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Posted in: Mori Building announces massive urban regeneration project in central Tokyo See in context

the crumbling danchi of East Tokyo.

haha nicely put. Ben leaving in Katsushika-ku for 12 years and loving it! Tateishi area has so much vibe . If you guys are looking to take a trip back to Showa Jidai hit this spot.

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Posted in: Ex-education ministry bureaucrat given suspended term for drug use, possession See in context

It's good that Japan is showing more lenient sentences fro drug use, a step in the right direction. Now let's make sure that it applies to gaijins too!

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

4 years old is fine without hand holding,

This story proves you wrong. Not sure if you have kids but in my case it's not fine. Anyway just my opinion, not raging.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

Forgive me for doubting you, but people regularly claim what they've read elsewhere, and then it turns out they've misinterpreted what they read. It's not that I doubt you specifically, just that people are so often wrong on this site, without supporting links, it's pretty safe to assume that the claims are not correct.

No worries!

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

The boy had been accompanied to an area near the intersection by his father but was crossing the lights by himself.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

there's nothing here that can logically be used to determine they weren't holding his hand.

The fact that only the kid got hit maybe?

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy seriously injured after being struck by police car See in context

Sure the police is to be blamed 99%.

1% goes to the parents letting a 4 years old crossing the street without holding his hand.

As for Ambulance being slow, you can't drive too fast with a patient in the back... especially if he has IV in his/her arm.

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Posted in: Japan's top bar association urges authorization of same-sex marriage See in context

Is there a valid argument against same sex marriage?

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Posted in: Man arrested after stabbing 15-year-old son with fork See in context

He must be fun at parties

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Posted in: New law takes effect, banning smoking in gov't buildings, schools See in context

That's too bad because whenever I wanted to smoke outdoor and could not, I used to rush to the nearest elementary school to light up... Damn Japan, you are changing!

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Posted in: Celebrating with sake, Japanese whalers bring ashore first catch See in context

But Minke Whales are not.

Let's read the article.

".. the Japanese whalers brought ashore one of their first minke after the resumption of commercial hunting"

Let's read further:

Japan's fisheries agencies has set a quota for commercial whale hunting through December of 227 whales -- 52 minke, 150 Bryde's and 25 sei whales.

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Posted in: Disney sets dates for next three 'Star Wars' films from 2022 See in context

and a separate trilogy by "Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson.

No please no no no... Not Rian Johnson...

including a trilogy by David Benioff and D.B

Again no, they are demonstrating that without GRRM original material they can't write characters and logical story lines...

As a fan I want Star wars to rest in peace in our hearts an on bluray. Write original stuff guys!!

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Posted in: As time catches up with rock's greats, can the genre survive? See in context

Problem with rock music, is that it requires a minimum of music savviness (not as much as jazz or classical of course) but still need the ability to appreciate a nice guitar riff, bass line or drum solo and angry lyrics. Today R&B and mainstream hip hop are on top because it's not disturbing, no message, no soul, only bling and flexing pushed by the media to sell their stuff... But i'm hopeful there always be kids grabbing a guitar or drum stick and readying to rock in their parents' garage! Long live rock n' roll.

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Posted in: Ghosn not getting much help from France, analysts say See in context

France would never put a millionaire in jail.

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Posted in: Toray talent See in context

I'm offended. This objectifies women.

Hope this is sarcasm

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Posted in: Man clings to car hood for 370 meters as thief gets away See in context

Wouldn't it have been easier to take pictures of the license plate?

It was his car he probably knows the make/model and plate number...

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Posted in: Sony to release 'classic' PlayStation See in context

Well I'll stick to my raspberry pi, for half the price play PSX, Gamecube, NES, SNES, NEO GEO, Mega Drive, etc...

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

some believing marijuana is less harmful than other types of drugs.

Fact not belief.

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Posted in: Fired Japan soccer coach Halilhodzic sues JFA for 1 yen and apology See in context

Go coach Vahid!

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Posted in: Man stabbed on subway in Tokyo See in context

Yeah more cameras, more safety! Next let's ask everybody to have their phone camera on at all time! Just forget about freedom... It seems people are more than ready to let big bro in.

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Posted in: Clam cram See in context

Well at least crowds in Japan behave. Been doing it on Sunday in Chiba with the kids it was quite fun and even though it was crowded it did not feel too bad

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Posted in: Man dies after being found collapsed on train platform See in context

Police said he had suffered stab wounds to the head and other parts of his body.

Doubt this is a suicide or accident...

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Posted in: Company manager robbed of Y40 mil in Tokyo See in context

I doubt his insurance will cover this. How can he prove there really was Y40 million in the safe?

Also how did the robbers know he had a loaded safe?

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Posted in: At 40, ‘Star Wars' and its relationship with Japan only deepens See in context

Trying not to spoil too much:

Wasn't impressed by the movie, did not have the feel of a Star Wars more like a Guardian of the Galaxy.

Too many plots and too many plot holes... Poor decisions made by all characters, hard to relate or care about them. I guess they are trying hard and succeeding in killing the "old" saga.

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Posted in: Trump dump delights peckish carp; causes stir on Twitter See in context

Will this be the talking point for the next 10 days?

Only if you keep commenting on it...

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Posted in: Nintendo nearly doubles net profit forecast on Switch console See in context

If they could have some switch in stock for Christmas it would be great! What the hell are they thinking?

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

This kind of nitpicking and over-reaction to tiny events is why Trump won

He won because of gullible people. I understand he's recently been elected and way too soon to come to any conclusion. BUT when in your 1st month you are more concern about your "victory tour" and what people say about you it's not looking great.

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

Ok, so now is anyone going to DO anything about the actual problems that exist?

Let Sweden and Swedish people deal with their issues (if you are Swedish go vote for the people representing your views). Here the main issue is not what we do but how we do it. Trump decided to speak before thinking, twisting the truth, calling media fake and his opponents liars. He is making a fool of himself (and USA) every time he tweets, comments, or speaks on TV. He act as a pyromaniac fireman. Creating a fake problem and offering solutions to it when he should be focusing on real issues (unemployment, education, healthcare). I guess he is too busy celebrating his victory to take care if his own people.

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

It is obvious (and he said on Twitter too) that he was discussing all the problems Sweden is having

No he was not: "“You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden,” Trump said."

Last night seems pretty specific to me, not a general situation.

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Posted in: Yoshiki brand See in context

Why are people shocked by bewbs?

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