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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

@Revealmap D-day killed around 5000-10000 civilians mostly trough allied bombing and artellerie, so this part of d-day is a war crime.

A primary factor that accelerated destruction of civilians is racism, clearly did the american regard japanese as inferior yellow men, so did they for the chinese, the reason everyone in war crime trials focused on singular issues like tree us pilots being beheaded illegally, when there was not even one trial against the IJA masskilling hundred of thausend in many separate events.

One irony of Hiroshima is that the china expeditionary army of the IJA that captured Shanghai with 15000losses, resulting in the rape of Nanking later, came from Hiroshima, you bet that most of the officers and commanders involved in early chinese masscares and setting the tone for the rest years of terror rule in china, came from many families in and around Hiroshima. That doesn't mean revange should be taken upon these soldiers mothers, wives and children, but Hiroshima was a top military mill, producing not only willing soldiers in the army schools, but also a big military industry. Hiroshima population lived well from war production. . . . In a sense the abomb brought back to Hiroshima what it was producing to decimate the world out side japan!

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

Arguments of force demonstrations and innocents civilians:

Nuking the mount Fuji or an island would have had no effect. especially considering that the japanese military leadership would not just sit there on cinema chairs with pop corn looking at the sectacle. Hiroshima nuke event was probably onlya third or forth priority event amongst all events happening. The Imperial gov. Had its eyes on possible air strikes from the IJAF to change momentum, also did the events on the korean main land affect japanese war decisions, as they were still hoping to stop advancing russian and chinese troops. In this regards better decimate infrastructure and the war machine, then a symbol with no effect . . . . . .

Japanese children and innocent dying in the bombardements are not specific targets. You can argue to be moral superior to the corrupt self destroying japanese governments insanity, but thats luxury thinking in 1945. If you love your children and women, then you protect them while surrendering or by evacuating a city. Japanese gov., like the Nazis were bastards who prefered to kill their own children and peeps in the face of humiliating defeat. (See Okinawa and Tokyo bombardement response).

The USAF warned japan for 6 months of total destruction of cities and when the first bombs fell, the Japanese must have known about thausend of dead. . . . But no move at all.

Another less discussed fact is that japanese citizen began to opose kempeita after bombardements and as the IJA equipped towns and rural cities with weapons, those peeps had actualy for the first time in 4 years of increased Kempeitai military state control, the means to opose authority. So the bombardements did one precise thing: waking up the population and starting a revolution against the military regime. Most rural prefectures were pro ending the war, but needed a push to go in to action. . . . . The bombing of japan if continued for another 6 months would have kille probably another 300000 peeps and would probably resulted in to civil war, as the japanese military regime would have lost all imstruments of dictator ship control by then.

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

They were nessecary, they were legal and they were planned with a strategic goal in mind , not blind murder.

1) Most peeps posting here don't understand what it was like in 1945 with an uncertain future, the US has lost so many men in europe and the pacific, so that any air bombardement decimating the enemy, pushing surrender over more dead soldiers was the choice to take. Now did the abombs droping had the effect on its own is irrelevant , as it would be a crime against the US soldiers to not use abombs and in stead conquer a city like Hiroshima by conventional warefare!

2) the Us droped millions of state of the art popaganda in japanes over japan, with pinpoint psychological effect for the japanese reading them, all major cities had been warned to evacuate and cease the war machine support, Hiroshima was one of them. The US army team producing the leaflets were actually working for the japanese population, they were not ice cold propaganda instruments to scare the japanes with wrong announcements, like emperor is dead or stay i the city we will not bomb you and then the airforce did it anyway.

3) Inthe face of 20 million asian dead in asia and few 100000 Us and caucasian deaths, any war strategy that would slow downthe victory goal or even compromise full victory was inacceptable. It is true that in august 45 japan was the most cut off country in the world, even the russians would not come far, do to total air space control and totale maritime control by USAF and USN. Yet woul it hve been foolish to loose momentum.

4) In tne pro analysis to drop the bomb all facts about japan played a role! Nobody could say for sure that japan did mot have its own abomb, nobody knew about what kind of advanced technologies could have been used by the japanese, like stealth subs, stealth turbine bombers, ex. . . . . . . . Even with total air superioritybthere were still thausend of US deaths while bombing japan, so it was not a piece of cake . . . Better loose one bomber witn a nuke then hundreds of men in a carpet bombardement.

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Posted in: Aso's gaffe exposes Japanese ignorance of Jews See in context

Aso is a japanese nationalist, born in to a japanese nationalistic family with big imperial japan roots,. . . . They run busniess in WW2 with prisoners of war as slaves, . . . . Now how on earth do you think should this japanese guy have any compassion for caucasian jews slaughtered during WW2 when his own nationalistic views are that the west aka caucasian people are the enemies or at least rivals of his own asia-japanese ethnic struggles of grandeur? Reality is that in general asian peeps don't feel so much compassion for what is or was happening in the caucasion world, as they don't identify with other races as much as with their own . . . . . . Same that news of a akiba massacre doesn't shock as much as Boston. No appologies however for politicians , who should know about international standards and etiquette, you don't talk about others countries or their history just like that as a minister . . . . Especially when the world is listening!

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“I have to keep working, no matter what the job is,” he said. “If you don’t have a job, you don’t have a life.”

LOL at that. As long as the japanese don't get the fact that life means :family, children, wife, first and that money is just the fuel to keep the circus running, they are never going to understand the real sence of why you have to work.

Temp workers are at fault to have shut up so long, instead of protesting long time ago against the japanese idiotic work houres, buisiness ego and social destruction . . . . now they get disposed off.

More funny is the reasoning of peeps that lived in the company literaly, now having lost the job, they have also lost the dorm and their crappy life.

SHOGANAI . . . I would have noticed my crappy life situation and left he job, after one month spending 90% of my life at some assembling line, the dirty old dorm next to the assembly line and the rest of my mediocre life at the Pachinko. Every one who gets himself inside this "slave-like "situation is at fault. Same the entire japanese society anyway.

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Posted in: J-pop industry taking the music out of music business See in context

Side Note: Most peeps on here probably just look the 10 standard channels in japan, as they anyway won't live here long enough to pay the complete payTV. Japan has very good music TV shows, even showing the underground stuff from other countries, you will never see on normal TV oversea.

So please don't rant about Arashi, as this is absolutely not relevant for the true japanesee music scene.(even if it is also music and has a right to exist)

Other thing also many peeps posting here don't get is the fact that J-Pop is no clear definition. J-Pop is not only the mainstream stuff from TV, the magazines and general Music stores.

And then ask your self the question why should you listen to some original underground music from some ultra creative artist from the London gutter, when you actually listen to Parfume? Well the answer is : because you like to listen to Parfume and you have a god damn right to listen to it.

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Hahahah so funny this rant ...at least in japan I can dress like a gay and listen to Morning Musume while driving in a pink cabriolet . .that's called freedom of speach and expression . . in the west I will have a monkey on every street corner insulting, agressing me how bad my taste, my looks and my music are. Fooking Western double standard.

Listen what you like and don't listen what you think you should listen in order to feel cool or because other people think it's cool. Stuck to your true taste , whatever the monkey in front of you likes it or not.

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Posted in: Lawmaker demands Aso apologize over his family's use of POW labor See in context

POW from WW2 is certainly an issue and Aso should make the closet clear on this . .thought should Fujita ask as well, what Aso himself and his glorious company had been doing in Africa in the erly 90. I bet his company had the blood for money business style.

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Posted in: Companies angry over thoughtless students amid economic downturn See in context

The problem is that many new (and old) companies have shifted down thier slavery -family -lifestyle killing work styles. Now the problem with future generations will be that they can't see the difference between a prospect enviroment and an evil one.

The peeps who shift complete insane overtime in japan are at fault them selves . There are enough other workplaces with different working conditions . .and knowing the fact that most labor workers in japan work long houres , they would be entitles after 3 years only to use their knowledge (they should have by then, do to the insane overtime drill) and make their own business . . . far more easy to do then anywhere in europe.

But that is a question of having guts and managing your budget for a professional goal in life.

The oversea-job exemple in the article is typical evil from the employers side. The employer thinks the guy has no other life obligation then working for the company. If that company would be professional they would state in the recruitement adverts that they need peeps "willing" to work oversea and scrap their meanwhile life. That's called natural respect of other peeps choices.

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Posted in: Sharp to install 10,000 plasmacluster ion generators in Japan and abroad See in context

They are effective, but you have to run them 24/24 and if many peeps move in the room and doors get opened a lot, it's like 1% effective. Plasma killing living substances in the air, doesn't sound that healthy thought.

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Posted in: What do you think President Barack Obama's first priority should be? See in context

funny that more peeps vote for the camp closures, rather then for the prehistoric health systhem that kills peeps daily.

Health and economy should be treated in the same rush, there is still time to talk about the world with Aso after that.

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Obligatory voting, like in most civilized european countries . . when the last monkey has to go vote, he has to use at least one of his braincells to make a cross somewhere . . . . . at least japan would know where it stands really then.

How many of the population in japan goes actually the way to the voting offices? 50%?

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Posted in: Gov't admits POWs worked for Aso family's mining company See in context

franz75 at 06:05 PM JST - 19th December

Aso is no way responsible for did his grand father or even father***

You are spot on with that and I doupt that Aso clearly has any evil thoughts or spirit towards POW of that time. He is just a puppet , a rich boy who made it prime minister (the biggest testosteron venture for japanese politicians) . . . I doupt that he has any deep rooted racist and anti-rest of the world thoughts. too simple man.

The only problem is that Aso has to clearly condem his family, if asked by the oposition on the issue and that is were he will show his real face. . . thought he is just a "kanemochi-namaiki-osan"

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Posted in: Japan to arrest anti-whaling activists, newspaper reports See in context

MeanRingo, it's comfortable to sit behind the computer, send a cheque to those lunatics and see them fight out your frustration on the evil japanese whalers, it's more exciting then PS3 online and more exciting to buy your soccer clubs t-shirt and then support them to fight some other clubs and defeat them.

Sea Sheppard is a typical club for brutes who like to ventilate their frustration of life.

The japanese whalers are also brutes, but at least they do the dirty job, the hard job and earn a god damn crap fo that. The one who own, are 10 peeps at the top of the business chain. Now what is more interesting to do is protest in front of the world embassies of japan (as the howl world hates japan for the whales), protest in peace and in a clever manner . . .but as this will again involve the same species of peeps, they will start throw eggs at some time on the embassy, then stones, explosive cocktails, then agress japanese tourists ex . . . .

There is only one cure for the eco terrorists, it's the japanese prison, and first let them through a koban for questioning.

I don't buy whale meet and so do 99%of the japanese. The whalers will die out by them selves(when nobody will eat the meat anymore, and to preserve their business , they won't kill all whales either, as they are good business man in first place.

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Mangas and Anime are real ways of expression and only japan offers the possibility for every artist to express him self and earn at least some Yen for that. That's why you have billion Yen succes Mangas, underground mangas, hardcore managas, leading design managas, bad drawn mangas ex . .. . . it doesn't surprise me that many peeps on here find it embarassing to read mangas, as avoiding daily embarassement seems to be the main focus to keep your fake status , you have constructed yourself alive.(never heared the words acceptance and tolerance?) There is far more junk in any countries written book literature(as it is far more easy to just learn a language and write some trash , then actually have real imagination and make a drawing), far more junk on the internet and far more junk in the world movie industry , then inside Mangas . . . . as same then Comics, the Mangakas at least have to learn how to draw, how to imagine a drawing in order to materialize it . . . reading a book doesn't really fuel imagination, as you can only imagine (visualize inside your brain), what you actually know. Read 1000 books about fictive stories of the Roman empire and still you can't imagine anything clear(if you haven't seen masses of visual representations of those times,(in Movies, Reports, art, Mangas, anime, visited real sites ex . . .) , read 1000Mangas or Comics about the same topic and your imaginiative potential with mix with the stuff you have visualized and enable you to actually evolve in your restreint imagination. Just need to look at deviantart.com, there are the new western artists who emerged from the Manga-Anime influence and take the lead by now.

Real Manga freaks , also read tons of books, play tons of video games, see tons of movies ,look stons of TV, read many magazines and have many other hobbies that can go from traveling aboard, to your very own personal thing . . . as they are freaks , they can overcome the boringness of the day and do something real productive for their creativity. Most robots out there (japanese and western) can't do.

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