nature of it. Okinawa was the blueprint for Operation Ketsugo.

Theres a difference between logistic and logic future military anticipated defeat, forwarded by many in this thread and the harsh reality of an enemy willing to sacrifice its entire army and civilian population in a final battle to death!

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Posted in: Nuclear attack survivors, 70 years later, fading away See in context


Why laughable? Its the plain truth that the japanese imperial army was preparing for mainland fortification, mobilizing millions of men. One reason not more people died in Hiroshima is that they were evacuating, not to protect, but to shift the industrial war production to smaller towns and mountains.

People left in Hiroshima were dismantling or keeping afloat the industrial needs. thoses with no war machine value were not even considered to leave, despite the knowledge of the Hiroshima prefectural government and military that a huge bombardment could come any day.

Japan never surrendered, its a huge chance that the military surrendered to the emperors call, undermining the cult around him stronger then Tojos war call. If the emperor would have been killed this would happened:

1) Massive a bomb drops on Kyushu, possibly up to 5 in one year to make the massive landing force of about 500.000 US soldiers possible on Kyushu ( putting them on contaminated territory) Up to 500.000 japanaese deaths in the first 4 months.

2) Winter 1945 would have been the Kanto region invasion, destroying first what was left of Kanagawa and further putting Tokyo to ashes. Again up to a million casualties on japanaese side.

3) Invasion of Hakkaido Sapporo and Hakodake, to repulse a possible russian invasion, destruction of both cities would have happened like in Manila, as the marine forces in theses cities were in the thousands stranded without ships to embark in august 45. All fanatics.

4) Getting all pockets of resistance destroyed through out japan, would either put US soldiers lives in the same danger as on Iwojima and Okinawa or the US would have had to destroy each city around these pockets first to kill resistance and fanatism . . . .

5) Eventually to stop the japanese from fighting, you would have needed to either rage a vietnam war with 1 million US soldier casualties (80%deaths) and spare the japanese population as far possible or keep US boys casualties low by crashing everything hostile with overwhelming force. There would have been more then a dozen a bomb drops on japan to succeed this . . . . . japan was ready to fight to death taking the entire population with them out of national pride!

Last but not least historic researches would have estimated:

US soldier casualties: 800.000 deaths /1.5million wounded

Japanese army and resistance casualties: 3.000.000 deaths /most died of wounds

Japanese civilan deaths: up to 10.000.000 / a good portion do to refusing surrender calls during the invasion, being forced in to suicide, starvation and human shields in cities.

The japanese army was never fighting for their people, women, children in first place . . . . the massacres and brutality level of how the massacres in china were perpetrated were only possible with young man from INAKA provinces already beaten down in life without a proper family structure to protect or support them, this reality is why japanese men were so brutal. . . . the image of well educated japanese citizen eating ramen in Ginza during the war is a myth, representing no reality of japan of the time. The brutality of the IJA was only made possible do to the uneducation, harsh living, poor recruits from the country sides anyway, like the SS recruits of cheko, polish, ukranien militias. They too came from poor harsh backgrounds and didn`t make a fuzz to hammer jewish children skulls in front of mothers or kill their own citizen out of greed.

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Posted in: 25 U.S. lawmakers urge Abe to reaffirm war apologies See in context

Again same subject and distorted facts about "WHAT" japan should actually apologize!

Japan as Germany has to acknowledge what Nazional Sozialismus and the emperor cult did to their soldiers, so that they went on rampage committing crimes against humanity one after another.

Germany has pretty much brought to light all facts about the war crimes and the genocide against jews. While the Uebermensch (Over classs human) cult certainly pushed most SS and Wehrmacht to shoot civilians at point blanc or machine gun them in the millions, women and children alike . . . or SS and Wehrmacht running death camps. . . . or burning families in their farms . . . . .the very brutal acts of raping, then mutilating women in front of their children by cutting out genitals, followed by torturing the children in front of their fathers by poping out their eyes and crushing their skulls with a hammer was mainly done by proxies from eastern territories, people so mean, free of feelings and full of hate for anything that came under their fingers. What I want to say is that even the cruel SS was not putting spikes in to children or women and wash`t mutilating them for fun either . . . . the most swift death methode was mostly chosen.

Japanese however were trained from day one to smell, feel and be OK to meat grind human flesh, starting with bayoneting POWs or civilians. The looting was done like the SS by either shelling entire villages, or burring people in their houses . . . . however were point blanc shootings rare and even more rare were machine gun commandos mowing down women and children like the Nazis did. . . . . No . . . that would have been a waste of bullets and too easy, the IJA forced most of the soldiers to kill people in medieval style, by stabbing them or cutting their throats. And thats where it got nasty, because once you are fine of playing the butcher with your own bare hands, tasting blood (not at distance behind a machine gun), you won`t refrain from torturing the victims in front of their family members in most barbaric practices. The japanese bayonet was mostly used to cut out genitals and intestinals of women and children, probably up to 2.000.000 in the scorched earth policy.

When the outlook for victory faded away, the more the chinese population had to endure this unimaginable period . . . getting shot point blanc was like chirstmas for most in the face of torture

How can anyone formulate an apology for that?? You can`t and will never find words! . . . however can a country be ashamed of their fathers and tag them as traitors of japan and humanity, that would also be the end of Yaskuni!

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I get your arguments, but the truth for Ishihara is not that he excludes class A criminals like Tojo because they did evil, but because they were cowards. Ishihara still thinks that Tojo should have died fighting . . . which is even worse as it undermines the cult around japanese men all wanted to die in battle as samurais . . . Tojo is a coward because he skipped fighting thats true, that is what Ishihara means, . . . yet not because Tojo ordered and planed the killing of millions. . . Ishihara is fine with that!

Yaskuni is not only a place for prayers, its ground zero for japanese cult facism and that museum is discusting . . . if they think the class As were evil, what they are, and pray for the good honest soldiers . . .how can they accept the facism around? Its the military machine that killed an entire generation by making them monsters in first place.

90% of all Kamikazes, Banzai charges, human boobytraps . . . were forced in to collateral suicide by evil superiors, who all were SS Nazi like cult driven. In the awe full dishonorable battle of Manila 1945, Iwabuchi Sanji was one of these criminals, cult driven by false pride pushing all his marines in to a meaningless battle, which resulted in one of the worst massacres in short battle during the war. Most of these 12000 sailors were probably good men and ended up killing thousand of innocent civilians for cult! . . . despite being ordered to leave Manila by Yamashita.

They are all enshrined in Yaskuni, but there is no where a monument that reminds the victims of these monsters . . . no japanese person of today would like to be associated with these evil bastards, yet they get sneaked through history as brave warriors who fought for the better of japan. Iwabuchi Sanji is one of those who can be blamed for Hiroshima and nothing else!

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You sum it up pretty well.

The USA brought peace, democracy, free market, women rights and human rights to a facist, cult driven perverse japan. in 1945!

A bit of history research about the last months of WW2 and post occupation of japan in the following 5 years up to the korean war and you quick realise that the US treated the japanese war criminals and facists with white soft gloves. Yeah some idiots who were murdering US soldiers were hanged, about 15000 were put in to prison and soon again released to subdue communist movements by reactivating Zeibatsu corporate control, which infact was controling anyones lives or die unemployed in poor japan.

Yaskuni is ground zero of all the evil japan did to the world and to their own people. The shinto emperor cult is no better then Alef Asahara Shoko, in fact its more efficient then the later.

Thats the Yaskuni cult, the Meiji governments sin to the japanese people and showa is the complete mindless materialisation of that cult . . . up until today!

EDO periode was far more civilized and brought out many good things in japanese. . . . any good japanese things of today were brought out by the US!

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Japan is still too young for being compared to western social standards. They did not write their modern constitution and japanese men never ever in japanese history agreed to elevate women to the same level as man. Women had no rights up to 1945 and an american women wrote the women rights closure in the constitution. . . . thats your problem here.

70 years on and what you get is a disturbed social order with no cure insight. Nice men get abused by women now empowered using the still existing patriarchial rules to suck money and wealth from husbands. . . yet many evil man push their wives in to housewives family slavery Showa style!

And corporations are doing everything to keep the women profiles low. . . Toyota, Nippon Steel and alikes are still keeping their workforce as slaves with no freetime, no freedom and do everything to keep the patriatrchal family structures alive.

Keep in mind: Any man working in a car dealership in japan works 6 days a week, has never ever a saturday/sunday off, works morning to 7:00/8:00PM ( salesmen until 9:00/10:00Pm) and earn like 300.000Yen. They assume that their children do not need a father nor their wives a husband . . . family is mere an accessory like a car, everyone has it so me too. Of course you cant blame their wives for going mentaly ill, every japanese is intelligent enough to see that happiness is not living separate lifes. But lazy wasting years like this is more easy then actualy building a real family, where man and women fight for happiness, their happiness and their childrens. . . .

Japanese women find them selves still in tribal pre war social norms and rules that require them to live low profile under man rule, like in the middle east without the Burka and the religious asexual behavior. . . they only look opened on the streets, wearing cute sexy clothes, but thats just a small article in the constitution most men want ereased anyway. . . . even those men who accept women social rise, wouldn't blink an eye when Abe and co will erease the women rights article off the constitution in favor of an emergency article to save japanese low birthrates, resurecting pre war social order in japan.

That is whats happening.

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Posted in: Japan must apologise for WWII until it is forgiven: Novelist Murakami See in context

NO WAY its gonna happen!

In regards to japanese denials of WW2 atrocities and illegal war activities, theres more to the issue then simply a homogeny japan in denial!

1) After WW2 Japan wash`t purged like Germany, because Japan was not besieged like Germany in an invasion. Only Okinawa and meaningless Iwojima where annilated in an invasion of US forces . . . . people see the 500.000 deaths in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and other industrial cities as a defeat of japan, but that was absolutely not the case in regards to the capacity of the Imperial Japanese army on mainland japan in august 1945. Japan was not defeated on mainland, they sustained complete industrial complex destruction, but a willing army like on Iwojima and Okinawa was ready to fight for the end. An end that would have cost possible a million US casualties and up to 5 million japanese, mainly civilians . . . . as the Imperial japanese army preferred national suicide rather then defeat.

2) After the diplomatic pressure put on the emperor to counter Tojo and his hardcore minions in the army and cabinet, was giving fruity results in july 1945, the US was preparing for two scenarios: 1) Total annilation of potential IJA assets (also humans) in order to halt or delay a japanese land battle or 2) surrender with a swift non combat invasion of key cities and control of local government people. Tankfull the later happened and the russian entering from north in to war and taking North Korea was one big impulse for the emperor.

3) However Hiroshima was bombed not for a bomb experimentation, but for being the prime hotspot for the IJA assets. Most of the Shanghai expeditionary army came from Hiroshima, the brain and industrial snake that fueled the japan-china atrocities with logistics in arms and brainwashed japanese ruthless soldiers. Leaving Hiroshima intact could have triggered civil war, guerrilla war and a land battle in that part of japan, regardless of the emperors decision . . . .

4) All ideology of imperial japan was erased from post war japan . . . . but Mac Arthur quick saw that japan was tilting in to civil war because the paralysis of the imperial wrong doers, the fascists in government, schools, local communities and industry, who not only controled japan, but acted as quasi Shoguns, left a power vacuum behind them . . . . so they were all restored to counter socialist thinking in the populous. . . . . this is a mega happing in japanese history, only japanse starving in apartheid and stoic approach to daily life, let this policy go ahead without opposition.

5) The restoration of the old evil doers in police forces was one big US policy, because don`t think for a moment that in 1946 300000japanese were just waiting peaceful in Hotels in Korea to be repatriated ! No, Korea was already on the brink of civil war, again because of the power vacuum left by the dissolution of the thousand of japanese imperial police forces . . . . . the korean war atrocities of the south korean US alliance of their own citizen, suspected being communist sympathizers was mainly possible because of the thousand korean police units, trained, brainwashed and ideology by the Imperial japanse Police force in colonial korea. 150000 civilians were massacred by korean police and stay behind japanese collaborators in that police force, sanctioned by Nato and the US and certainly to some extend with post war feedback from the japanese gov. Bodo legue massacre 1950.

So the to make a point: Accepting full war responsibilitiy means:

1) Accepting the illegal killing of chinese civilians in the scorched earth policy and other incidents as Nangking (2-5 millions), while also pointing out that the communists and civil war in china killed millions at the same time.

2) Accepting the IJA crimes against allied forces and the illegal killing of asians in occupied territories.

3) Accepting IJA crimes against their own soldiers, who were brainwashed and send to death like trash. Also the systematic education in to committing atrocities against no combat forces is a japanese crime against japan.

4) Accepting the IJA was planing national suicide of the japanese populace with a perfide goal of no surrender. (Kamikazes, Owkinawa and Saipan suicides, Kempai Tai police preparations for collective annilation up to august 1945)

5) Accepting that the IJA, the Japan Korea colonial gov and the left behind police units participated in post WW2 korea war atrocities.

All this would collapse even today a japanese government, as you know Abes family is one of the evil doers rein stored in to gov in the 50. . . . so is Taro Aso the only living japanese industry prince that can claim to have use white slaves to make up his fortune and never apologized for it. All this would collapse the foundation of todays japan, build on post war apartheid, denial and industrial control of a nation for 70 years.

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Can't understand why you guys argue about western values in japan??

Do you know of any japanese who live through western values???? There is none, either way, its never like in the US, where many parents have to fight through their lives to earn money to survive and raise children . . . they work long hours on different jobs at a time a day . . . . yet they do it for a living, any change for the better would be much welcome by them. (having more time for family and them selves is most of the time in front of earning more money, if the actual salary is enough to live decent)

In japan money is an issue, but first of all the men are pathetic egoists, instead of fighting for better conditions on the workplace, they prefer obedience and don't meet family . . . that step is easy as they anyway don't know the benefit of true fathers raising kids and balancing work with skill and pride.

Japan would be better off in a semi dictatorship, at least they would be efficient and males could live like patriarchs in a feudal system where its all about their pride, ego and pathos . . . . to embrace fully western values, many of them would need to default on them selves and acknowledge their family problems, coming from the a culture that is not that far away from the things we don't like in islam or the Taliban.

In the west we can be proud to have fought the revolution, the revolution of basic human rights, the right to live free and not in a feudal hierarchy island jail.

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The main problem is that the family system has no value . . . japanese have no family value as in the west, no family culture like in the west!

This is mainly attributed to the fact that japan only recently (about 60years) have adopted a western type of individualistic values, which lack the western individualistic family value pattern.

Man still in 2014 can live like little Napoleons and do so, women are not respected, at least not morally or attitude wise. Even the young boys at a certain age get these attitudes, as they copy what they see from their fathers.

Not many japanese couples see them selves as an indivisible body of lovers with a future that favorites both of them and their offspring . . . . its actually the reverse case, japanese family culture forbids such individualistic selfish reasoning. This is the reason every one bows down in front of the work place and overtime dilemma. The west puts down its efforts with a "our children first" mind set, japan put male pride and sempai culture first.

I switch work between japan and europe and its shocking to see the value difference in japan. Europeans from the lowest worker to the company boss, agree that time is money, because everyone wants to spend as much time as possible with the people they love . . . seems obvious, but in japan this is not normal.

At the very end the japanese, now in their thirties, are spoiled do to the fact that their parents are ultra spoiled to to the lack of affection, support, consideration and love they got from the WW2 generation, which are their parents and the later one's grand parents. Some books exist on this, estimate 10.000.000 males in WW2 were subject to a hardcore patriarchial family system, their offspring despite being born in the baby boomer years and sky rocking economy, are a lost generation mostly looking for identity as their parents didn't give any to them, other then old feudal residuals as fake honor, obedience and male pathos.

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@Nadège The thing is however, that the americans didn't find anything at all that could be scaled to a NAZI proportion. And that is the stance of the japanese revisionists who are actually very right with their claims, yet forget to addition all 100% known accounts together and acknowledge at least the scale of that horror.

The howl truth about the pacific war come from allied pacific campaign accounts, describing the horrors of POW executions, last stand city sieges, battlefield brutality . . . . at the very end you can just blame the IJA for mass POW executions and handling of city sieges (Manila disaster), as far as the americans accounts are concerned.

Then, a second portion of the western legit blame, is the 1941 consequent mistreatment of conquered places by the IJA. Yet again the focus ignores war reality, like the impossibility of the IJA to handle the POWs in Singapore, resulting in to the death marches. In Singapore, Manila and Dutch indies, as well as Hongkong, the mass executions of chinese civilians is a war crime of huge scale, yet in no comparison to the jews fate in occupied Nazi territories.

The asian blame however, other then the precise western american accounts, is much more blurred. It is impossible to count how many civilians died executed, as bombardment or battlefield action victims or in large scale massacres. Nor is it possible to know how many people died in experiments of the U371.

The chinese civil war raging at the same time, plus Mao and Tchang Kaï-chek inter war mixed up fighting the japanese, makes any calculation impossible to determine how many people did specific trough japanese hands, after the presumed Nanjing massacre up to 1945.

Then comes the infamous Nanjing massacre it self, that probably is a hoax. (and I would be the first to blame japanese if I would see real facts about this, don't get me wrong) . . . but the accounts are a fars at best, as the only legit accounts are of the chinese red cross, japanese press and chinese prefectural accounts, state of no organized rape, yet a 40000 close city death toll of mostly soldiers, another 40-60000 deaths in a 200km radius of the japanese front before reaching Nanjing, then probably moderate few thousand deaths in Nanjing do to bombardement, a few thousand francs-tireurs and guerrilla mob up executions in the city after the fall. And at the very end a probable 3000 rapes and few hundred murdered women in the so called rape of Nanjing.

All in one terrible, but in no difference to other situations on both fronts of WW2 and far from the claim of a million raping, killing japanese monsters, dismembering chinese women and children while raping them!

The huge chinese death toll of soldiers results in their indiscriminate tactics for their own folks, with no consideration for the local population or attempts to save a maximum, especially the death toll in battle fields surrounding cities, the locals were mostly brutalized two times, first by their own then by the japanese.

In this face, the japanese will never take full blame of an organized one sided view of massacres like the Nazis. The turmoil in china was so huge that even with no japanese venture in to china, the result would have been millions of deaths. . . which proved latter true with the chinese revolution and second battle of Nanjing.

The japanese historians don't want to minimize, but get facts straight, complex and dry.

However the japanese right wingers us this complex stance as defacto un-apology of the imperial atrocities, fueled by western and sino over blown facts.

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Abe and his minons are very bad amateur politicians. Not because they simply are, but because political decision making in japan requires no skills what so ever compared to a western industrial democracy.

Abe and his lawmakers rely on hidden code communication when engaging with their voters or close supporters . . . . every thing is symbolic and very "japanese" . . . which again is the reason they are romantic, spoiled children. They think that politics are made with shinto doctrine and typical japanese apathy!

Ad to this japanese hierarchy and patriarchal pathos and you quick understand why nobody understands japan . . . . or shall I say japan doesn't get right how to communicate with the rest of the world, a world that give a f& about japanese dark age feudal principals.

Abe and his folks sit in their dark rooms, imagining how they should look to the world and how japan should look to that same world as well . . . then when somebody tells them the truth, how narrow minded, untalented and bad they are, they wine like little angry girls----- see human rights envoyé Hideaki Ueda.

Japan's public diplomacy hovers between the ludicrous and the sinister.

The sinister part however is that: Despite Abe and the shinto folks being far from endorsing Nazi principals, none of the present politicians has grown up in times preceding WW2. However is the pattern of frustrated, small minded power suckers the same . . . . Abe and the shinto freaks sit in their dark rooms like Hitler and Goebels once did, constructing the ideal world for them, japan and every one else in accordance with their own cultural values . . . . which are very undemocratic at best!

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Japan has no real assets like housing or land, so when somebody was borrowing they borrowed in form of other assets. And here lies the mystery of all this, what are these assets? One friend put it this way: Imagine that you want to borrow 1 million dollars to a investor, the japanese bank will ask you for an asset to cover 1 m , and you show up with a 200 years old paper that says your family owns a wooden EDO bridge in Kyoto, which was there 200 years ago . . . . The bank will take this fictional asset as real and put 1 m dollars in a fund. The reason all this isn't collapsing is that no body from the lenders wants to withdaw their investement, nor do they want to take home the gains. Its a giant bubble that can't burst as nobody from he lenders involved will ever panic and make those investement founds unstable . . . Take it as ultimate patriotism.

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